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  1. Quixotic Ignotism

    Nice to hear an honest opinion on CBC, in place of the regular PC drab.

  2. atin eigh

    Thank you for your lies We appreciate it

  3. Has Good

    That’s just sad either way. Even if she has her reasons far beyond what we are seeing; I would have taken the high road and split it evenly.

  4. alex

    Just remember, school shooters come from broken homes without strong father figures.

  5. Sofia Psyjam

    How can it be legal for any company to put such false information out there? Isnt there any organization that deals with these kinds of things, like suing them for misleading their costumers?

  6. Ed-Ology

    I was on their side at one point, but now, I am against them. They are taking this a bit too far. Keep up this stupidity and the Canadian people will tear down your blockades., not the RCMP and police force. People are about to get laidoff due to this blockade. Stop for God sake, sit down and talk with Ottawa to resolve your issues, then I will support you all the way.

  7. A K

    If it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.

  8. J.K.V

    That’s so dam wrong these supermarkets are all ready charge in a arm and a leg for food and too know this it makes me very mad ..I know someone who use to work in the supermarket many years ago and told me a story about fruits being wash from having mold and re date it sold agin mess up these big box store I mean any store due in this should be fine big bucks because us people who buys this food works dam hard for us to be fooled like that I always stay away from to good too be true prices ..and the freaking mess up thing is it’s happening way way more then what we think ..and if u see this happening who do u call ?? And agin people are not doing nothing about it .. thank u for this video I’ll be even more careful.. and I’ll be passing this link to any one and everyone I see or talk to ...agin thanks

  9. Dark Souls1

    Is all you gotta say

  10. Dark Souls1


  11. BigDog W

    CBC and the PM seem to be in sync

  12. Ajax Ontario Canada

    If the indigenous people don't want Canada to flourish in wealth we should stop their first of the month checks!💸

  13. Big Deeper

    Since it is a cult and are likely very suggestible, after testing I bet the problem is not as bad as feared.

  14. South American babe

    the whole idea behind self-checkout is to use the customer for free labor while they save money on not hiring cashiers. I'm already spending money at the stores so no one is getting free labor from me. i always use a cashier.

  15. doyle amo

    You have the most perfect conditions to contain a outbreak just sail out to sea but the officials of several countries decide to use it to infect there population. How can all these people with all the fancy titles be so unprepared for the jobs they hold

  16. Grace Bertrand

    Eric is a zombie just dug up... He's a damn joke..

  17. WELL YEAH 26

    Wow I can actually can comment on a cbc video wow good job CBC good job !👏👏

  18. henryk peterschein

    The gang that hit the wall age. LOL.

  19. Private YTC

    Well not doing any action against these scams.India is becoming an untrustworthy e commerce place for the world. And Canadian Govt not doing anything are losing their own credibility.

  20. groy10001

    So why aren't we doing this in the uk.

  21. Ferlin Ternofsky

    A true women indeed god bless

  22. Nora

    Ameen.(not amen,ameen)

  23. Kim Wiley

    I can see she has an agressive personailty in the first 2 minutes.......I've worked in care homes and can read them like a book. "they often will ADMIT that they became upset and raised thir voice".... says the eldery advocate. There's a way to remain respectful to staff and to adress your concerns with the APPROPRIATE entities. Care takers and staff make very little money. They do not get paid to deal with angry familiy members.

  24. Isaacs Random Videos

    I made real orange juice, much better

  25. Tammy Kosiancic

    I see even the Canadian news is shilling for the establishment candidates. You think Warren yelling "sexist" at Bloomberg is going to make her shoot up in the polls? Insulting your viewers much?

  26. John Cheresna

    OMG, the CBC are starting to tell the truth instead of fanning the flames.

    1. Eric Cartman

      I'm truly shocked by this, it's actually a reasonable interview from the CBC.

  27. joe chrow

    1 of the most Dangerous people in America is the White Cop...MANY of them are Shy timid quiet insecure Non confrontational males...They join the police academy to become something they are not and use being a Cop to act TOUGH and take advantage of civilians and take out all of their frustrations on them...Without the gun and badge and police force they are practically afraid of their own shadow and would AVOID confrontation with anyone...Be VERY Weary of these type of men folks

  28. R Sihl

    Are men allowed to wear skirts at the restaurant ?

  29. Marcus Ryder

    Terrible framing. Is CBS corrupt?

    1. Tammy Kosiancic


  30. bumblebee34

    But the Starbucks Twitter crowd know better

  31. Anthony George

    Burn in hell liars

  32. Patton MacLean

    This guy is the crappiest interviewer that the CBC has ever had.

    1. Isaac Griffin

      That's saying alot

  33. Anthony George proves your lying..your research is all lies..

  34. LuxembourgRichard

    What an insult to the natives of this land. Imagine First Nations asking Trudeau and his neighbor to move because Nation is expanding cattle and food ranches throughout his neighbourhood and disagreeing would be threatening food security of all Canadians. Your response?

  35. Jack Handrick

    make it out of hemp.

  36. Canjuanna Grows


  37. Naughty Nacho

    Could I BE anymore excited

  38. Canjuanna Grows

    lIar, prove your from Wet'suwet'en lets see something

  39. Hyjaxx 9

    As a parent myself I can't but help to think how selfish and cruel Emma is to her parents if she did just ran away.

  40. The HandyMan

    CBC look up Jim Brownings video destroying a scam call center

  41. CoffeeCloud


  42. Thomas Fisher

    Universe Tarot 2018 The 3 Suits The Stars Mysterium suit: The Morningstar: The Tragic King: The Shaman:The Mercenary: The Priest: The Doctor: The Princess: Baldr: Eurydice: King Rat: Creeper The Mouse: Miss Rat: The Palomino: The Boa Constrictor The Moon Inferis Suit: The Computer: The Rooster: The young woman: King David's daughter: Archangel Michael: Odin: Baal: The Man of Faith: The Navy Seal: The Captain: The Guide: Ekajati: Mahigan the Fierce Dog: Yemoja wife of Pires The Sun Coelum suit: Helios: The Woman on the Hill: The Cosmic Wheel: Home: Last Cup of Sorrow:Etz haChayim: The Olive Branch: Adam: Jabal al zaytun al tur: The Golden Boy: The Assassin: The Liberators: The Shepherd: Santa Maria

  43. Johanna Estevez

    She obviously never saw Friends what kind of Chandler impression was that.😬

    1. Peggy Chen

      Johanna Estevez could you BEEEEEEE any more enthusiastic?

  44. Dee_xx

    The Latest scam is leaving a HALF message on your voicemail, so it appears that some of the message is missing, including who is supposedly calling. I'm sure they think that this strategy will pique curiosity....I have received one a day for the past week. Each VM is cut off. Who do they think they are fooling? Scumbags, rot in hell.

  45. Yak Man

    I hope they don't all come back trans something . Netflex has enough of that

  46. sybil lumpkin


  47. Cassandra Swisher

    Love this! Very informative. Thank you, even in 2020.

  48. Isaac Griffin

    As a healthcare worker in seniors care if we actually paid a competitive wage we wouldn't have to steal good workers from Kenya. Now who's going to look after the seniors in Kenya?

  49. vicamaral

    you can thanks coca-cola they invented the plastic bottle and promised to clean it up how's that working.

  50. And Me

    Canada has open borders, virus is welcome

  51. Freelander

    This is not new . They have been killing the elderly for years . I saw that for myself . I worked in one and got fired because I got all my people back to their rooms after breakfast and made sure they were ok . And went back to help a mentally challenged woman to eat . They had removed all her teeth. The head nurse ok’d it . But the Floor nurse ordered me to stop and I wouldn’t not do. I refused and got fired . The young woman was starving. And that is just the tip . America and Canada created theses places for children to dump their parents . Out of sight and out of mine . Now they don’t even bother to put them in a home . They just talk to them . The only reason they show up is when they are dead . Because they want their estates.Why do you think they are aimed at getting rid of all the elderly? They young people today think we should be killed

  52. Human Earthling

    What a way for Humanity to live in such fear ; putting band-aids like wearing "protective wear" as they do their jobs as EMT, etc... Why doesn't enough of those in power put a STOP to the labs that are EVEN NOW, working on assignments to genetically alter harmless bacteria into weaponized killing machines? Their priorities are skewed in my opinion.... It has been known for YEARS that microbiologists have been dying in droves and in defiance of the normal mortality rate and in mysterious ways that defy logic. Can it be because they have a lot to tell about some of the assignments they were given by those with the wealth and power to so control what they pay for? Is Humanity going to continue cowering in fear and yet do nothing to address the REASONS why so many formerly harmless bacteria and viruses have suddenly become life threatening? The measures being taken even defy logic. See some of the comments below which bring up good points about people leaving one country to go to another even as medical workers must wear protective gear that interferes with the efficiency with which they care for patients.

    1. K Fitz

      Exactly, no one is banging down the doors of these government buildings making the next "weapon" to destroy some made up enemy.

  53. LucVNO

    After a perfect incubation chamber and definite infection, we spread the victims around the world to infect us all. Corona-chan comes, embrace her.

  54. Susan Green

    Seems sad that someone of such a high standing and a pillar of the community has gone down to this level. As a judge and someone of great intellect and morals, I can't understand how or why or even keep a hand gun ( even though it was a gift) and give it as an option for his wife to use. Many discrepencies that are disturbing! A sudden mental abberation on his part perhaps! He is clearly suffering and in a state of abject turmoil- One can only wonder ......

  55. Kuvleejnus Hmoob

    The scammers are Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and TMobile. These have the biggest customer service offices in India, and every ones personal information are being sold to the street to make money. These companies need to be sued for every penny that the scammers pocket.

  56. Jean Zei

    i dont have time to research this, are the wet suweten people for or against the pipeline?

  57. matt lee

    was Trudeau there to shake there hands?

  58. G Hadi

    stand strong protesters, stand up against Alberta's dirty crude oil pipelines

    1. Isaac Griffin

      @G Hadi learn what you're protesting about! This is completely a BC project to carry liquid natural gas to Kitimat and has approval from every elected band along its route. You may like being led by the nose by aristocratic extortionists but the rest of us would prefer reason.

    2. G Hadi

      @Dave Thomas why don't you keep flipping burgers at Wendys Dave, and leave the pol sci to the rest of us

    3. Dave Thomas

      This is about a pipeline for LNG. It has nothing to do with oil what so ever.

  59. jay lawson

    Pink panther insulation is better and safer

  60. cr7ckd0wn

    Sanders has been a powerful Washington politician for 29 years, and now he is angry as always that the establishment didn't take care of American people. Who is falling for that?

  61. Isaac Griffin

    About time we can actually comment on this CBC, thank you for your blessed benevolence. Glad our PM is actually backing up democracy and not giving into heredity, aristocratic, extortionists. If only he'd spoken up a week ago. If these blockades aren't cleared then what happened in Edmonton will begin to happen everywhere these extortionists set up. Good job CBC, to fight racism you're using racism... see how that works out with the majority!

  62. the one and only

    The problem is not the blue light,but the green greedy!

  63. Graham Drew

    These "Protesters" are not members of the band that is involved. Only 1/4 of the Wet Su Wet en back the protesters and that band is one of 20 that already approved this pipeline. This is more about foreign interference by special interests to inhibit or stop ANY export of OIL or LNG to Asia. Who is paying these "protesters" who is providing transport, food, fuel etc? Many do not even know this is an LNG not an OIL pipeline ffs.

    1. Daniela Bertolucci

      Thank you for pointing this out. People are so oblivious to this, they really think it's just about being the nice guy or the bad guy, the latter always being the villain. Besides, what is it worth having enough land to explore for a million lifetimes over?

  64. Pia

    Big Pharma vaccines (those same vaccines they say have very tiny side effects) are causing an epidemic of gluten intolerance. I have not been able to eat wheat since I was vaccinated with the Hepatitis B vaccine. It made wheat instant pain, i.e., inflammatory arthritis. Vaccines are killing us and wheat indirectly. Modern vaccines are largely GMO--I believe this may be one reason they are so dangerous. As far as I know GMO wheat is mostly not available commercially yet and has mostly only been in trials and that many farmers have refused to grow it after the kick-back with GMO corn and soy.

  65. Deplorable American

    CBC is paid by Canadian tx payers, therefore, they should focus on Canadian domestic issues or Canadian tax payers issues. Canadian economy is gong at the bottom of Atlantic, but CBC does not like discussing it at all.

    1. Mark Steenson

      Deplorable American your English is a little clunky there, “ deplorable American” hahaha

  66. T West

    Oil in Alberta is run by the US, they will tell Canada when to expand and turn on the oil. They did it 10 years ago, they told Canada to have the oilsands up and running as they needed a "reliable source of oil" and Fort McMurray boomed.

  67. Lola Ryder

    That person looks like Miss Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies

  68. I Y

    The answer is clear, its Diesel

  69. Michael Xie

    CBC loaded with language that's biased against Bernie. Typical corporate media shills, looking out for one another across borders. Bernie is the only one who can dismantle the deeply embedded parasitic establishment in Washington.

    1. Michael Xie

      @cr7ckd0wn he has been working in Washington for a long time, but he hasn't allowed that time to corrupt him and he hasn't been bought out by the corporations, thus he still is working for the common people, and not the corporations.

    2. cr7ckd0wn

      @Michael Xie You mean Bernie is not a senator and has not been in Washington for the past 29 years?

    3. Dale Ford

      Yeah, because history has proved Socialism works! 🙄

    4. Michael Xie

      @cr7ckd0wn if he was, he'd have billionaire donors. Billionaire donors only prop up those who will continue to allow the billionaires to cheat the system. So if you follow the money, only Bernie is the one who doesn't have any support from the rich. And all the news media owned by the rich is trying to discredit Bernie. This goes to show that Bernie isn't on the side of the rich elites.

  70. Coletta Hughes

    People that enjoy cheap energy and low emissions standards because of living in dirty polluting states like Texas should have to pay environmental tariffs to enter clean green states like California.

    1. Isaac Griffin

      Lol... you expect someone from Texas to pay to enter homelessness California?! Dreamer.

  71. Cat Lover

    Yes..!!!! I am Sooooooooooo Excited for this Indeed..... I'm a Hugh Fan.. Looking forward. 👍👍👍💛

  72. LucVNO

    Is the national broadcaster finally going to give a voice to the elected Chiefs of the Wet'Sus?

  73. missing Link

    Canada is a country , it isnt native land anymore. Canada has pandered to natives for decades and they arent in much better shape now than they were before. It isnt the governments job to fix the natives problems. Its the natives job to fix their social problems.

    1. LucVNO

      A political party that offers to solve your problems can do nothing but undercut you from behind because if they ever solve your problems they have nothing to offer you for your vote.

  74. WestCoastCanadian

    Just environmentalists and First Nations being funded? That's 'rich' coming from an oil exec. There's way way more funding (and payoffs) coming from energy companies to support their cause. Including international.

  75. catmandenny

    Simple H2O currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Go figure.

  76. Stacion Blu

    This is already out of hand. No one has control at this point. It's going to exhaust the become quickly.

  77. Linda Oliver

    This is so crazyyou find these people making diseases in a test tube in the lab. Then they infect their people then they spread these people out across the Nations. So they can affect so many people so they can make money and then try to depopulate the population. People wake up don't allow these people to make you think they're trying to contain this disease when they're trying to spread it. And look at the bus driver he's driving with the buswith no man snow goggles no nothing to protect him. And yet they still trying to let people think that they don't know how long the incubation period is. or do they because they created it so they must know how it works. People protect yourselves and don't listen to these people because they're trying to infect us all. a matter of fact go to NOsel and find the interview Bill Gates hair with a interviewer that was interviewing him. About vaccinations in vaccines that if they created them right that they could control the population. that means keep people from living and killing them plus keeping people from having children. That's the only thing control means.

  78. Renee Smokey

    Foreigners claiming CORPORATE RHETORIC

  79. jan8919

    It’s better than nothing,i can’t wait to watch friends reunion special.

  80. Melvin Schmecklebak

    I was finally able to give the CBC a thumbs up, a very rare thing

    1. Kyran Iwaskow

      Melvin Schmecklebak yes. It’s almost surreal to see CBC report the truth. Makes you question everything in the entire universe. The fabric of reality has been torn and a new reality has become. They must have cut off the end of the interview by accident where they linked it all back to gender or something like that

  81. Patrick Builds It

    Anyone who goes to India TWICE, especially to track these guys down, gets my respect. I’ve been once and that was enough for me. What a crap hole (literally people squatting to crap in the gutters) and EVERYONE, from street peddlers up to clinic/hospital workers do nothing but work to scam you. I’ve been to a few other countries in the region and would go back to any of them - some poorer than India (although that’s a low bar.)

  82. Yusuf Safadi

    The trump bots are already activated.

  83. Renee Smokey

    Corporate Indians vs SOVEREIGN Indians...Natives...she offers NO FACTS leaks already happening

    1. Isaac Griffin

      Stop the racism. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

  84. CaptainTyler1996

    If think those cameras outside are “hidden”, think again. If you were talking about the indoors cams, don’t show the outdoors cams when saying “hidden”.

  85. BillHK

    You're either for democracy, or you're for dictatorships. The elected chiefs have spoken, but some would-be monarchs are saying no.

    1. Isaac Griffin

      Funny how it took them two weeks to notice it's not a good long game to support extorting, aristocratic, racists.

  86. Whytboy THC ENT

    Bernie Sanders is the New George Washington ❤🥰 2020 Floridia & California

  87. Jacob Zieman

    You know he is a bully right ?

  88. Kyran Iwaskow

    The truth comes out

  89. invisible man

    Mickey Bloomberg just spent 500 million dollars to be tied with Mayor Pete at 11% in the polls.

  90. Mariano Quevedo

    please do not suck

  91. Jason Tempel


    1. conjureup

      Jason Tempel − What are you talking about? Canada has been using natural gas since the 1950s, and more than half the homes in this country is heated using natural gas, all fed through underground pipes on every single one, safely. In fact, 90% of the homes in Alberta use natural gas, without incident. I ask you, do you know what the hereditary chiefs use for their 8000 ft² lodge for energy? I′ll give you a hint ; it isn′ t renewable.

  92. Jason Tempel


  93. Jason Tempel


  94. Anthony Moreno

    Im expecting everyone to be old friends

  95. C L

    Omg, yes, yes, yes, orgasmic!

  96. MrGreggery

    The Marketer's Mission: Lie/teach until your caught in order to establish customer base. Don't admit fraud. Quietly pay settlements with ad budget. High five stock owners!

  97. sarika love


  98. roof pizza

    Lot's of hair dye.

  99. Alen Manalo

    double in 1 day wow! this is like a horrror movie 😱😱

  100. Jason Tempel