I am Gus Johnson. I do comedy, I create skits, I craft memes, I make music, I crap out bad vlogs. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

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  1. Sam Stanell

    It’s my birthday today and this is the greatest present ever 🤪

  2. Gamer Sisters

    This is not an April Fool's, this is a masterpiece!

  3. Levi Walls

    Did Gus really sing this all omg!?!?

  4. DJTV30

    Im glad this finally graduated from Twitter meme to NOsel content.

  5. Samuel Ruder

    Look at them dazzling blue pearls..

  6. Wrong!

    Q: Why? A: Because.

  7. Banödle


  8. Paisley Hamilton


  9. Tyler Mitchell

    This is amazing


    Got damn Gus, I didn’t really see you as much of a country guy but you sound great my man

  11. Sal Sannon

    I got recommended this same video, just from a year ago and I'm scared that this is gonna happen every year

  12. Amelia Fercken

    This feels like my local Georgian karaoke night at the little small town restaurant/bar....I love this.

  13. WarriorKing2233

    "this is the first time i am uploading this video" That doesn't seem very honest Gus. I trust you more than you'll ever understand. Please don't play with my emotions like this. EDIT: Sorry that comes off a little weird. I haven't seen people in 8 days.

  14. Bridgette Harding

    Holy shit. Sounds just like him.

  15. Mr Milk 23

    Thought this was gonna be a joke but dang, his voice

  16. Dust Bud

    Yes gus Twitty who!!!

  17. Bridgette Harding

    My grandma had this album

  18. JoeFilms

    Wow, Gus. That's good.

  19. Fusion 7F

    Damn Gus, we still on this bit?! I respect the hustle. Next thing we know, you are also gonna be Bob Ross.

  20. Steve Jeffbob

    Your April fools singing voice is amazing

  21. T Sommers

    "Hello Darlin" its awesome how music can transport you through time! I forgot all about the corona virus for exactly 24 minutes! Thank you Gus and Mr. Conway Twitty!!

  22. Brehn The Magnificent

    April Fool's joke is that it isn't an April fool's joke

  23. Bens channel

    Didn’t expect to spend my evening listening to this but here I am and I’m loving it

  24. anefyon

    I feel like a 76 year old woman in her 98 Grand Marquis listening to Conway Twitty while she pulls into the Farm N Fleet for chocolate covered peanuts.

  25. Grace Karadza

    the absolute personality RANGE of this man

  26. David Freer

    no. no. no. now you have to do this live in that exact outfit

  27. Terry Yaki

    I'm really high, so there is no way this is actually happening, but whatever video I'm commenting on, it sounds like Gus Johnson singing an entire Conway Twitty album

  28. Joyce Wible

    Gus, you ol' so and so.

  29. blueforyou love

    If I don't get compensation after this I'm going to start a larg scale riot.

  30. TheTacticalNightmare


  31. Bruce Hugo

    Why would you say it's the first time uploaded?

  32. Joshua McGough

    oh HECK

  33. crob battchit

    layering this with the origional is the best thing i've done all year.

  34. Cliché Originals

    Either Gus is an extremely talented singer, or this is proof country is the easiest genre to replicate. Maybe a bit of both

  35. Billium Dollars

    This is the best thing ever! Period :)

  36. Hockeymaskbob

    He didn't again

  37. Jtv6

    This shit slaps holy fuck

  38. Cliché Originals

    Uhhhh Gus, why haven’t you pursed a singing career?

  39. Nikkity

    I didn't know I needed this, but this quarantine just did a complete 180

  40. J W

    I'm still not convinced that this is Gus signing... I think it's just a repost of Conway

  41. Carolyn Ma


  42. Crutin

    Can someone deep fake this?

  43. Dustyberg blagstance

    I see the lock down has got to you finally

  44. Peyton Caster

    This surprisingly not terrible

  45. Jucab Nubster

    But really this good though, really!

  46. Pink Snake

    Man, jokes aside, I'm in full depression with suicidal thoughts because of a recent break up and this made me feel better tonight.

  47. Kawaii

    Can you release this on Spotify?

  48. Joshua Krahn

    this is exactly what I needed in my life :^)

  49. Seymour Disapproves

    Wow check out the pipes in this guy. I'd love to see him perform some absurdist comedy skits with his roommate and family members or something.

  50. tthtonekid

    Definitely inspired by Rhett and Link

  51. uwu pusketti

    heck yah. baby time :)

  52. cookiebuster

    God bless

  53. Patty_Mc_Fatty12 ‘

    Is it weird that this isn’t even that bad?

  54. Gunner 22

    I'm honestly confused. Is this really Gus, or is this just a joke and it's the original? I seriously don't know, and I Googled the original dude and still dont know.

    1. F S

      It's really Gus

  55. Lauren B

    Best april fools 2x

  56. Michael Kork

    Dude quit NOsel lol. This is a whole nother career you got in the bag

  57. SwimmingInSunlight

    Holy shit

  58. Devin Greenhill

    even though you are a serious musician, i was still expecting this to come out with a bit of comedy. but no, this is a legitimate country album. please do more.

    1. Devin Greenhill

      also that reverb is super wet. its awesome

  59. oxymoronic

    can't believe this is the same person who went to canada

  60. lavender tea

    im crying??? this is actually really beautiful wth???

  61. WHALE CAT 935

    best part about the video is that it's the exact same video he made a year ago

  62. Kemp Hemp

    You're too good at this Gus. Made me shed a tear

  63. Theogony82

    Laughed through the whole video, good job

  64. Tiddly Five

    10:59 that would be mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbpdumb.

  65. Caleb Erickson

    You gonna do this every yr ??? 😂😂

  66. MrBlueD3V1L

    Oh this is actually him singing lol he’s good

  67. Johnny Carcinogen

    Gus, next year, can you find a suitable female voice and do some Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn tunes?

  68. BruhMomentum


  69. Gregis Darwin

    Hey Gus just wanted to say thanks for distracting me for a little bit, I didn't know I needed this. Also is it bad that this is now my favorite video on NOsel?

  70. Sathya S. Villegas

    The only good thing 2020 has brought...

  71. Marc Goodwin

    Yo. Who th3e hell is Kanye Twitter?

  72. Chrispy

    Wat. I'm confused by how good this is.

  73. Adam Engel

    it's so beautiful. thank you Gus.

  74. Gary Pastorchik

    You are very talented. Also the funniest person on youtube. Eat it burback. Lol.

  75. Wes Gottschall

    its April 1st....

  76. Cameron

    Did not know I needed this. 15:51 personally think is the funniest moment. Overall smashed the vocals

  77. Lasagna Man

    he has done it again

  78. Marc LS


  79. blehbleh

    you did the exact same thing again. you crazy bastard

  80. Ed Wilkinson

    best click of the day

  81. Spitball

    Now this Is what I’m all about

  82. liamiami

    Gus' aprils fools content is the same as his regular content

  83. Jake Navarro

    This is so crazy good.

  84. General JellyRoll


  85. User Unknown

    Spotify when?

  86. Mystic Boarder

    The repost we all needed

  87. William Jones

    Damn... Fair enough.

  88. Evan Copeland

    I love imby

  89. Pink Snake

    Dude. I have no choice. I have to make love while playing this.

  90. theMelvinShow

    i only know twitty from that family guy cutaway

  91. Tyler Sweeney

    I took a poop that lasted the entire length of this video.

  92. Ricardo Montenegro

    I'm in awe

  93. Dylan Murawski

    definitely haven't been unironically listening to this on repeat for an entire year. why would you assume that? this came out an hour ago

  94. Codes320

    Where’s the April Fools Joke?

  95. Reid Norton

    Actually really impressive

  96. ToastedToaster


  97. whosarmstrong


  98. I'm Joe Rampino

    This is a reupload.

  99. Connor West


  100. Taylor Stiriz

    Gusway Twitson