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  1. TogethermenT Films

    Joe.. you're an idiot

  2. 1woksape


  3. y0manda

    Rashad "MINAGATE" Evans

  4. abdel lak

    You said the sabbath which is Jewish but you didn't monssion Judaism.

  5. George Amador

    Eddie has smoke so much weed that effects is getting him. Airhead

  6. Pragmatico

    Shapiro missed the whole Andrew Yang 1k premise. It's for those that will lose their jobs to Automation. How was it so hard to understand?

  7. jim beam

    joe says I grew up with those guys and the tone changed instantly bill burr wasn't laughing at the construction guys anymore eh!!!

  8. James Newman

    You need to get Donald on here and someone to rep. Ibogaine treatment for opioid addiction, then use that to backdoor the DMT conversation. If you just bum rush him with DMT he will slap that shit down like a sexual proposition from Rosie O'Donnell! For real though, we need to get that shit going here in the U.S. I am tired of funerals.

  9. Stuart Hughes

    Further proving that Woke politics is just about money.

  10. YungTony B

    I just wanna sit down with Eddie one day so I can beg him to stop smoking meth

  11. abdel lak

    No religion is totally different than atheists. Someone can be not religious and believe in higher power.

  12. farrad edmund

    she’s the perfect tool for twitter, great for jack so he can be quiet and think about hipster stuff

  13. Jacob Monnin

    I dont like this dude. Water boarding is a form of torture.

  14. CKMLMA8

    It was as dumb question, he knew what Wilder was saying and he asked it with ulterior motives. But it did birth a hilarious moment and meme

  15. B T R

    NOsel recommend says I should watch this now

  16. bike suisala

    here i am thinking this is a porn star

  17. Ethereal Dweller


  18. Justin W

    I wanna see Steven Furtick on this show. I’m sure Rogan could make it happen.

  19. Patrick O'Donnell

    Bill did a great job as President but he was a sick ass you had to be to marry Hillary.

  20. jjcampbell80

    Everyone loves an Asian girl 👍

  21. Nova Scotian BoxingFan

    "He didn't beat the champ. After I seen the shots Jon was taking without getting ko'd" how the fuck can you give Jon the win for taking shots without getting ko'd. To the death?!????????? This is fucking bullshit conversation. Also Joe Rogan and UFC commentary went downhill fast. OHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH HE GOT HIM OHHHHHHHHHHHH HE'S HURT OHHHHHH OHHHH OHHHH. They just sound like every other fan watching. I wish I could get paid to say ohhhh after every shot with front row seats to boot.

  22. 5.0 minus4

    braindead retards


    Pussies I work in 110 doing treework and slay it..id knock both of you out with a punch no stronger then a queef 💨

  24. something clever

    Did I mention that millions of people are listening to this? JR

  25. Michael DavidLoving

    A diamond upside down is a pussy

  26. Robert Douyard

    Best speaking president with the worst results ever so I don't know what this guy was talking about he did nothing for this country

  27. thomas curtis

    Like she even knows some of the shit they do is wrong. She acts more and more pissy about the entire thing as they continue on. People are so soft nowadays. It’s definitely an ideology that you’re pushing onto everyone.. Liberals and lefty nutbag feminists are rotting everyone’s brains crying over this entire issue. They want to force everyone in America to play pretend with the trans community just because they decide they want to swap gender.. I’m not playing pretend. I could care less with how you want to identify.. but don’t be all offended when I call you out for how you were born. Far too many problems in the world to even be having this stupid immature conversation.

  28. Lori Gillmen

    in the conversation of alpha versus beta, i think they should have included omega too.

  29. Rillis The Creator

    edibles (So far) don't work on me

  30. Donny Sandley

    LA is big but the population is not any near as big as Australia 🤨 I totally believed it until I got proven WRONG 🙄

  31. Josh Fredr

    i like tuslei

  32. ju lio

    That pic was from their second fight

  33. whisperienced

    I've watched several clips from this episode and if she's questioned on left wing activities she needs to look at the context. If it's right wing she has all the info and can clearly define what they did "wrong" and why it's clear that they are wrong.

  34. Random Stuff

    Yes alcohol is a drug, cannabis is not a drug it's a medicine and it's being misused, mushrooms are also being misused. But cigarettes and alcohol especially alcohol, it's just as bad as opioids.

  35. Mr. AC

    she is an Armenian ?

  36. Young Suit

    Jesus does the camera switch just based off audio or did somebody actually think that this was okay cutting

  37. Eric Naistus-Stonechild

    Hey is that “To This Day”?.

  38. Nebohtes

    Bill -- people fuck people over; you don't need to say that white people fuck people over, people do that *regardless the color of their skin.* What a racist.

  39. musekic

    A hard fact to deal with > driving a car on weed as an adult is as safe as driving sober.

  40. Detroiit 313

    Some having sex with an animal dont affect me, does that mean it should be ok?

  41. CrouchingWombatHiddenQuoll

    In Australia we can look up a long way, also look toward the horizon in every direction. If someone in the northern hemisphere could try the same and get back to me, I think we can prove the professor wrong. 🤔

  42. Michael Acuna

    Corrupt? good for China, putting asians in movies. Guess Hollywood does really hate asians

  43. Chazz Guerra-Ogiste

    For that study to be completely valid and usable in the argument that marijuana is the cause of the rise in violent crimes you would have to ask all of those people who were found GUILTY if they smoke weed.

  44. The Greatest

    I like to hunt the head of lettuce. Sneaked up on a bunch of bananas. They were just hanging around.

  45. Jacob Wright

    Death is a motivator nothing to be feared. Cant outrun it just know we all have an expectation.

  46. Orlando Cal


  47. Sebastian Cazeiro

    Don´t forget that the Amazon belongs to Brazil and leftists shit will no longer tell us what International ONGs want to do in the name of DIVERSITY. What happened to you forests? Hummmm...

  48. matthew barela

    The Rock should be president!

  49. Anonymousxx7

    My only fear is water and im headed to the navy next week this is what i needed to hear

  50. Dean Naisby

    Gary Shandling's clever brother . :)

  51. Jeffrey LeHew

    You know what I mean when I say these things radio Raheem

  52. Entrex

    Only a few people know this story well now its only few milions :D


    So Crocs on acid!! - Joe Rogan

  54. Sean Mcgrath

    I didn't recognize him. He sure looks different not nodding out from heroin and passing out in his own puke.

  55. Robert AtWork

    The chinese have devolved from communism to fascism. Its profit for the state and the top of those in the state because communism wasn't affordable.

  56. The_vb

    The world is overpopulated. Nigeria has 200million people for no reason. 20-30% jobless. China, India, Latin America.......

  57. Marax

    We are doomed, no avoiding that. Fun thing: amazon removed the book "1984" from the marketplace, its gonna happen.

  58. Young Suit

    it's seriously not that astounding. you eliminate a shit ton of foods and if your body responds that means something you eliminated was probably something you didn't respond well to so it's not because just because you're eating meat it's because you eliminated something that you didn't respond well to

  59. Nonah Yobusiness

    China is the true enemy, not Russia. Many US politicians and corporate CEOs have sold out the United States to China, Iran, and the EU (aka Climate scam/money laundering scam). The truth will come out eventually. They will be investigated in time. Most likely they will go to prison, or if found guilty of treason, they will get hanged. They can't escape the truth from coming out. Do they believe China, Iran, and the EU wouldn't sell them out the same way they sold us out? LOL. Losers are losers. You'll see.

  60. BudG 90

    Climate change is all bullshit its about more control and putting a big fat carbon tax on all what used to be the middle class not were mostly in the poverty class. Under Al Gore they tried this in Austrailia in 2000 they said f u they pulled back.

  61. John

    Maine is legal but no place to shop

  62. Mu-sec Mil89

    Red dead redemption allows you to release your inner psychopath lol

  63. MichiganJack

    "When there are guys like Burt and Theo running around as stand up comedians you know that comedy is in _good_ hands."

  64. Adam MacLean

    I'd compare it to that funny bone feeling, but that feeling + pinching paralyzation shock and it's an uncomfortable rush to the brain. Especially when off guard for a split second, but that's also all it takes lol ow

  65. Happy Tripper

    Trump repeatedly calls the Democrat's fake crimes hoaxes "bullshit" at his rallies, it's not as good as "mother fucker" but you know, it's still good. You can see him chafe at having to speak like a President lol, as any real human would. But he does have the evangelical vote to consider...

  66. Dalton Herrington

    Get Tim Wells on to talk about it

  67. Kris Lewis

    No Forget Jesus

  68. white horse

    But what if god really was sending them to hell. What if he is like. I dont give a fuck, dick to pussy or burn for eternity.

  69. tekno mytekno

    The Chinese gov is smart. Why would they allow their enemy's tools of social control into their country? Facebook, google, twitter, instagram, etc, etc.... have been used to instigate and engineer social unrest in other countries not aligned with the US.

  70. Miguel Urzúa

    When I was 17 years old, I almost died because a Kratom tea had given me pancreatitis

  71. Patrick Prejusa


  72. 1WithTheFlow

    Bring lighters, oatmeal, water, weed and the willpower to take myself out if things get hopeless

  73. WLS64

    i think Joe hit a nerve there with the big G... LOL

  74. Michael Morgan

    I read part of the book in rehab i think, well written and very detailed.

  75. Jack Reacher

    This artifact was found in a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island Antikythera. It has been dated by archaeologists to have been constructed anywhere from 87-205 B.C. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanism

  76. Nick Dionne

    99% of the stuff coming out of Hollywood is pure garbage. Makes sense.....

  77. bartofilms

    Joe Rogan is the most chill, forgiving, enlightened Mofo out there. I'd fk'ing blow a fuse if someone intentionally did that in my office.

  78. Grady Whitman

    This is laughable. Bernie lives in 95% white Vermont and says the US should be like Canada (also major white). Canada doesn't have 11 million illegal immigrants who demand (and receive) free healthcare. That is why medical care is so expensive. We can have open borders or medical care for all, not both.

  79. Leo Sciotti

    I don't like hunting, because it's not about survival anymore. Anyone can get food these days so unless you're starving or the species is invasive there's no reason to make an animal suffer like this against something as unfair as a gun for your gluttony and amusement

  80. Early Cuyler

    " other authoritarian governments"... ... ... ...

  81. Mr. Scoot Scooter

    Joe "I'm still not convinced of UFOs" Brogan

  82. James Wester

    Don't forget that the reason for the 2nd amendment was to protect us against tyranny.

  83. iJustMight

    Now that's hospitality.

  84. TheBen1tez

    Woman mind. Rogan how much do you weigh? Lady. He hmmm I’m not going to tell you 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  85. Tuttomenui

    Make it Rain Guns in China!

  86. sittingRobot

    Why you care why he cares.... that’s the part of the argument i never understood

  87. First Last

    Lmfao, lawless hooligans xD

  88. PiLLO

    Someone tell me about 5 HTP

  89. Dave M.

    Beardo seems like a guy that wants ufo's or aliens to be real so bad, .. that he's actually starting to believe his own bs.

  90. Max Adams

    I love when this man says fuck

  91. Sarah Woodward

    He's a liar.

  92. Kirby Henry

    Honestly if China is paying for it, is it that crazy for studios to want to appease them? It makes sense to want to make something both your financial backers and a huge portion of your customers will like

  93. Frand Yellow

    Whats their slogan “we are cunts” 🤣🤣

  94. the truth

    Gheyyy Jaime & Joe always gotta gang up w a computer against eddy to feel smart lol

  95. Adur Pandya

    fuck bernie

  96. Wessel Janse van Rensburg

    Haha i thought the bald lady on the thumbnail was Joe and the guest put together

  97. California Dreaming

    Kaczinski never thought he would “kill everyone involved in technology.” He’s not a moron. He meant his targets to represent those he loathed and so only planned on killing a fairly small number. At least understand your subject if you’re going to talk about him.

  98. Victor Alvarez

    25:47 hahaha you think we went to moon...that face..lol

  99. James Doughty

    Everyone was Kung Fu fighting.... 🎵