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  1. Schizophrenic Enthusiast

    That did not take 10-15 minutes to read.

  2. Ard-Jan van Etten

    "Do you have a bf" "Yes" "Now you have two"

  3. the GOAT

    4:20 kinda true ngl

  4. Inu Yasha

    Live in pods Eat bugs Drink soylent green

  5. Ismail Faalih

    Why is no one talking about Jupiter? 😂😂

  6. H. Dillow Jonathan

    "Pretty expensive," Laughs in Europe What I've learned from you is that unexpected jokes are the best jokes

  7. Samuel Bartík

    yOu DoN't WrItE dEgReE sYmBoL wItH KeLvInS!

  8. Unknown

    Like this to get out of friend zone

  9. Adwans

    Theres no unhealthy food You can just eat too much of it or too less

  10. Ro Atre

    A cyclist would never go for a ride because it makes their legs bigger and big legs aren’t aero

  11. PnP dynamic

    The hardest part of breaking into comedy was thinking that me as a person wasnt funny. I was my own worst enemy. People would say that I was funny all the time, I just didnt really see it. My first performance I was scared TO DEATH that noone would laugh at my jokes. Instead, the place DIED with laughter. Every single joke hit the mark. After that performance I went outside and cried for about 15 minutes. I did it, and proved something to myself. Make some quality material and DO IT.

  12. PnP dynamic

    My jokes usually come to me on a whim. I will be listening to a topic then my mind will usually land on something comical about it. I stop what I'm doing write down the premise of the joke then stash it away. I'll then take some time to go home and expand it. A single joke has taken me anywhere from a day to months to get it just right and even then often times I stumble upon things and add it to the joke.

  13. Beckham Scott

    What about ASL? I know how to sign and I want to know how hard it is.

  14. Caiyde

    The minesweeper thing is a remarkably apt metaphor

  15. Hatwox

    The vid keeps buffering....

  16. Joe Norman

    As soon as you made the Canadian joke I hit "like."

  17. GRemlinOnion

    Damn NOsel starts recommending me this shit

  18. Goos

    I used to think that tipping is only for rounding the bill

  19. Pumpy

    "Anything you want!" idk wut to put here

  20. a 14

    Can anybody tell me which planet is the closest to Sun? (It's a trick question.)

  21. LL Madara

    I have actually studied during test before it is very enlightening

  22. Apodis

    I'm English, and I never understood why people said it was difficult to learn. Surely one of the most popular languages in the world can't be that hard.

  23. acidtooth

    quality leather goods. jacket, belt, wallet, and boots. don't be a cheap bastard. a nice watch, 2 pairs of levis, and a half dozen black t-shirts and you are FKn golden bruh.

  24. rory armstrong

    does anyone know where i can find the sources?

  25. acidtooth

    just dress like you run a paramilitary militia. people will most likely understand.

  26. Schmeagol


  27. acidtooth

    WTF BRUH!?!? you left out all of us GEN X'ers... just like the rest of history

    1. acidtooth

      and... i pretty much just want weed.

  28. No Signal

    You are so wrong about Australian English, we don't all sound like that. Picture cockney accent in England, Hillbilly accent in America and what we call a Bogan accent in Australia. You are such a narrowminded pig.

  29. No Signal

    English is the dominant global language, why would English speaking peoples require to learn a second language for simply visiting a different country? You sir are a douchebag, and this is coming from an academic viewpoint not a common internet troll. Around 2 billion people speak the English language currently and it is a rising figure.

  30. Evelina Potter

    Expensive education. - laughs in Danish "Pretty expensive," Laughs in Europe

  31. Don Jorgensen

    I'm not gonna lie I jumped a little when I saw the "gender neutral" name. this channel is the father i never had "Pretty expensive," Laughs in Europe

  32. Nomekop 777

    Has anyone hacked this client yet? Is there a .exe file anywhere?

  33. William Jordan

    Hey, host dude, it's to work out or to get a workout. Verbal vs noun.

  34. Matteo Rawlings

    Only in France everything that isnt sexual is sexual but when something is sexual it isnt

  35. hl6306

    TIP culture just made me a better cook over the years. One less eat out guy and his family for sure. Nice deed trying to grow restaurant business/industry.

  36. Emeric Vautier

    so 10% of the video is about selling your stuff in the end ?

  37. Austy

    This video made me feel things I don't understand but I knew I had to subscribe lol

  38. Your Mom

    As a runner, bikers are my worst enemies (most of the time)

  39. Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

    In short, Reddit is what you get after disintegrating the Tower of Babel.

  40. Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

    Wow! I really knew Reddit before I watched this video. It is only now that I'm officially confused.

  41. Lynn Yi

    Hi INFPs

  42. Grace Qu


  43. Beige

    2:35 Nota Bene, you have fine taste...

  44. BrashFoil7

    The developers have to fix the glitch where you bang your elbow on something and your entire arm just breaks.

  45. Mauroghen

    So why do they count carbon footprint for electric stuff? Where I live we run 98% on hydroelectricity (QC) so its not like it costs coal or shit energy to run, unless Ive yet to be told wtf carbon footprint is properly

  46. Kelsey Rose Beeckman

    Can you do a video on magicians?

  47. justin trudeau

    Damn I made too many mistakes,,,Where is the restart button??!!

  48. Unlawful P-P Head

    Anyone else thinks stand-up comedy is stupid

  49. Daniel Amusan

    Corona virus OP please nerf, ruining the meta.

  50. Garrett Link

    What's the most complicated thing you do in your kitchen?? Filming pornography

  51. Anony Myus

    Hate how youtube mobile doesn't let you read the thumbnails.

  52. DF Gamer

    Instagram memes are all just Reddit memes

  53. Rivo Rox

    So when I spawned another one of me spawned with the 2 other users so we always level up at the same time and we look the same is this a bug?

  54. Byron Taaka

    3:58 I'm Watching from Kenya

  55. JAY R0


  56. Byron Taaka

    3:51 - "And wondering how long it would take for someone to notice, if You didn't wake-up" 🤣🤣 this clouds my thoughts so often.

  57. Admiral Gremlin

    Can you casually explain this please

  58. ligueardent

    I geniunely bursted out laughing at the ford fiesta joke hahahaha

  59. InfinitySax

    Casually explained please do music genres :D

  60. Viktor_the_A

    2:43 probably the loudest I have laughed at a youtube video for years

  61. fghsgh

    I wonder, if I wear the Can't Tell merch shirt, will that cause girls to be more understanding?

  62. Jonathan Bickerton

    Was that a picture of the empress? Thats where I live. Let’s go for a beer.

  63. NEOimprovises

    Ahh I'm just stuck on lvl 14

  64. The Very Best of Alex

    Never have I seen a more fitting description of a Website.

  65. Dale

    the map at 1:04 makes it looks like the US and Canada give off all the CO2 but what about China and India?? lol ok

  66. Herman Pieters

    Love all your videos, keep making more.

  67. logic lol

    Im german and the hardest word in english language is suggestion. I hate this word.

  68. World Nature Video

    Awesome explanation regarding cycling. Amazing video. Great job.

  69. Morgan Dixon

    I started shooting up meth at 18

  70. No Name

    Reddit is a social media that hates social media

  71. Dhugon

    Anything sponsored by BMG pukes on trustworthyness.

  72. Im Shady Dave

    "And some players just want weed" 😂

  73. Mint Ogre Load

    I only tip at restaurants IF they get my drink within 2 minutes of sitting down and having a waiter take your order for drinks


    Random person : "Hello" Me: *How ?*

  75. Cosmic Owl

    I know America does it different but think of it this way. Your bill is paying for the food and the tip is paying for your service. Your honestly such a greedy person if you can’t put down and extra 10 dollars on a bill. If your service was shit then don’t tip because you didn’t get what the tip is asking you to pay for. On top of that, I’m a bartender and I don’t make any money on my paycheck even tho I work overtime every week. The money I get from tips is the only thing keeping me alive

  76. Ahmed Said

    Is he drunk or something in this video? He is slurring

  77. 122 mm BR-471B Stalinium projectile

    0:45 laughing in Hungarian.

  78. Rose Bubbles

    ... I thought you meant red signal flags

  79. Laura Anne

    I’ve never wanted to see someone’s face so badly!

  80. mascar1lha

    Any noob-friendly guild recruiting?

  81. rawriorr bro

    This one was wayyyy too good and accurate

  82. jaguar warrior

    Im at the far bottom

  83. No name

    wow Assembly casually inserted lol

  84. The 9th Doctor

    10 seconds into the video, i realized that this is why i will remain single (at least until I stop playing video games for >25% of my time Including sleep)

  85. Giovanni Tang

    Nexus 5 squad!

  86. Maxim Chau

    God that last joke was amazing

  87. indyjons321

    Drunk Lego

  88. Turtlely Normal

    Haha, I run my sick gaming computer on hydro power.

  89. 1999 Toyota Corolla

    I’m procrastinating a 6 page research paper that I haven’t started yet due in 12 hours. Wish me luck

  90. Beige

    Forgot you're from vic, see you on the road!

  91. Maharshi K Desai

    haha *jiggle*

  92. Sabrina1516

    Nothing like a reminder of our impending doom before bed

  93. After The Summer

    hard intro. rap god. yo back

  94. Elyzzabeth

    God damnit 🤣 it is phenomenal how scathing this man's humor is.

  95. Jason Stuart

    Don't wanna be the fun guy at parties or anything, but you didn't mention anything about meat production.... Which is up there with oil and gas as a carbon footprint..

  96. Sustain Poison

    *Aha! Something I can use!*

  97. Cody Plays VR

    Didn't see anyone else mention the three penises and two sperm at the begining... Look closely.

  98. Caleb Hoffman

    This is fuckin gold

  99. Joe Norman

    Ahhhhhh how frustrating is this language?!!!

  100. mem reflect

    Cynical advice > real advice Thank you for existing on NOsel. Your videos are