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  1. Norbert Trojszczak

    If I could mod it so it only has electric power-train, and better infotainment system, you would be ready to go with buying it. I mean it`s sleak, ergonomic and just well designed. I would use engine and exhaust space for batteries. I might add frunk as in tesla (held on electromagnets). I fell in love with this car, I don`t understand why did it lose with tesla, maybe its just the rich sector.

  2. Hasindu Imantha

    Doug please review GENESIS G80 & GV80

  3. juleklOPlay

    Well if I wasn't poor af I'd get it. Period. I love the looks of it. Whould modify the front a bit but hell. This. Looks. Excelent.

  4. Chase Bertoni

    Doug is the type of guy to give his wife a Doug score after sex

  5. Xenon 4300

    Why do all the buttons and controls in this car look very haphazard??

  6. Trend Ternyata

    nosel.info/video/video/mq92iWudd65zp6c.html dj terbaru

  7. Hackney Raizel

    Torille saatana!

  8. Michael Brown

    You should have led with the Henrik Fisker story. I sat in these in Fisker showrooms in LA and Austin. This is what happens when you focus on design, but the compromised engineering of a 4 cylinder hybrid comes second.

  9. Dylan M

    The steering wheel controls are also out of a GM vehicle, just turned sideways 😂

  10. Truly Canehdian

    It’s got some sweet exterior proportions.

  11. Ike Malik

    Shit car

  12. Cosmokane

    he ain't afraid of corona..........corona afraid of him.

  13. Billy Hayes

    Buddy of mine had one, absolute junk of a car. Stay away.

  14. Dimitar DASKALOV

    www.fiskerinc.com/ocean/ they do exsist...or will... in 2022

  15. Talha Mukhtar

    Coming to this video some 30 months after it was released, I gotta say it’s still hilarious being able to see a snapshot of butthurt Honda fanboys defending this vehicle in 2017. Now we’ve (mostly) moved on, and I think everyone can admit: fast car, ugly car. But unless you buy a car as a toy (you know, like children do), there are better ways to spend the money

  16. Sean Adams

    It’s kind of funny because the Karma headquarters is like 5 minutes from my house and I see the prototypes all the time.

  17. Chronicles of Bap

    Nice looking car. The 'gentleman's moustache' on the front looks like a sir.

  18. Simon Coles

    I think one of the main reasons Fisker failed is because Heinrich Fisker is apparently a total ass and allegedly was involved in some very shady John Delorean-esque business practices.

  19. kekke ruusi

    Torilla tavataan

  20. AngryDuck76

    Never heard of it but it looks great. Probably what the Tesla's wish they looked like!!

  21. Joe Gatta

    BMW engine in the new Karma Revero. It’s a totally new car. I was (unfortunately) a Fisker Karma owner. Don’t think I’ll be a Karma Revero owner.

  22. Divya Battina

    Superb Video.

  23. Simon Coles

    Didn't some company in China or something buy the rights to the design of this car and are planning to produce it?

  24. Bob Frog

    In the voice of "Jezza" Clarkson: "JAMES, you BROUGHT THE WRONG CAR!"

  25. Dave Johnson

    Wow the 928 was a piece of shit!

  26. Bj Harris

    Does no one besides me thinkthis thing looks like a generic brand version of a maserati? Lol

  27. Adelio Ikonomi

    "Only 577 horsepower"

  28. Julius The Shark

    Why would the GLOVEbox have a hand sign on the button Hmmmmmmmm

  29. Blessed.2.Teach.4.God

    22:04. Doug's sales pitch to his girl while they're in bed together.

  30. Carter4240

    You can’t put dogs in the cargo area but cats are ok back there

  31. Katna Tanishq

    Tesla is the king

  32. Scotia Jinker


  33. Kabir Sharma

    the lower part of the steering wheel looks like ant mans head 8:00

  34. madelief47

    To my opinion the designers took a good look at La Ferrari and Lamborgini, wich makes the car more of a copy, with all respect. It has a lot of technical options, and gives worth for the money. Te decision for making it a mid-engine car, will improve the handling way up. At 37.47 you can see a guy who is interested, The car is a "head turner" that's for sure

  35. mgregggphone

    it is amazing, and that interior. Yikes.

  36. Jacob Baird

    40k should have been the original price.

  37. Gytle 10barz

    This guy has no idea how to get into a car..

  38. Casey Wilson

    too bad. it looks so much better than pretty much all production teslas currently

  39. Allen Han

    The glove box being inaccessible when it's off is not such a bad thing. You can prevent theft if someone is trying to break your window and try to take stuff from the glove box.

  40. RudYvonne Lopez

    lock DCCD is 50/50 front and rear, slide to all green its 65 percent rear and 35 front....

  41. Mod3no

    Sorry, but the ultimate Ferrari for me is the F50. Thank you Project Gotham.

  42. Harry Moore

    So much better looking than a Tesla

  43. Blessed.2.Teach.4.God

    This is excellent!

  44. eugkra33

    That trunk button looks like a ball sack.

  45. John Webb

    It's WAY better looking than any Tesla though. It's too bad.

  46. Dude chill

    02:48 is where it begins,

  47. whiteandnerdytuba

    It’s just a car

  48. tim23tom23

    The NSX deserves a better background presentation than that Doug 😃

  49. Eric Martin

    Not sure you need to point at everything like E.T. ...... but I love your videos ;)

  50. Parass J

    Doug:I have borrowed this car from CNC motors which is an exotic car dealership...................... Everybody: *We* *know*

  51. Ronnie Camp

    Doug sitting in back like he enjoys it

  52. Saumya Tripathi

    Hey Doug, y have you stopped discussing the breakup of the daily and the weekend scores.. I used to look forward to hearing your views! Pls start mentioning that again

  53. Savio George

    How are you still out in the open in this outrageous situation with this virus ..no wonder the numbers isn't going down

  54. Medical Tv


  55. TheTechCguy

    Yeah, $40k for something that can get into an accident on low profile tires and alloy wheels!!!! Puhleeze!!

  56. rambo4war

    Lost me at GM engine. EV hybrid with zero aftermarket support. Basically for 40K you can get a brick that will not be an endless money pit, because if it fails it will be a 40k dollar brick.

  57. james

    The gas motor only gives you 15-20miles range? The total range is 15 miles more than electric and the tank shows almost full... wow how useful! I’ll take 3! Why even have gas at that point.

  58. BlackBeltChef

    I guess the company had bad Karma!

  59. SgtButterz108

    Mustache car

  60. Matthew

    Doug the center arm rest in the backseat of my 2007 E92 328i has 2 cup holders and does not flop around


    You don't do a 12.7 and end at 75mph...

  62. BlackBeltChef

    The way he says THISSSSSS makes me angry.. LOL

  63. Zack Smoove

    Fisker Karma? Is this a GTA video???

  64. Athif Tsabit

    All those quirky shapes and the inside door opener button shapes just like that??

  65. Rishabh Arora

    10,000USD in india of top variant

  66. beber forumer

    Celebrating the fall of communism? Its only just begining

  67. Jayant Karmakar

    It does not look like a hand but a glove for Golf, since these cars were high-end ($100K+), I feel the owners would identify it immediately! I love the design and wish Tesla copied this, and remember this was back in 2012 when we were using BB and I guess this had the biggest centre console? Customers would not be very used to buttons in place of gear knob so a confirmation of gear changed was a nice touch, my 2 cents

  68. Dave Allmon

    Doug, the type of guy to review the Fisker Karma before the Tesla Model S, but after reviewing the Model 3... And the model 3 Performance... And the Model X... And the Model Y...

  69. Joni

    Justin Bieber owned one, so how the fuck can it get 6 points on the cool factor?

  70. Krueger In The Kut

    I bought my 2020 Sonata Limited a little over a month ago and I must say that this review didn’t do it justice... the car is actually gets up pretty well in sport mode, the ride is smoother than most cars I’ve been in even luxury cars, it stands out amongst other cars on the road, has great gas mileage, has a luxury look and features that are at a competitive price

  71. KingProne

    it failed because it was an aweful car. inefficient, high fuel consumption, high electric consumption, no performance, no interior space.... what did this car actually offer? thats right, a cool looking rearend and sideprofile and nothing else. even 40k usd is way too much. they should be worth around 10-15k second hand.

  72. Queenslander

    Ooooh the Frisky Karma sounds amazing.

  73. usernameONBEKEND

    Fisker saw Hollywood step out of a Prius at the Oscar show. He wanted to design an Eco-friendly beautiful car so celebs would have a car for these type of events. He is top level designer in the automotive industry and you can see his hand in many cars, many more than Doug mentions. Odd that Doug missed a few other quirks and features: Underneath the glass in the door is a fossilized leaf. The metallic paint is not actually metal flakes, it is (recycled) crushed glass. Specially developed by Sikkens. Wood on the dash is only taken from tree that have fallen on their own. Dashboard covering is made from recycled bottles. Door covers are made from recycled newspapers. Fisker went bankrupt after a storm damaged a shipment of cars that was held at port because they needed to fix something (that fire thing Doug mentioned). Shipping insurance didn't want to pay because 'the cars aren't being shipped, they are stored to be worked on'.

  74. Brandon Munoz

    Doug is the type of guy to review a car with a mustache

  75. NerdOnTheInterNet

    Speaking of out of production stuff, can you do a review of the chevy volt. Unless that's too boring of a car.

  76. Gerald Tomyn

    I thought this car was now being built by a Chinese company?

  77. MichaelB769

    It looks like a Solstice, doesn’t handle as well as a Miata, and costs $200k. Not seeing the attraction. At all.

  78. Adam

    The Karma came and went so fast I had pretty much forgotten about it. Very nice to see all the quirks and features!

  79. Jonathan Lentz

    Hey Doug, ever been in the backseat of a Pontiac Firebird from the 90s? I'm 10 inches shorter than you, and I looked like you sitting in the back of one. Lol

  80. Raiqplayz

    i've heard if anyone messes with an owner of a fisker karma then they will get instant karma

  81. Jeffrey Grose

    This was such a bad car that I could hardly watch 😂 i had to skip some parts just to get out of the agony faster hahah

  82. Spiny Norman 88

    Hey windbag. if I sit through your intro, it's because you kept it short and to the point. But since you won't get the hell on with it, I'm out.

  83. Art The Great

    *Claustrophobics see back seats: Starts Breathing heavily

  84. Auttie B

    Best looking 4 door sedan I've seen

  85. Andrew

    Should have reviewed the "drive" from the rear seats.

  86. Seraphim Valkyrin

    Also, I miss the old Doug score segment.

  87. Gopu Power

    Nobody Doug : Fisker Karma

  88. Jose Dominguez

    car is garbage

  89. Seraphim Valkyrin

    I should point out that the car doesn't actually have leather. One of the selling points of the car was that the interior was made with only recycled or renewable resources.

  90. HU1212ICAN3

    When I saw this, I immediately thought of the Khamelion in GTA V. Lol

  91. Clutch Carabelli

    Imagine the dichotomy of how fast it looks then when the battery is dead a Pontiac Solstice motor is trying to push 5300 lb

  92. Norbert Trojszczak

    alerting pedestrians is obligatory in europe

  93. zmyrus

    Sevdaliza has this car.

  94. Rishabh Arora

    Pretty aggressive oh I mean impressive

  95. MegaDawg342

    The name sounds better if you say it with a heavy fake Indian accent.

  96. Isaac Torres

    i knew the bmw i8 because XXXTentacion had it Also don't hate me for this

  97. Michael Sexton

    If you fit more ad's in you wouldn't even have to bother with talking, done with you.

  98. SuRF

    This was originally meant to be the TESLA MODEL S, Henrik Fisker took the design and built his own car. .

  99. brad geist

    "This button is the exhaust brake and it controls the exhaust brake"

  100. Big Meech’s Garage

    I live in jersey, what part of jersey was this recorded in? Looked really nice. I’m guessing somewhere in Monmouth County??