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  1. Silent Gamer

    deji reminds me of JME at first he has no flow what so ever but maybe in the future he will be decent

  2. Aaron Newman

    Didn’t you guys find each other on tinder

  3. Lord Sundae


  4. Flame

    2017 coming back Deji



  6. Tom Hart

    It's alright telling everyone your hard, and if only you'd trained you'd F everyone up, but you didn't train! and the one place to prove how (Hard) you are is in the ring! And your still 0-1 if i'm not mistaken. If you want people to take you seriously in Boxing, and indeed life, understand that talk is cheap (which is why you spend your words so easily no doubt). And that a man who calls himself a Magician (yet never performs a trick) will always be seen as just that, A man who "calls" himself a Magician. It's nothing more than vanity and ego. And telling everyone how good you are on a 0-1 record just makes you look deluded and narcissistic. You need to prove yourself to yourself in the Gym and in the Ring.

  7. ToePoke Tv

    great stuff

  8. J Cast

    Your clothes are waterproof l

  9. Shinegum

    It got boaring But as soon as the first punch it got interesting

  10. FabWizard

    I'm Last :3

  11. Smith Family

    I didn’t know Jesus had a pet crow 5:30

  12. sux vids

    U look like a nigga

  13. Mike Bass

    Fire, sick bars, Original sound, good shit deji. SCARY TERRY SCARY TERRY

  14. NoLoaf


  15. Rajan Sunda


  16. Exodius

    I Love his beat in the video and i also love how he dr suesses some of his lines Ex: Back Bone, Jack Jones.

  17. Snart Edits


  18. amer Javed


  19. Artieッ

    We went from Tank Gang to The Truth big improvement Deji. Keep up the good work

  20. BossFN

    I respect deji so much. This is not my type of music I appreciate it for how much work deji probably did on this. Just like the Logan Paul situation, ur getting better at everything just like him

  21. DarkestTV Gamer

    This should be his new Boxing match background music.

  22. Jeffrey Farabaugh

    Don’t disrespect the stig

  23. Luke Mccormick

    Respect n your a funny as guy but your music needs abit if work my guy

  24. Eliseo M10


  25. Lemon Lemon

    Deji takes no L’s! 🔥

  26. Tony suarez

    Deji: talking to fake crowd Deji mom: do you need help are you sick

  27. TheClassLad

    Bare respect for Deji and followed you for years, but feel like you need to find yourself

  28. Smash`map Uzi'

    The only truth is you need to go back to Africa and realise how bad you have it, not very bad

  29. B2

    The flow is meh..good lyrics and a banging beat. Great job Deji. Waiting for that album.

  30. Hu Dane

    ok man cool no cap

  31. xToxic Vxpe

    Thumbnail= American candy almost killed me Me= yo face almost killed me

  32. Fierywill 900

    Me knowing the candy that he is going to eat is containing nuts

  33. Marshal Manthers

    K S I I S A B I T C H

  34. Cristiano Cardentey

    Daxs part is 🔥🔥🔥

  35. GRITZY Fortnite

    Bruh I’m weak that yellow thing at the end had me laughing so hard it was the way he ran

  36. juan ruiz

    Deji:hi dad Deji's dad: are you mad

  37. Thomas Lafferty

    This is dogshit

  38. MR.Dandy

    Go on deji you're getting love and support now continue you're journey

  39. Big Homie Adolf

    I love this

  40. lo_fee

    it’s actually really good

  41. Azeem Tariq

    This Newer

  42. Azeem Tariq

    N dat older

  43. Azeem Tariq

    Wai aaaat hold da foone one this vid 8.9 10000 fakin coments but on his black water only 40 they are similer in views it shud at least have 2 k so i guess blak water who cares WORST KFC HoLd Da fooone btw 41 now dthat i uj h commmented on uther video

  44. Green Giant Music

    Flows ass

  45. David

    This is complete and utter garbage

  46. Karo


  47. hen ko

    Out of all the comments you find mine Here’s a cookie 🍪

  48. gay versions

    I like the new deji

  49. Frank Lucas

    *Deji:* “Cause *they don’t even know my roots...* Im’a rise to the top *like Zeus..”* *Me: Wait.. is man saying that he’s an Ancient Greek!?*

    1. mushy

      Frank Lucas what kind of reach is that man shutup

    2. Frank Lucas

      hen ko Roots = Heritage/Ancestry Zeus = Ancient Greek God Deji believes that Zeus is on top (which only the ancient Greeks did). So he has Ancient Greek Ancestry??

    3. hen ko


  50. Koles

    Good production but the lyrics are whack and deji isnt a rapper I'm sorry. I'm not hating either, but deji should go back to screaming at his computer playing games, it was way more entertaining

  51. Tom Gorvin

    People saying this is good are actually brain dead, this is woeful even for a youtuber rapper, flow is off, tone is off, everything is shite and forced together

  52. Jordan Johnson


  53. Josh Stevens

    Deji that’s fing insane keep up the great work❤️!!

  54. Shayal PlayZ

    Deji youuu madddd

  55. Max Osmond

    This was acc good tho, there were a few parts that got a bit sloppy but still 👏

  56. angrybutcher 2005


  57. Wuqe •

    Work on flow. Your voice is so great but your flow is a little ehhhhh by ehh I mean it sounds bad. It might just be you trying to use use words that are too big with small ones and you trying to rap fast. Work on flow and delivery and your good

  58. poncheezied.


  59. Aron yacob

    Nigga what you talking Bout, I'm last.

  60. Ruben Joseph

    Stop 🛑 ✋

  61. Chronic Swedez

    Apparently their parents don't know what cocaine do to your eyes lmao, idiots

  62. FEC Amsw643


  63. Kiana Panashe

    I can’t breathe 😭😭

  64. Gabe O'brien

    R u just gonna keep making these bouji songs coz they dreadful

  65. LifeIsAStrugle


  66. Hamiz.killer


  67. jon jeff

    Certy bars cant lie

  68. Robert O'Toole

    splice loop lol

  69. FINN_brosneak

    Rent is due so he needed to drop that

  70. Cingpin

    Why is everyone hating on his flow? It is bad whatsoever.

  71. Shellshock

    "All my life I've gone unnoticed" 10 million fans: Dam that's fire

  72. Reem Dally

    This song literally sucks

  73. Mohamed Saad

    I like it. It was really great prank.

  74. Remake Jos


  75. Be Daniels

    Deji can spit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. Mohamed Ndiaye

    *don't get me wrong, this song is fire, and I don't really watch Deji but man, this has a good meaning to it.*

  77. nicko roberts

    This is fire

  78. ok ok

    Its that phase again

  79. Game Plays

    My guy really just rhymed me 3x in a row

  80. Darby Mulcahy

    Not gonna lie this is banging

  81. Lil CheezitB69

    Deji won

  82. Definitely not Something

    I am laster than yall

  83. tyler granted a wish

    Oh yeah yeah

  84. I L


  85. cup holder

    I feel so bad for Deji I don’t see how people see him as a bad person he’s completely the opposite and you can tell by his laugh and content @AllBlind haters

  86. Fazzy

    1.25x speed

  87. Elegenti

    0:04 real bad man on the enz yu know

  88. Fïrē Lãńðs

    Me I already ate KSIdon't like his music but you're kidding me daddy just just no just leave you to know what do you care is about you anymore right now

    1. Fazzy

      Speak english

  89. Sclerp

    dead flow

  90. Bobs and Vegana


  91. Dakota Lefeber


  92. CR Cardistry

    Deji on the grime wave 🔥

  93. Ahmed Khan

    This song Is decent on 2x speed

  94. steam y

    It's the woman's fault because Tank was running at her to recognise her but she hit him in the head so he did self defence. She was also in his property but that still doesn't mean that Tank was running at her to attack. What would a dog do if it were to be hit in the head with a hard object. The dog should not be put down because the dog was doing self defence, if the woman would not hit him multiple times or even once he would've not bit her. Once again, this is the woman's fault that she did this. This is proof for you all that think Tank should be put down

  95. Ethan FC

    Idk if u really did boxing, u kinda just got the shit beat out of u by jake

  96. Bruno Dacruz

    This girl should be going out with someone her own age. Whats next someone who is 100 years old girl going with a 20 year old guy

  97. Sooj

    Deji used to be so skinny

  98. here comes my nut

    "Tumblr is gay site" hahahah

  99. kizzieking

    Bars are good but flow and pronunciation could have definitely been better

  100. Amy Chism

    0:02. If you turst me then turn your phone ALL the way up and go to 0:02

    1. Amy Chism

      You good