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  1. BerryJuice

    bruh i play apex and i havent seen any toxic ppl

  2. Amano Yuuji

    This is touching a little too close to stalking like the reality is pretty far and some fans can get even as worse as having their idols personal # its just f**ked

  3. Ivy

    They must be 15 year old girls who think they're edgy yet they cancel joji bc he said "niqqa"

  4. heroinfather

    Lmao whoever posted that is probably around 13, how exactly are they going to "get my address", no becky, lil timmy hacker 234 isn't going to hack me and get my address

  5. HumanErr

    There are hacked psn accounts that will shut down your ps4 and such

  6. Tetsuo Umezawa

    More of that strange stanning... It's probably nothing.

  7. Demi Marie

    Let’s hope Fido snaps and rips homies ear off

  8. The Grey Shaman

    These guys take spirituality way too far man. I get we are all a literal extension of god so he can experience time and ego but this is abuse

  9. N͝i̸̢g̷͜h̕t̶S̶͜t̛alḱ̷̡ȩ̸r̷̡

    ive had my fair share of a certain gore site and also liveleaks browsing, so im desenstized to it

  10. alanhasmemes

    honestly this is kind of proof of how much of pussies kpop twitter is, i saw liveleak gore shock memes when i was 12/13 and i thought they were fucking hilarious. people really just dont want to face lifes harsh realities anymore. doxxing really isnt that bad of a deal as long as you havent done anything wrong, no vigilantes gonna egg your house if some loser doxxes you. think about it, how mad would you have to be to get in your car and drive for hours just to mess with some stranger online? i doubt anyone reading this could ever really imagine being that salty over messages online. even if one of them for some reason is so dedicated to fucking with internet strangers online that they decide to come to your house with the intent of attacking you; heres some advice: PULL UP WITH THE STRAP. a psycho has just the same human body as anyone else, they can get fucked up too if they decide to pull up. that is of course a 1 in a billion situation of course, and not very likely to happen whatsoever. people are so afraid of shittalking and cancelling and messages being leaked that they dont realise that none of this stuff has basically ever affected anyone in any serious fashion irl. if you get cancelled, you internet career dashed, your phone number leaked, your address found out, all of those problems are easily solvable. you lost your yt channel/streaming account? just get a normal job, none of them will fucking care. youre getting spam called? get your service provider to change your phone number. your address leaked? nobodys likely to act on it, almost everyone is all talk and no game online, but even in worst case scenario you can just move into your partners place or move back into your parents for a year or so until the mad people stop getting mad. anyway rant over lol


    Where can I run in to these twitter accounts ? I wanna watch them

  12. Halo20

    at 3:40 you did not block out there name. you can still see the @*there name*

  13. Callum McDougall

    Kpop fans about to cancel fancams

  14. Kursed Soulz

    No Hindi and it is daytime? What the hell is happening I’m scared...

  15. A Google User

    That slip at 2:30 tho

  16. Arlindos 24

    I watch this video every time i want to sleep and i don't know why

  17. Xtrasmall

    Expected Hindi in the title. Disappointed.

  18. AllFather Foop

    evgeryone always asks "what are you afraid of" and not "how are you afraid of"...

  19. Matthew

    Just looks like the phyrexian symbol.

  20. Hi i am Elecktro

    I found Muta’s explanation of what a “fancam” is unclear so looked it up on urban dictionary it say: “a video of a celebrity, usually taken by a fan and used on twitter. in most cases the celebrity is performing, or it could be a video montage. these are often used as a form of status.” Just in case anyone else was confused.

  21. Miner Pro Man

    Search ⁰ on youtube

  22. SaaD

    Nice IKEA bed

  23. Shovel

    6:51 Muta... ok we know but we don't want to know

  24. Stefan Cordes

    the logan/ximertracks bs is continuing in banana profilepic accounts... why is this a thing?

  25. Vindicator YT

    Indian punjabi

  26. Gaming With Josh

    Day exists where muta lives hmm werid I thought he lived in eternal darkness

  27. Syomuth

    this shit is not new, videos that shift from normal shit to gore has been at the internet for years, probably ppl are doing this with fancams just for trolling some 14 y/o kpop stans lol

  28. Abdul-Wahaab Barday

    3:18 thats a fat dude running symbol

  29. random Ørångė

    Watching this while taking a shit

  30. KoreabooSlayer69

    I don’t hate kpop. I listen to kpop. I just hate the stans.

  31. chief 1 redwolf

    I Subscribed on 2020 may 26 . Lets see if it unsubscribes likes it’s been doing for other channels I Subscribe to in the last month. I left for 5 seconds and returned and it Unsubscribed .

  32. Wolf_Master600

    I am Arabic and belive me most of us just upload gaming videos like other people and reaction

  33. Loan Shark

    This guy has seen some crazy shit in the past, yet he always finds a way to make it funny.

  34. Paul Blivion

    Remember when BTS did blackface?

  35. ivan the russian

    Twitter is lower than tumblr...

  36. LizeFX

    Holy fuck a guy messaged me saying "what are you afraid of?" And i sent them a "STFU GUNNA IS FLOATING ON THE BEAT" with Playboi Carti nodding his head meme but nothing has happened yet..

  37. Chris M.

    Muta: *Finishes uploading a video on the absurdity of K-Pop Twitter just yesterday* *This situation comes up* Muta: Guys, you will not fucking bELIEVE what just happened

  38. Brachyion

    The only thing they fear is you


    Those people are messed up, but what makes it worse is Twitter inducing more fear mongering than needed. Glad I don't have a twitter account. Hopefully those creeps will eventually be dealt with.Thanks for the upload mutahar!

  40. La_CortadoraDeCuello / Armando Guadalupe

    15:19 you can hear a breath

  41. Awd Dwa

    I'm to young for this, i'm just gonna leave.

  42. A1 Infamous

    No matter what time of day mudah is always either just woken up or sleep deprived

  43. Mason Bentley

    these were the funniest fucking things ever

  44. lil picnicattac

    Idk how this doesn’t scare you anyway I used to be on kik and see gore everyday djwjdjdn it still scares me

  45. Nivlac

    NOsel unsubscribing me from you agaun

    1. Tuxii

      Its not actually unsubscribing you if you click on muta's channel you'll see you still are subscribed

  46. Benjamin Elliott

    Baby's first gore troll

  47. Justin Seng

    So I can reply ‘butthole’ then

  48. JH

    lmao the example he showed i was at that concert i think it was euphoria lmao

  49. UnscrewedFish7

    I can't believe you called me a 5 year old

  50. J S

    4chan sure knows how to weaponising autism. I'm almost inclined to join this shit just to scare some K-pop stans.

  51. BobFishPipe¥€$

    I think you guessed it. 23:55 a UFO saucer materializes out of the clouds. 24:52 It gets better... Shadow guy walks infront of him as saucer materializes. in cloud cloak. Videographer runs in one direction but its like hes not moving forward like he's stuck in place. Then he turns and runs the other direction and hes not moving in the opposite direction either. Side effect of being too close to a 4th dimensional UFO. "Time dilatation"

  52. Jimin is my mochi king

    We are trying our best to get rid of them!😔😓

  53. Vertism

    Muta filming during the day makes me scared

  54. Henri Chinaski

    This is so messed up. Just why?!??

  55. Joey Marcus


  56. sierra

    imagine being so pissed off at having to scroll past a video of 90 pound kpop girls dancing on twitter sometimes that you try to traumatized usually young teens with graphic gore as some sort of like.... revenge? like you’re fucked in the head genuinely.

  57. Basti EiseNKrafT

    "What are you afraid of?" Me: Giving you CBT

  58. Joshua Rodriguez

    Look like he filming in somebody else's house.

    1. Webcores

      Muta breaks into his neighbors’ homes to record videos while they’re away

  59. Ratchet and Dank

    2:29 monkaTOS

  60. Rohan Bharadwaj

    Whose Little Billy? 🤣

  61. sAAAble

    honestly both kpop haters and stans have gone too far, last time I’ve seen a fancam for the first seconds it showed the footage of an incident (fake i hope) that then cut to the actual fancam to get more clicks, it’s as disrespectful as these trolls

  62. treat trick

    when i hear the magic words of not showing this or muting this due to content id or copyright i click on another video...who is with me

  63. Hay Stydrated

    This makes me sick to my stomach literally

  64. BigBoyGeezer

    On Instagram there are accounts like this that would at first just post boobs n stuff. Obviously against Insta rules but it wasn't harming anyone. Then after a while they would just start posting gore and then deleting it an hour later. I remember it being really messed up stuff like beheadings and people shooting themselves. I'm still scarred by one which showed a decapitated child

  65. Brutaltronics

    At least they didn't put furry forn in those fancams

  66. Tracy-An Treasure

    imagine trying to blame kpop stans for those videos. I know y'all hate fancams but this is a REACH

  67. onyxblitz

    it takes every ounce of my willpower to stop me from opening twitter whats wrong with me?

  68. Flame gacha

    Now I love kpop but I hate how people are just posting fancams everywhere but now this is happening it’s making people hate the kpop community more when those are just hardcore “kpop stans” it just disgusts me how people think all kpop stans are the same and that we post fan cams and do all of this weird shit.... I’m just disappointed..... people even make fun of kpop idols just because of the kpop stans like kpop idols go from solo artists who work really hard to groups with so many members like NCT who have to split the group up into 4 parts but they are still a group all together like all kpop idols go through so much first they go through being a trainee which a kpop idol named jihyo had to be a trainee for about 10 years she started every since she was I think 10-12 maybe younger I forgot then they have to go through wait loss which might be easy but then even after debut they get so much hate if a member is a little chubby they get hate if they are skinny they get hate if they mess up a dance they get into a scandal and pretty much are just cancelled and will be hated on for so long just like blackpinks Jenny she was sick and she kept forgetting lyrics and forgot some of the dance to the songs which got her into a scandal which people starting making up lies to get her into more scandals just remember this people ITS 50% GOOD KPOP STANS WHO DONT POST FANCAMS AND DO THIS STUFF AND 50% CRAZY “KPOP STANS” NOT ALL OF THEM ARE THE SAME WE EVEN HAVE FAKE ONES WHO LIKE TO ACT LIKE THEY LIKE A GROUP BUT START MAKING LIES FOR A IDOL GETS HATE APPRECIATE THE IDOLS AND THE HARDWORK THEY PUT INTO THE SONGS AND PERFORMANCES AND HATE ON THE BAD SIDE OF THE COMMUNITY NOT THE GOOD SIDE

  69. Kaila Bennefeld

    PEACE WAS NEVER AN OPPORTUNITY coronavirus is around Keep it up and Ebola will come back too

  70. SnailLeader

    I'm quite disturbed to lear there is light where he lives. I was under the impression that he lives in permanent darkness

  71. BananaBuns

    some people just want to watch the world burn.

  72. Dong Martin

    “Im not gonna tell you what happened...” _fucking tells us_

  73. The Grand Moustache

    I really feel the same about gore in general. After so many years of using the internet , sooner or later your gonna find that footage . Its really easy to find... The ones that always rub me the wrong way is war footage. Seeing an AC 130 bomber drop a bomb on 10+ dudes running in the desert and dissapearing in seconds is fucked up

  74. Shovel

    basically a Karen


    I just consider this shit memes, our culture is so desensitized to violence and vulgarity towhere it’s funny.

  76. Nova

    ok but this isnt kpop stans fault I myself stan kpop but im gonna watch at least 10 seconds so i dont make people watch someone kill themselves Edit: by the way, why the the fuck isnt twitter banning this for SHOWING A VIDEO OF A PERSON DYING


    Wow twitter is still shit What a surprise

  78. Amano Yuuji

    I like kpop song but this generation just sucks already the older ones are where i'm at

  79. Julian Hudson

    Muta should do a video on Lit Mobile.

  80. Jornker

    You know he has to make the video as fast as possible when he is filmin durin the day

  81. ChickenWangs409

    anyone have a link to 1444?

  82. jazmin

    Good thing I don't use twitter

  83. DooDoo Fart

    Nah bruh I’m deactivating my account

  84. Hri7566

    there's no link in the description

  85. Rosie_

    thank u for talking abt this bc this has been going on for too long, I've know people had panic attacks from it and no matter how much they've been reported they haven't gone away and so many pop up afterwards, honestly if ur gonna report, pls turn off autoplay

  86. ExpressSet430

    You know this is irking because... ITS DAYTIME

  87. Kagi

    Hardly any more annoying than the average stan account.

  88. rancidskunx

    Damn nigga you really hate that Honda guy..........I feel you man. I hate my upstairs neighbor that plays online and yells too loud. Also decides to be Jordan Jr and dribbles at odd hours.

  89. Peter Matthews

    9gag did it

  90. Paul Z.

    I don’t know if desensitizing myself to death/gore videos was a good thing or bad thing

  91. Treln

    My conclusion: some edgy kid was bored. other edgy kids thought it was cool and followed with it

  92. Hri7566

    yay i'm somewhat early

  93. Logical 1000

    I did some investigation and I found the account and reported them. She says she has never tweeted a gore fancam, but if you check her "baes" account he retweeted a vid from her account, which was the vid shown in this video. Please go report them, you can see theyre @vivislitz and report her "bae" which is @izcults. Edit: Did some more investigating because i saw another acc linked to @izcults and @vivislitz. (that account being @oecuts) She responded to this tweet by @heejnsfw: some of the accounts spreading images and fancams: @oecslitz @yualvrs @seokclit @tensi8n @yeojinslvt @dykiie @xxzes @wjsnslitz @yveslitz @oecuts be sure to block them Those are some accounts to look out for. Please go report and block them as soon as you can. Some are suspended but others had the same symbols mentioned, and deleted tweets.

  94. Kaila Bennefeld

    Me:*watches video* You:a crazy cat killer kills cats Me: we have a special place in hell for everyone who hurts animals Me:*brings out 2 katanas* I warned you

  95. ThePsychoRenegade

    Did NOsel ever fix the issue similar to this? I saw stuff about it for one day and then it vanished.

  96. joongskz

    i, a kpop stan, just wanted to say that we do NOT claim these disgusting people. in fact, we’re all mass reporting and blocking and calling out these trolls. they’re nothing but a group of wannabe edgelords who happen to listen to our music

    1. Webcores

      I doubt they even listen to kpop, they’re probably so fed up with fancams that they decided to add a shocking video in the middle to upset actual fans. It’s really pathetic. Like, dude there’s a block button for a reason

  97. unrelenting awesomeness

    Gamers are white supremacists Me a Czech person: drinks beer

  98. Kale Reagan

    I've seen one of these people on discord they're not cool had to report for death threats

  99. Oh Yeah Yeah Hd

    Seen worse than these shit videos on twitter xD. Wish i had not but still

  100. olaolapepsiman

    Hey if she eats the cats after it's all good honestly