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  1. Steve Jarvis


  2. Whiskey Jack


  3. Sydney Holmes

    I want a paid for vacation from the government when this is done js lol

  4. Truth Not Fake News

    Russian trolls are out in force again.

  5. But Plugger


  6. Eric Ellithorpe

    I got sick 12 days ago, started with abdominal pain then fever, but nothing went to my chest, two days with a fever and a headache that finally went away yesterday. I may have just had the flu but I did see a video on symptoms and it said some rare cases have reported abdominal pains a few days before the other symptoms, but I can't confirm that. I did the Gov evaluation on the website and it said to self-isolate, don't go to the doctor or hospital and no test at this time. If it gets worse I was to redo the evaluation. I'm feeling better now, but still weak and still don't know if it was the flu or covid19! I never had the flu last this long before and if it was the stomach flu it never really bothered my stomach, the abdominal pain felt like constipation without being constipated, lasted for two days then went away. Then a headache started so I started taking Advil, then the next day the fever started, last for 2 days. Now 8 days after the fever I'm still weak and tired. I took 2 Exs Advil twice a day while I was sick for the headache and fevers! The rest of the family seems to be OK for now.

  7. paul merrick

    ITS ALL A LIE they are testing for corona viruses , no such test exist for the so called covid-19 period folks ,Search the Web the truth shall Ease your mind , Be open minded and search search , Remember they have the tools to debunk all Doctors / media etc etc Seek and you shall Find ! Dr Rashid Buttar and many other Doctors/scientist , your being Manipulated folks .

  8. Judy Nagle

    Chiropractors were never recognized by medical authorities, neither were physiotherapists, general *workers*, *counsellors* and *psychics*, among other *things*. They've been flying around over rooftops, contaminating the air and doing the same in buildings they took over, including a few hospitals and clinics or just the *branches*. They have the most fun in their different *homes* and government housing. This is a job for the real scientists, world leaders and the military.

  9. joanne scott

    All the best to you we will pray 🙏🙏you get better soon. Your very strong to be dealing with this by yourself. ❤️

  10. Cory Williamson

    Good ol' Canadian Healthcare!!

  11. SingleEdge Sword

    Who let you not reject CCP and collaborate with HUAWEI? Enjoy the CCP VIRUS GIFT.

  12. SingleEdge Sword

    Who let you not reject CCP and collaborate with HUAWEI? Enjoy the CCP VIRUS GIFT.

  13. By Me

    Wow I can’t believe they were willing to allow her to go undiagnosed

  14. Greg Wilgosh


  15. Lady Canada

    survivors' guilt

  16. Liette Bonneville


  17. Space_Ninja

    The kid who attacked Jayden should be charged for attempted murder

  18. mikecorbeil

    I very much hope that Melanie holds on as well as possible, that she comes to fully recover and soon, and am not at all happy about how she's been medically mistreated. It'd be great if there was something that can help a person to achieve gains against unfortunate treatment committed by people who are supposed to be med. professionals.

  19. CagedLemp

    Her doing this interview is really good for people to see.

  20. Perry E. Martin

    The line is vertical, there is no curve and talking about it flattening appears far away, talk the here now.

  21. Wayne Madden

    Prime minister is wrong I have friend he closed went to apply but he don’t becoues He only got one person working so prime minister not tell truth pluse someone ask minister of refugees did any one come in he did say yes on so I say YES he one ho let let 55thousand. Refugees from upper state of new York near ross road near Quebec

  22. The end of the world

    According to many pathetic media fed cowards, the bodies are piling up. I'm guessing the hospitals, funeral homes and cemeteries are overwhelmed with the massive amount of bodies piling up everywhere. Be well everyone, turn your television off. Take care

  23. OffGrid Wanabe

    What.... Dougie lied to us who would have thought that a conservative would lie, go figure.

  24. Funken Mole

    Wow, We have the Canadian Army ready & willing to step in any time. 😂 The masks are for people whom have Covid 19 so they will not spread it but if your not infected and where the Mask you can still get infected through the Mask. 🤔 OMG, that makes Sense. 😂😂😂 We are no where near the tip of the Ice Berg. As long as the Gov't keep the gates open for people that should have never been on Vacation in the first place. 😣😣😣😣😣

  25. vipan nagpal

    Taxi has no distance of 6 feet and 3 to 4 people come to sit

  26. MrKillie1978

    I would be afraid to lie down at night...such tremendous courage. Sending prayers for your recovery.

  27. Salma Mohamed

    Wtf are they selling know

  28. Chris Hill

    So I gather contractors will not be covered. Or how about a contractor I was about to turn into a full-timer. Many small businesses contract their labour especially in the event business, so, not holding my breath. In fact, the whole talk, talk, talk about money coming is exactly that; talk. I was on top of this with BDC, my bank manager, CRA way back in early March. I have accounts and reps with all of them and direct deposit set-up, been in a profitable business for 20 years and yet not one entity has so much as extended a line-of-credit and most simply auto-reply with "we're really busy dealing with people that have loads of money already and need help protecting their wealth". Ugh.

    1. V Brt

      Chris Hill contractors will qualify for the CERB as they report their income like self-employed workers and pay taxes on it etc. You would only receive the 75% subsidy for registered employees.

  29. Lino D

    Where is our universal health care system when we need it after paying thousands and more in taxes.

  30. Kai Kara

    They need to use: 1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days 2. Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days 3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days Based on a recent study 350 patients who tested positive with the Coronavirus were taking these medications and of this group they have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations. In addition, no negative side effects other than approximately 10% of patients with temporary nausea and diarrhea.

  31. Covid-19 Group


  32. gerald seivewright

    90%of tax payers money will end up in liberal hands with this prick of a pm

  33. Allan Garcia

    We need to Pray for our nation..Jesus is waiting us to call by his name..🙏🙏🙏 we stay home and pray together with our family or friends ask for fogiveness to our sin and healing.

  34. mussie gebretatyos

    May almighty God help u to fully recover. U are very strong woman

  35. Sasha Alexandria

    So what exactly happens to me ? I was laid off 5 months ago and was 50 hours short. You been saying those who have 600 or more hours you str now eligible for e.i , why exactly was my claim just denied ? I had a job lined up to start in a week that now DOESNT EXIST, I've paid my taxes I'm in a lower tax bracket I have Bill's and I pay rent ? Where is my check JT?

    1. MAN UTD 4LIFE

      It's a shame how these clowns try to reject our claims over small details. I am in the same boat as you waiting for pm to open the emergency benefits

  36. Ron Wuerch

    It Is What It Is...We Do Not Need Help From The Likes Of CBC.

  37. JD 28

    CBC is garbage DEFUND the CBC

  38. Jane Hardin

    I have been a client since July of 2019. In October of 2019 I was told to go ahead and order my retainers that my plan would run out in two weeks. November 2nd I ordered my retainers and was told they would arrive in two weeks. In December I called to find out where my retainers were. They claimed because of the Holidays I had been delayed that I should expect them soon. January 30th, I received my retainers. They did not fit they would not go over my teeth. So I had to schedule a brand new scan. I had my scan done around the first week of February. I was told in store that it would take four weeks. I told the lady my teeth had already begun shifting back to where they were before. She didn't seem to want to help me in that area and quickly sent me out the door telling me not to worry they would arrive in four weeks. Two days ago, March 28, 2019 I called and asked to speak to a manager. I was firm when I asked where my retainers were. He checked in the computer from his home (because of covid 19) and told me he saw where I had my scan, but the place where it was done locally failed to upload the scan. I then demanded a full refund because my teeth are where they were when I first started. He wanted to refund me for the retainers which you pay extra for and separately, then send out my retainers. I hesitated but agreed. Yesterday, I was told that I had already received my retainers in January. Yes, those were the ones that didn't fit. Now, they are not wanting to do what's right and I refuse to pay anymore money to that company. I had already paid in over 900.00 and now my teeth have shifted back to their original state. Not a happy customer at all!!!!

  39. chick EASTWATER

    Watch Tiger King & TROLL Myrtle Beach Safari & Cult leader Doc Antle & his 4 wives making Man Made Ligers in the Lab - for Ego & Bragging rights

  40. danny fischer

    People are understanding of the need to stay at home or away from their fellow Canadians right now. They are however, running out of money, food and patience. We keep hearing these "prepared" speeches from Trudeau where he promises Canadians all these great things and then he does....nothing. Soon, I will have to return to work as my savings are taking a dramatic hit. I have to feed my family and pay my bills and I WILL return to work shortly if I do not get any help from this government. I will do my best to maintain social distancing and watch out for my fellow Canadians, but I will NOT let my family starve because Trudeau fails to deliver any help.

    1. Tom G.

      He's done something. Raising carbon tax on Wednesday!

  41. Whiskey Jack


  42. t t

    Justin t is a Chiropractor now how would of know.

  43. break of Dawn

    All the best

  44. west Stclair

    I hope that everyone will be realized this virus is very serious and social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing are so important for them and their family, friends, and everyone.

  45. Yuri Bezmenov Warned Us

    Let me give you a 10x better show by a CANADIAN creator : Gary and His Demons

  46. Kryptic Kollector

    This guy an idoit. Theresa Pham says one thing and this tool speaking says another thing. Flu shot? 3 months sick and 1 month in the hospital for me 4 years ago 👀🤦‍♂️

  47. Jimmy McKay


  48. Adam Britt

    j.t's a guy to talk about trust everything out of his mouth as a lie or deceiving

  49. Nek Needmar

    Aren't reporters not hearing/listening to the questions already asked & answered? The reason for my question is I heard the same question asked more than once.

  50. Dong Y Kim

    Feeling confident with my Canadian Government and Thank you all to front line workers!

  51. frostbitten

    A washable mask is a good thing to keep around. Even a buff works good. Just so long as it blocks your face from direct touch.

  52. Chris Parris

    best thing the military could do is hold a coup d'é·tat and install the party that actually won the majority of the votes.

  53. Jah Breed

    I'm still choking over that 10%😂 Yeah. Hello Steven and crew, a dollar us a dollar and every dollar counts and 20 is 20, 100 is a 100 etc. Fxxk all is always fxxk all and more offensive than offering no aid. Fact.

  54. M Smith

    Smart intelligent President...

  55. Pickles

    You think someone that sick wouldn't have energy to or the need to wear make up. What ever right

  56. Tom G.

    50% Carbon Tax increase on Wednesday people !

  57. Vinh Le

    Build bigger hospitals in the future. Emergency use sections during things like this..

  58. Mike Burns

    I am sharing with Andrew Cuomo office new York governor

  59. Jim Benson

    Everyone needs to practice social distancing and stay in if possible. Even if your community doesn't have a confirmed case right now, act like it does. The data is always several days to a week behind.

  60. Tam

    Those eyebrows are a mess.

  61. jacob kopi

    Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

  62. Truth Monarch

    No government check it's a lie...Agenda 21 step two...

  63. NL

    I would pound this surgeon.

  64. Ssa AA

    Thank you thank you good job market place. Keep up ghe good work.

  65. MAF MAF

    Social distancing, I work at a major hardware store, we are so busy it is like nothing is going on. Customers are even bringing their kids in.

    1. MAN UTD 4LIFE


  66. Tam

    Those eyebrows are a mess.

  67. Carlo D

    Like chiropractors needed another reason to be avoided as fraudulent quacks. But here we are I guess

  68. gereral1

    There will be 200 thousand dead in Toronto once this passes. So sad

  69. Macks Power

    I don't know how they can predict when it will peak, given they are not testing anyone with mild symptoms, and routinely deny, ignore and downplay the effect of asymptomatic spread, which research has shown is the main source of infection. Ths reply from Ontario health is very typical of liberal replies, keep to the script, don't answer allegations of lying. To paraphrase, yes we lied to you about how many are sick, but it's very serious and you must trust us and do what we say. Yes we also lied about the effectiveness of masks, but you must trust us and do what we say. this liberal government and their political appointees are toeing the line with rebellion, people don't like being lied to, especially when their lives hang in the balance.

  70. Mr. Clark

    Does that include Harry and Megan oh ya you already did that you piece of trash .

  71. Jessica Corminboeuf

    did he say its a white table

  72. Indy Dog

    I hope Bernie Sanders is watching.

  73. Joes Mom

    *it better be*

  74. Dglas Raeat

    I, like many (I suspect), receive a benefit check for rent that is made out to both the client and the renter. It's all fine and dandy for the Prime Minister to be going on about social distancing, but I will be forced to interact with others by the need to pay rent (both travel there and back, and interacting with the property management company. I am trying to social distance because I don't want to become a vector, but also because I will almost certainly be hit very hard by CoVid-19 when (not if) when I catch it (medical complications). Thanks for this, Trudeau. This and engineering our right to medical assistance in dying out of the control of the patient and into the control of whatever fanatical piece of human filth thinks torture is the best thing for patients with irremediable medical conditions and constant pain.

  75. James uber

    CBC sensationalizing everything with incoherent hearsay

  76. Saima Ali

    Inshallah inshallah soon everything going good for Ontario Canada

  77. SammTheBird

    Woaaahh. News lady's eyeballs are terrifying!

  78. JABN creations

    Collective madness!

  79. Mister Man

    No medications at all?

  80. May

    The Trudeau song

  81. bubuxo


  82. Montreal Fighter

    What is the point of lockdown when STILL some of the non-essential works are still open in MONTREAL!?

  83. SaintSinner

    He refused 300 dollars?!

  84. in cognito

    Abolishing the cbc is a must

  85. Patrick LaBelle

    When will theCBC report on the hundreds of illegals that Trudeau let in since the beginning of the outbreak with no screening? And instead of wasting $600 millions in bribes to media outlets to flatter his ego (like $115 000 a week to the Toronto Star), Trudeau should be spending this money on helping Canadians. Will the CBC have the courage to report on this? Of course not.

  86. Connor Hunt

    “It’s a big club and you’re not in it”

  87. Colin Cooper

    Explain the order papers flying out of Butt's hands. Clear you still answer to the UN masters. EXPLAIN WHY YOU EXEMPTED ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSERS WITH SYMPTOMS TO ENTER CANADA. WHY WAS THIS A PRIORITY THIS WEEK.

  88. Melanie Cape Town

    Chiropractors are NOT doctors! Pinched nerve in your neck, muscle spasm in your back?..yes easy, get a manipulation.. but absolutely do not trust quackery claiming defence from viruses... we should not even have to put this message out there. No!

  89. MegaSmarterthanyou

    the china virus is really bad

  90. Dave Rees

    Government Politics are always Statistical. STAY IN & Read a copy of "DONNIE'S GANG" in Kindle or paper from Amazon. Four fictions about President Trump to delight and amuse. Buy the CoronaFree eBook and stay reading immediately on the free downloadable Kindle reader for phone or PC. Stay Safe! Stay HOME! cheers

  91. Whiskey Jack

    Where is his CAPE

    1. MAN UTD 4LIFE


  92. Denesh Bhaskar

    horrible. That conviction is horrible. Mr big is bs.

  93. Perry S

    sounds like where taking after chinas reporting

  94. michel bolduc

    Wasn't Trudy's quarantine over 2 days ago or will he stay in hiding until this is over , he must love this situation , no Parliament necessary just like a little dictator , he sounds like he's talking to his kids

  95. Whiskey Jack


  96. fergal farrelly

    How is Trudeaus wife doing now? God bless get well soon. As much of a hard time we all give him we the good wish her well.

    1. V Brt

      fergal farrelly she has been cleared by doctors now

  97. Whiskey Jack


  98. Chris Parris

    How do we have money for a rainy day when we are billions in debt, how does that work as i would like to apply the same philosophy to my life?

  99. george agathangelou

    Guy in the thumbnail do u even drink bruh that's the smallest drink for real

  100. Scott Cameron

    I find that Vassy Kapelos rarely criticizes or questions liberal government policies/decisions. She appears to be a good liberal soldier. This goes back to when she took over P & P. Just an observation.