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  1. C Dawg


  2. Sarah Mortimer

    Please please please review the curly girl hair method (different techniques/different products/etc) and what you think is best!

  3. Arianna Counts

    Me: *Watches video* Also me: *has really flushed face and dyes (my brown) hair pink/red/red-purple* I'm a strawberry.

  4. Justine Freund Xox


  5. cass


  6. Thuỳ Linh

    So if I have green vein, tan easily, look bad with gold and silver but deep brown eyes then am I neutral ????

  7. Willows_FireFlies

    Forget the video any one else think he looks like that one boy Barbie Ken tho! No affence! Love your vids.!😄😌❤

  8. Alivia Rozier

    Am I the only one upset over his shirt rn?

  9. nevi g

    Brad: **sips tea** this is gonna be blue....so blue **sips tea**

  10. JustBeYouTy

    The second girl looks like Chucky lol 😂😂

  11. Justine Freund Xox

    I wish I could get your merch

  12. Victoria Abdul

    He’s Worried about her hair but look at his

  13. Jennifer B.

    The hair color that best suits your skin is....your own hair color!

  14. Noctante

    I think she took it to a point where she still can fix it, right? Don´t disappoint me, girl 8:28

  15. Grace Sanchez

    My bangs took 5 years to grow out cause my mom thought I looked cute (I didnt) yes that was hell

  16. Marlee couey

    Brad: dove wtf stop Me: uses dove shampoo and conditioner, body wash, hairspray holder, dry shampoo, and deodorant...

  17. Ty Belle

    Brad watching troom troom use an iron on hair:👏👎🤛🤘👉👈🖐🖖🤏👋🤯

  18. Holly Berrie

    I love that you always talk to your viewers and say how good they/we look. In a world where no one is good enough, it’s so refreshing

  19. kaitie byrd

    brad mansplaining color theory for the first 4 minutes 😂😂

  20. generic fuckin failure

    "are you stupid" no ma'am I'm inverted.

  21. Fabianastacia :3

    "You look magnificent" Oh, thank you, I really needed to hear that <3

  22. Autumn Yoder

    My moms cool, my dads warm, I'm neutral. Hm. I N T E R E S T I N G

  23. FormEEh Ohyeah

    Are you talking only about only light skin girls only??? Because I’m brown...lol

  24. Avocado Squad 2.0

    The first one actually didn’t look that bad

  25. Felicity Tidmore

    I got ever question right on the guess the skin tone

  26. BobBobBobBob 95

    I got green veins in my arm, purple veins on my eyes, I look better in gold jewelry, and my face looks pinky or rosey. I need help figuring this out lol

  27. Grace Engleman Music

    Ok but what about cool toned natural redheads

  28. Olamide Ayanwale

    He’s hair looks so pretty omggg

  29. Aindrea Hughes

    Thanks for this video and your eyes are gorgeous but I’m sure you hear that all the time! 😘

  30. Jessica c

    Me: pale asf with sunset hair. Watching this. Being like yo, I'll do what I want.

  31. Sleepy Misfit

    It kind of reminds me of alastor from hazbin hotel

  32. Annika Nabors

    You look magnificent Me making a double chin while eating chips and burping. Uhhhh

  33. Blue Lotus

    Jeffree star and Brad mondo collab vid. Make over a bitch already! Fuck 😂

  34. Molly Davis

    Can I just say I love the more natural hair look on you?!😍

  35. KarlsburgReview

    I was always afraid to watch these Brad watching bleach videos because I was worried there might be something I was doing wrong when I do my own hair ... but holy crap these people are on a whole other level, hunnie I'm doing just fine xD

  36. Moises

    This video is so unnecessarily long

  37. Okamisuki

    I’m black. Blond suits me the best I think 😐

  38. Michele Alexandria

    bb you’re trending 🤗🤗

  39. Cryssie V.

    OMG U SHOULD READ AUDIO BOOKS. ur voice is SOOO nice

  40. Margaret White

    Lol it reminds me so much of rainbow dash

  41. mimi smith

    Brad Mondo: hello beautiful, you look incredible today Me: ugh thank god you can’t see me, I haven’t washed my hair in a week and it’s in a messy bun🙊🙈

  42. Nadia McGrath

    I neeeeed you to tell me how I should style my hair! Because rn its just not looking great... and i dont know what to do

  43. julia mae


  44. Nina Clark

    me having super cool toned skin but having natural dirty blonde hair with very yellow/warm undertones *panics*

  45. purplekittywuman

    If you're not getting enough compliments in your life. Come and watch Brad. He will always tell you you're beautiful. And he's always right :)

  46. bee

    0:02 I'm sitting in my pyjamas with half of my hair in after extension mess, I look just about busted...

  47. Asia Mae

    Texlax and Relax are different. Texlax doesn't make your hair completely bone straight just loosens the curl slightly. Relaxer completely removes the curl pattern

  48. Savage Ninja

    This is weird this is my first time watching this channel

  49. Madilynn Selby

    10:30 *there's no galaxy on earth* I. died 😂

  50. bry mueller

    “ you look beautiful “ Me: my hair is barely staying in my head in a bun and I’m wearing shorts with an oversized shirt that’s thrashed fite me

  51. Hailey Minch

    At first I thought my skin was cool toned but then I was like I have bright fucking red hair like holy red and it looks fucking bomb so I guess I’m neutral 😂😂

  52. Lola_kittens :3

    I’m white and black, but more white lol

  53. Alicia Sambrano

    One day (when I'm not lame and know how to) I'm going to post a picture of myself in my hospital bed, oxygen tube in my nose, iv bag hooked up, hair everywhere, smiling because Brad said, "Hi beautiful" and he makes me feel like I am still pretty.

  54. Ay, It's Em

    Hey not trying to be rude but are you transgender? There's nothing wrong with it but i was just wondering

  55. HannahLynn Anderson

    Can we just have a moment of silence for the beautiful salon done blonde that was overtoned to copper. 😔

  56. imari mcknight

    I’ve bleached my hair five times in the past 6 months and it’s just a light brown. Idk if I’m not putting enough bleach on my hair or what

  57. Rilee Keeling

    Actually right now I’m doing light colors on the ends of my hair for a ombré and I go like once a month to get more color because my hair doesn’t take bleach well and it kills my hair instantly so yeah no hate tho love your videos

  58. Anna

    i'm letting my hair grow but after i saw the short haired mannequin i just........... have to get that haircut

  59. Ariana Reyes

    i just dyed my hair green. like a piece. it looks rlly good. my skin is brown but not very dark. i didn’t bleach it or anything

  60. Rosanna Wills

    Me: golden brown hair... okay I’m warm... wait I have purple vanes... okay I’m cool... wait I look best in gold jewellery... okay I’m warm... wait I have blue eyes... okay I’m cold I give up

  61. Chase Rest

    Ashley’s hair loss for a week is my hair loss after 3days😂 I mean I have very thick hair, and it grows hella fast(1/2in a month) so I guess I see why I have so much😂😂

  62. Shelby Jordan

    Laughs in rosacea 😅

  63. Jeimy Rodriguez

    Brad hit em with “Allow me to reintroduce myself beloved” ☺️

  64. Rosemary Washburn

    OMG I so love this ! Skill skill skill

  65. a w t o d a s i i

    bruh I watch brad and I barley realized I also love mikan and Rachel and hafsjvgeaogihyusrbkljghqabewalrighbqaouierhgvoi so yeah

  66. Gemma Kanzler

    Ladies... don't do this. Leave it to the professionals. It won't look like a hot ass mess.

  67. Rachel Mazazumi

    Food coloring can be used as a tempary color that washes in the first wash, the best one to use is the water based food coloring on light hair. We use to do it all the time at my first school on weekends and special school events because we couldn't permanently color our hair or have unnatural colored hair (permanent or temporary) unless teachers said we could for a day.

  68. Feña Navr

    Me watching this notice that I’m probably cool skin: Me also not caring a shit and thinking that golden blonde would look good on me anyways.

  69. Sarah Brady

    the answer is any color...ANY color will suit you :)

  70. KENNA X

    I'm neutral warm which makes me feel very lucky cause I think the neutrality of my skin is useful but the warmth helps me look healthy and glow !

  71. DeAd Meme421


  72. Mandy Waynick

    All these years thinking that my pale skin with pink undertone meant I was warm toned..... But every indicator he lists means I'm cool tone

  73. BeautyDaughtMom

    I’m desperate for you to get your beautiful hands on my hair and help me! I’m 51 years old & I’ve never dyed my hair, but I’m ready for something new. A new style, a brighter color than my ash, dirty blonde. HELP! PLEASE? Much love, Shelbie =)❤️

  74. Harli Walker

    i dyed my hair blue twice

  75. Sofia Sarmiento

    Anybody else is olive toned here?

  76. Melanie Saul

    I like my hair dark with no highlights except the highlights it decides to give itself 👎.I want to boycott highlights. Dark hair is gorgeous too! 😍

  77. Lola Hoyt

    in fifth grade i got bangs and it took about six months to grow out my bangs (i did shorten the rest of my hair but it was shoulder length)

  78. Naomi Sugar_Skulls

    “You look beautiful today” Casually wearing an aloe face mask

  79. Méyybe Eliza

    “I’m mad. Okay, moving on.” Is such a MOOD 😂

  80. nicole riley

    I know why!!!! Because the primary colors are actually cyan magenta and yellow so you can use those colors to make what we know green or to make red google it!!!!

  81. Nora Storm

    Some people just like to be surprised and some do it bc culture 🤷🏻‍♀️

  82. MarkER

    She makes me sad

  83. Emani Nunez

    Second girl looked with chucky with the end product 😂

  84. TheSparkyWriter

    Hold on, do you have a twin?! What?!

  85. Tasha Malmquist

    Some people make these videos to traumatize you Brad. Lol

  86. meh eh

    😂😂😂 stop talking 😂😂😂

  87. Valentina D

    after all that he wonts to get pregnant 🤰🏻 🤣

  88. Lazy Ghostie

    Brad : Silver or Gold Me *obsessed with shiny objects*: Yes

  89. lanah graham

    Watching this reminds me of how I cut my hair short half a month ago. I had so much and it was unhealthy and felt like a mop when wet and hadn't cut it since from 2019 summer. I was so excited when they first chopped it off before washing it as I cried. I never thought how haircuts could change you until then

  90. Sharon-rose Akindele

    I'm intrested to know what to the fuck his shirt is

  91. Emma Stephens

    Please dye your hair emerald green pleaseeeeeee

  92. Ashly Zander

    Brad I love your clothes!! That’s super cute!

  93. Abbie Lash

    i call it a hair tie lol😂

  94. Eureka

    I think it'd be great if you talked about what hairstyles would best fit your face shape, tbh. Lol

  95. Denise-P

    Bro the game reminds me of when I watched Dora and she was like where's Swiper? I screamed at her, like I don't hear you please.

  96. Charlotte Cooke

    I’m very pale cool tone and have bright ginger hair. I’ve had black hair (made me look dead Edward Cullen eat your heart out) I’ve had blonde, was very high maintenance and didn’t last long before my ginger came through. I’ve tried brown probably my favourite and I usually go for a brown with some of my natural ginger coming through. Completely opposite to what you said would suit my skin tone 😂😂

  97. rebecca Braker

    I love you!

  98. Gillian Cranstone

    I think I’m about as white and cool as they get.