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  1. Tom Cooper

    Is that guy the voice of archer and bob from Bob's burgers lol

  2. Calapse Sathir

    I'm curious whats going through the heads of the people who down voted. Not flaming, just ultra curious

  3. M. Ahsan

    I love how Neil is having an existential crisis and Chuck is just enjoying the simulation 😂😂😂

  4. Jonathan Abram


  5. MrInformYou

    Chuck who's taking care of your hair during this shutdown? Whoever he is you're not paying him enough lol.

  6. Ilan Iwumbwe

    I'm a 15 year old trying to find a physics path. I'm extremely fascinated by the ideas presented by the smart people brought on Star Talk. Thanks a lot Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

  7. Big Cone

    Unless you were educated in the US, we learnt this in primary school.. Next!

  8. Safa Enes

    Why do you dislike this? Why?

  9. The Peacemaker

    I got scared because I saw the Thumbnail and I thought it said *"Big Chungus"*

  10. Alex Dundas-Taylor

    “And by the way, I NEVER WASH MY HANDS!” Jokes that haven’t aged well.

  11. zijuiy wttuy

    I’m just saying if I had a biography about me I want Neil to narrate it man has a voice

  12. yew 2oob

    How will America get smart again if everyone is getting autism from the vaccines? 😉

  13. Karine Karapetyan

    Just googled "age of the Earth" and "radioactve dating" and different combinations of those keywords, all the results state the Earth is 4.6/4.543 billion years. Not a single one stating radioactive dating is BS.

  14. Shinoraze

    Why won't you put Brian Greens pic in the video thumbnail? In another of your video you put a random film theorists pic in video thumbnail, but in this one you can't put Brian's... Doesn't make sense!

  15. JakadakeGames

    So.. if a magnetar is the strongest magnet in the universe, and basically just a neutron star, is it possible for things to orbit a magnetar at a distance by which gravity otherwise wouldn't allow?

  16. Rafael Santos

    I wish my teachers would teach me these subjects like this at school. Very informative and fun at the same time! Thank you so much! (From Brazil 😉)

  17. Paul Rice

    I am sorry 😐 really fat animals lurid me away from your video, but I will be back seriously 😳

  18. phileo

    What if the simulation ends when we reach the possibility to make indistinguishable simulations, due to limited processing power? The end is nigh! :D

  19. Paul Rice

    Neil just send me a Tesla if I am your one million subscriber

  20. DoraTheNinja

    Ahh so we are living in that one rick and morty episode

  21. कुमार लव

    Tree (3)

  22. madestmadhatter

    Interesting note, when I was like five I was curious about whether or not you would hover before a fall, so I thought I'd test it out, luckily I figured it didn't mater how high up off the ground you were so I just ran off of a chair I often jumped off of for fun at the time, and while I only did it like 10 times and haven't tested it again since, five year old me confirmed that there is a brief moment when you appear to hover before you fall when running off an elevated surface, not as long as Wile E. Coyote would, but enough that you can figure that's where the cartoon artist or possible original slapstick comedians got the idea, it's probably more like a slight arc than an actual hover, as you lose your forward momentum and gravity takes over, but it was enough for five year old me.

    1. zijuiy wttuy

      Never watch rick and morty but I had to watch to see these intellectuals have a conversation.


    What a lovely lady? Niel seems you have a lot to thank her for?

  24. ThanhNgang

    The problem when you are faster than light is that you only see darkness.

  25. zadudet1

    If the aliens were living underground all this time then they wouldn't have any such immunity. We killed native Americans with smallpox, something that Europeans could often survive.

  26. BackToPray


  27. jesrael barraca

    Didnt know I needed this. 💜💜💜 #PandemicTimes #StayHome #COVID19 #May262020

  28. Quinn Sbrega

    Why is Niel an android

  29. Konfushus Jones

    Just here for the comments. Not going to bother watching the video.

  30. roxas cruz

    THANK YOU!!!

  31. MikolajF

    I can't say why but Chuck irritate me so much... Nothing personal. His jokes are so bad for me. I love to listen to Neil so this is hard :D

  32. Caerie Houchins

    You are assuming sequential nesting and not taking into account parallel simulations.

  33. Draagedeh

    Holy sh*t I just got an ad with Neil in it...

  34. Vegeta Is King


  35. SuperGGLOL

    The host is cringe. This should only be neil

  36. The Creoledoll88

    "For measles which is the most contagious human pathogen there is........." Then: Covid-19 👀

  37. UhTriHawrd

    Y'know I've always been thinking... what if I'm the one in the simulation, but everyone else is just side characters... if you read this, you may think of me as a side character in your simulation. I think of anyone who views this as the side character. I haven't any idea how to explain my thoughts but yeah. I'm weird...

  38. Kelsey Kjarsgaard


  39. Maor Zion

    How exactly is free speech the problem