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  1. mini jaitly

    how to dress in summer without full sleeve shirts nd skirts :(

  2. Jhannyn Lightfoot

    I wish Karlie would sit next to me! This was such a wholesome video. It's been so exciting seeing how Ashley has blossomed in NYC.

  3. Netfilm Arabiya

    There isn't a free app for editing my ass is broke?!!!

  4. Anna

    my problem is that i hate my body so i hide it by wearing sweatpants and a hoodie 27/7

  5. Jess Jimenez

    Hahaha!! You are so funny 😂 love you Ashley ❤️ your vids help me relax 😘

  6. fatma erwi

    I recommend rectify..such a great show that rearly I see anyone talk about.

  7. ElleD0308

    The whole video is good and funny, but 38:52 KILLED me.

  8. Destroyer Dm3 Masters

    Can you guys go subscribe to my channels please

  9. scarlet

    why anyone would actually move to london a don’t know . am from leeds , in the north of england , and that’s a better city any day . new york is amazing tho 🤍💙💛

  10. Nicole Nehrkorn

    Lost in space is super good (it's on netflix)

  11. Annalea M

    I wish I looked like you honestly 😂😂 sorry if that’s creepy or something

  12. Margaret Brigham

    love is SO GOOD

  13. Ellery Gee

    I recommend this tv show on netflix called atypical about a family and the son has autism. it's so relatable and it's the type of show that makes you laugh and cry. i love it so much because you can really connect to the characters and i like how atypical makes the character imperfect and somehow it just feels real.

  14. Cathy Hayhoe

    For movies you should watch obvious child!

  15. Eleana Sosa

    “It’s hard to find mentors online to look up to” *as I am currently watching my mentor online* check your fact Ashley!! ;)

  16. Caraline Stovall

    Fun fact, Gone Girl was filmed in my small little town

  17. Roselie Hernandez

    The Girlfriend Experience is the most underrated show ever. I accidentally started watching it one day and loved everything about it. Everyone I tell about it just looks at me like I’m crazy for watching what sounds like soft porn. They don’t get it.

  18. Louise C-M

    Okay, the shot at the dress codes made me laugh a little bit. But 'the next tinder hookup to call you 'exotic'' is what made me pause and come type this. The humour in this really adds to it.

  19. love, ella

    anyone else have another tab open slowly adding the ones that look cool to their list

  20. Bahsaq Tibagh


  21. Ana Belen araujo

    she realy said its 2020 lets say goodbye to isolation

  22. Marianne W. Moreira

    your makeup is really pretty today <3

  23. Donia

    Clicked for Bojack 🐴

  24. Savannah Shippy

    SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT! the netflix series, not the movie. it’s quirky, bold, artsy, and progressive. it is my favorite series and it has been for years.

  25. Lily Anderson

    packing w/ ashley *plays vaguely french music*

  26. Soda Pop

    Everyone clicking on this video: Oh yay maybe this will help

  27. Azza Siddiqui

    You should watch derry girls its so good and well made!

  28. blackout156

    tht intro was intense

  29. Justine

    your editing is so good <3 ily

  30. Conall Flanagan

    Thank you

  31. Kimberley Truong

    Would be interested to know what you think of „Parasite“? ☺️

  32. 87melinaki

    "I'd rather have someone be mean to me than fake nice." this kind of people is everywhere! especially in universities!

  33. Jeslyn Lane

    uhhhh can we ship Bo Burnham and Ashley now please!?

  34. anadusao

    Watch the tv show "Dark" !! It's on netflix and German and truly one of the best tv show i have ever seen!

  35. Alexea Malaletkin

    Yo this is why I say I'm self taught even though I took art in high school-- my teacher didn't teach ANY of that good good shit about using a mirror or recognizing the different colors in the shadows I was ROBBED

  36. Margit Kienzl

    how do I say this: either we're both hella basic or just have 10/10 compatibility in taste? it's freaky how much overlap there is here. since i not only knew all of the things mentioned but also feel the same thing everything mentioned. get out of my brain Ash!!! only one question: WHERE'S KILLING EVE? packed with all this female rage and european travel???

  37. copy cat

    i noticed that its not like people don’t wanna listen to women - but they really tend to talk a lot of irrelevant stuff before getting to the point.

  38. Rachna Kapoor

    You don't like the office :(

  39. trailerhomeboyfriend

    Derry Girls on Netflix is fucking amazing. it's a comedy set in 90s Northern Ireland and its so fucking hilarious. it follows four teen girls who attend and all girls catholic school and the series begins with Michelle's English male cousin joining their school. if you're Irish, you grew up catholic, or even just know people who are catholic, you'll love it. Honestly, if you're anyone you'll love it because its fucking hilarious. Some of my favorite quotes: "incoming ride, I repeat incoming ride." "I don't smoke I just like meltin stuff." "We met at the stations of the cross!" "What station?" "Jesus falls the second time." "christ, da, I could do without the details." *aunt Sarah taking change from the collection basket* "You can't ring childlike every time your ma threatens to kill you, Erin." "I can't be doing with the wee clock, gerry!" "Motherfuckas!" "If anyone is feeling anxious, worried or maybe you just want a chat, please, please do not come crying to me." "I will buck a French lad so help me God!"

  40. Aren Vartanian

    please get the fuck out of here - fuckin transplants - GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!

  41. Virginia Attardi

    I’m so happy you talked about bojack horseman. I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention (I feel dumb explaining it too😂)

  42. nadia v

    this video is exactly like “at the peak of it all” with josephine langford. like everything she was saying and even the setting. sorry had a little fangirling moment 🍉

  43. kylee windes

    you’re the kind of person i want to have coffee with. like just sit down and talk non stop about the deepest things

  44. Esme

    this made me feel so calm and positive

  45. Abby Sheremeta

    OMG have you watched "Please Like Me"????? Sooooo good.

  46. Julia Wale

    I love that feeling of coming to a new city, not knowing anyone and just starting everything new. Done it three times and I'm 21 :)

  47. writing to friends

    we love accidentally moving across the country

  48. Ricardo Milos

    In cananda some kids are going back to school so you are the hero we needed 🙏❤

  49. Bex

    * cries in British *

  50. Misty Lane

    People who I meet from LA --or even just West coasties in general-- are always the first people to tell me "Oh I'm sorry" or treat me like I'm an idiot from bumfuck nowhere when I tell them I live in the Kansas City area. Whereas everyone I've met from New York has always been curious and wanted to know more about other places and people. I have no desire to visit California now after the bad encounters I've had with people from there lol

  51. e.knowles

    Surprised you didnt mention The Night Of on HBO

  52. pokemon9oct

    BBC Sherlock! (It's on Netflix) you won't regret it 😜

  53. Banana bread

    Finally a NOsel that lives in ny!

  54. Ava Carr

    you guys, just because she didn't like LA doesn't mean she wouldn't recommend for others. Also it sounds like she just wanted a change and i think NYC will be good for her.

  55. Emilie Olsen

    So well made videoo, im crying

  56. Christina Dobre

    Truly wish that I too were the queen of distant gratification

  57. Lauren Mojarro

    PLEASE watch The Handmaids Tale on Hulu it will change your life

  58. Vicky Kal

    maybe you should do this again, but with shows that are not criminal, dark humour and sci fi. maybe some old movies would be nice. just some of us are not THAT into those things😓 this is NOT a hate comment just a suggestion

  59. Margaret Golonka

    If you like innovative comedy, I'd highly recommend Hannah Gadsby's "Nanette" on Netflix! It's an excellent, excellent comedy special which both funny and interesting. A big point in her show is discussing the blurred lines between self-deprecating humor and self-hatred, and she discusses it in a way that is both heartbreaking and healing.

  60. Oblivion

    when she said "multiple different styles" that hit too close to home, i either want to dress in warm autumny style clothes or like an emo highlighter lmao

  61. 絮子Naomi

    This video seriously brightens up my day and that lil birb surely made everything just a little better too!

  62. Madeleine Manno

    if someone can help me out and tell me some good recs for historical/period dramas. like I love anne with an e, Victoria, and more. also movies like emma and sense and sensibility are amazing. someone please help a girl out❤️🥺

  63. Lisa Pan

    Love your videos always so cute!

  64. emmalina lou

    As thank u for sharing ur story. it has helped me be comfortable and maybe even confident about being single when my sisters and my friends have a partner👑 I used to be a boy crazy girl and now learning about myself and my interests. Lastly One of societies old message women have internalized is that a woman is supposed to wait on a man to be happy (saved)

  65. Hannah A

    Love this video!!! thank you but I'm surprised (This is us), (The Affair) and (Masters of Sex) aren't on the list

  66. Neurotypical pi

    i wish i could dress how i like but i have autism and sensory disorders and i cant wear certain clothes/materials it sucks and the majority of my clothes and what i can wear dont make me feel confident

  67. Maria Alessia

    No one: Every NOselr: *70s* *sLaSh* *80s* *iNsPiReD*

  68. Mackenzie Moore

    Random but I love your walls

  69. Emree Culver

    Sex Education is so good and I just wanted to suggest it to everyone.

  70. Drew the cat

    This is like that moment when someone tells you to watch a show and you really really want to but you end up never watching it - extreme edition

  71. Shirin Madani


  72. Maria Alessia

    What if I don't like jeans or t-shirts ??

  73. marylizabetha

    What brand is it at 8:14? I think I'm mishearing because google isn't showing me anything.

  74. Dez

    These killing children jokes are a little concerning lol

  75. Katie Latta

    you should watch monk!!

  76. gulfira alimu

    I watched this video yesterday, and I finished Maniac not long ago, just a great show!!

  77. tammy kobak

    I accually watched this entire video lol I think u did a really good job!!! Think ill watch more of ur videos...Have a great day!!

  78. Emilija

    watch Sweetbitter just for the vibe PLEASE

  79. Marissa Sharp

    I feel like Ashley would love Broad city if she hasn’t seen it already. One of my favorite shows I miss it so much 😭😭😭

  80. Casey Regan

    Please get out of our city! LA needs less transplants! You are boring!

  81. MasterGamer Ryder

    woman my broke ass cant even buy a MacBook I got a godamn 800 dollar laptop with stickey keys all over it

  82. Naela Farage

    Man I freakin love you. I know you upload once a week so I often will watch half a video when it comes out then finish it later on in the week just to cherish all of your amazing Ashley-ness <3 <3 <3

  83. Kaelyn Tai

    I feel like she could potentially like The Magicians because it just gives an expression of real life in this high, elevated magical world with magicians. It's got a diverse (ish) cast and really isn't scared of breaking a lot of boundaries. I don't know, I just really like it.

  84. Kayley

    Your videos are like little movie scenes and I appreciate that. Thank you

  85. Cecily Cleaves

    I really stan jack wills jeans! Fave pair!

  86. Sadie Pedley

    Ur my favourite NOselr, ur vids are amazing!💛

  87. Lil S

    I don't think you can graduate before time in Europe... I do wish I could graduate a 5 year program in 3 years... that would be... ideal, to say the least. We do not get many options in France, literally... besides joining the student council squad... nothing. You don't get more languages to fill in, no creative writing... you barely get to choose the third or second language at all in university. One good thing though: we do get financial help, university is pretty cheap but besides that, not much interaction or groups to join and... they don't care, it doesn't give you points or anything. Which to me, is sad, and boring, and a bit of a waste of time, because I thought I'd get more choices to choose from in university than in high school... turns out not at all xD I want to become an interpreter, I speak 5 languages fluently... and still don't get any summer jobs or anything... yay. I love France (don't come at me, French folk xD we all hate parts of the system, mostly school when it comes to... well... administration to say the least).

  88. Kiki Bauschelt

    1:00 it’s totally okay to like to look nice! Your appearance is part of yourself as a person, and it’s not shallow to like to look nice! It’s a form of self care! You do you!!

  89. Raine 3111

    Do you think that her "sick/flu super combo" might have been covid? 😬😬

  90. msNz Silver

    Hey may you add Indonesian language to your video? Because i love you :D

  91. Síntia Thafeny

    i think i love you

  92. cheska sajot

    when she started talking abt women characters written by men.....I FELT THAT!!!!! only realized this recently as well. very few women characters written by men ever really resonate w me but for obvious reasons those written by women even in tv film books...were characters i loved!!! loved that she brought this up

  93. Faith You

    I love the way she says pastel tho 😂pastuhl

  94. Moon Girl


  95. Iris Brouwer

    You should watch Workin’ Moms on Netflix! It was created and written by Catherine Reitman, who also stars in the show. Also, 70% of the crew on the show are female and so is most of the cast. The show paints a really good picture of the hardships of being a mom while building a career plus it is super funny and relatable. Highly recommend!


    Ngl i love listening to Ashley’s voice talking while i try to sleep, so relaxing and at the same time entertaining

  97. isolanni

    Fleabag, Crashing, UKS, P&R, Bojack,Maniac and 30R are my personal favorites. Have you not seen PWaller-B's, "Killing Eve"? It's terrific! I tried BigMouth, but found it offensive. Thanks for some new ideas! We have similar tastes.

  98. Aerin Alese

    Hmm a lot of the movies I see in the entryway of melnitz hall were made in the 90s/00s and are legendary! Leave it to a gen z er say the 80s and admit that they aren't familiar just because of when they came out ( which really is a bad reflection for any filmmaker). The best filmmakers are knowledgeable about their craft/actively try to familiarize themselves with as many films as possible especially films that were before their time.

  99. Sabrina Jordan

    For those lucky enough to mooch off of their pal's apple+, watch For All Mankind! you won't regret it :)

  100. Luciole en chaussettes

    Okay biggest disappointment here .. I've been doing my research on TredUP and found some adoooorablblbll stuffs, i was ready to buy.. And then : no worldwide shipping 😭 i'm f r u s t r a t e d !