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  1. triveds01

    Bloody repeat

  2. David James

    I always thought this was Orson Bean in this scene and today after almost 20 years later and after Orson's recent death(at the time of my comment), i find out it was Edward Penn. i guess the Bean singing placed an incorrect memory in my pea brain

  3. Under menn

    0:05 sound old microphone

  4. 4exgold

    dont go down der...der's sniper down der lol Gervais really knows how to deliver em

  5. Dinko D

    nosel.info/video/video/1Wegi5rDY2l9ss0.html Sjekk ut hvordan det kan gjøres! Liker radioresepsjonen, men elsker Opie & Anthony!!!

  6. Rolica

    Cracks me up every time. :D

  7. The Jew

    oh my god 😂

  8. Hua Xiong

    0:50 That has to be Steve Merchant in the background yelling. Sounds like he said "Ricky, you swine!" (he said that in Extras as well), but I'm not sure.

  9. n2cable

    Alan Carr is best book out there. Easily!!! But i learned from 2 people who read it and implemented most of his program into their own. Feel free to ask or delete this

  10. Jeff Green

    The tune for this song gets stuck in my head fairly often. Who else is with me?

    1. C E


    2. Katherine D


  11. Bill Hubbard

    Fuck I was crying with that episode. Hilarious

  12. Alice Hallam

    Thanks for the laughs, Charles. 😘

  13. Jeremy Argely

    Ugh. Saddam Hussein.

  14. Justin Shih

    Hello my honey. Hello my lady. Hello my night time gaaaaaaaaaaal

  15. last1000

    jimmy can't see that there's anything wrong with his speech like cartman can't see that he's fat lol

  16. Damien Demento

    These pretzels are making me thirsty.

  17. ZorbaTheDutch


  18. Johan Lingdén

    Omg! I can't take it! Hahahha!

  19. Paul77ozee🇦🇺

    RIP Charles levin I’ll always remember him for this and his role in the Eddie Murphy movie The Golden Child ( that look he gives to the camera when Murphy grabs the mike back off him ). Very funny guy.

  20. jhsevs

    @odin1997 nei

  21. Børn Guīłty

    Still better than most rappers today 😂

  22. ricaard

    0:27 she has such a *nice butt*

  23. tonycrack

    I like my Yankee beannnn 💙

  24. Supakeeg

    Jeg byr 69 000!

  25. DoctorMeatDic


  26. zeldamaniac

    I enjoy understanding while listening for work

  27. Annabell Kazija

    XD omg I love it so funny 🤣

  28. Lyric's Channel!


  29. Christopher Smith

    There is a Keith in all of us!!!!!

  30. Michael Taylor

    I'm not surprised Keith was overweight, the amount of scotch eggs he must have eaten to finally film this scene!

  31. Aran 999999999


  32. architeuthis

    Hire this man!

  33. gg6zell

    i put the 'p-p-p-pool' part on slow motion and fast motion and i cant stop laughing

  34. Aran 999999999

    Hilarious and the look on saddam's face when he stops singing

  35. h3DG3h0g L0p

    Still fffffffffff funny

  36. KyrreXXL

    Du kan høre han gleder seg til å si det, takk for meg.

  37. Anna Koźlińska

    Make it 10:00:00 hours Ragtime Saddam version

  38. ElectricDreams


  39. loretta d

    Just sang this to my hubby as I put my bean soup on the stove :-) Then I had to come and watch it. How'd I know I'd find it?

  40. Noel Anderson

    Agree with Doug 110 percent on that!😂😂😂

  41. Jase Williams

    Hearing Ricky laughing in the background is what does it for me

  42. Rich

    I think she was the prettiest girl they ever had on this show. The Native American girl and the college reporter were also pretty as well. And the maid from the episode with Mr. Fields as well (the mean old guy).

    1. inutero10

      That college chick so so fn sexy

    2. Tim Rainier

      Nikki HAS to be on that list, sir.

    3. saimcheeda93

      Seinfeld always had the best looking women

  43. outcoming

    men hva gjør tor?

    1. ilikezelda64

      Spoiler: Han kaster vaieren på havet. :P

  44. Kelly Marie

    Litterally I was on the floor laughing at this stupid scene LOL

    1. cxllics


  45. benjamin S

    This is mocking the disabled


      benjamin S he had a stroke you idiot

    2. JayMane

      I always feel really uncomfortable watching this.

  46. Music Allies

    I like how the few times he didn’t fuck it up he looked around like “LOOK GUYS IT WASNT ME THAT TIME SEE”

  47. Pizza Slice

    Cirque de soblegh 😂

  48. Vicki Greenberg

    I absolutely know you aren’t like that, thank God. But haha anyway. Miss that show, though she cracks me up in veep, funniest show on tv. Sorry to hear about her breast cancer, but I read she’s doing pretty good right now.

  49. DemolitionMan

    Sier seg selv at grunnen til at faren til ungen med downs reagerer er kommentaren om at folk med Downs er mer kåt..simple as that,å høre slikt og å ha en datter med downs,kan være kjipt for alle og en hver.. ingen vil tenke at datteren sin er kåt, eller har sex i det hele tatt... Pappaen til downsJenten må skjerpe seg!! Skal komikere ta hensyn til alle som kan bli støtt av en setning eller tanke,så får de ikke sagt mye...verden kan uansett ikke dreies rundt hårsåre folk som har skavanker,lyter og genfeil og familien til disse.. pinlig å skrive kronikk om å bli såret av et radioprogram..det vil nok være flere og større utfordringer enn dette når du hele livet ditt skal passe på en unge som i beste fall klarer seg selv 35%av tiden..slutt å synes synd på deg selv,det var ditt valg å beholde en unge med downs,ta konsekvensen av det som en mann, ikke sett restriksjoner på resten av verden..

  50. Helmwall

    cirque du so gay

  51. hazardous1990

    That Keith, he's grotesque.

  52. the artist formally known as craig lastname

    Who put cookies in his mouth? You're not supposed to do that.

  53. Marq

    "Ricky likes to remind me it took 14 takes" I like it's not just Karl and Steve he tries to wind up, it's everyone he works with lol

  54. Vinyl Blair

    Still one of the best written and genius programmes ever

  55. Samuel Clemens

    LOL, you can actually hear Ricky howling in the background every time they mess up. LOL.

  56. Skwisgar Skwigelf

    So Mohel is just a fancy name for professional baby mutilator

  57. Chelsea Heineman

    Damn saddam is good at singing I wish I could sing like that xD

  58. halfhumanhalfzombie

    Sock se du bleh!

  59. Max Gibson

    ...not for me, I like it

  60. Mrius86

    "Tor kommer til å kaste vaieren på havet" -lita jente i kinosalen Kilde: en fyr på radio

  61. Barn Crow

    I wonder who went to the shop to get the extra scotch eggs

  62. Johnny Felcher

    Stephen is so young here.

  63. Robert Emmet

    I've watched this 58 times and LOLed every time

  64. SM

    No one does comedy as well as the English.

    1. Ryan Lymbery

      @757WN Scotch egg* 🤣. And it's obviously not the fact that a scotch egg is involved that's funny or the joke. It's the situation and timing of the scene that the scotch egg is involved in

    2. 757WN

      sure...if you're english and think scotched eggs are funny.

  65. elvispiss

    Jajajah hææ

  66. DaveDexterMusic

    yer minge

  67. Wtfguythefirst 13


  68. Ross Widdup

    Not rare though is it

  69. Adam

    The office UK is so boring compared to usa

    1. dageezerboi


  70. adz124ps

    This is oscar material

  71. Tr1z2 Tr1z2

    Cool, like a fool, in a swimming p-P-*P*P*ool.

  72. Noah Esquerra

    I love jimmy

  73. d1zon

    *Im cool like a fool in a swimming pfpfpool*

    1. SaviorProtector

      Yes, we all watched the fucking video, no need to repost what was said in an 8 second video. God dammit, who likes these comments? I bet the only like is yourself.

  74. Michael Smith

    good but not even remotely rare.its in the outake menu on one of the office DVD's

  75. FloridaRealEstate99

    great clip

  76. Pawel M

    How is it rare?

    1. Chrisbajs

      It WAS rare seven years ago, but now 762K people have seen it ;-)

  77. CallumBrady

    Ricky's suit makes me physically ill

  78. Indy125

    Is there a translation for this?

    1. G Carr

      Maria, ( unintelligible ) lucen los dientes con Gleem. Something about how Maria's teeth look after using Gleem toothpaste.

    2. Janick Rei

      I spent considerable amount of time deciphering this and the best, loose translation of this is "Maria, I am losing my teeth with Gleem!". "Gleem" was a toothpaste brand.

    3. josep1640

      It doesn't make sense

    4. Niyu Cuatro

      Maria "boquendo" i'm sorry teeth with "gli" boquendo and gli doesn't mean anything.

  79. George Tsiros

    fourteen years later, still kills

  80. Daniel S

    Fucking. Classic.

  81. Bowser-kd

    this character is one of the funniest ever on tv

  82. Donald Whitehead JR

    My part is when Jerry and The Mohel was Fighting

  83. Nomad Ben

    Comedy shows must be so hard to make :'D

  84. Xinlou

    I'm dying hahahaha

  85. Chrisbajs

    Con gli!

  86. Baillie2715

    eyy wagwan pifting whats ur bbm pin??

  87. MegaDonGallo 1981

    Boring isn't it? Just staying in watching The Office bloopers with your life. Not for me, I like it.

    1. Evan Jones

      @franklingoodwin oooh... you're 'ard... showin' off in front o'the.. cam~

    2. franklingoodwin

      @Evan Jones get out

    3. Evan Jones

      @hhazzeG K: ...look but don't touch...

    4. hhazze

      @Evan Jones I will not have her tunnel bandied around this office... willy nilly...

    5. Evan Jones

      GrimSneaker ...which will cause the underside of your desk to "receive some swollen goods", after watching a vid about "escaping up a certain tunnel"...

  88. colblimp

    Nothing rare about this clip. Just another shit click bait title.

  89. mark hughes

    Mmmm...gonna buy a scotch egg on the way to work in the morning.

    1. Klate Wilson

      My fave meal = chips, peas, a scotch egg with the egg scooped out, the hole filled with salad cream, squish the egg back in.

  90. Shawn Kow

    Fk I'm stuck deciding which is my favorite character in South park, Jimmy or randy

  91. Tony England

    lol Martin's turning further and further away each take

    1. Alex

      Tony England bro that profile pic made me jump lmfao

  92. Rory LeVaux

    Fully. NOsel is there for the moments on TV we remember most fondly and want to see again. It's awesome like that... Man I miss this show. Way, way ahead of its time. Like how often do we repeat something from this show with our friends and co-workers? Well... If you're in your thirties or older anyways. THIS generation credits The Big Bang Theory as some brilliant piece of work yet, while I think it is far from the worst show on cable, it's nothing to ever get excited about. It just isn't all that funny.

    1. loretta d

      Exactly! I just put a pot of bean soup on the stove and sang this, laughing, to my hubby. Then I searched for it, and, VIOLA! I guess the internet is really here for more than just porn and complaining :-)

  93. ru2388

    He never said it!

  94. Stu Mackenzie

    That last little bit that Martin says makes me think if he had to act at all for the role of Tim.

  95. blouse collar

    Did you enjoy this video? A) Not at all B) To some extent C) Very much so D) Don't know.

    1. Ada Le

      Liam Roby on my, uh, feet

    2. yoboi27

      Dont know

    3. Benjamin

      *chews gum bluntly

    4. Finlay Jones Noone

      blouse collar don't know

  96. Gazelle

    "Ricky likes to remind me that it took 13 takes. I like to remind him that him walking down a corridor took 40". Fucking destroyed.

    1. Stevie Stuff

      Gazelle Samyueru sorry...who was destroyed?

  97. Henning Sjølie

    Haha fy faen, Tore kler skjegg

  98. howdj

    Rare? It's on NOsel mate...

  99. Mun craft

    Ricky's laugh I can't 😂😂😂

  100. Matty Egerton

    stayed in and had a big wank hahaha