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  1. D TeK


  2. getting bigger

    Its so bad.i dont know anyone that has it yet.i am self isolated because I have dopd.still cant get any response from universal credit. The ownly good thing that have happened is that I got a great new phone verry cheap and its 5g.i cant get any toliet roll I am useing kitchen roll

  3. Mando of Mandalore

    Everyone who voted for tories well done

  4. Stargirl 881

    It’s going to get worse before better I wish it would just hurry up and reach its peak honestly I’m sick off this why should strangers I don’t know force me to stay inside and have no life for god knows how long because they’re vulnerable. Total overreaction by everyone involved.

  5. Archie Saunders

    Poor woman feel her worries

  6. The Moog

    Manufactured crisis.

  7. mel grant

    And people thought yesterday that the numbers were easing up

  8. mm guy

    Virus is a test to humanity. Government has definitely failed the test.

  9. Kamil Klimkowski

    Please Miss next time learn a little bit before emission

  10. Patty Cake


  11. OptimusHighMegaBong

    Those English folk stupid as hell. They been under a rock or what?

  12. Zanzibar Slimm

    I feel bad for the newscasters who are never allowed to turn away and have to keep a fake face even if they want to cry

    1. Kaleidoscopic Krusader


  13. Ese Callum

  14. Roadman Khan

    I blame north korea

  15. Bodach Glas

    As soon as the shooting starts they'll start to listen.

  16. Bexs B

    I wouldn't mind being lockdown in a massive palace🤔

  17. Kez

    The streets outside my house are busier than they've ever been since the lockdown. We need it enforced more strictly.

  18. Mark S

    This really is turning into something like out of a film now

    1. Dan Hub

      All the actors and getting overpaid in this as well while we watch and get fkall

  19. Leonard Godinho

    Guy fawkes has entered the chat George homes has left the chat

  20. WeirdPlanet108

    Does the Test take your DNA?

  21. Avi J

    Its so sad people to watch facing such a huge transportation issue . but however the people staying in abroad are arranged with special flights.. these are the labours who build nation.. Modi has to understand this. With few speeches anybody can come to great position but his deeds decide he is worth it or no.. And I was the one who believed in modi and his bullshit

  22. Daniel Hewitt

    This virus will upset the sporting world, for example; Novak and Nadal are chasing Roger’s records!

  23. Dark Star

    They should give these people to China to re educated in their camps in china

  24. Gomting

    How can it be a plateau?? Only now Italy seems to have gone through its peak and UK is a few weeks behind Italy with a mad starting strategy and a weaker lock down... The low testing number could actually be hiding a much larger number of infections.

  25. andylaauk

    #ccpvirus #chinesecoronavirus #chinesevirus

  26. Lee Willcox

    And 28 days Later ?

  27. andylaauk

    But still keeping those ferries and planes bringing people in. The incompetence is on 11.

  28. efc 4ever

    She doesn't sound like she's going to cry she sounds nervous to me. Getting her figures mixed up and a little shaky on edge

    1. Dan Hub

      Embarrassed and ashamed hopefully and mad at her bosses

  29. scott m

    The police just stopped me and questioned me, bet the fuker wished he knew I had just picked up an O of ganja

  30. ian Andrews

    I think the people who are dying are just getting related to dying of coronavirus and it’s getting made public, there’s something really dodgy about all of this, can someone explain how people are getting this even though they haven’t been in contact with people who have got it

  31. Mark

  32. Joshua Pichardo Mejia The Remedy

  33. ben jamima


  34. MrPorquoipas

    Well is fine there was in Man anyway the top 3 players win this all the time Nadal or The other 2 are in the final so watch the last year one with Djokovic Winn and is no different this year so waiting for 2021 is fine hahahahaha no different for this cancellation

  35. Nikolay Карагьозов

    R.I.P. do not be fooled and do not think that anyone will get away with the virus develops and improves after each new infection will soon be more powerful and deadly than anything we have seen and humanity will have to admit that it is absolutely powerless. Then the terrible judgment will come and we will all die in terrible torment, so pray for your souls and the souls of your loved ones! Only a handful of people will survive, who will hide deep underground because all the air will be infected and death will be everywhere. The whole system will collapse and there will be neither economy nor governments will rule only chaos and death.

  36. Steve Muscato

    Prince Charles - he believes in homeopathy (and god) - why would I want to listen to a nutter on health issues

  37. Jen Adair

    Trump warns of "very painful two weeks due to his total incompetence"

  38. psyick

    Had to laugh at wearing hi-vis over camouflage! Good work, hope it’s not all needed.

  39. Andrew Macaulay


  40. EXCUSE mE

    China is lying about their numbers....don't be like them not telling the truth to your people.

  41. Taylor Jacobs

    Hold on!.... something else not adding up! I thought self isolation was for 14 days????? Also, isn’t Charles over 70? If he is...... what in God’s name is he doing going out? Someone correct me here? Cos, obviously I’ve missed a biggggg part of the picture!

  42. David Lerma

    Trump warns?? He was the one constantly warned about this, and he did nothing. Or, he lied.

  43. Dil Ritzy

    ' I just wanna rip my arm so that I have something to throw at her '

  44. Giuseppe Gigliotta

    Because of the virus, a lot of people get unemployed. The point is that these people, who can't buy anything because they don't have any money, work illegally without licence and retribution for pension. Since these jobs are not regular and they are not recognised by the government, the employer can't be paid.

  45. Spartacus

    its funny how old Charlie -boy, and Boris the obese, were at death's door, and then a few days later they are prancing about like young Gazelles. 🙄

  46. Nathaniel Grant

    Those equipments sounds expensive to be in every hospital

  47. BareJokesTV

    There is no virus!, it’s a giant smoke screen!!!

    1. Earnest Onslaught


  48. First Class Videos

    South Africa is the most criminalise country in Africa. The next is Nigeria. I have these two countries

  49. James Quinn

    Incredible effort.

  50. Alex UK

    Not often I feel proud of this country but I certainly do right now

  51. R35

    Laws that will take away more of our freedom will be getting passed soon. There's a lot more going on behind the scene. People need to treat main stream media news the same as any other form of news. Question it don't just take it as fact. Maint stream media is the biggest form of misinformation

  52. Kim Jong Un

    4000 when the need is 400,000....get ready for the public to be blamed

  53. weAreNotAloneHere

    So who caused it. Who let it spread

  54. kath david

    Here's a puppet from sky news... sprouting bullsh*t... he wouldn't know though he's just an order follower for his masters. covid 19 blown out of proportion.. and people are falling for the propaganda spin the media spew out. This has been a socially engineered experiment... like many before it, been going on for centuries.

  55. OnePalProductions

    Look at all the flight arrivals from Rome, Madrid, Taipei, Beijing today... lockdown?

  56. Abin Abraham

    Italy deserve that Corona Virus as they are the most Racist people on earth

  57. luke kelly

    Cheers Charlie boy I feel loads better about not qualifying for furlough now 😅

  58. nhoj 420

    There is no lockdown...🙄

  59. abdul sijad

    Honestly they think we are completly braindead...sorry charles we all know u never had the virus its all a big lie...

  60. dk 63

    5G is causing this 😠

    1. Levi Wright ROBLOX

      No it’s not....

  61. carl6116

    Does unprecedented actually mean being seen out and about becouse I haven’t seen any police anywhere for about 6 months.

  62. StraightSlavicFlavour


  63. Suman Rauf

    Shame on America ...nurses are forced to wear trash bags 🙄where is the money going?

  64. StraightSlavicFlavour


  65. wattage2007

    Died *of* or died *with* the virus? There's a world of a difference there which sensationalist 'news reporters' don't bother to make a distinction between.

  66. Kris Yeh

    The outcome is just like flu. Oh no, it’s like corona virus.

  67. I am salted2004

    She looks & sounds like Jenny Campbell.

  68. opp block yh

    Funny how not one person in government has died from it yet

  69. MegaStephie2010

    Rehabilitate the dogs at the cost of owners, and maybe put them down......also change the training for certain breeds .......... it's a matter of nurture not nature........ This is so sad......

  70. Bd Dreams

    O Allah, save us all, Amin

  71. CeeMajaa

    Fear mongering at its best people have died of heart attacks and death certificate changed to covid 19

  72. hugster2000

    I’m sure he had equal treatment to everyone else.

  73. Umbrella Corporation

    They are Stealing all the Farms and Businesses from the White South Africans. I hope the Coronavirus kills All these Savages.

  74. Bas Doot

    2 weeks later.... That went well.

  75. dean vickers

    the finger pointing is solely rest with the CCP end off want to blame someone blame the CCP trump is doing his very best under what was a surprise to the world we need to come together not rip one another a part i trust the plan and together we stand as one in god i trust

  76. Hsiang Lin

    It’s all Chinese government fault

  77. Zadeel dotcom

    Must self isolate in my bloody huge estate. Its so tough. These bloody quails and peacocks mocking me. I shall need to contend with keeping my distance from ones butler. Alas I already have it. Let the butler in, it is what he gets paid for. Take my tissues away butler. Please ask jeffrey if he has any juicy sausages.

  78. tejsoneji

    Guys, it must be hard to read about so many deaths like it's just a statistic - Maybe she is a bit caught off guard by it and emotional Or she just has a shaky voice..I don't know the woman

  79. GovernmentAreTerrorists

    A massive waste of money.


    Horrible truly. Rest in peace everyone

  81. kevin riley

    No two meters doe

  82. nimmy yousaf


  83. Johan Rijhkelaar

    So heartbreaking to see many lives lost 😞

  84. Havana club

    They are lying. There are more deaths than they are telling u.


    That thumbnail 😂😂😂😂👊🏻🙏🙏👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🥴🥴🥴🥴

  86. d w s


  87. GovernmentAreTerrorists

    More lies from the dying mainstream media accounts.

  88. Swords And sandals


  89. Dave Barker

    Millions die each year from flu, another Corona virus' with no vaccine, like a cold, no vaccine. Over the top bollocks

    1. Blob B

      @Dave Seasonal flu has a death rate of 0.1% , Novel Corona virus SARS II which is what this is is around 6% death rate where health care is great, and its spreads more easily. All these deaths on top of the ones we already get from other medical conditions. Go work in a hospital and tell us nothing is diffrent.

    2. Derxert

      The coronavirus is 30x more deadly than the flu. Also 120x more infectious. Watch this:

  90. Janey Templer-Milligan

    Incredible achievement and so proud of the NHS; the world needs to look and learn from this amazing example of commitment from human beings to help other human beings.

  91. harcom

    How about instead of some nurse's doing their hardest to save lives, they can teach savillions to care for their family members and friends and can buy insilators.

    1. Blob B

      Would take a long time to train them they do more than put ventilators on them they have to sedate many to reduce the body's need for oxygen and they have to fight infections some are getting multiple organ failure, some are put into comas and some have their blood pumped out into a machine to add oxygen to it then back into their body some have severe lung damage.

  92. harcom

    How about instead of some nurse's doing their hardest to save lives, they can teach savillions to care for their family members and friends and can buy insilators.

  93. The Boss

    What about the number of people that have survived and pulled through .. just a thought

  94. Julian Parrett

    Typical deluded female Labour MP...

  95. Swords And sandals

    Why does news have an option for like or dislike, news is news. The population shouldn’t be able to give an opinion on news. It just makes bias

  96. Mizzcheef

    Event 201 from October is no coincidence. 5G is one agenda. This is false news. NO test for covid19 specific

  97. colfer222

    Average daily death,2018,2019, circa 1500!. what has this increased by, allowing for seasonal variation.Its a sad fact but, many of these would have died without this virus! Too much said about these deaths without all the facts.

  98. Jade Leonte


  99. ͛

    Alex Jones says it's false flag or hoax.

  100. Marie Clark

    The only way there getting there figures is when people phone the NHS ,no testing is done,in fact i phoned for an ambulance 3 weeks ago,id had difficulty all night breathing,and my heart was racing,thay sent me home saying id had a panic attack when in fact i had coronavirus, as diagnorsed when the problems were on going,by the NHS survey, no test have been done, the only time there testing is when people are actualy addmitted into hospital ,uk is not doing enough as far as im concerned ,why put the country on lock down then let hundreds of foreigners into the country without testing them for coronavirus, no wonder the casualties are rising ,so too is the population,nearly every country is testin daily,but not the uk,there not spending the money until the crises is over,so the crises gets worse