Red Letter Media is responsible for the 70 minute Phantom Menace review as well as Space Cop, Half in the Bag, and Best of the Worst. Full time frauds.

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  1. Lee Croft

    19:56 I don’t remember that character in the movie ??? Probably one of those blink and it’s gone background characters, either way I don’t remember seeing it.

  2. Kafkatrap

    When are you guys going to talk about Devs?

  3. Dino S. Dominic

    Can we have a Tommy Viseau - Neil Breen crossover event? It's gonna be Avengers 2.0.

  4. Geovanny Vazquez

    Rawhead Rex was better than this.

  5. LastHazzerd

    this video felt like it was posted years ago, it's only been 9 months? 2020 has been a damn trip...

  6. Jamie Pritchard

    Shit wasn't it...

  7. YassoKuhl

    Just started this vid and already know, that this is the best time I'm ever gonna have with that show!

  8. Dino S. Dominic

    Architect?! Is there a building he made, we can go and watch topple over?

  9. Magma Hot Designs

    Jay looks like he’s fighting in Vietnam, Mike looks like he just came back from Vietnam

  10. Daniel Lännström

    How many pro feature films have Mike made? A lot less than 5 that's for sure.

  11. Brogan Brainstorm

    43:34 oscar moment

  12. Magma Hot Designs

    Rich looks like a morbidly obese Ben Shapiro

  13. agusmcbagus

    Neil gets things done, somehow...

  14. Some Dude

    Lmao Love the ending

  15. Andrew Snook

    53:48 - awesome

  16. ColonelBolognaJr97

    Is that a Freddie Freaker shirt I spy?

  17. Ean James Elmore

    Mike is starting to look like the bassist from daughters

  18. Derpin Poison

    narrator totally goes out of voice character at 1:21:21 😣

  19. Christian Cordeus

    Where the heck did the RLM guys get a Freddy freaker T-shirt!? Are they fans of OneyPlays?

  20. RoachDoggJR

    Man, Mr. Plinkett's house looks somewhat stable from the outside but it sure takes a hit like a cheep youtube video production set.

  21. TheBenwardy

    We THE internet don't deserve Red Letter Media

  22. secretservice12345

    This review alone possesses more intellectual and emotional depth than all of star trek Picard.

  23. Aspiring Marauder

    Wow. That was the worst opening skit you boys have ever done.

  24. Byron Dunbar

    Where was the Watchman when Jeffrey Dahmer was doing his thing?

  25. Ophion83

    Remember that TNG episode where they discovered the warp engines were damaging space and it was going to require all ships to refit or it would eventually make interstellar travel impossible? Well, maybe this ship has engines that were never refit as it disappeared before this occurred and there is some undiscovered spacial disturbance that makes the new ships engines explode or inoperable beyond repair. This results in their salvage mission ship braking in the first place and the crew is then required to abandon their ship for the salvaged galaxy class. The galaxies engines are damaged by the anomaly but with the chief designer and the chief engineer of the Enterprise on board they are able to fix them and counter the anomalies effects. Then you can have an emergency where you need to get a message or an envoy to a certain place by a certain time to prevent disaster but all the modern ships are cut off and our rag tag crew of misfits are tasked with taking the old ship, once repaired on a mission only they can perform.

  26. Mr.Tai Wan

    Looking at reviews, from what looks like to be real people, those folks love the recent movies. Since..they're just action films at this point.

  27. AnnX

    I did not expect that many tattoos 😳

  28. eomsten

    Mike looks more like James Doohan in “Through Dead Eyes” every day. It must be a cosplay he’s putting a lot of effort into...

  29. Marin Sedmak

    Well from now I'm living for the day the Redlettermedia produced Neil Breen movie comes out.

  30. Surfroof

    Jay (dead inside): get used to that living room.

  31. Romantic Outlaw

    Neil Breen lives in a slightly different but interconnected universe to ours. What I wouldn’t give to spend a day looking at the world through his eyes

  32. Jinn Indo

    Do people here notice how kurtzman, chabon, goldman, and even abrams all kind of look the same, talk the same, and make the same stuff?

  33. Blake Riley


  34. D M

    why don't you guys just make a film WITH Neil Breen. It would be absolutely hilarious.

  35. Steve B

    I read that in an article!

  36. PagerNinerTwelve

    rocking is a self soothing mechanism. some aspies do it when they're overwhelmed.

  37. Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus

    6 years later I STILL WANT A PIZZA ROLL ;p

  38. Chris Davies

    Give yourself some drugs if you made it all the way through: YOU NEED SOME BY NOW!

  39. KinoQuint

    They actually seem to be having fun and I'm loving it.

  40. iammagicmike

    Any guesses what show Mike mentioned was spoiled for him at the beginning of the episode?

  41. ESV _

    In hindsight, considering the pandemic and the people who feel their “freedom” is being taken away cause of a mask!!! Them taking off the helmets does not seem even close to stupid. And Prometheus went through a lot of edits that took a lot of stuff out. The reason we got so many stupid crew members is because Vickers was trying to sabotage her fathers quest cause of hatred towards him. So I think Prometheus could’ve been a much better film. I love Prometheus. I know it isn’t perfect but I had a great time and was looking forward to the lore. Too bad they dropped it. Also, I cared to know where they came from. I think it’s an awesome idea to link humanity to the creation of the xenomorphs.

  42. deviouswhales

    I think Jay's gonna have to prepare himself for endless comments about how sexy quarantine has made him. Because it has.

  43. AreaFortyTwo

    I wonder what ethnicity Goldsman, Chabon, Beyer and Kurtzman are

  44. bobby mckee

    Freddy Freaker Hi Oney

  45. Bobby C

    Worst origin story in history.....

  46. FlowCannon

    Great point about the self-awareness with Neil Breen and the potential for mystique to disappear. I think this happened in a terrible way with Birdemic; once James Nguyen was "in on the joke," the magic was gone in the sequel.

  47. jortron3030


  48. Sr. Sacaninha

    4:20 made me spit out my lunch, thanks.


    I tried that email....its FAKE!

  50. Truck Drivin' Billy

    51:53 Wow.... Props to y'all for having coconuts to make that joke

  51. KevinWR

    The "no more books" part nearly killed me. That sly smile was the icing on the cake

  52. Hopefully PG

    "There are people on youtube who makes videos on this movie every day..." Surprisingly, this was the first time Robert Storms made a cameo appearance an Half in the Bag, before his starring role in the Parasite review

  53. Drew Honestly

    Masks just show you how bad your breath stinks

  54. BagelmanOfDeath

    Mike looks like a fat Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. Same sweat hair and beard.

  55. PeterMcPepp

    Can we pls have the next Neil Breen Film sponsored by NordVPN, Skillshare and Raid Shadow Legends?

  56. Jock Allen

    14:30 “No more books. No more books! NO MORE BOOKS!” *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  57. F H

    When did you guys get a recording of me and my wife arguing??

  58. Jakob Baker


  59. Chadwick

    I see the boys have dialed 1-900-490-FREAK

  60. Bub Zilla

    I can only make it through the Rifftrax version of Battlefield Earth 🤣🤣

  61. Wash_Your_Fruits

    cost 4$ to rent Rawhead Rex on NOsel.

  62. Slendercat

    Freddy Freaker T-Shirt Freddy Freaker T-Shirt Freddy Freaker T-Shirt Freddy Freaker T-Shirt

  63. Zack Bogucki

    Took me til 39:08 to realize this ep's wonky audio was a bit.

  64. enemies_within

    Need some Plinket Rise of Skywalker in my life

  65. ZSpark14 Games N’ Quips

    They were prepped to start making fun of the vodka, but it was too good. And it really is, it's mine and my wife's favorite vodka.

  66. Lou C

    Truly an man that reminds all of us that, no matter your skills, you can do anything if you really want to.

  67. aeopmusic

    “It’s very easy to trick stupid emotional people” ~Plinket “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” ~ Hitler Mr. Plinket and Hitler are both right in that it works, but NOT that it’s right.

  68. Bryan Chu


  69. truffleshuffl

    I think Mike may be asking a bit much of a Thor movie lmao.

  70. AH M

    Some More News gave you guys a shoutout in their Quibi episide. If you 2 channels made some content together I could die happy.

  71. Gan Khef

    That trash-off was perfection.

  72. John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

    I hear Ghostbusters 2016 is being used at Club Gitmo on fundamentalist Islamic jihadis. They're spilling the beans left and right, just to get out of watching it.

  73. Aaron

    Peak Neil Breen is talking about when he'd find time to film while working as an architect, realizing he'd left out one bit that he believed it added to his cred, and then dubbing it in because he's that bitch.

  74. TheNightmare JCK

    As a German I can only say one thing THE MOVIE WAS TOTALLY CALLED LIKE THAT!!!!

  75. JM NYC

    Mike now looks like what Mr. Plinkett sounds like.

  76. KBA KBA

    EnGAYge the gay gauge.

  77. YEY VIDS

    Can anyone give me a link to the videos that are being parodied here? I'm really curious

  78. J P

    1:11:35 - "Space turns out to be super-boring. Go figure." In TNG/DS9/VOY, 24th-century humans spoken in a refined, evolved manner. Why, a generation later, are they suddenly talking like trendy 21st-century children?

  79. Chubby Cheddar

    This reveiw is "so uncivilized"

  80. Todd Silagi

    Mike in 2020: The Disney Empire has fallen. Mike in 2002: The Lucasfilm Empire has fallen.

  81. Daniel White

    In the short story, he is pissing on him.

  82. Daniel Greenwood

    They are gonna be so disappointed at the actual critters 5 that went straight to DVD.

  83. QuaidleVision

    Anybody know where to watch B movies?

  84. Shiggydig Dugdigerrino

    Dredd was great, as well as The Raid. Looper was meh for me

  85. DarkMatter280

    Is it just me or do those mannequins look like a young Macaulay Culkin?

  86. Matthew Cassini

    I love Neil. He’s a fucking Breenius

  87. Danny Eric Benavidez

    I hate the Canadian with the beard and awful botton colored shirts, he always just smirks at everything like he wants to laugh, but Never really does...Wtf is wrong with him? Does he have Fucked up teeth? Is he disturbed? Or was he molested as a child? Or is he just being a dick like i think he is.

  88. Zachary Eversole

    And 2020 only went uphill from there.

  89. Jim Self

    To all future peoples: the opening perfectly captures the insanity of trying to figure out what's true about COVID-19 in 2020.

  90. ZSpark14 Games N’ Quips

    They wanted baby yoda to heal the emperor quicker.

  91. Giantwaspface

    Mike is starting to look like homeless Oliver Hardy.

  92. Jason Hopkins

    I'm not gonna lie. I, too, have read a lot of articles. Like a metric fuck-ton of articles. HERD MUTINY! \m/

  93. Michael Susick

    What a bunch of hack frauds! Ripping off Game of Thrones for their Humpty Dumpty remake... disgusting

  94. Hot Piece Of Kek

    I like how one of Jay's "friends" has a fready freaker T-shirt from OneyPlays

  95. Shanks D. Chocobo

    I'm convinced he's an alien. lol

  96. Paul tar

    You're my favorite customer

  97. Leftovers from the Fridge

    Who's the small and hairy hobbit talking to Mike?

  98. Sewer Tapes

    I love Rawhead Rex. The only way it could be improved is by George Lucasing over Rawhead Rex with a digital Rich Evans.

  99. KING SLENDER 2.0

    I remember lending someone Raw Head years ago like 2007 ? Never got it back, he either loved it so much or he was horrified he threw it out ? For me ? A top B movie not as great as Killer Klowns but better then Neon Maniacs , you guys ever see that 80”s flick about a group of mutants who have their own trading cards that terrorized San Fran parks and they on,y die when water hits them ?

  100. Tim A

    I have read that Joey B has a foolproof way to beat Trump. By selecting him as his VP. And the movie is ok. If your bored and drunk/ high and your girlfriend has a headache