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  1. zee dee

    Women just want nice who don’t know that . Treat your woman right bruh. Nothing wrong with the store it’s just not her thing.

  2. Emmanouel Tziapouras

    Greek God wannabe

  3. Nikki Oliveros

    Them: *lifting 100 POUNDSSSS* Me: *not even able to open a bottle cap* -.- If u can relate like I I I

  4. Your Gay

    Better luck necks time

  5. Gabbilynn W.

    I have a brother like this, it’s overwhelming. It’s not how you’d think and it drives everyone crazy. All he talks about is vacuums

  6. Hum phrey

    @Awake Now Serving cereal is "building rapport"? You criticize his choice of going to the gym and for him to sacrifice and just build "rapport" with his new family? Also, being "served breakfast" not even on a dining table or even a place to eat? Even countries who eat on the ground, like in some third world countries, will bust their budgets to cook up and serve some sort of feast for their guest. Especially, one from another country. Also, people who question why he wants to go to the gym, clearly has never worked out nor know anything about keeping healthy. He said that it has been a week add to that all the stress and the food he probably has no control (cooking) while moving.

  7. Rose makes gacha

    Why is this the sadist thing ever

  8. nicole

    “she’s gone. her stuff’s gone. ... s h e ‘s r e a l l y g o n e”

  9. Tanya Hanna

    The Quint's get vaccine shots.. prescription..the brothers Grimm..🧙♂️...

  10. Minami X

    Did she watch the show? I mean...

  11. Lala R

    I’m glad 😆😊

  12. Tanya Hanna

    2nd seasme street prescription...the brothers Grimm..🧙♂️...

  13. Laura Chavez

    “Rose is out” lmao he can’t even say “I pushed her too far and she broke up because I don’t know how to treat her like a normal person”

  14. Girl With The Blue Glasses

    Gosh, his face changed completely when he said “where’s your ring?” He went from drip to demon.

  15. Tom Hoste

    Yes yes! Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaul and coltcy 😂

  16. Shiva

    *Dr Kirk Honda entered the chat*


    Bankaccounts are separate. Smart man.

  18. Sanae Bendaif

    She is a nice woman can you be nice to her try to make it work with her it feels like you used her to get the green card stop criticizing her just because you can she helped you to go there don't give this bad image about Arab we are not like this shame on you

  19. Nana Alaba

    I hope all parents are like her parents ☺️

  20. DiVine H1ghFly1

    he looks like ricochet from wwe XD

  21. Kween Kaiaa

    The First Lady was goals asf but are we goin ignore the fact that the second lady can’t park that truck 🤣

  22. faith wells

    Now this is a real physco path

  23. Natalie Perez

    His mom is so sweet 🥺 I love her

  24. Princess

    Kinda ironic how lisa kinda sounds like marge but deeper

  25. Sheree Jenkins

    Everyone definitely knows that she is not pregnant, the rabbit didn't die, it just left, she keeps talking down to him, he really wants to come to America, she is so rude, bossy and disrespectful

  26. Tanya Hanna

    Raising the Quints 101... prescription..the brothers Grimm..🧙♂️🍼..👻....

  27. pheonix leaf

    Raising Arizona is all I’m hearing when they speak

  28. TheHandymanQld

    Rose, Ting Tong lady boy.

  29. Kimmyvanderbos Kimmyvanderbos

    she has kids and it is only bacteria . she don't think about her family she thinks about herself

  30. Random Manny

    Lul my cringe level is literally off the charts

  31. Melonie Francis


  32. Random Manny

    I will never criticise my momma ever again.

  33. TheHandymanQld

    Was Rose disappointed?

  34. Jayden tran

    Lmao it gotta go

  35. Jay Spencer

    Let’s recognize that Ed is 4’11 but next to his mom he looks like a solid 5’5. She has to be like 4 foot 5. Only on her it’s adorable.

  36. Mich Nals

    Rose still beautiful and young can still find a better life

  37. Lulu Cade

    The awkward moment when her dad is more attractive in his age than her boyfriend

  38. spiffyjass

    Her outfit is cute !

  39. Random Manny

    Lul, this guy is so weird.


    Ben, real handsome young man. Nice young man.💯

  41. Random Manny

    2:26 she is smelling her fingers (?)

  42. Darienne Meador

    Poor Rose was humiliated, belittled, and taken advantage of. She didn’t deserve to be treated like that! SHE should be the one crying, not *Small, No Necked Ed*! Only wanted her for clout. Very ugly inside and out. She left bc she couldn’t stan the toxicity and pain anymore and I’m happy she did. I stan her and she better deserve so much better 👏 she is my queen!

  43. lisaslist

    He put a ring on that green card!

  44. Rubylee Fisher Rubylee Fisher

    poor big. Hahaha

  45. M4R71N V313

    Ukraine 8/10 looks California 4/10 looks Basic little girls

  46. Black Diva

    Man guys, i personally cannot stay here and being a hater towards ed lol, i just feel like he has to learn from his mistakes and move on with his life, that's all

  47. caroline duncan

    2:32 ew who would do that

  48. Abril Roldán

    The cutest parts of the trailer: Riley: I'm ready to go skying (0:23) Hazel seeing two Uncle Dales (0:47) Parker: Daddy makes me feel safe (1:53)

  49. Rebel Sun

    Why was the rat just it was a family dont mind me..lmaooooo

  50. Tae'ona Corona

    Baby love lol 😂

  51. Artemis

    I love his spin to his mom. Completely leaving out that he lead her on about being willing to have kids the entire time they were talking before they even met. Ha.

  52. Isaiah 43:2

    it also costs absolutely nothing to treat people well and to be a kind person

  53. Abigail Garcia

    Tlc...cuando pondran..Los subtitulo en español


    RIP TO your mission to be honest you do not believe in yourself that gos for us all I have to say if you die in 2020 which I am not wishing on you your message lives on in history big time (y) gg?!? Big brother look people if you feel so weak in life in the year 2020 and feels like no one can help you screams to God and say help you your sorry and repent of your sins because it's one life to live right now amen.

  55. Jon Griswold

    Tlc acts like she wasn't being a complete nightmare and totally disrespectful of his country's customs

  56. Caylee Jackson

    Is his mom not american?

  57. Weirdx Worm


  58. Professionalidiot

    0:47 WHO TF WENT “YEE YEE” 😭

  59. Grace


  60. seffogames

    How does this guy have a girl and I am single🤦🏿‍♀️

  61. Leilah Priddice


  62. Claire •

    She cheating on him or him cheating on her?

  63. Patricia Barão

    1:45 This isn't healthy and it's absolute gross!!!

  64. Sofia Jerez

    Usman proposes *Baby love lisa acts surprised*

  65. Lucky Me

    This is so cute and the same time I don’t want to his feelings to get hurt with reality.

  66. Klaus-Juergen Kessel

    She sounds and looks like Chewbacca with a beer belly. Usman must take drugs 24/7 to see what's not there. Otherwise, he would run away and disappear.

  67. Micay


  68. Nadia Markus

    Kto z Polski?

  69. A regular Cupcake

    she deserves bonus points for at least PRETENDING to like him. other people on the show ( including ed) dont even pretend to like their partner so good on her.

  70. Hardcore_gamer145

    Feel bad for his mom

  71. Allison Muchiri

    This man don’t need a gym, but he needs a barber!

  72. Zara Qureshi

    His mum watching the show:ED!!!!

  73. RHEI

    😂 😂 why eds all over youtube

  74. Bratty Babyz

    Oh my god them shoes is killing me them shoes whiter then ever like where did you get them from

  75. Amina Mina

    Help me

  76. Amina Mina

    I have a problem I want to lose 4 kg

  77. Bhandarí Couture

    This might be off topic but i don’t understand why it’s “wrong” to call someone morbidly obese or fat. When a lot of people come after Victoria Secret Models for being “too skinny” or they come after people who have a hard time gaining weight.

  78. niiya boo

    Lol they call her cheap but when they went to the store they wanted her to pay 58 dollars for a shirt and 78 dollars for a dress. Wtf

  79. patty murdock

    Lisa says "if we can blend cultures together" but you can tell she means.. if you use MY culture!

  80. Pradnya H

    Who TF is even gonna think she would be knocked up lol

  81. Monica Portilla


  82. Izzy Rodriguez

    This is so gross but so entertaining 😂😂 lisa looks like she smells like fuckin onions and cheese

  83. Fash out

    Hilary Clinton's vision for America's future right here

  84. Sophia Berns

    The children are not having a normal childhood

  85. Micky Mouse Cheesehead

    Jordan: has a like 6 ft trophy and goes to a like 6 inch trophy what?😕

  86. Sophia Berns

    Why just why 🤭

  87. Sherrie Alexander

    I would be go to hell if someone told me I had to sell my land or home to anyone after 30 years there and Matt would have to pay me big to get it after 30 years mother of his children and helping with his projects over the 30 years

  88. lili ks

    forget being in a relationship , at least show a little humanity. a hug ? anything ?

  89. Augusta Leblanc

    Did they even try to get the same colour carpet?

  90. Isaiah Perez

    Damn she gave him kisses n shit n he showed no affection💀

  91. Yo Gurl

    She really finds herself funny

  92. whats pappin

    Usman only wants passport

  93. Mo Flame

    Damn she beatifull she is way out his league she look like kenzie rieves

  94. Maii

    Thats why you don't sleep with turtles till you get MARRIED.

  95. IamX Dee

    Why so obsessed about Botox and surgery... Larissa looked different, what she did to her face...

  96. Aurea Luciano

    Visa hungry. He is stupid

  97. Mariah Nieto

    Un poquito? Un pequeño?? Tf she's not Mexican..

  98. Not MyProbleMacklin

    She is soo disrespectful to his culture. Disgusting

  99. Casually Bianca

    Yes, no Rose because you constantly embarrassed her and you LIED to her. Stop acting like a victim. there are two sides of the story here.

  100. lili ks

    this must be the most boring couple in the show wow