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  1. Marshall Hutchinson

    This is one of the most interesting NOsel videos I have ever watched. Cool to learn Jordan was born in the same city as me as well, very interesting man to listen to. Both of them

  2. Ron Rader

    They are Fuckin BAKED.

  3. Latrell Spencer

    Joe “Baked” Rogan

  4. David T

    4:36 also if people are out of work, expect violent crimes to go up, gangs to grow. riots. etc.

  5. Dan H

    He could be on to something. He is a free Mason lol

  6. nusunsu undnudund

    Guys we need to know what Eddie Bravo thinks

  7. F Fu

    Joe smokin too much gunga

  8. Leonidas Mougerousolopolous

    This didn't come from space this came from China

  9. andbitchimtheboss

    The biggest problem is are own military. We need them to not be commanded into take us over because we are all the same! Think of your family’s if you see this an you’re in the military. Come on guys do let this government con you into fighting your own people. Come together

  10. Rise n' Fall

    Joe is insane. Why would you put worst governor in charge of country. Isn't the metric to have least amount of infected and in the end least death number, deaths/population wise so percentage is important. In my eyes state with lowest death count in the end did best. It's like 1 mile race having most infections means having slow start, and having most deaths is like finishing last.

  11. Calvin Dirette

    Jesus christ, I think this dude thinks hes really smart, but cant think of anything smart to say and he just keeps stammering though this whole video.

  12. T M

    Gotten the flu shot the past 4 years after being bedridden by flu at least once the previous 5 seasons. Had flu only once since and it was this year. It was the mildest flu I've ever had.

  13. White Trash Legend

    Nothing this guy said was true!!

  14. edlyrigby


  15. Walzlo

    Joe “how is it better to get killed by a virus then by demon” Rogan

  16. Jesse Groomes

    Everything’s good in moderation

  17. sofal

    Its collusion. Sabotage the government and chip away

  18. Gao Yang

    I keep thinking that he might light up a cigarette or blunt with that red lighter he is holding. Lol

  19. Clement Myers

    Joe Rogan interviews Roe Jogan

  20. punks not dead

    With most places on lockdown, Rats, ticks, roaches, mosquitoes, and other forms of wildlife/ insects need not be forgotten about. Without human presence, they won't be in hiding and/or regulated. Be careful and watchful for predatory animals, too, while you go for walks in remote areas....

  21. insignificant bunch

    I rather watch Tim Pool or Steven Crowder than any MSM

  22. Ike Malik

    The effects of this thing are going to be bad. Is it a conspiracy? I wonder myself Joe

  23. thebegining100

    How Do we become rich during this time ?

  24. Robert Angier

    Joe: I'm worried about people's anxiety and their mental health Also Joe: Imagine a virus tornado?!

  25. Marcus Cato

    We need to branch out into outer space. Only way our species lives on. We will kill ourselves or some super virus will take us out.

  26. Lono Kahiwa /Low•no Ca•he•va/

    $500 tickets for walking in NY City? It's $5,000 tickets here in Maui.

  27. Timex 17

    Dude. I'm 14 and this was like really deep man.

  28. André Batista

    Thank you so much for talking about that fucking annoying video

  29. Jimmy Ireland

    Joe “what am I dyslectic” Rogan

  30. submalevolent grace

    Who's here after the Conor v Tony announcement? Still the biggest fight of all time though right? At least until one of them fights Khabib.

  31. Zafeer Moghal

    Best JRE clip to date

  32. John Smith

    Ice water challenge. Nuff said.

  33. Noo Day


  34. Leonard McLay

    You need to go have some damn shirt I'm going to come back to the show I would like to see the show after that one thank you man I love you

  35. Ash K

    Yes I am hanging on by a twead but I need accurate information from the person at thr top will I get help with my rent bills utilities or do I tell those people get it how you live. Damn the news isn't always accurate but neither is your dude and people look stupid because they listen to him. I'm expecting what he says to be fact for fuks sake your in charge. Who does thr buck stop with. Fuck the media just tell the facts so people aren't scared.

  36. TheCryptoGuy

    Are these dudes dumb? Trump calling it the China flu. Is racist. That’s dumb af. Why don’t they criticize his racism. That’s why people don’t like him

  37. VoicesIn KennysHead

    Its a perfect storm, its as if a pre written agenda has found a situation to take advantage of and see where the people sit with communism/ socialism, A test run and next time it might be a real take over, I mean who would have thought after 9/11 there would have any individuals of the Muslim agenda elected to political positions, and yet it happened

  38. Rick L

    Jesus christ, Joe is turning into Eddie Bravo.

  39. Ian Stradian

    Joe Rogan talking about conspiracies while wearing a tin foil jacket... Mmmmmmm....?

  40. A'bad Pris'ner

    The very thing concerning me rn is your jacket outshining your head. Is that a distraction?

  41. sinfeiners1916 sinister

    After all this China comes out on top and stronger because we desperately need medical equipment.

  42. Anna Giersz

    Sounded like someone is a bit jealous of Jason Mamoa hehe. But on the serious note, I am a healthy person and taking care of yourself takes commitment and time but all this beauty bullshit standard destroys a lot of young girls and boys who go through bulimia or anorexia or overeating BECAUSE of those standard set by fashion, which in the end is all about making big bucks. So, while I agree with some things you say I think banning the ads in UK is good. Especially considering the younger audience. They should advertise healthy, mentally and physically. That is my take on it.

  43. -

    Bring Alex Back

  44. Kurt Rayner

    I think joe is trying to say this is gonna happen

  45. Gary Rahn

    I wish more people were like Eddie, seeker of the truth wherever that leads them. He's the most honest type of person there is.

  46. Sean G

    Bullshit u do it once it goes on 3 days until you crash...

  47. Marika Red sailor

    This video is old..mortality is down to 0.02% now

  48. Zero Chill

    Your 3 years late to the party with this headline!!

  49. Imlooking 4-work-atm

    The beginning of a.i and machines

  50. John Bon Jovi’s Left nut

    Why they give them 5 100 dollar fines

  51. andbitchimtheboss

    This is martial law be prepared because this is the last you will see if your freedom. Don’t micro chip

  52. JP McPherson

    In conclusion there is NO robot dick.

  53. John brenot

    China fucked up and needs to pay for this shit.

  54. TropicTom

    Joe: If you slip it’s going right up your poop chute. Alex Jones: THEY’RE MAKING THE TOILETS GAY!!

  55. Stephanie Carr

    Not true Joe. They're NOT giving out tickets for just "walking around". If they're giving if them, they're giving them out to the inconsiderate morons who are WILLFULLY defying the social distancing mandate....come on, man... oh, and by the way, nice fear-mongering under the thinly-veiled guise of concern...jeez..

  56. nusunsu undnudund

    Wtf is Joe wearing

  57. ev1Lsect

    That's no why you get a flu shot. You are also supposed to get it to help protect everyone else. It's not just about you.

  58. Kalvin Devonshire

    That jacket needs a large popcorn 🍿

  59. Joseph joseph

    This Corona virus is bullshit, I'm over it

  60. Makoto Taniguchi

    Men actually have much more stable hormones hence why men suffer from less migraines, no PMS and various other afflictions. Look it up I implore you to look it up and prove me wrong.

  61. Aaron Shelley

    Joe, I have the money and time to invest in myself enough to not worry about the CVS free flu shot Rogan. Seriously... fuck you Joe.

  62. Alined_Nailed Fitness

    I feel like Joe lost a bet to Eddie and Eddie is in Joe's ear and he has to say exactly what Eddie says 😂😂😂

  63. AngryDuck76

    This video was a good one. Not only Rogan in his crazy space jacket tribute but the amazing take on this situation. I'm a believer that this situation is PART the way to go to limit spread and minimise deaths BUT also PART Mass Hysteria and Government Control on a level they will not want to let go of or relinquish after the virus has been contained. I personally think the social distancing and Stay at Home policies are PART to contain but definitely also to control. We have no guns neither so my authentic Viking axe and sword are going to have to do the job when they come for us.....and they will come!!!

  64. mohanad Ali

    Amarcia has an evil government led by the devil. Always they portray themselves as heroes to save the world while committing war crimes behind close doors. Truly sad reality

  65. Zachary Overlien

    I would say this applies to every sport except bodybuilding. Dorian Yates even said bodybuilding doesnt require endurance. He train balls to the wall every workout but the workouts were brief(around 45 minutes) and only 4 days a week. You can show up to the stage exhausted as long as you look good.

  66. TR BLITZ

    4:58 - 5:18 Without context it looks soo wrong.

  67. Trump's Neck Vagina

    Joe is talking about Johnny Bravo.

  68. Outlaw GT

    Bill Gates unleashed this virus

  69. Kevin Avila

    This got deep

  70. Shane Molloy

    China is buying your nation

  71. ISawYouMushroomHead

    Bro you look fucking terrible since the last time I seen you when things were normal in this fucked up world! It seems to me everybody is starting to look like this, shit I’m starting to look like this, just stressed the fuck out! If I thought the world was fucked up and shitty before, it is a whole new ballgame! The things I worried about then I could give a fuck about now!, but I wish I had the opportunity to be worried about that then this.

  72. Garrett Smith

    The same government that told us that there was no community transmission in January, February, and March, despite news reports to the contrary, right here in my county, Santa Clara county. It is impossible to presume that there would be no community transmission in large international cities such as New York and San Francisco bay area. The US government dealt with this terribly by lying to the people about it. Just like China and Japan. I believe that I already contracted it. It wasn’t terrible. I was tested for the flu, strep throat, and some other bacterial tests. All those were negative. So I got a bad viral infection when coronavirus was going around. But according to the CDC regulations, it couldn’t have been coronavirus because I hadn’t been to China. That’s why I’m waiting for the serological tests to become available. Because that way, if I go outside, and police are trying to stop me, I can show them proof that I’ve been tested. And when I go to court, I can assert the same thing to the judge and I will take it to trial and push for jury nullification for that. Once the government has grabbed this much power, they are probably not going to eagerly relinquish it. Temperature tester not very well thought out. Less than 44% of the patients presenting in Wuhan China hospitals initially presented with fever. That’s less than half of the people who were so sick that they had to go to the hospital. No fever. Fever comes later, according to that data. 1. Serological test for proof of antibodies. 2. Disease abatement with echinacea (this really does work against coronavirus), fresh (raw) ginger, gargling, berberine, and general health care such as cleanliness, air purifiers, etc. 3. People who have developed antibodies could then donate them. Can probably be donated by plasma. Some rich people or organization wants to find donor sites or to directly compensate donors, that would probably be the process along quite a lot. A lot of people would be willing to donate their antibodies-rich plasma for $500.

  73. Dinkle Berg

    Every state should go on lockdown until they learn more about the virus🤷‍♂️

  74. Philip Loverde

    Geez Joe... you're spread out all over the place man. Fifteen minutes of rambling gibberish without any focus anywhere. That's why we love ya. Power to The Hooka!

  75. Mark Plott

    JOE Rogan - QUIT Smoking WEED , you Doctor "friend" is a QUACK. a Search on Wikipedia , compleletly Debunks your Doctors number of Cases.

  76. Teresa Faulkner

    The country is never going to be the same again

  77. King Kanyon

    Here's the thing, if we don't like the Rules we can simply change who makes and enforces them. Most people agree with the Corona Virus Isolation so it isn't a real issue. But if there was no Virus nobody would allow this.

  78. Shawn Freeman

    Thank you Joe for bringing these sorts of issues the mainstream

  79. Jake Clark

    I actually hit pause just to read y’all’s comments.

  80. Revemupman

    Joe gotta be high as shit. Virus tornados that throw you against the wall? 😂 Time for an intervention Joe. 😂😂

  81. Ben Shrope

    Goddamn Joey looks a solid 10 years younger! LOL All that exercise and jui jitsu payin off!

  82. P Nut

    Where TF is A Alex Jones Podcast when we need it???

  83. W Clark

    Dino's not a Ferrari. It's a Dino.

  84. Bryan Vincent

    In the Philippines, the punishment for being out passed curfew is to be stuffed in an over crowded cell. Meanwhile, the Dutertard virus has murdered over 30,000 people.

  85. OneLife310

    We won't be able to do/go no where until we get a vaccine! Or else it'll be round 2!

  86. kjmps999

    Not much of a Biden fan, but Rogan, who prides himself on being objective, probably shouldn’t be saying - with some degree of seriousness - that Biden has a medical condition. A tad irresponsible, given his platform.

  87. Chofly Elite

    I don’t know shit about climbing but Alex free soloing that mountain seems to me like it’s one of the greatest accomplishments of any human being.

  88. Runar Antila

    You should check out the beef between joe budden and migos... That interview is hilarious

  89. Paul Banner

    Jamie's scared because his social life's took a beating. "Oh no, I'll never go to a concert again!" Try having kids you babyman fuckhead

  90. Mica Dunn

    Joe rogan we come here with a dream


    Gotta love rogan

  92. Evo

    I tried DMT after seeing this, and OMFG I ran into the middle finger jesters. Thanks, Rogan. 10:40

  93. Tater Salad

    Drain the swamp WWG1WGA

  94. Word Lifer

    "It started in China, it would be China." IF a country was going to release a virus to take over the world, they're not going to put it in their own back yard. They're going to put it in someone else's. Maybe right near an infamous virology institute that even authors use in fictional outbreaks like Wuhan.

    1. Seymour Kuntz

      Word Lifer perhaps that’s what they want you to think. Perhaps the best place to release it is in your backyard... and to spend years privately developing a vaccine to give all of the elites before releasing it. You’re playing checkers... this is chess.

  95. Zak Clapp

    question where did 2 trillion $ come from..if we sit we die...? What should we do joe......

  96. Paul Rice

    I never found Bill mar funny

  97. roy dunn

    200,000 is a conservative estimate for covid and 48,000 for the flu and you can't see why it's all the rage right now? Lay off the pot Rogan.

  98. Parker Weston

    Isn’t joe supposed to be the interviewer?

  99. TheSoulTransferProtocol *******

    Don't trip Joe. Smoke some Toad........Let it all go....

  100. Greener Grass

    That jacket is making me want to heat up some Jiffy Pop popcorn. 👍