Hi, I live in New York City and love NOsel.
some FAQs
Q. what'd i shoot that with
WIDE LENS; amzn.to/1VCtBhS
DRONE; amzn.to/1Sl75Uq
OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great); amzn.to/26lwt
Q. where did i go to film school
A. never went to film school or college
Q. what's that crazy space where i'm working in a lot of the videos
A. that's my production studio in NYC, i built this space and have been here for almost 10 years. no don't live in this space, just work
Q. what do i edit with
A. final cut x. i don't love it. too crashy and clitchy but i hate learning new software
Q. someone asked how old i am
A. i'm 35. well for now i am. i was born in 1981 so if i don't update this before next year you can keep track on your own

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  1. Outdoorsy Norwegian

    Abolutly beautiful storry

  2. Andre Heuer

    So how expensive is it and how can I book it?

  3. Jude Adler

    Next it’s gonna be “Flying in the first coronavirus free airplane seat”

  4. GintarasPlayZ

    WITH WI-FI?!


    love this guy

  6. Keeweeann Gonzales

    0:12 song?

  7. Ixlikexmyxoddsxodder

    Can we get a 368 update?

  8. rupsdbb

    Proper bedroom huh!! I wonder how sex would be on a plane

  9. Pratham Patel

    but there was no intent casey

  10. Yoshro

    When you house is worth less than a video

  11. Kranky

    Why is all the election material in 3 languages? Here in Australia if you cant read, wright and speak English you're not becoming a citizen. How can someone fully integrate into a society without speaking the language.

  12. David Newson

    braaa we all know publishers clearing house was the first og give away

  13. Justin Lesperance

    I usually go on a Esk8 ride with my group of friends every Saturday starting from Baldwin Hills Overlook Scenery Park via Baldwin Creek thru Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier bike path, back to Baldwin Hills via Exo line bike path and some side roads. Due to Covid-19, large gathering of 10 people are prohibited. So my group rides are postponed until the virus end.

  14. Oskar Svensson

    Omg the bullfest hela dagen song. Bruh that is a old swedish song

  15. Steven Darke

    You should've lit the cigarette and put the lit part in your mouth(try not to burn yourself), put the other end in the balloon and blow the smoke into the balloon. Stoney tips Haha

  16. Tyler Speir

    i thought it was a hoverboard

  17. Angie c

    bro imma eat half of what I eat now.

  18. Peridot Cipher

    Imagine us humans staying on this for a free trial

  19. Rafael

    3:27 MILK

  20. 96tupac

    China is the bad guy !!

  21. Who you looking at? abs

    how are you going to get the Microphone cable out tho?

  22. Science Household Hacker

    Now he is 34 m sub's And 6 billion views

  23. Camoツ

    Let’s be honest, Casey has never used a crosswalk

  24. Terence De Haas

    Dji will kick that things ass

  25. Sigurd Ryan

    There are a limited amount of corona virus tests, thats why they cant test everybody. If you’re experiencing symptoms you should stay at home.

  26. Nate Herold

    Cassey should have stayed...

  27. Fardan islam Ove

    My dji inspair 2 pro is drone king

  28. Susana Harris

    Nobody: Not a Single Soul: Casey Niestat: *brings measuring tape on flight*

  29. Anai Aguirre

    i take 30 min shower

  30. Susana Harris

    Nobody: Not a Single Soul: The Background Music: *eh ah eh eh eh flyy eh eh*

  31. Dunlap Brothers

    it is not an ipad

  32. Evelyn Bolger

    In conclusion, You get a flying house.

  33. ae gaming

    He looks like a neanderthal without those glasses so keep wearing them


    Work from home and online lecture From Indonesia Tasikmalaya

  35. Lis Hurd

    Don't forget, haters are your biggest supporters.

  36. Ethan Awald

    Flying a drone "LEAGALLY" HAHAHAH

  37. b a r n e y h a r p e r

    5 years ago today

  38. Caleb Chandler

    Do you get to keep the stuff they give you, like the slippers and pajamas and stuff like that? I'm guessing you don't

  39. EXP3RT

    This gets recommended to me every year at a random time lol

  40. Arthur Alvin

    Alguém pelo Edu?


    Who is here in 2020? Like to tell

  42. Evan Quimora

    Whats that shoe

  43. Jay King

    like in the restroom

  44. Turtles and more

    What Camera did your use on the ronin sc?

  45. RichardEm TM


  46. Priyangshu Das

    Wow! 😍

  47. Rori Ramokolo

    Casey neistat should have his own private jet

  48. Butiamaskillia Batikaladonut

    Anyone know the music in the beginning?

  49. LeFluff1 947

    This video called me broke in every language imaginable

  50. Narmatonia

    Geez America, your ‘Small’ is halfway between the UK Medium and Large!

  51. Sérgio Roleira

    Casey Rocks, Big Hug from Portugal

  52. gamerboi88

    You don't want to be there now.

  53. Bulldog Badger

    Anyone else on lockdown from Corona going through old Casey Vlogs?

  54. Derek Romba

    He reminds me of joker

  55. Robert Dawson

    Never mind the turn down service for a few dollars more do they offer Turn out service?

  56. unsub

    what a looser. get a real job

  57. Valera Podakin

    Тут есть русские???))

  58. lclmtv_602

    Good vid man stay safe!

  59. Dr. Meme

    Hu els drapd der fown dawn bikos of shok

  60. Flakes 1

    Stay Home, Leave The Salmon

  61. Karen Lichtman

    Oh Casey. You bring me comfort, and I totally respect your work. And boy have you made me miss Venice. How much do I love Abbot Kinney. I'm a cashier at Whole Foods in Brooklyn. I spoke to my doctor yesterday morning. She does not want me going back to work for the next 2-3 weeks. I am fine now, heathy, no signs of this virus. And we'd like to keep it that way. I'm 52. Am I scared about the money and the lasting effects of not bringing in an income? Yes I am. But as my doctor told me yesterday "if you die, money isn't going to matter." Hang in there. Keep doing what you do. You inspire so many people, including myself. Now, have you thought of letting your daughter design hip pouches and calling them "Frannie Packs?"

  62. daniel abreo

    A Fuckkkkkking solid gold skateboard , what ,😭😭😭🗽✈️✈️✈️💜💜❤️❤️

  63. Nate Herold

    "So I'am elmo now?"


    I like Dji mavic pro most

  65. Tuna Yılmaz

    I really want to move LA its my dream to live in the city of angels🤩

  66. Marcus van Hese

    my birthday is is the 21th of July!!!!

  67. MK.

    All this sounds like first class

  68. Hamlet

    Casey you are the best !!!

  69. Freddie Smith

    Awesome socks and gloves dude loving the blue and green mate

  70. fłøwèr shores! Nightmares¡

    Why those he not post anymore i checked all his vids

  71. larki pataneka m

    I need a DJI plz givee brô

  72. Unlimited Bro

    It's 2020 and I still look back at this masterpiece of a film

  73. Yamin Alshayeb

    Casey- buys lambo takes off logo Me-🤯

  74. The Unknown

    when it comes to money ppl don't think abou how many others touch that money that was sick

  75. irene rueda

    He has a back yard, he can easily just workout & have fun activities in the back yard. It's extremely irresponsible for him to go to the beach & do all sorts of things because if everyone did what he was doing there would be no social distancing because 1. everyone would be surfing, everyone would be running. That's Bullshit! i've been home for the past month & i get Vitamin D from my balcony i don't have to go jog where i might encounter people. & him saying he's going to get the virus & him being OK with that??? well what about his wife? what about his kids?

  76. MK.

    What do I learn from those vlogs: DO NOT fly American airlines

  77. Greta Xanthe

    Its a Franny Pack 9:17

  78. Khushboo Sahu

    Why this man wear goggles 24hrs

  79. Aabaran Adhikari


  80. Victorialynn Tong

    This dude also wears sun glasses to sleep lol 😂

  81. Yaeed Ahmed

    Who sleeps with a sunglasses

  82. O SL

    Yes it affects every human life on earth, and no lives lost is ever okay, but on the flip side, the earth is now able to take a break. If you look at everything around us a year ago, the earth was about to become inhabitable, wildfires, climate change, global warming, thinning ozone layers, air pollution, so filthy we can hardly breath and all were done by us. This Coronavirus event, even though, causing human lives, but on the other hand, it is giving earth a breather, as if almost a second chance for human civilization. Now Ozone layers back to normal level, less air and water pollution, oxygen level resumes, and so on. A little human sacrifices for our better home is a home run for all of us.

  83. Asbjørn Mortensen

    This is wierd, I am from Norway and heading anywhere closer then +8 hour drive is deffinatly a roadtrip, wouldnt counsider flying for a second.

  84. Lewie Barry


  85. MrSevenup89

    Just read Ulrich Beck.

  86. VTT

    very very amazing video, i'm from vietnam

  87. Trystin Cracium

    I really don’t see how so many people are upset with Casey for running, surfing, etc.. He is respecting social distancing by being 6ft away from people while doing these activities, thus disallowing the virus to spread, even if he had the virus. For those that say “well if everyone did that then it wouldn’t be social distancing”. Well, not everyone is doing that, nor will they. He’s not spreading the virus, nor allowing for it to spread with his hobbies that he does by himself, alone.

  88. Rajendra Rathore

    They literally tricked the rules.

  89. noahjohnstone_

    the luckiest dad

  90. MattAttack07

    *looks at camera* "I'd like the smoothie please"

  91. Allampati Subbaratnamma

    How do you make this, wow, it's engineering

  92. Strawberry_potatoe

    :/ Why is there "white" stuff around the inside of his glass? O.o I think that what happens when you wear sunglasses for ToOooOOoOoo long! xD

  93. mstokess16

    I still won’t pay that much if I had the money

  94. mstokess16

    This looks wack 🤨

  95. Mahibur Rahman

    Remote control drone chahie aapka password Sara drone hai mujhe dena drone please

  96. King1of5drift_465 ᔕᗪ ᒪIᖴᗴ

    I know thisss ooonnneeeee costa concordia has sink

  97. Sai Suhith

    Most honest Interview I have ever seen.

  98. AB Khan

    April 2020

  99. ChocolateGuurl

    kinda glad to see this pop in recommended feed. missing his old new york vlogs :(

  100. Thanh Đỗ

    your studio looks great !