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  1. 1kennyroberts

    Live by the Drug die by it. Lots of money= lots of drugs= Death

  2. Toby Ebozue

    I have watched this video 50 time and I'm just now noticing that's G-Herbo at 0:06


    Rino LLS

  4. Fill

    Juice WRLD???(2:08)

  5. Manny Catin

    Force For Ski Mask 🖒👇

  6. Knight Mare

    drugs: 0% fettuccine: 100%

  7. Vickie Barrs

    Love it

  8. 5 high 59

    The shit I say when I dunk

  9. Beast Honaker The 2

    Love you juice

  10. Beast Honaker The 2

    Rip juice

  11. Aryah Brown

    This song is the shit

  12. Tristan Mundas

    Nice songggggg

  13. Adam Gibson

    Get this shit to 1 billion views

  14. Dead Liner

    BRO RHINO IS IN HERE!!!!!!!!

  15. Adam Andino

    Ahhh.. where do I even start.. 2017 music and memories.. such good times 💓😌

  16. Kaden Thistle

    Rip with Kobe and Gigi

  17. Kaden Thistle


  18. Fortnite Bot

    I like this song

  19. mself

    juice wrld is better

  20. CaramelQueen 101

    Why did I think this was A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie


    Stop saying who's here in 2020...we never left😔

  22. Jeremiah Degregorio

    Await he predicted his deathJ

  23. Стрельба Стрельба



    We are all gonna miss this guy. He's too young man. He had really big talent. May he rest in Heaven.

  25. ThunderYt 242


  26. sam bruh

    I love how at the start of the song you can just here youngboy nba slowly dying in the background lol

  27. Ajay 2x

    Y’all ain’t kno that was g Herbo riding that bike in the beginning 😂

  28. Lucas Santana


  29. Joseph Miller

    In loving memory forever Juice WRLD

  30. Mason Rivero

    RIP just sad

  31. Payton Schmitz

    Is jw cool

  32. Aramis German

    did y'all notice that lil tech is playing nintendo 0:41

  33. Pearbear57

    Aye my boy Rhino was in this since when

  34. Payton Schmitz

    I now

  35. kevin elder


  36. Kreativ Tina

    Juice shouted out Soulja😫❤️😭 RIP juiceybaby😫❤️

  37. harjot nijjar


  38. braydo


  39. tragic kook

    Literly nba youngboy in the whole video 😐😐😐😐😮😐😏

  40. Kreativ Tina

    When someone pisses me of *chorus*

  41. J Bogs

    white boy is hard 🌀

  42. Pokeplayzgaming Officel

    You Made my heart make break you Made my ick

  43. Wesley Van Torre

    God I can already tell this guy is gonna be my next favorite artist

  44. elsnipahoe

    Play at 1.25x speed

  45. m7si banks

    I can’t keep on man 😭I’m ending it all tonight

  46. Laurinda Walker

    I like how people haten on shordie but he out here with more fame and money then you

  47. Christopher Ireland

    There a lot of faces in this video😬👀😳

  48. Ethan Finley

    Blue face the type of guy to cancel a doctors appointment because he's sick

  49. Peter Parker

    Me walking into my little bro's preschool to beat up his bully 1:34

  50. Timothy justine


  51. Ethan Finley

    Germany invading France in ww3 by force of habit 1:34

  52. ZaP PenguinPlayz

    What’s goodie! It’s ur boi rhino aka great value Chris brown! And welcome back to loveliveser- wait this is lyrical lemonade

  53. Hewo Nice

    I like bule face acutlly

  54. Toxic guy

    This guys 100times better than lil guys

  55. Ammanuel Ashebir

    Shoutout rhino

  56. Hewo Nice

    This is ok

  57. Jaileen Ojeda


  58. 魔王吃鸡

    👁️ 👁️ 👄

  59. Skrr T

    Ayyyyyy Logang what’s piping

  60. Roy Blancas

    It’s fucking crazy bruh I never listened to him as much as other ppl but goddamnit this shit is hard to comprehend, when I got the news I played it off like oh whatever but he’s fucking dead 😢 Fly high homie u earned it.

  61. Army Snug

    The first four lines mean something remember it

  62. Rich 4

    *long live juice*



  64. Deaston

    i remember a week after this song came out i would always dance to this song in the shower and now he's gone :(


    Hate all these fake ass pepole who talked shit saying he fat now yall all like r.i.p we love you like yall look dumb osrs = on some real shit 🙄

  66. Efrain Lopez

    RIP JUICE WRLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. gangsta_elmo

    Juice wrld Someone who lives in our hearts An inspiration Not only a rapper But a nice guy So emotional but so thrilling At the same time Not only is he just someone we admire but someone who we love Thank you juice

  68. Rocco Velasco

    Stay off drugs and no face tats. And your solid kid.

  69. Cindy Hernandez


  70. Nathan Gaytan

    When I type in juice wrld concerts but then I forget

  71. SiSi IsMe

    I just keep looking at his hair and thinking: *"Mmm.....R A M E N"*

  72. Firstbase kings

    She looks when Lil skies raps She doesn't look when rich the kid starts rapping

  73. GGSoup

    Fr Fr he spittin fax

  74. Crystal Mata

    Who's still watching 2020 rip legend

  75. Key nut

    Dued look like 21 savge if he was from the SOFT side

  76. Moodfood100

    Dude every year some has to die it’s kind of getting annoying Despite the fact that Kobe’s death was more sad then juice because one of the greatest of all time died which is more sad then rapper who is entering his prime. But still rip to Kobe and juice but mostly Kobe

    1. Moodfood100

      But if micheal Jordan dies than the whole world is gonna exploded. But I get why MJ dies the whole would be sad top 2 player of all time and inspiration for all the people wearing 23 and inspiration to LeBron and maybe even Kobe

  77. hannah lopez

    I miss him so much😩😩😩😭😭😭 She was a gold diger.

  78. Elias Isaiah

    This song is lit

  79. Terrance Harris_sr

    Favorite song boyz

  80. BeanPlaysPiano

    “Lemme drive the bus.” -Blueface 2020

  81. ESBA YT


  82. cool call the dude rad

    "I got black I got white what you want?" 👼🤜🏻🤛🏾🙉 End it all

  83. Metro Entertainment Holdings Inc

    80 on wrist 100 on wrist I just ___ your ___ ay yeah 80 on my wrist put on your _--. 100 on my wrist smack you with pock get with my 9lock. Ayy get it on your rock smash you at the docks what what Yeah 80 on it on what on my wrist then got 100 on your ____ ayy. Esskite ayy 💯 💯 alright Royce rolls on your block put on Da rose get with what Cèdes on ___ . Ayy Ice my wrist get with your ___ thotina on the clip. 100 on clip 100 on clip 100 on the clip get with pio I’m go out dio about go on pio get on the prrt . Lambo on the grist what 100 wrist then got 80 on my wrist get the on brick put Royce get wit some ploys hit Royce. 100 on clip get wit the grip 100 on the clip yeah yeah 100 on the clip 100 on my wrist. If you want more I can’t promise that.

  84. Key nut

    A lil jaden smith

  85. Khias Destiny

    Marry me.

  86. Bryno Racks


  87. xisor. sslipperry

    My question is why does this have 45 dislikes

  88. Sudat Khan

    Ceo of eh eh eh

  89. zach swift

    Laroi He sounds like flipp dinero

  90. air on 60 ping

    yall get like misty vibes from this song or just me

  91. Jacob Tyree

    It’s sad listening to all his songs about dieing young and overdoseing

  92. Dan Izumaki

    Ooooh I know in my soul this fool homophobic loool

  93. Blade Ako

    1:00 Realizing the video was made in JAPAN

  94. Kspzin

    Braba da poha

  95. Vicky Cross

    This song is a meme

  96. maddox crowell

    Nostalgic as fuck I remember being entranced by this video one of my first Lucy trips when this song came out

  97. Activ3

    Who rolled that curvy blunt

  98. tfue flash

    me: crying for my girl juice wrld: geting high and frogeting about her

  99. the minecraft memerlord

    1:05 When you get drafted to WW3 but they send you to medical