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  1. play station

    I have been misled by so many people commenting on these CNBC videos that market will crash more and all these strategists are fooling us to buy stocks. Damn so many people proved soo damn wrong. Horrible

  2. afr1canm0nkey

    Why was the wall not made of concrete and rebar as promised? Why did Mexico not pay for the wall? Why were the cartels not designated as terrorists? Why was Soleimani killed, if we were justified in killing him THEN why did Iran bombard 2 of our air and drone bases in Iraq with no retaliation? UNLESS we were in the wrong in killing Soleimani. Is bleach really safe to consume/inject? What study proves Hydrochloroquinne's effectiveness? Why did we allow Jerusalem to fall under Israel's rule when we know it would anger all Arab nations? Why do we not speak out against Israel's current plan to annex the West Bank effectively squashing giving Palestine the right to become its own soverign state/nation? Why did we pull out of JCPOA and now demand Iran to do things we are asking it to do when we stepped out of an agreement. Why are we stopping Iran and Venezuela from trading with each other when they are two soverign nations with every right to trade with one other. Why do we not speak on m basic human rights violations carried out by our closest ally - Saudi Arabia? Why did we decorate a butcher and war criminal - Gallagher? There are picture proofs showing he killed innocent Muslim children and planted guns on them to justify their killings. He went so far as to cut off their fingers and make necklaces out of them? We not only allowed this but made him a war hero which basically greenlighted his activities. Why did Israel plant spy devices on cellphone towers around our capital to listen into priviledged conversations carried out by our highest ranking officials and they were NOT CALLED OUT on it and worse still this news was belittled and brushed under the rug. Imagine if Russia, China or Iran planted spy hardware and were listening in to our administrations phone calls - it would be cause for WW3 or at the very least the highest of sanctions. If we did not back this Jordan Gordeau who carried out a supposed illegal operation in a soverign nation - why is he not in custody facing trial? Since he obviously carried this out all on his own. PLEASE ASK DONALD J MFKING BRAIN DEAD TRUMP these questions. Signed - From Americans Demanding Answers.

  3. JCst

    Fauci and WHO are compromised.

  4. Arhtur Fleck

    All biological vaccine development companies: "Our stock is dropping.....tell them we are close on a vaccine!"


    I love watching the FAKE NEWS MEDIA having a meltdown 😂

  6. JCst

    Saudi and WHO are compromised

  7. MsRESPECT90

    Not surprised at all

  8. Julio Cesar Cruz Puebla

    President Trump doesnt know what he does.

  9. jamesthekingsmith566 TOday

    More will die if jobs reopen.

  10. Oktober Fest

    I would happily pay the extra $180 tax per year if that makes a much fairer economic system. Neo liberal corporatist CNBC anchors never miss an opportunity to beat down policies that help the middle class. Socialism for the rich with tax cuts and bailouts but down to the bone capitalism for the average worker. Enough is enough!

  11. billy q

    Merck is the best.

  12. John Smith

    The 30+ million jobless will get new jobs as temperature checkers and contact tracers.

  13. nakyiia wizdom

    Washington Rats.

  14. ferp420

    cuomo the killer clown tells lies

  15. Sean Kim

    Everybody needs the excuses for stock market rally. It is not vaccine nor reopening but Fed liquidity.


    Markets are way over priced. What happens when this virus explodes again. Vaccine in less than a year is a fantasy. Just cannot believe how naive people are. Big players are out of market. Maybe swing trade, but sell positions and do not hold overnight. My opinion

  17. onethreefiveeye

    Damn, she got something....

  18. Jeff V

    Mr. El-Erian frustrates many of those who listen to him because he doesn't tell traders exactly what the markets will do..... DUH, no honest person knows with certainty how markets will perform. However, to the more-informed viewers, he provides in-depth information regarding key indicators that WILL help traders gain an edge. Those who cannot appreciate El-Erian's perspectives have only themselves to blame.

  19. Melissa McCleary

    DOJ is compromised and it shows the corruption of our gouvernment. It's time to seriously think about not paying federal taxes until we have full reform over broken antiquated system.

  20. yakyakyak69

    More proof, the DC Swamp won't drain itself... EVER! (Only a hated outsider would ever drain the swamp.)

  21. Ross Stone

    #Trump2020 Love how this guy slays the fake news

  22. LMIMSsoi

    Stop with the vaccine B.S every day. How do you rum dumbs keep buying into the same B.S. A vaccine may be available in 12+ monhts. Thats the best you can hope for.

  23. Laura Mendoza

    The Media IS the Virus...and Cuomo is a murderer!!!

  24. Bobby

    I love Disney theme parks too but to risk our children’s life for a moment of entertainment is a total idiot decision. If you want to go through a painful experience then fine however do not drag your innocent kids along. You are the adult so please make better judgment

  25. Eddie weyhrauch

    Sell now.

  26. pbdb777

    more nonsense from the turd

  27. player Uno

    Small business can survive because most of them has enough to weather the storm for couple of years. The one who will suffer are low wage workers. The FED (Government need to start skill labor programs) needs to allow manufacturing and start building stuff in America to employee more workers. Forget small business. They reason we are working there is because US don't have more factories like china. If they did and paying better than we will work there.

  28. Ashraf Wadiwala

    We might get "good news" continuously until the coming Nov elections. The reason is obvious, Fed would keep printing new money supply to the financial markets to hold the stocks prices up.

  29. Lotusmeadow

    He’s cooking up a vaccine that has nano fibers that goes through a freakin needle which genetically modifies your DNA. www.google.com/amp/s/www.geekwire.com/2020/bill-gates-thinks-gene-editing-artificial-intelligence-save-world/amp/

  30. SuperMAN Prime

    Get over it. I said at the time they would be exonerated. They had no info that Joe Public didn't have access to.

  31. Loralye2


  32. Chitter & Chadder

    Two tier unjust system sucks

  33. S Cor

    No words. He must be gone in January. He’s so dangerous. He’s so unhinged. And he’s such a liar.

    1. Max Strong

      I'm Joe Biden and that's a bunch of Marlarkey!!! 😂😂😂

  34. Mateo Hernandez

    Karen Georgina Swisher

  35. Kayak161

    Leadership? Would not follow his lead into a convalescent home if I were a senior in New York State.

  36. Jordan Wayne

    I can't find a single company thats on sale rn. What are they seeing? LOL

  37. Santana Binacci


  38. hugh allen

    Trunk the racist narcissist is problematic. The far greater problem is that so many Americans think so highly of him. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with a society that values lying, blaming, chaos, international weakness, and a government that is killing them through inaction! Unbelievable.

    1. Arhtur Fleck

      You just described the entire Clinton and Obama eras... Nice job.

  39. Lisa S

    With Barr at the helms of the DOJ expect nothing but corruption.

  40. quinnjim

    He really blew it. Worst response in the country...maybe the world.

  41. Arhtur Fleck

    There will be no vaccine for you before summer 2021.....if ever. There will likely be something for them to inject you with....rushed, untested, undetermined...and probably more dangerous than the virus itself. But, rest assured; someone will get rich, and it will kick the economic can down the road just a while longer.

  42. shethinksliberty

    Any nitwit could see where this f*%kwit government "policy" would lead. Well, maybe not. I guess it takes a genius to see the obvious nowadays.

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  44. z man

    Cuomo you murdered hundreds of innocent people period.


    He has been Bearish for 3 months saying the bottom is yet to come .

  46. Chris Lajambe

    Trashing Trump at the end of the day and I notice the 500 point gain ha! Let me guess, you bet on china. F#@!

  47. gene tinney

    As usual. Tell me what happened and I will tell you why.

  48. Jess Yates

    Anything can happen when money is the driver of the end game. If Mohamed is positive about the situation then you better start buying into the market because he was pretty stand offish when this started. If Mohamed is in I am in!

  49. pjm

    draining the swamp, I see

  50. Lenny Taylor

    Im a dem and I love the way Kayleigh maintains her composure and professionalism and doesn't become emotional with difficult questions from media., too bad the rest of the administration lacks that. I hope she doesn't regret taking this job in the future. Making sense of the most hated POTUS in american history.

  51. M Mercato

    He was bearish the last weeks.... ☺

    1. Art Jenssen

      i listened, stayed on the sidelines and lost all that juicy gain that all the bulls made...


      He has been Bearish for 3 months saying the bottom is yet to come

  52. Hoc Est Pseudonym

    Oh, of course they are... Feinstein has to walk so throw a couple republicans in and hope no one complains too much.

  53. Bob Bear

    Apparently another Barr favorite!!!! Wonder what Loeffler did for him...he he he

    1. Bolaji Shorunke

      Her husband donated a million dollars to Trump’s campaign.

  54. Ricardo Ibanez


  55. Kimberly Moyer

    Loeffler, gave the Trump campaign a million dollars.

  56. Greg Exelby

    Op's a mistake, only 139 old people before my brain kicked on !!!!!!!! vote for me next time better haha !!!

  57. Captain Smirk

    TLDR: Remember that everything is rich people's fault and nothing will get better again unless you give up all freedom of choice to government - because we've done so well already.

  58. Johnathan Miller

    Well of course they are closing it . Because they broke NO law .

  59. Max Clarke

    Hard to believe a vaccine will be tested/approved/distributed within a year. Does the stock market have the patience before it creeps back down?

  60. Prisoner Zero

    Since the 1990's, Comrade Diane Feinstein is second only to Hillary as the most corrupt person in Washington DC.

  61. Trains,Transformers&PATRIOTSFan1236

    Ah yes. Justice is a illusion for the ultra wealthy. A hollow threat that can be covered by bribes retaliatory threats and lawyers. Remind me why these guys are in power again? Cause it certainly isnt for our interests.

  62. Michael Frederick

    This woman has swallowed the koolaid She is so brain washed.. wear's your mask Kayleigh?? idiot.

  63. W M

    This bozo probably makes more money talking on CNBC than actually investing in the market. Don't trust home.

  64. Bad Cattitude

    I don't see insider trading here. It's just smart investment. It doesn't take a genius to realize that the coronavirus would have an effect on the market, or what those effects might be

  65. Richard Alevizos

    It's shorts borrowing to sell. Remember the old adage? Sell in May and go away...? Yeah. What it really meant was, "short sell" in May, and go away. If you buy into this market you are turning yourself into a coronavirus zombie bagholder.

  66. Stefan Isaac

    Be stupid in person not on the internet

  67. Leevester the Molester

    How about Tilman sells to rockets to pay his rent.

  68. Christi Rose

    Cover their own

  69. William Baker

    Who's the anchor? She's cute as hell. "Kayla Tausche"

  70. dkul

    He said he is going to BE Joe Biden, "beat" doesn't make sense in the context of the question and rest of the answer: 9:34

  71. Robert Hedrick

    Smart people aren't going out until there is a verified vaccine. No movies, no restaurants, no concerts. Less everything else.

  72. hugh allen

    Trunk the racist narcissist is problematic. The far greater problem is that so many Americans seem to think so highly of him. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with our society.

  73. Felix Hyuga

    Man I just needs these basketball rims to come back please

  74. Samsun O.O

    Martha Stewart wasn’t let off

    1. FuckThisSiteNow

      Martha Stewart didn't even do anything unlawful. I believe she was charged with conspiracy.


    Why dont you have Peter Schiff on anymore? I like a variety of opinions! Maybe Mike Maloney or Chris Martenson too.

  76. jeremy marshall

    Well, it's only medicaid part d

  77. mark Heneghan

    Crooks Elites

  78. Charlie Flask

    Trump should be quarantined in guentomino bay..for a very long time.

  79. WeldHog

    yeah right. Just lost my job today as company went bust and almost all my neighbours are either out of work or as a business owners they see no pint in re-opening as there will be no profit. Jst now we're barely scratching the surface of depression. Around July/August we're gonna feel the force of proper depression.

  80. Sir Malmsten


  81. Shuo

    Buy the dips and sell the rips

  82. Brandon Boyer

    Listen!! Here in America there is no justice,nor freedom.. Put your morals aside and take everything you can,even if it means stomping on anyone.. GET YOURS!

  83. Carl King

    Just want to respectfully put this out there....We who are hard-of-hearing left out of an important message. We need words along with the visuals....otherwise, we are left to assume from what we see. Maddening. (And we are not deaf and do not use sign language anymore than we use a wheelchair to accommodate our hard-of-hearing needs.)....Congrats to the winner though.

  84. Dan Meddaugh

    Never answers question. Diverts attention to his talking points.

  85. Sports Nut

    Short this market heavy

  86. Jeffrey Smith

    The costs are never too high when it's time for the next war.

  87. Cathy C

    google send me my route report monthly

  88. T cnBrooklyn

    Straight bs yo

  89. Pete Luciu

    Welcome to America.

    1. 0UU RS

      People get sued and jailed enough. It's good to have a little bit of freedom. This isn't nazi camp...

  90. Ginger Carr

    The President will never stop tweeting about anything no matter if it hurts someone. That was a stupid question for that reporter to ask when he should know how Trump is.

  91. James Harris

    As cattle, we have been donating our actual blood to be available to THEM first and now THEY are banking our PLASMA for THEM. So don't be shocked that THEY getaway with this kind of stuff...... Make a few calls to try and verify alleged blood shortages...... Exactly,,,,,,, I have kept my sweet O Blood to myself in Protest.

    1. Trains,Transformers&PATRIOTSFan1236

      I dont like needles so ive never dine one of those fundraisers either.

  92. 10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune

    Maybe if Hospitals would stop being greedy with the money they are getting per case and labeling everyone with a sniffle a COVID, we would have the real numbers. There is a lot of fraud going on by hospitals........and when patients die so does the evidence to prove it. Maybe if tests were 100% fool proof, we would know just how dangerous this is. 35% fail rate is NOTHING to look at as being facts.

  93. William LMC

    I was out today in Queen NYC, 40% of people were NOT wearing masks including myself. In Europe, there are no mandatory mask-wearing laws and infection rates have been on the decline for weeks. Same goes for large portions of America. This mask-wearing thing has become a little cult among Cuomo-loving, liberal New Yorkers. Yeah I'm ok with wearing one going into the store for 10 minutes but not in the open air and outdoors or exercising. That's just dumb.

  94. Sam Cho

    Disagree on Luckin. It's at $2, your downside is far less than your upside at this point. If they don't get de-listed and get a chance to recover, the stock will pop and you'll make potentially 2x, 3x, 4x. If they don't? You lose $2/share. boo hoo....

  95. Iesha w

    lol Yes Okay Mr Rogers is back with it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

  96. Jon Adams

    I bet some strings were pulled to make that happen

  97. Pam Schobelock

    Of course they are. The criminals will keep their illegally gained money, and the whole thing will be conveniently swept under the rug. Corrupt politicians.....SMH.

  98. Timothy Kramer

    I think he is a big joke go to bed sleepy Joe I need to keep my job and not be in China..

  99. billy q

    Trump must stay away from Cuomo problems with his nursing home deaths.

  100. santos salazar

    He's not a doctor he's a murderer look at it history