What I use:
I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don't use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it's ''''not real animation''''')
I have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24
a Smudge Guard Glove.
I record on a Shure sm7b,
I have an Scarlett 2i 4 Audio interface
and this thing called a 'Cloudlifter.'

If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)
-My first tablet was a Bamboo Create for ~$100. Really good tablet 5/7.
I know alot of people like the intuos's
-A good Microphone that a lot of people use is a Blue Yeti (keep in mind where you record is important.)

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