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  1. Sottosopra Voce

    I use a piece of stale bread to mop up grease in a pan before I wash it, but only to feed to the chickens.

  2. Daniela mini

    How come so manny subscribe to those channels? They are full of bad and really childis content

  3. Алина Новикова

    had anyone tried to contact youtube and make them make a statement about content farms do they approve, or will they somehow ban them for making too much money outta nothing

  4. Skyler Joseph


  5. Ashes, Ashes

    The meringue was extra insulting, considering pavlova is a pretty popular dessert in Australia. Practically the national dessert, according to my research for a presentation years ago.

  6. Carrie 2324

    Who doesn't have time to grate chocolate? Does it really take that long?

  7. Hellboy_1729


  8. StrawburrySketches

    Is it possible to make one that's solvable

  9. jacob sager

    I’m assuming that’s your husband? Haha poor guy has to taste so much stuff! I’m glad you feed him actual yummy stuff too! Haha

  10. Adelaide

    I was 8 when this came out, and at the time i didnt go to School and i was OBSESSED with minecraft, i was playing its 6-9 hours a Day. I dont know how many times Ive watched this.

  11. Adelaide

    I actually tried the yogurt bread and i liked it? Idk why but i have always liked compact or “doughy” bread. But its deffinetly not bread.

  12. Ty Fuerth

    It's a Rachel green trifle

  13. Pacho Herrera

    I wanna see Dave doing asmr now

  14. Yingtheeevee

    cherry doctor pepper jello.....just straight jello. or coca cola and lemonade. (when i worked at a bbq place we could have a drink on the job so i would mix coke and lemonade. it's actually rlly gud. i got a couple of coworkers to try it.)

  15. Krisztina Somogyi

    Normally you can mix magenta with just a tiny bit of yellow to get red. If you add too much yellow, it'll become orange :)

  16. Xx_memesxX !

    how do you get the eggs

  17. c e l e s t i a l a r t i s t

    Am I the only one who enjoys the way she says “stir”? I LOVE accents ^^

  18. Angry Santa

    1.8k algorithm bots disliked this.

  19. Emily Fritsch

    I love how nice Ann is whole she roasts these channels. And I love how Dave is the taste tester😂 what a trooper!

  20. Dani Delcy

    My cat likes popcorn.

  21. miko foin

    Who else woke up today not expecting a cooking show was going to blow the lid off of a Russian online political and financial conspiracy?

    1. miko foin

      (zoom). 4. Thankfully no one.

  22. Tasty Food


  23. JimBig987

    Why is the girl uploading videos anyway? NOsel is banned in China ...

  24. Efren Escleto

    You can just leave the beans outside the house and let the sun do the roasting

  25. hashtagmate

    I think we need to be "worried" or rather pay attention to that company but also so many other (american or european) big companies that "control" our lives, like facebook for example we should all be informed about those people who are interested only in money and power

  26. Tbone Animate

    My wife's gusses are 1. Real 2. Fake 3. Fake 4. Real

  27. Random persoN

    I think 2

  28. Fllufd floidsas

    very similar to the tanghulu'd fruits recipe

  29. Victoria Yuja

    Oh Darling Ann! I am very happy that by the time I am seeing this video your son is doing a lot better. I wish all the best to you and your beautiful family.

  30. Ssniper Kids

    Holy bilble

  31. Apple Norris

    Was digging your content aaaaaand then you gone political. Yeah. Like that crap isn't everywhere right now. I'm just sick and tired of seeing that crap not only in video games, but now even on culinary channel videos. Sorry, unsub.

  32. jakerockznoodles

    I've made brownies without baking powder or flour in a few times. I actually quite like the dense texture.

  33. BBURN0

    Does Have have his own channel? I'm interested in more content like the end of this video!

  34. Random persoN

    Sooubway= knockoff subway

  35. Random persoN

    Her attention to detail is 🌟 I give you 🏅🏅

  36. Resetti's Replicas

    American toasters are upside down, so the bread comes out just by gravity.

  37. yamina

    the old school way of making dulce de leche is to take the can of condensed milk without opening it and put it in boiling water on the stove top. i'm not sure what the timing is, but i think that would be quicker than the microwave way. #likemygrandmamadeit

  38. Soviet Doge

    *_You should try to copystrike those videos that stole your recipe_*

  39. Omesh M

    Can you please make a waterfall cake

  40. Denki Kaminari

    Ur dog cute

  41. RUSTY

    I bet they never eat or drink those .....its just to put on a show for the viewers.....they dont know that underage viewers are watching....or do they🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  42. Zivilyn The Wyrd

    they *Kneaded* it for their bread. HAH

  43. titlewave

    GUIDE EVERYONE WHO FALLS FOR THESE “cooking channels” TO “How to Basic” channel.. lol

  44. titlewave

    you’d think a channel called “5-minute Crafts” would give you a video that’s five minutes long showing an uncut(as unedited as possible) process of how to make something simple with simple ingredients. the fact that people still fall for these facebook type channels is hilarious, i genuinely thought they died a half decade or so ago....oh well, there’s always the next five years. but then again, people have been profiting off of other’s stupidity(or ignorance/lack of knowledge)since the beginning of time....so there’s that. idk try not to be so gullible and easily swayed by something that’s specifically targeting your sensory intake? nawwww that’d be too much control over oneself to ask of....

  45. NPT Test

    your face cake is better than others though

  46. RUSTY

    🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️And still they get millions of views ever vid they post

  47. Fleur de Violette

    So nice seeing you loved merveilleux enough to recreate them ! If I may add, there are now a lot of "merveilleux de Fred" shops in France but this isn't actually from Paris. The first one was in Lille, in the north of France.

  48. Cory

    It’s so frustrating that they can just lie like that. It’s propaganda and potentially very dangerous! I hope they get sued

  49. Mariam Sibran

    I live in South Africa and we are in lock down and hand sanitizer and face masks are sold out

  50. Sude Toros

    I’ve got an Aussie economics professor that brings us Caramello Koalas! They’re so yummy!

  51. Elizabeth The first

    I love these debunking videos. They saved me from making so many stupid mistakes. Thank you Ann, I'd really like it if you could make another one.

  52. neomt2

    Too bad most people haven't recognized that all processed foods including sugar is poison Obesity and metabolic syndrome (type 2 diabetes) is on the rise

  53. Antar Niaga

    Can we eat it

  54. Fig Got

    5 minute crafts: posts video Dave: "Hello darkness, my old friend."

  55. Kaitlyn Carroll

    @HowToCookThat omg i love your channel you and Dave are such a cute couple and your treats look amazing!

  56. Csongor Szántó

    I wish the biographical details would have been imbedded into the presentation of the recipes. Surely not an ideal life, child mortality at that time was high - one of the reasons why people had a bunch of them.

  57. Jenny Chase

    She's such an expert banana cutter... If I ever did that my fingers would be all gone.

  58. Rebeca Villaveces

    1. Uk. 2. There’s more thing now but two weeks ago there was no toilet/kitchen paper, Can food, eggs, bread, milk , tomato sauce , puzzles, anything related to kids and personal hygiene products. 3. Everything except pharmacies, opticians and supermarkets is close. There’s a limit of how much people can be inside of some supermarkets and others supermarkets have single lines for the till. 4. I’ve had a cold and I know people that has a cold too, can’t know if it is coronavirus or no because they don’t test you if you stay home. Be safe and keep doing this amazing videos!!

  59. Sam Skee

    You want to make a cake James: Maaaayyyybeeee.

  60. Andrew Pidcock

    I really appreciate you taking a stand.. / On another note, it may be very basic but I struggle to find a keylime pie recipe that I can do. Have you uploaded one? I searched but no luck

  61. teensy weensy

    Yum yum ....

  62. River Roberts


  63. D

    Im way to late for this, but about the carot thing, ive seen in many restaurants that they use those carot stripes in salats

  64. H&C

    How do you get tiny eggs ???? 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😲😲😲😲

  65. Peter Lee

    Cinnamon in Ancient Rome would be like adding gold flakes in the bake.

  66. Shawn Mendes Lover

    This is pure talent

  67. Andreas wahl

    How long inntil 5 minute hacks steals this?

  68. Tamer Omari

    You should get better lights. Or a better editor :)

  69. It's Sophia

    Happy birthday god bless you😊😊😊

  70. Undead Banditø

    Was it very dry? Or moist?

  71. Яся Тян

    yeah - beware of russians. if someone capable of creating 5 min craft and troom-troom - they up to no good and meen only harm to everyone

  72. I blink blink

    thankyouuuu soooo much for saving me from doing anything like that 😂😂😂

  73. Jillian Ablen

    4:14 the way they spelled everything Every *thighn*

  74. BertyFromDK

    The one with hot glue on the toothbrush strikes me a downright dangerous, i think one would burn one's gums rather severely if one did actually try that.

  75. Allie aleh

    J: just A: another M: man E: eating S: sooubway

  76. Rae Lee

    Just saw the clips they used at 19:14, those are literally from the Philippines though.. I wonder why they used that lmao

  77. Commenter’s Remorse

    You don’t do anything half-way, and I have the utmost respect for you for it!

  78. Firoza Sutaria

    They all look lovely, but I won't be ordering any of them, unfortunately. For one thing, how does one eat the goodies stuck to the outside of the glass? Leaving them behind would be a sad waste of food. Since all the ingredients are used and served cold, I think it might be possible to make an edible extension to the glass, by inserting a tall roll of acetate in to a regular size glass and then brushing melted chocolate thickly over the edge of the glass. Remove the sheet, decorate the chocolaty outside, and fill up the inside with the milkshake and goodies. It would be much easier to eat, I think. Great channel, btw.

  79. Peter Mitchell

    Cool on how you made that cake!!!!:)

  80. Ruhani Iyer

    Can I do strawberries instead? I live in india and the only berries we get are strawberries:(

  81. A fellow Comrade

    I just wanna eat, man.

  82. Amit Kumar

    Pls make a lollipop

  83. Long Đặng Bảo


  84. Long Đặng Bảo

    Minecraft cake 🍰 I love ❤️ this

  85. Ashleah McComb

    I had aero bars for the first time in Canada because they don't sell them in the US and the mint is my favorite so I would love to make them at home

  86. Stepan Khristolyubov

    4:12 Have you noticed the mistake Hint: Everything was written wrong(everythign)

  87. Tess E. MCGOVERN

    only the snickers is real?

  88. jasmine the human doormat

    I like how she looks like a casual scientist

  89. Old Aleks

    I honestly feel like the biggest dum dum because my entire life, I didn't realize that the thing on the side of my toaster could push up toast. THE MORE YOU KNOW


    "Im literally watching in 2020"

  91. Katti K,A

    1. Sweden. 2. Not much actually, all that I’ve noticed is hand sanitiser and ibuprofen. 3. If you have any chest cold symptoms or flue ones you have to stay home and try and don’t go to a hospital for it. All work that can be done on distance will be done that way if possible. Schools are still open but colleges/universities try and do everything on distance (zoom). 4. Thankfully no one.

  92. Elmar A. Hannah

    More Australians need to become NOselrs. I just love that accent!

  93. Bay Pasko

    You're not supposed to pour coke upside down, and also you should try the drink thingy with a non bubbly drink!!

  94. ArtistFan

    That thumbnail hurt my eye

  95. Ryan Eakins

    Fluffy jelly! My late grandma used to make that for us all the time. So that was a nice hit of nostalgia.

  96. LezitoTV

    Sesame seeds on the bread

  97. Ant_TonyLOL KID

    Omg! I just realised your from Australia too!! :o I just saw the Nestle caramel AND, especially, the baby shirt's tag logo. Thats from kmart! :o

  98. Bazziness

    I like this channel It's not just giving you baking tips, but scientific too. I've been here since she make Blank Space cake before.

  99. Berenice Chavira

    I love how Dave eats this bad recepeas 🤣🤣🤣


    Please make more of these I love when you do these types of videos 🖤