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  1. khalil krimi

    Name: khalil I love you from Tunisia <3

  2. mango gang tv

    marcus i have a girl for you

  3. Remah K

    Just yesterday i was talking to addison rae she is my friend

  4. Bro Do

    I saw the second TikTok

  5. King allen De Vera

    Hahaha! I'm waiting for marcus revange! 😁😁😁

  6. keira maxwell


  7. Sholandra Embry

    Play the dober Brothers hanging out with family this is the police if you want to know police car lease keliscooper

  8. Amaya Price

    hi a am a big fan and my bday was on jan 28 2009

  9. nbagang Griffin

    That's not even lil pump

  10. Alex Tsehaye

    Yo you look cute 😘

  11. Edisson Prevalus

    I Love you Lucas😚😚😚😚😚😚😚🤑😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😁😊 Myriam

  12. Madison Rowles

    Hey 💤♥️

  13. Nikki Jacobs

    That’s messed up u do him wrong that was not a funny prank!!!!👿

  14. leerodriguez100

    Follow me on tik tok -aaron.2020

  15. Blanca Gutierrez

    She is adisson rae.

  16. Bailey Onail

    I'll rather kiss Lucas


    im a like but i dont want to be is girl friend im 10 like if same

  18. mathew brown

    I love your vid's they are the best

  19. Mark Gamer

    Do you guys still do backflips

  20. Samira and kelly


  21. Marleny Montoya

    Really Addison rae

  22. Michelle Lee


  23. David Denton


  24. DJ SONG

    Hahaha😂you guys are so entertaining i love it so much

  25. Sailesh Mayanglambam


  26. Linda Brown


  27. Prathipa Shamili

    Hi good

  28. Mayte Lopez

    I am 7 and i could do tik tok

  29. Katy Mobley

    Katy Mobley 🤗

  30. ashley poulin


  31. Veronica Valencia

    Can you get my to talk I follow you and Veronica Valencia 57

  32. Brady Ling

    Why didn’t you surprise them

  33. Mayte Lopez

    I do tik tok

  34. Wilbert Olivarez

    is that the real lil pnm-p in the new song

  35. Ashanti Hikel


  36. Nayeli Sanchez

    I love their mom 😂 Lucas really hung up on her😭

  37. Astrid Barrales


  38. Ashanti Hikel

    Love y'all ❤️...

  39. Jienous Young

    Dobre army forever. Like if your apart of the dobre army◉‿◉👍👍

  40. Nikki Jacobs

    Bruh! Lucas? u should have asked Marcus first!!!

  41. C SQUAD

    Dixie has a bf grifin

  42. Lisa Shore

    I should of watched the video first 🤦


    I love this video....if you guys like the video like the comment.

  44. Canarina

    i am your biggest fan and this is how much people love dobre brothers

  45. Fred Flinestone

    Who else likes the dobre bro’s Give a like

  46. Mobzilla Gaming yt

    I feel like it will be lil mosey

  47. Brenda Loftis

    I’ve been subscribed to you sense u had 10k subscribers

  48. Jornielthe og

    With blueface



  50. Rawer Rawer

    Wish idol get 20M subscribers soon❤️💞🇰🇭

  51. tally ade

    Get an iPhone 11

  52. fernando isaac bueso garcia

    If i win that iPhone i will play Dobre dunk



  54. Leila Kiggundu

    OMG I hope your girlfriend does not act up.

  55. Hotty 2020

    I was blasting the new song all day until I got this notification Like if you were blasting it all day too.

  56. Lucyrose 34

    Is there a car flipped over at the bottom off the grass 🤣💞

  57. Lazaria Veneti

    Can the other artists be Billie Eilush

  58. Ann Hepburn primary

    Darry was best

  59. star girl Evanna


  60. R62 Productions Miguel-Nuñez

    Do a music video with bad bunny

  61. orire oyinkansola

    😂😂😂How Steve laughs gat me rolling on the floor

  62. Antony Yt

    love you guys

  63. Art ultraink

    Please come to my NOsel channel and give me some support

  64. Matthew Eshelman

    Why would they make a song called you know you lit even tho they made a song called you know you lit with 6ix9ine

  65. Aradana Davis

    Marcus good job that you have a girlfriend you been wanted that

  66. Eric Quezada

    When is marcus going to get a girlfriend

  67. Jyothi Poojary

    Marcus congrats 🎉 u got a gf

  68. TT Unicorn

    U guys are AMAZING i love you guys sooooooooo much❤️❤️❤️

  69. Daniela Maria

    i love you guys but not to be mean the song is a little cringy and bad sorry

  70. Mimi R

    Wait it’s Wednesday they don’t post today. Confusion also who thinks Marcus should get a girlfriend

    1. Mimi R


    2. Ritvik Gurudath

      They might have uploaded for April fools special And we're bored here quarantined so........

  71. SupuN Vlogs

    SupuN Vlogs sub 🙏

  72. Atif Butt

    Hi I am a big fan



  74. Shannon Brown

    My sister said stop talking about you r si ever doing tic tok

  75. Aman Satya7

    Marcus and Lucas , I like ur videos very much . I sawed all ur videos which r perfectly excellent . I had become a big fan of u twins . wish hope go keep much better videos than now .

  76. Nađa Pavlović

    Dixie have a boyfriend i think she is not gona respond with a YES