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  1. Магомед Дибиров

    Опят дизлайки за что вы ставите дизлайк ведь то что она делает не каждый может и делает

  2. Gamma

    Our Modern life has machine to work to prevent hardwork And that guy is attending fitness and do workout at Night😔🙃

  3. 刘志

    she is beautiful

  4. Marco Sauvé dit Laplante

    Love this song, return regularly to hear her sing, so pleasant.

  5. AxOfficial

    Wow... you are so talented... Real life princess

  6. 何泽成


  7. AxOfficial

    I love to watch your videos, when I grow up, I want beautiful and colorful garden where I can relax planting and harvesting plants while listening to the birds chirping...

  8. AxOfficial

    I don't know why, but this is relaxing to watch. Way More relaxing than listening to asmr. You are so hardworking. I hope I could do something like this, I would like to live out of the city, too much noice.

  9. pshigh

    I’m from Damascus, hey 💗

  10. Danny C

    像古墓派里的小龙女 真可爱❤

  11. 王亮


  12. Thi Nguyen

    Có b nào vietnam cũng xem chị này k :)))))

  13. Hemangini Patel Raj

    I hope you are doing fine along with your Grandma. Take care our princess. :)

  14. مولاتي زهراء زهراء

    حياة هادئه وجميله جدا لايوجد مشاكل ولا اي احد يزعجها🥰🥰اتمنى اعيش في هذي الأجواء

  15. 波 波


  16. Goodmart


  17. Isha Jain

    I would pay for this experience 🤤💆‍♀️

  18. Hà Võ Thị Thanh

    gio qua em gai oi,em cu o vay cho tu do,em dung lay chong cho kho

  19. Benhazil Lwiza

    اتعجبني هذي البنت كثير واحلي شي العيش في الطبيعة .برافو👏👏👏

  20. Viet Nguyen

    The video is very good and helpful

  21. Zakir Ahiya


  22. Zakir Ahiya

    Oh my god

  23. Zakir Ahiya

    Youhave many kinds of fruits begetable in oyour garden

  24. ken law

    中國傳統文化自漢朝以來深受古人之道君子至誠的儒家思想和保守理念影響,推崇中庸和諧之道。 中共在建國初期,中國共產黨反對中國傳統中庸和諧文化,反對君子至誠,反對古人之道,視爲舊中國封建遺產,主張以共產主義重新改造文化,建立中共國,到咗今日因為喪失傳統文化,導致人民文窮才盡。

  25. Zakir Ahiya


  26. Zakir Ahiya


  27. Patricia Nunez

    Where is grandma?

  28. Abdul Azeez


  29. shraddha gawai

    How can people dislike this video?

  30. adnan shah

    Where are you liziqi.. Are you okay??

  31. ダイエットしなきゃ

    我是日本人 日语字幕真的谢谢😊 我很喜欢你的视频💓 我尊敬你🌟

  32. huong do phuc

    Tỷ đã xinh lại còn giỏi nữa🙇😻

  33. Sabrin Ali

    Wow 😮😳

  34. miška piška

    Where is our girl? I hope the virus didnt get her or her granny 😟

  35. dhe wiex

    Super woman every thing you can do it 💪💪👍👍👍

  36. ngo sean

    I show my 2years old girl her video. She just loves it, and become quiet, so I can gain some time to take a rest😂😂😂😂

  37. Paula Green

    The variety and freshness as well as the own work that goes into their food is amazing 😍

  38. angiexalicante

    Who films her while she does all those? How many hectares of land does she own? Does she manage it (farm) all alone? I have so many questions

  39. Nonie Chang

    You eat it while its hot? I thought it has to be eaten cold from the fridge.

  40. ivy young


  41. Trung Pham

    Toi that su nguong mo ban vietnam

  42. bhavyashree bhavyashree

    I like ur all vedios but i ddnt understand ur language lot of love from india 🇮🇳

  43. Paula Green

    It is amazing 😍

  44. hanane bouzana

    اللحم الخنزير حرام

  45. Grassshii Tu

    She can even made her own electricity, she dont need to go to supermarket. She should belong to hall of fame

  46. Ranjani Elangovan

    Pray for you

  47. Ranjani Elangovan

    Really miss u

  48. Hoang Anh Vu

    Muốn lấy em này về làm vk cuộc sống chỉ cần thế bình yên và thơ mộng

  49. ryzem schubert

    your the woman i love,if i can say the words"i love you " in chinese,i will do it

  50. Eric pg**

    NOsel is banned in China 🤔

  51. Grassshii Tu

    Queen Elsa is cooking 🍳.hail the queen

  52. hessa raied

    animals lLVeo

  53. Resa Fe Vidal

    It's been a month since the last post.. Hope she is doing great

  54. Zaini Sanjaya

    Kamu keren banget

  55. star Wang.

    My mother asked: why are you kneeling and playing with your mobile phone

  56. Death Painful

    And this is how we got the Coronavirus.

  57. Stuart Smith

    This is so inspiring! I will be teaching kindergarten in Wuxi from August. I wonder if kindergartens can visit your farm. Are you close to Wuxi?

  58. Jinfeng Rao

    this is also my childhood memory. Love her so much

  59. 一勺美食

    Li Ziqi is very strong. Many rural girls can't do it[玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰]

  60. Sudipta Bhunia

    Hey,,, Liziqi ,,,AM your New subscriber,, ☺☺☺,,,,,,,from India,, 😊😊😊😊

  61. abdul razak

    I like her and her garden

  62. Хадижат Магомедова

    Природа красивая и девочка умница такая я каждый день рассмотрел этот девушки привет умница

  63. Anjale S.

    Nice video

  64. Samantha Vang

    Liziqui hasn’t posted in a month. I hope she and grandma are both safe and well!

  65. Sree Chim

    How do you do this this is freaking fairy land and you are the most hardworking fairy

  66. Wemia Don

    这最后音乐配的 咋有点舌尖上的中国的意思.....

  67. 悲しみジョニー

    桃源郷って本当にあるんだなあ😊 美しい😊

  68. lil lil


  69. flowers magic and TikTok

    hardworking Lady..

  70. Jocelyn Hiroy

    God blessed you ,,

  71. Jocelyn Hiroy

    Million views / million subs ,,God bless you ,,

  72. ElNo's World

    nosel.info/video/video/mYCFfmWsf4qj080.html Can you help teach them how to help themselves

  73. andrew santimore

    I think I'll whip this up tonight.

  74. Noemi Hernandez Hernandez

    Estos vídeos me atrapan

  75. Dark heart stories

    My girlfriend brev girl 😘✌

  76. Anjale S.

    You are amazing

  77. Jhona Batil

    I just realized... blue lotus is the Ancient Egyptian joint and shes making blue lotus water 🤣🤣

  78. H Potter


  79. Nguyen Simple

    long time no see you! How are you? wating your video!

  80. Yubin Mei


  81. Diuable

    this girl has more skills than any american child right now.

  82. slatnimilinoeromsticlavaristviracastave

    I'm so relaxed while watching her.Tnx

  83. 杜锦锦

    she makes everything around her a fairyland.


    m in love with u girl ... 🌹

  85. Jocelyn Hiroy


  86. Alona Garcia

    Real luxury.

  87. dinh ngoc

    Đào cũng nhiều sao ko cho chú dê một trái mà đi cho chú dê cái vỏ thôi

  88. 陈诚


  89. forevomi wertyaliti

    Сколько же времени ушло и сил на такую красату) молодец?!

  90. Dark heart stories

    I love u

  91. Puja Bhandari

    We all want to live the life she's living but we are too lazy to create it. She's sooooo hardworking

  92. Razia Randhawa

    Very nice video 😍👍

  93. roweda alaa

    اكيد اكو وحده هيج

  94. 114514龙岷玩家


  95. roweda alaa

    الشياء الي اتسويه بيه ابداع

  96. Prashant Tanwar

    dream life ..full stock of handmade food with lovely place and cute puppies

  97. Eating For Survival

    Wow It looks very yummy

  98. roweda alaa

    اروع فيديو

  99. Learn English With Khushboo

    Hats off to this girl, I feel tired in just some hours of working, And look here she is working so hard and still not complaining

  100. Lotus Petal