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  1. Verde Sol

    you only disliked it because you don't got that yummy-yum, that yummy-yum, that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy-yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy

  2. PieNinjaProductions

    Yeah, you got that yummy-yum That yummy-yum, that yummy-yummy

  3. siwar bc

    It is a good album in my opinion, i love his vocals, and a few songs stand out to me ( ETA, take it out on me, changes, confirmation ) it's not his best work but it isn't bad for someone who was battling a lot of issues for a looong ass time.. i'm actually proud of him. I think his vocals really carried this album! His r&b-ish style maybe ain't for everyone but a lot of his fans like it. We've been asking for something exactly like this for 4 years. And we finally got it and i'm satisfied to be honest.

  4. Evan Merkle

    Did crunk core start with attack attack?

  5. Apian Kwaad

    Review tame impala

  6. Aydesy

    Your opinion should be buried by Taylor Swift's cats shit

  7. Evžen Vargaa

    I'd bet that JBs gonna be dead in a few months, nobody escapes melons wrath.

  8. BNO97 !

    Your reviews are trash

  9. Isaiah Torrales

    why didn't you rate it yummy/10

  10. iamspoonbender

    Not Good reviews are the best !

  11. yikes!

    Funny thing you say that Bad Boys 3 reminds you of TCD era Kanye... because it samples a song that features TCD era Kanye

  12. Jelani Urdialez

    Nigga sex frisbee

  13. Emseyy

    eat your cereal to forget this album

  14. Chanellipa

    This was such a bad album

  15. StARTro 01

    I wanted to write this down on a response but I lost the comment and I'm not being able to find it so yeah For those who say that "they at least did something different" I gotta say that, nope, that's not how it works Compare TRENCH by twenty one pilots and MANIA and tell me which one does "different things" better.

  16. SkoomaTroll

    I can’t believe you did the whole review about the prog rock band Genesis very misleading

  17. Daniel Pye

    Tbh I'm a bit nostalgic for Purpose because it came out when I went to university, but I would argue that the singles on it are genuinely good pop songs. Unfortunately it's evident that the album was essentially a Diplo and Skrillex project repackaged in a pop context, and that Justin Bieber can't survive outside of it.

  18. Blck Ntrovert TV

    This will not be a good year for music

  19. dwam

    brent faiyaz please

  20. Jay Schieffelin

    Review artist 2.0

  21. randon reddy

    Anyone see the endless vinyl in the background 👀

  22. Robert Westwood

    If Death Grips released it you would have given it a 10.

  23. solvi

    are you going to review the slow rush?

  24. DNexusYT

    didn’t his least Fav track on here used to be Teenage Fever, or was is because of how Drake used his accent throughout the years that No Long Talk soured over time?

  25. saran g

    Polyphia are shit

  26. German Vazquez

    I would still like for you to review Tinashe’s album “Songs For You”

  27. TB

    Can u review the slow rush!!

  28. daredevillive

    Justin, we need to see your dark side, stop hiding behind that poster boy, strip your skin, show us some flesh, let it flow.

  29. Hecarroman

    Overall, I liked the album. I'm not anywherr near a music expert or critic for that matter but I like to analyze music to determine if I like it. I thought most of the tracks had solid sound to them, some were pretty catchy. I thought Eminems bars were closer to his old style of rap which I enjoyed. There was also a very good variance in the sounds of each track which kept the album from getting dull. However, as you pointed out, he didn't stick to any theme. I also felt like every other song was a reflection on some chick in his life which became a bit of a slog in my opinion. But I have to say one of my favorite rap bars ever was in Marsh. My girl's cheatin', I'm kickin' that fuckin' bitch to the curb But the word, "Fuckin'" ain't meant to be a descriptive word The type of bitch she is ain't no adjective, it's a verb I just love this bar.

  30. Nancy Gonzalez

    Do you pull a subject out of a fishbowl on what you're going to talk about?? Sometimes when you run out of things to talk about... it's time to quit. But being silent doesn't make you money on NOsel does it?

  31. rany

    Yeah you got that yummy yum

  32. David

    Still not forgetting the fact you gave Swimming a fucking 3 you piece of shit

  33. throwaway acc

    hi mr.Anthony could you maybe consider reviewing The Slow Rush anytime soon id love that thx

  34. danielrc14

    Those records in the back are both awesome.

  35. Tareq Tryti

    Yeah yeah, review No Future by Eden now

  36. David

    This ain't it melon... Swimming deserves a hard 6 light 7 AT LEAST

  37. Fried Cheese

    I can’t believe he gave Justin Bieber a 10 and said Dr Dre is black so he can’t make good music

  38. Tai Bannister

    Slavic melon. Is there a melon daiquiri? Cuz that's what this is

  39. Spaghetti overlord

    Do a tribe called quest

  40. Cody Melchert

    I could not have agreed with the description more, Melon.

  41. Cade Carlson

    Yesss freedom is my favorite rage song as well. Possibly my favorite song of all time

  42. Alex Wackdonald

    you don't have that "yummy yummy", Fantano.

  43. Owen Nester

    it’s just justin’s “the big day”

  44. AP

    Then Justin's song "I will show you" is for u...

    1. Zamira TV

      @AP After his manager saying he has matured as a person and as an artist, after being 5 years off stage, struggling with fame, addiction & disease you don't expect an album like this sorry.

    2. AP

      @Zamira TV yes defntly....but come on bro ....he is a human....not a machine or such kind of that....up and down happens in life....Today this album may be not that good....but who can say...tomorrow...another album comes ....and make another hit ..!!

    3. Zamira TV

      *I'll show you, Purpose was a good album compare to this.

  45. TheQueenFan9

    Who is Justice Beaver?

  46. sharon cynthia

    Just because u dont like the album or the vibe doesn't mean it's bad. If u dont like it say it's not ur type and fu*kin leave... why are u making a big deal out of it. Pfft 😑

    1. Kidd Kaash

      He has to talk about music that's what this channel is for to give opinion on music even if you don't like it.

    2. Kidd Kaash

      Because that's his job, that's how gets him money, people want to see his opinion on music. Also everyone is talking about this saying it's bad or not good.

    3. Tai Bannister

      If you don't like the album, it is bad TO YOU.

  47. PrettyP1nkUnicorn

    I really like the Album cover tho!

  48. Michael Byrd

    Its 2020, Snoop was in 2 superbowl commercials. 1 for guacamole dip, the other as subways "plant based" spokesperson I dont think he can say no to money for anything

  49. Incognito

    First not good 2020 lets go

  50. Ichigo Strey

    guess he isnt reviewing the new tame impala album

  51. Mehra Ahsan

    Let's all take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this influential masterpiece of an album lost album of the year to Taylor Swift's 1989. They don't call it the Scammys for nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️🌚

  52. Jacob Ballance

    every time you talk about Travis featuring on someone else’s song you say “it’s one of his half assed features ever”

    1. Kidd Kaash

      @Tai Bannister truth

    2. Tai Bannister

      Tbf Travis has some trash features recently

  53. Travis Bos

    I get you don't like Justin, but did you have to be so homophobic? Getting problematic, dude.

    1. Travis Bos

      @Kidd Kaash Holy SHIT! Don't bite my head off!! I'm not the homophobe here

    2. Kidd Kaash

      Where was he homophobic

  54. Angel Ito

    That Flying Lotus vinyl is fire.

  55. Peter Nicholas

    I listened to the Fashion Week album the 2nd week of February in the year I'm leaving this comment, not knowing any of the background for the album.

  56. Poopy

    “Your toes taste like starbursts”damn melon 😏🤤

  57. Nico Avetikian

    First time I agree with everything you said, except the part you went on about Hailey Baldwin having that yummy coochy.

  58. SadVibesForever

    Dislikes coming from that he saying not good. To all legends

  59. Erik Musta

    Even Travis Scott was bad on this one

  60. LD 209

    If this was the new Weezer album it would be a completely different review.

  61. Erick Fillden

    no fuuture by eden please

  62. FaTe Nebula

    I’mma let you finish Anthony, but Yummy was one of the best songs of all time

  63. Ave Mitchell

    You look extra white today Anthony

  64. CP 2077

    This puts a smile on my face.

  65. Gedders G

    I feel the comments about it not being upbeat enough to get you jumping round the room are pretty mute to be honest. They have some pretty upbeat songs in this album but the bottom line is, the lyrics of pretty much every song are pretty dark. Judging a song based on whether you can wile out to it is pointless, read what they were attempting to achieve and judge them from that.

  66. Quinn Lapish

    Review slow rush

  67. Cam Olson

    Going into this album titled “Changes”, I was expecting some changes

  68. Karina Bush


  69. Yiso_zulu


    1. Kidd Kaash

      How he gave criticism even though it's not good. he still listened instead of flat out hating it just because and being hater means you just hate because you give no reason why.

  70. Attempting Anonymity

    Invert n1 and n2 and i agree.

  71. LJ 4

    Day 23 of asking Anthony Fantano to do a Re-redux review of MBDTF

  72. Luke Goldberg

    Is there gonna be an Artist 2.0 review?

  73. Attempting Anonymity

    they should stop trying to be 22. Music has to be true. If you are 50 talk about 50-year old stuff instead of parroting the music that made you famous at 22. They weren't able to keep that honesty and now are just a media phenomena. First 4 albums will remain forever as their legacy, and nobody can take that away.

  74. Trey Wilson

    At least you acknowledge the cliche hate and you gave it a chance

  75. Ben Meitzen

    Yeah! The new Tame Impala record is not good!

  76. Derek M

    I thought this was the new Logic album.

  77. Aamir Razak

    Trackthony suitano here, this new record? It’s not good

  78. Kavisha Hammond


  79. Zach Correia

    Melon Tenenbaum



  81. Blake Fettig

    review the SB album melon‼️

  82. Kryszna

    Justin has 50 m subscribers and I don't think 50 m people are dumbass lol

    1. Kidd Kaash

      Yeah because Justin a famous popstar that has been in news and tv but that still doesn't mean he can't be criticize. View don't matter when talking about quality of music.

    2. Kryszna

      @Tai Bannister I think that's fair enough. I just love him cause it's really hard what's he is doing and for a person with severe anxiety, I could have gone mad if I was in his place. And he's music is good enough for me and that's my perspective

    3. Tai Bannister

      @Kryszna the only *thing* you're doing right for children to like your music is dumbing down your sound to beeps and boops.

    4. Kryszna

      @Tai Bannister so 😂 you gotta do something right if children likes you hahahh and I'm a 22 year old girl so I think I count as a adult 😂 and I like him

    5. Tai Bannister

      Aren't most of his fanbase children? Y'know people who haven't finalized their music taste yet?

  83. Fabian Gandara

    Please review tame impalas new record !

  84. brxndxn

    Still waiting to see if he’s gonna review Russ album

  85. Cuckboii


  86. Tye Taylor

    I wonder if they view botted the Yummy music video because it has 200 million views in one month and I find that extremely hard to believe considering some of his biggest songs from over 5 years ago only have 500-750 million views and they were 100X more popular than Yummy

  87. david gold

    Ey PJW has some good points:P Idk about that video but yeh

  88. Vinnie Lantzy

    Do Brent Faiyaz- F*ck the World

  89. Josiah Boyd

    Not gonna lie; that Lil Dicky verse is fire.

  90. Rpm

    My suggestion, take out the vocals and give all the instrumentals to Post Malone and now we got a good album

  91. Dez Adams

    Need the D Smoke album review already

  92. Zaid Qasem

    I don’t even want to get into how good this album is sonically. Maybe you should just listen more because true art usually grows on you. But with regard to the lyrics, this album was unmatched. The experimentation done by the production on this album with its dark take on love and lust, and the inseparability of both; the themes surrounding lust as a power of seduction that can ruin people in relationships; the classic weeknd flows about drug addiction and the cynicism that follows from that - knowing fully well that we are ruining ourselves but “we’ll find our love in the sky” (genius) - all of these themes of a demented love and torturous but inevitable and incessant lust hit so fuckin close to home if you’ve ever been really in love with someone that wasn’t good for you. “Belong to the World” features these lyrics through someone who is coming to terms with understanding that this one girl will never truly be his. “Love in the sky” isn’t only about getting high as fuck, it’s about why we get high as fuck. The album is a dive into the numbness of our vices; the consequences of this numbness - the conclusion of this numbness. “Tears in the Rain” is fuckin eerily touching in how desperately regretful one becomes after truly fucking up with someone who loved you. It’s an album that is not only built on the brilliance of its experimental music, but on the relatability of its themes. “Professional” for me takes the fucking cake. It’s an abstract and super sonically experimental take on people who are good at sex; which, no offence, I doubt you are. It’s about the inane paradox of love and lust. This is poetry: to say “were professionals in love”. What he’s talking about is that these “professionals”, like him and the girls he’s talking about, are amazing at making people fall in love with them. The cynicism comes in that they do not fall in love for long with people because they simply “Belong to the World”. They want to fuck everyone; everyone wants to fuck them. I do not attempt in this comment to upset you about your performances in bed of course; but I could never let shit being said about this album slide just because you couldn’t listen to it enough to truly delve into its genius and uniqueness.

  93. THATpower 11

    Why did you put cosmogramma in the background

  94. dillabean

    Agree with the album as a whole being bad, but I love Forever

  95. Alex

    JB Aint dropped heat since journals

    1. Tai Bannister

      He hasn't dropped heat since baby


    ima have to pause you and play this needler. Shit slaps. Thanks g!

  97. Ronkle Bonk

    He say he don’t like Pixar but later he makes a flick vs hopper reference so I’m not sure what to think

  98. AJ Creegan

    red adidas anthony doesn’t want your yummy yum.

  99. LOLquendoTV

    Roadthony Mantano

  100. inverted mind

    i fucking agree