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  1. Barbara Hines


  2. PS4 TouchMyTeddies

    oh man rich you know everyone is so depressed in 2020 why even flex? like do you even have respect for what is going on with the world and people dealing with shit and all you do is sit here and flex on youtube because you think you are all that you know i would legit die for the money you have i do not even care for fame or pussy just the money and respect is all i need by the time you read this i am already dead

  3. alonzo sutton

    🔥🔥🔥fire why was this not on his new album

  4. Crystal Angelica Vlogs


  5. Lavar Ball

    youngboy flow was legendary on this song

  6. elasticbandit718

    Beat is Tough A.F

  7. Cheyenne Rogers Official

    If you like nba youngboy like this.

  8. Nur Sagat27


  9. Alex Carl

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  10. da wavy

    📽 🎼💯 Wow fire 🗣💥💥💥 Jefe-G is definitely up next 👇🏿 nosel.info/video/video/03BmbIrHaqdly90.html 🗣 Or the 👌🏿 nosel.info/video/video/mnyHhYvFaoh6vZ4.html WONT BE DISSATISFIED🎥 new heat check it 💯

  11. Justin Russell

    This is fkin horrible WOW

  12. king choppa

    Rich he sound like he drunk

  13. lana les

    Young boy flow is cold AF

  14. Michael Sk97


  15. Devontai Mitchell

    This suck but this One of the best songs I’ve ever heard nosel.info/video/video/rmiibZraiaGlyrM.html dude is 🔥🔥fr

  16. Devontai Mitchell

    This suck but this One of the best songs I’ve ever heard nosel.info/video/video/rmiibZraiaGlyrM.html dude is 🔥🔥fr

  17. Felicia Sanders

    Hi how are oh h

  18. Ezra O.

    This go so fuckin hard

  19. Californiayay Films

    "Pussy so good that I might buy her a jeep"

  20. Felicia Sanders

    Hey how's it going I didn't have a chance to look like a good day

  21. Louis Afredo

    They wrecked it [email protected] HoLL3 TiM3!!!

  22. Franky boy your Bro

    What wrong with rich the kid voice??

  23. Valeria Sanchez


  24. Midnight Clan

    Its crazy how good they are together

  25. Busisa Lukwe


    1. Busisa Lukwe

      Rich never disappoint 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Teo Chudy

    Yall jus some fuckin haters, Rich part hard, even if it wasn’t don’t bitch about it just enjoy the fukn song and don’t tell me his hook isn’t fukn fire... stop playin and ain’t nobody give a fuk if u only came here for youngboy

  27. Imam Mahdi

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  28. unnecessary _sweat

    Best duo

  29. unnecessary _sweat


  30. AllYourBase



    ssgkobe version better in my opinion

  32. Kevon Holloway

    they did that

  33. Pinky nap Maria

    I like this song

  34. Pinky nap Maria

    I love NBA youngboy

  35. Christian Johnson

    yb the only reason this sound good

  36. Its Lit

    Underrated song 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Malthe Dommerby

    fkn legends

  38. Exotic Cichlids

    No hate to rich the kid but if young boy posted this, it would definitely rack a ton more views

  39. Ose Johnson

    Love this sound

  40. Ace Hardy


  41. bahdd_babii

    Wow why is this song so underrated 🙈🙈

  42. K BlueHunnids - Topic


  43. Calvance Brumfield

    Mane who made this beat brh

  44. Calvance Brumfield

    Mane tht beat crazy no lie dude did tht bih

  45. Sysy Guap


  46. matteo giorgi

    most underrated song of 2020

  47. Fosiya Barow

    Nigga that’s the money talk

  48. Jaden Mcmillan


  49. Paul Henry Desormes

    They both went hard on that bitch.

  50. KashOutMike

    This shit straight but SSG Kobe killed this track no cap

  51. Mr chincbleeder

    these niggas high asf and it sound like they was high in the studio to.!!!!!!!!lmao



  53. Fredrick Martin

    Yb stoll the song tho no cap


    I wish I could get few likes and over 5000 subs lmaoo jk how bout 50 for this yb fan

  55. Rane Love

    NBA young boy I'll find you ❤💦👅🍆🤗💋

  56. dekorreon smith

    Can y’all go subscribe to my NOsel channel please it is dekorreon

  57. Zhen

    Rich the black version of lil pump no 🧢

  58. Street Vibes

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  59. Madison Converse


  60. Steven Evans

    hoe: so you just gon leave me youngboy: 0:49

  61. Travis Logan


  62. Calvance Brumfield

    Real jigga city baby mane yb tht boy str8 up thts my yungn nd I told her make show tht money always talkn for ya yea thts how u mole a bih

  63. Patrick Joseph

    They both high asf 🛫

  64. chandler berry

    So u gone solluminati his credit 🤨

  65. Cecelia Williams



    Yb and lil tecca should do a song together 😐

  67. Rod BoyWonder

    Song so fuckin fire‼️‼️🔥❌🧢💪🏾

  68. d7sh

    check out ssgkobe money talk remix

  69. Young C Favorite

    I Think Young Boy wrote Rich Verse This Bihh Hard tho No Cap an Rich Go Hard dont get it twisted respect Big Homie @richthekid

    1. K


  70. chinga tu madre

    Skip ass blunt 😂

  71. Kierra Denise

    They sound good af together 🔥

  72. gerald ramirez

    Rich the kid just be speaking not rapping😭

  73. It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead

    I thought young thug was on this 🧐

  74. Siera (The Chosen One)

    Love yaaaaaaa!

  75. Rkelly69

    Who here for Kobe 👑🐍🏀

  76. CoolKicks 23

    They shot the video in Michaels house on the gta in his tennis court😭

  77. Felicia Sanders

    Idea he told her I think

  78. ZAKON OMA-production

    прикольне музло - текст - фігня

  79. Советский Союз

    This go hard omm

  80. Gone Gang

    Rich flow on this fya

  81. Nikkia Lemelle-banks

    Here for my young boi

  82. Marshaan Shepard Jr.

    Rich decent af this shit hard

  83. Aarron A

    Youngboy was the good part of this song

  84. Toxic

    You guys stole ssg Kobe song and it the same beat

  85. Jodi Kail

    Solluminati in the buildinggggggg

  86. Jaelen Archy

    2:41 what is my man doing in the back

  87. El sevillano

    Youth prevails 🔥💣💥

  88. JOEYSOFIRE 2003

    Youngboy hit this shit! As for rich not so much

  89. IAmCassoo

    I only like rich the kid when he’s with YoungBoy.

  90. Fredrick Martin

    They sound high

  91. kaylaw 610

    Love nba 4k trey bitch

  92. 83wasagoodyear

    Need to keep some protection on jimmy champ

  93. Julian Powell


  94. Julian Powell


  95. Keyshawn Managan

    Rich the kid is the best

  96. Shotz Shells

    Yb my dawg but his cut was fucked up in this video

  97. sugar baby

    Bless up lifestyle

  98. Angel Perales

    Why does rich the kid sound like thst

  99. sarikaeason

    Pray for yb grandma