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  1. N S

    He's definitely better than Wilder, thats for sure

  2. Jose Salas

    Este morro se handa volviendo loco con ese fake belt que pasara cuando sea. Campeon real

  3. Juan Contreras

    What Mayweather thinks he is..

  4. chou tzuyu

    I think vargas will win this fight....

  5. Raj Beekie

    Tyson is probably the only public man to refer to his family as fat people and not get flax.

  6. FR Bmp

    AJ will not stand more than 3 rounds against Fury

  7. Еркебулан Садык

    Canelo💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉 GGG CHAMP 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  8. Nëk

    Song at 32.40?

  9. Saurav Rawat

    He's trying so hard to be McGregor 😂😂🤣🤣 but being Dillon danis instead

  10. Julio Rowana

    “I gotta calculate a lot of things”

  11. Tyreek Sanchez

    Now that was a fight

  12. Daniel Garcia

    I think AJ is still the best. Over all of them.

  13. jezur camero

    Seems like scripted though

  14. Inebriatd

    Lima Was READY.

  15. Bassin’Assassin

    Looked almost like the uppercut Joshua took him out with lol

  16. Stormbreaker Gaming

    my boy KTI with the W

  17. Richard Castaway

    Mannnn i wish danny was on dazn. Id watch all his fight. Necer supporting pbc tho

  18. Iron Lad

    Tacos and burritos all the way for that power !! And la bendicion from abuela !

  19. Tgon Mwort

    Shedding 11 pounds made a huge difference for AJ. He looked like he could fight another 10 rounds and still be cycling. But the fight was boring.

  20. johny bones

    he took any steroid is possible like hes competing for mr olympia lol

  21. The Caged Bird

    Anthony Joshua was paid to lose this.

  22. John Kearney

    Fury will not beat usk.

  23. i play roblox

    Did Shane Trained jake Because He Retired?

  24. Amit Behera

    Waiting for manny vs canello

  25. 21K Productions

    Isn’t calling him nightman racist

  26. Adam Brier

    Got caught

  27. Adam Brier

    Nighty night MVP

  28. Adam Boyd

    Anything but brutal. Expand your vocabulary

  29. Bill Herd

    GSP is a legend. Khabib is just a guy no one has figured out how to beat yet. Would have loved to see a prime GSP vs khabib.. I see NO possible way khabib could win that fight.

  30. Ron McDon

    are we sure this aint De LA Hoya's kid? LOL.

  31. Symbiote 2003

    13:02 KSI vs Logan Paul PS2 edition

  32. George Ortega

    If I could give multiple thumbs up I would!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  33. Ricko

    All dislikes are gib fans

  34. Beshsar Beshsaryu

    Он долго будет чемпионом

  35. Ethan Cooley 3

    When you find the ultimate combo and spam it

  36. Shane Tyray

    That was a hilarious KO😂😂😂😂



  38. Aadil khan

    I really felt bad for Klitschko because he is better boxer than Joshua.

  39. Nisa Vlogs

    I loved how at first, KSI and Logan Paul had a little nice conversation or so called bonding.

  40. Danny M

    Are these NOsel personalities ?

  41. King Worldwide

    Canelo is a great boxer.

  42. ThreeBears Sandoval

    Ryan is way over rated..he hasn't beat anyone other than trainees and sparrow partners...wait till he fights a brawler lol..

  43. AMV NCS

    We all know that the true king is pewdiepie with 10 years of daily uploads except the one month breack

  44. Gianni Puface

    Barber: what would you like? Ababiy: Give me the Boris Johnson

  45. Yurch

    fury can catch this runner

  46. daygo West


  47. Frankie A

    The definition of SHOOK

  48. POC Skellington

    When you master ranchero style dancing

  49. James Fernandez

    Thought this geezer was pretty straight up about it

  50. louie mcmullan

    Joshua trash. Shows how weak boxing has become over the past few decades.

  51. Lag Gamerzzz

    9:58 which song is this???

  52. HiImRawr

    The weird dude just seems embarrassed. Seems like the boolied kid that got forced into fighting

  53. dee is your highness

    Holyfield vs bowe


    People get old, thats just a fact of life.I don't think any of you will be as athletic as Rampage when your his age.

  55. creativemind26 los

    This is insulting to boxing

  56. biniam zeremariam

    He’s toooo honest,

  57. zed6911


  58. Joel Lyons

    Usyk to underrated this fight should have millions of views

  59. Javier Cecilio


  60. paradox of Epicurus

    She didn't get beat as bad as Wilder did.

  61. Hector Castellanos

    Remember rail road runner Mayweather . that was anthony. Hehehe

  62. HMMiMEAN

    bruh ksi gon get whooped

  63. J

    1:16 ref: stay right there, seconds later hey over here 😆

  64. tema ganivet


  65. merlin suresh

    Imagine being an athlete who's been training for most of his life when doing wrestling and losing to a fifa gaming who was promoting music and being entertaining Wow

  66. Manuel Garcia

    The Chikn' was lite on its feet duckn'

  67. Lord Gargamel

    Punk was embarrassed cause nikita stole on em quick.

  68. Vernon


  69. Kralj Slovan

    Listen when i hear a man say he is satisfied with a GIFTED split decision win .. hahahah ye true competitor.. says alot about his character.

  70. lil R0SE

    when everyone sees logan paul booo everyone sees ksi LETS GO KSI

  71. D-crypt

    "Who's after going broke" comments coming up

  72. Vinh Son

    Love Mikey Garcia🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  73. Belal Syed

    He's ascended and has become a scholar of boxing.

  74. Doj Pimentel

    The real winner is Eddie who's gonna make a profit for Jake Paul vs KSI

  75. Hugo Garcia

    I want to see him fight Canelo!

  76. Vazkor

    Gib embarrassed himself yikes

  77. Jordan Rowland

    I could list to Sylvester Stallone talk boxing all day long

  78. Annoyed Orange

    Vasily Lomachenko: "Be there or be square!" Mikey Garcia:

  79. Amit Suresh

    It's pretty obvious the beef was to hype up the fight, nice to see them talking and being chill instead tho

  80. Levi Wallace

    He's all class

  81. Chris Pacheco

    He said Brandon Rios that Familia.✊💯

  82. Ramy Tube


  83. Yellow Man

    Man Jacobs is technically such a bad fighter

  84. Jesse Alcantar

    Charlo vs Canelo is a fight I want to see

  85. CinemaFilm Buff


  86. cazyhmong

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. Chinese riddles “Mexican Panda🐼”

  87. Michael Rivera

    Mikey "I SEE SOMETHING" Garcia

  88. HG5TIMES

    Joshua is clearly worse than fury and wilder

  89. Juan Solis

    i enjoy this fight every time.

  90. Ramy Tube


  91. MMS.16

    1:10 that’s when it got serious between both of them

  92. Ruthless Rampag3

    Aj will definitely beat fury

  93. Danny G

    Anthony Joshua was never the #1 Heavyweight in the world, because Tyson Fury existed..... It’s a shame Andy Ruiz Jr held his training camp at the Golden Corral cause now we won’t know who the better of those two is until they have a rubber match

  94. Caliph B.

    He got knocked out and they had to cut the video there

  95. Michael Grisafi

    "I don't see how he got cut, do you?" Gee i don't know, maybe the 2 jabs directly to where the cut is!

  96. Esmooth The God

    Here after watching the Fury vs Wilder fight.

  97. Julio Palacios

    Tyson fury is the best

  98. ppt

    great video. I felt happy for andy when watching the fight. Both are nice likable guys but almost no one give chance to andy will even be competitive in the fight let alone win it. Just wondering, after the second knockdown, aj cant walk forward to the referee but the ref let it went on. Can this be contested by andy side if say joshua somehow won the fight?

  99. Alan Freid

    Props to Tyson Fury

  100. The fit 4 Leo

    Flying knee must be a wrestler's nightmare.