Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"

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  1. lol lol

    The first one scared me...

  2. Fiach O'Connor

    No mention of the early Ezekiel attempt.

  3. Ahmad Rozak

    Hooker vs Yair

  4. Jay Marcone

    If he gets his full sleeve like he has the should it’s gonna look like a fish net glove 🤣

  5. Vince Rodriguez

    Didn’t rampange power bomb someone into smithereens?

  6. Rya N

    Everyone’s on steroids

  7. Linnea Nilsson

    Hyyy vilken kuslig karl!

  8. SteelersGoingFor 7

    The real Homer Simpson of MMA. James "Jinxd Myself" Vick

  9. Fawad Khan

    nice speech

  10. Roach Nigga

    Damn Saitama got knocked tf out

  11. MVolta09

    "It's your last main event. You're about to be (orgasm noise) on a 3 fight losing streak, shipping your ass back to the B-Leagues to fight tomato cans again." -James Vick

  12. GrandMasta Grimm

    Comments weren’t lying. They were on the ground the whole time lol

  13. twiceayear

    The last one. There’s no way that guys not in a special hospital somewhere.

  14. Kramas Music

    Dominique called it early on. He’d be a great coach one day man.

  15. Eric Chang

    37:12 "fix your kimura." What the?

  16. HenglishShogun

    I think that was the best fight ive ever seen.

  17. M Heeter

    Matt Serra & Din Thomas for PRESIDENT!

  18. Pro Fights Info

    “The Deep Abyss” James Vick

  19. Charles C.

    Felder by KO all day long.

  20. mrlabear crouse

    I hope they never cut Vick... I will miss watching him get knocked out senseless

  21. Kevin Xavier

    Fuck fighters that clearly see their opponents out of it and still decide to elbow/punch their faces. Assholes. They should get fined for that shit.

  22. Realme 5 Pro

    Espinosa not a fighter lol..

  23. Vito Pasquu

    Someone was going to get KO, it could had been Hooker too.

  24. Jj Smith

    How can you go to the nightmare to the dream to Running Scared

  25. Zoheb Shaikh

    I think he'll make Kevin Lee cry again 😂

  26. CowBoah

    you know somebody is an astronaut when video is 3 mins long

  27. Alex Sutton

    Fight of the year coming up

  28. Wop God

    Dc always looked like a dad lmao

  29. napping_eric

    James “Tomato Cans” Vick

  30. Mxtro

    For everyone whos reading this im praying that u succeed and achieve all ur goals 🙏 my goals to hit 20k subs

  31. Michael Lopez

    Shamrock won its convienent to set the rules , in modern ufc Ken would have got the decision

  32. Joe Blow

    People that are stupid enough to play a sport like this ought to be imprisoned for life. We don't need this kind of shit as a fricken sport for crap sakes.

  33. Daniel

    that fake with his right sold the KO

  34. Ace Pilotson

    Both rich Franklin finishes are better than all of these.

  35. Youtube Youtube

    When he’s on defence he loves to lean back with chin help up with hands low. Longer frame fighters tend to do that sometimes.

  36. Martin Saavedra

    We don’t claim him in Texas.

  37. Sohail Saffari

    Vick needs to move up a weight class. It's getting really bad at this point

  38. Johnny Gonzalez

    Lol Vick = Homer simpson

  39. Derek Paige

    That Steele guy is a POS

  40. Philip Edwards

    Homer Simpson ??? But Simpson almost never fell.................

  41. Carrie Hefernan

    Carey Hattley? That's Kevin Spacey.

  42. Michael The2015R6

    Holly Holm kick is just amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  43. Les Playball

    Worlds Deadliest Hooker.

  44. le0thelion

    damn justin gaethje took this guys soul

  45. Usay McKenzie

    Woodley sister looks like his twin lol

  46. Jc Pasley

    For the longest time I just thought Max was uncrackable, even with the loss to Poirer considering Dustin is just a fucking machine. Alexander just pieced him apart man

  47. jameshello38

    Oops. Not the hooker I was looking for

  48. Johns Biggins

    Why isn't the Space Jam song playing I the background?

  49. Jesse James

    Sees that video is 3 mins and 32 seconds long... Me: *rubs hands together*

  50. Tamahu Hunter

    The last style bender will win with his reach and stamina.

  51. John Fuckyour mom

    Justin ruined him..

  52. Chris Waters

    Can't strike the spine or back of the head? What the crap is this bs "martial art". This is wrestling just call it wrestling. Can't strike some stuff that's super effective but can wrestle to your hearts content. gei as fk.

  53. Parallax

    “Im not surprised motherfuckers” James Vick’s chin

  54. No. 10

    Great to see James Vick getting knocked tf out in spectacular fashion as usual

  55. Laconic

    *Irreparable cervical spine injury montage*

  56. Gumrick Zimmermann

    Rachael Ostovich is so beautiful please marry me <3

  57. Layton 101

    At 2:30 look at the guy in the white trunks 😐😐😐

  58. FurkanS.

    Thats what happens when a fighter has a weak chin and no defense. Vick should try his chance in Bellator.

  59. Jonathan Zimmerman

    Funny that Vic kinda became the Homer Simpson of the ufc. (If Homer had zero chin though)

  60. Gerardo Rodríguez

    Poor guys the risk. They're life for almost nothing.

  61. Guntur Kesuma

    Fake hooq

  62. O Flex

    James Vick should really consider retiring. he looked scared to death out there.

  63. tristannolan85

    There's only one other fighter with the discipline and determination to be the best and its gsp. Ferguson will get dominated.

  64. Joseph Gonzalez

    James Vick lost as soon as he stepped in there. Not the same since Gaethe.

  65. Hunter Ramseyer

    I just waisted 40 minutes watching head butts from full guard

  66. jhon bombales

    Dan "the hooker" hooker

  67. Janemba 112

    You fuckin virgins really think Ostovich is hot? she looks like a ladyboy

  68. WookDizz18

    Hooper is tough as nails but I don't like seeing someone so young take that many and that hard of shots at such a young age.

  69. krzychu krzychu

    Title shot Błachowicz !

  70. Yungg Marvl

    Din thomas got a elephant trunk dick😭😭😭😭

  71. jhon bombales

    James "joe rogan" vick

  72. ThreezNation Bro

    I think james vick is scared to get hit

  73. Mason Reno

    truly exhilarating

  74. Paulie Copez

    Tomato can

  75. Xiao GEGE

    hoker vs barboza

  76. RIP George Smith

    *I'm 140 I got body slammed on concrete by a mf that had to be about 195.. long story short God is real*

  77. Brutal*Moses CR

    Vick is terrible

  78. dedy wirabuana

    definitely not fight of the year

  79. KBZ Young

    Dan “hooks” Hooker

  80. BlissfulDemonz

    Great fight!!

  81. Uday Sharma

    Khabib calling someone out.... that shit is scary cuz you know he means it when he says he will smash you.

  82. Aggronomis Blodgarm

    Both these dudes are way too tall to be fighting at 155 lmao.

  83. Michael Grabosky

    Curious to see how many times Vick will get Ko'd in a row

  84. Blane Traver


  85. spafro101

    Hit him with the Fight night trick punch.

  86. 8-BiT GAMeR

    "The Homer Simpson of the division" He should go back to the uh B leagues to beat up on uh tomato cans.

  87. BEATmyguest31

    6’ 3” 155 lbs? Go fvck yourself & get in the cage ewith someone your size.

  88. Steven Benitez

    UFC is mean for this matchup lmfao

  89. magicsinglez

    What was 2:58 The weenie to the face submission?

  90. Luis Valdez

    2:06 watch the hook

  91. cmair77

    This takes me back, watched it at someones house

  92. Film Rajesh Khanna Style


  93. J M

    Gaethje needs to apologize to Vick for stealing his soul. Hasn't been the same since.

  94. David Corsello

    James Vick is keeping it real... ...real unconscious.

  95. Bryan S

    James vicks chin is thinner than any glass in this planet poor guy


    If we start a gofundme and all chip in 1 dollar. We will have enough money to pay Wonderboy to axe kick Madonna in the face.

  97. Snow Rider

    Lil dik Vick got got

  98. Mr Ironside

    Shut up

  99. jedi1706 fan

    Please put all fights of Maynard and Edgar. Thanks.

  100. Aggronomis Blodgarm

    Bonnar debating on fighting Diego over asparagus, decides diego is just too crazy to get involved with over asparagus lmfao