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  1. N Baut

    Go look for the non BROKEN design for disc11

  2. Katie Kelly

    My fave fnaf character is ... Lol Bit or Circus Baby

  3. White Flower Anonymous


  4. kiteneal

    MonkaW Herobrine is part of the lore

  5. Maxi Perez

    What are parents in minecraft lore

  6. chu Harry

    minecraft ?

  7. EarthHarbor

    this one was pretty obvious..

  8. Masterninjajohn 145

    how come he talks about fnaf and show fnac (five nights at candys)

  9. Sky 266

    And now there are shulker boxes

  10. N Baut

    Hey btw what if disc13 all the cave sounds missed together? Also no offence before this

  11. Willthedill789

    I found a mansion in my world and I was so scared, I burned it down

  12. junk kook

    11:15 i hate it that the minecart is full of emeralds but theres 1 diamond next to it and emeralds are useless

  13. Jason Rowe

    The Pillager Gangs are responsible for the kidnappings,They were sent out into the overworld to not onlykidnap but to raid and steal anything they laid there eyes onSo they could bring what they found back to the mansion to keep itin stock, ESPEIALLY EMERALDS, CAPTIVES, AND POTIONS!

  14. Gas mask pioneer


  15. Kate k 14

    Scott is the Rick Riordan of video game

  16. Mr. Cool

    MatPat it seems like you have forgot about Shadow the Hedgehog. He was created to end all diseases and is immune to any form of sickness.

  17. Baby Blu

    Matpat: *Calls hitmonchan a she* Me: B-but hitmonchan is male only 🤨

  18. Billoreillyz

    MatDaddy looks like it might be time for an update.

  19. Isobel Stewart

    This pokes a few wholes in your Mario is mental theory

  20. N Baut

    Btw steve isn't coughing and running from cops

  21. Reub

    Nintendo switch sees old sales hold my beer

  22. dark fang


  23. N Baut

    The real theme of disc 11 and 13 is when you actually mix them

  24. EpicLulz000

    Comparing videogame characters to real life people who are getting killed by a virus and risking to be demonetized. You must be out of ideas buddy.

  25. Justin Yang

    1:24 is Mincraft theory of everything

  26. Pumpkinhead 4life

    Do it for Arthur Morgan

  27. Thor Lafuente

    Hey I care about the oceans in mincraft(and matpat I'm your biggest fan)

  28. Thirsty


  29. Franticsss_xD

    I need backup, I'm going full screen

  30. Damian McGill

    How do you sleep at night?

  31. Nick Martinez

    Its because it's not meant to be a set in stone value it's a trade system based on the values of the buyer and seller

  32. TheUwUsquad

    rip Chell

  33. Swan pyae Tikyi

    You guys are both front door is the best because strong against Crocs rock types and strong against Misty's Water types

  34. Lunes UwU

    But what about the head models

  35. General Rex1

    I am just waiting for them to actually add Herobrine to the game. Notch isn't there and Microsoft would definitely do it.

  36. Oliver Walker

    Mario Farm by George Nintendorwell

  37. sora 「」

    The fact that there's the exact amount of cigarete left is terrifying. Like the dev intended it to be like that

  38. Leigha Everly

    Raids make a lot more sense now

  39. Kima

    *_exotic butters_*

  40. CytomPlayz

    i thought this was house party

  41. Jackson Silverstein

    I love Minecraft.

  42. Jeremy Friesen

    You can’t have a persona and shadow. Cuz a persona is being able control your shadow

  43. Aria Thomas

    Me: *watches* So Mario is the faut- oh, oh Oh OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH!!!!!! MY MIND IS F*CKING BLOWN!!!!!! Snowy: Blue, what are you talking about? Me: Luigi............ Is............ The Father..............OF ROSALINA!!!!!!!!I Snowy: WTF?!?!?!!! Me: So, if you have multiple time lines, That means Super Mario has Different AUs Snowy: what is an Au?? Me: An Au means Alternate universes.like undertale. Undertale has Aus from different timelines

  44. Aramis Carrender

    # matdaddy

  45. Theopolis

    One blue ice would weigh over 80 000 kg a peice

  46. Efraim Kaplan

    At 11:57, the flu death rate is put at 0.01%, it is 0.1%

  47. SamTDG

    Who cares ash still like a dumb boi (kinda)

  48. Richie Ferry

    9:20 unspeakable is a youtubet

  49. idk wut 2 do

    could you do a theory on animal crossing

  50. Gary Fung

    First of all, there isn’t Theodore in the room

  51. Roberto Cervantes


  52. Colin Koehn13

    14:01 That's one strong ten year old

  53. CyberBear Ultimate

    "Disc 11 and 13 is the most disturbing discs in game" Parrots: *MUSIC IS MUSIC*

  54. Ginger Swede

    What about the vex? The little blue guys

  55. Ryan

    2040 anyone?

  56. Scool Suck


  57. Wanderer


  58. Alex Awm

    Summary: wizard souprice

  59. Matthew Epic

    I got major chills, I think I got the corona

  60. DragonSlayerCDN

    The whole ravaged thing reminds me of the movie "Tusk," which, for those who don't know, is a movie where a reporter is kidnapped and surgically turned into a walrus, and it sounds ridiculous, but it's actually really depressing and disturbing.

  61. Lucidity

    10:24 lapis lah zoo lee i love it

  62. Dr. Robotnik

    Tell me how to get the phone

  63. Just_Korax

    i like how none of em even tried to leave.

  64. Christine Diaz

    I THINK HE 220

  65. Ashley Mayfield

    Scott’s new direction with the game is cool and all, but the original lore is just really good and dark, I think it’s better than the whole computer come to life thing he’s doing

  66. Cody Jones

    So by that logic, Herobrine could be one of their 'more' successsful creations.

  67. Nephi Aikau

    I think the zombies just come from dead versions of the ancient builders, and the illagers didn't make them. And I think the illagers have found a way to build, but only with wool. And I think the blue wool in the rooms is lapis.

  68. Soulwater24

    So that’s why villagers keep disappearing over night unless that’s just a glitch

  69. Supernova Spirit

    IDK why but I would always make weird temples and use 13 to sound like church bells, even though it wasn't a church.

  70. parveen banu

    What if herobrine was their experiment which broke loose

  71. girldoes randomthings

    You know with the theory with the builders turning into mobs very similar in shape to us how are we able to respawn while the builders couldn't? Or did they just do that to make it easier for survival players who prefer not to play hardcore

  72. Andre The Great YT

    Leave me to dream. Dream- Imagine Dragons And now I cry happy tears

  73. Yoitstheinternet

    I must say. When he said villagers aren’t afraid of rabbits so ravages aren’t it sounded like a stretch

  74. M Alhameli


  75. Chris Rose

    Soooo when can we expect an update

  76. Jeremy Friesen

    1:45 boi that masterpiece took 130hours

  77. Cláudio Acosta

    Was it just me, or did the voice recording sounded a little off, like a new, low-quality microphone was used?

  78. Nathonatron

    anyone else hear faint tapping at about 3/4 of the video? or am i going insane?

  79. Zach Pissios

    Matpat with a beard looks like a younger Chris Pratt, and I ain't complaining

  80. Shark Attack 21


  81. EpicLulz000

    Nether warts creates zombie pigmen, okay. But why do a lighting strikes create pigmen when it strikes a normal pig in the overworld? lol

  82. Emma_Gacha_359

    I think fnaf deserves a bit more credit :p Just sayin

  83. Supernova Spirit

    Lol I have a theory: GT is TheOdd1sOut and one of them is using a fake name. (Kidding, but their voices are alike, plus, once James mentioned and praised GT. Still kidding though.)

  84. Neal Barrett


  85. Mace-Yoshiman

    Video starts at 8:50

  86. Max H

    Lmfao mat pat’s pronunciation of lapis lazuli

  87. yt foksss

    The baze is just vibeing doe 10:55

  88. Wayne gum

    *Scott walks to park* Matpat: WHAT DOES IT MEAN

  89. Gwyn M.J

    but they're sooooooOOOO cute!!1!!!!!!1!!!

  90. botanbutton

    Yay, I'm glad the hoodie is correct!

  91. sweetness gaming

    Or it’s just an elevator down closer to the earth. It makes sense, bedrock roof, also if ur closer the the center of a circle and move forward and then straight up again you’ll move further

  92. AntiGravityPig

    It's actually really hard to find the next episodes in these series. It's not ordered by episode.

  93. Tristan Lee

    I'm late, and this is completely unrelated, but I think the Ghast Tear is the organ of a ghast that lets them produce the explosive charges. Evidence 1: End crystals, which explode if hit, are crafted with Ghast Tears Evidence 2: Ghast Tears are used to brew Regeneration potions, and End Crystals also heal the Enderdragon...and...organ... I don't know. I'm not saying I'm right, but I think it's a reasonable theory. P.S.: Another evidence that the Ravagers are corrupted villagers is that their legs look like you took a bipedal mob (the villager) and made it stand on all fours. I think.

  94. Rainbow Unicorn

    My prediction for most likely to die would sadly be Professor Oak (welp Agatha would be happy), as a factor that was ignored was that he would have contact with the source of what transmitted the virus to humans (Sandslash, the pokemon based off the endangered pangolin). I don't know whether the virus would be transmitted/affect other pokemon as the virus doesn't seem to transmit to other animals, such as pets.

  95. Supernova Spirit

    I paused at 14:24 to get my 6th and 7th oranges and got real confused.

  96. Coffee Fox

    China is the worst possible source you could use.

  97. _NoVaBoT _

    So anyone knows the game of the piano music ? Specificly the one that sarts at 12:55

  98. Amazing Games