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  1. Random Rangoon

    Wife and I know people that are gay and they've all said nope to Pete. All are happy for him but nobody would vote for him Bec it's a waste of a vote. He won't be on the main ticket.

  2. Vishnu Sagar

    Well it's 7 lakhs (0.7 million) but trump took it as 7 million.

  3. Promise Akanteh

    My life couldn't be more complete..! My 2 favorite black guys on the same platform. I am proudly African

  4. Strong Willed

    Please check out my Cover of “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. Hope you enjoy.

  5. barry mike

    They did not know what it is....

  6. Lulukins

    As woman who identifies as an asexual, which I believe is included in LGBTQ, I can't agree more with these people. I had the same issue in 2016. Just because you're a woman, it doesn't mean that you got my vote. Gender and sexuality means nothing when it comes to presidency. You actually have to have decent policies for the people. Mayor Pete's policies are all over the place and he is clearly trying to get billionaires on his side and be one of them. And Crooked Hillary? Did she even have policies? She just wanted to be the first female POTUS. No thanks, hard pass. I rather not vote at all.

  7. Nicolette Ellis

    Loved the Bernie ad before this :)

  8. qualitycheckand ratings

    Pls dont make fun . It's difficult to take names of NoN mother language. Even PRIME minister Modi could not say DONALD he said Dolan TRUMP.

  9. MsAnpassad

    I don't speak indian, but even I cringed when hearing his "indian". Sorry my beloved ancestors that left india some 1000 years ago, I failed you by listening to the idiot.

  10. Chill

    It’s incredible because if most of the buffoons watching this video would actually watch the debate, you would see just how much of a shit show these debates really are. Not a single one of them are doing well. Do you think Bernie ie is really going to capture the black votes by incentivizing them to open up pot shops? How degrading and truly deplorable... Trump will win by the largest landslide you’ll ever see because of these clowns that’s the democratic party wants you to believe

  11. Redwana Tabassum

    Ever notice how these "haha the good old spanking days" comment threads tend to start with wholesome tales of light spanking, then devolve into overly cheery anon comments that talk about their parents doing some genuinely fucked up shit, then with the slightest prod for information, you find out that they have deep seated issues and still refuse to place any blame on their family dynamics growing up? I had parents who hit me growing up. That, combined with the same toxic bullshit that many of you guys are like "oh that's so (insert ethnic group)" and say are harmless, really screwed me up for a very long time, and required years of self work and therapy to achieve some semblance of self esteem and mental health. Sure, I might have just been "weaker" than people in this comments section but I once pretended that everything was peaches and fine myself. It took me a long time, but I've realized that the "oh this is just what (insert ethnic group) people do" line of thinking may be partially true, but is mostly bullshit rationalizations. My cousins who live in the motherland, as far as I know, had very different upbringings than mine, and have had easier lives as a result. People I knew in my age group who were the same race and were in the same stage of immigration as me were spoiled rotten in comparison to the way I grew up, and surprise surprise, their outcomes were better too. I'm sure that you can be a good parent with light spanking and what not, but you don't have to look much farther than this video's comments section to see how slippery of a slope that is. I wish I knew what was the "right" way to parent was, I'm sure there isn't a one size fits all. I'm sure spanking can work on some kids, but if you're a parent who does it, you best be very very careful about taking it too far, or you might find your kid unwilling to do anything for you when you're older, cut you off, refuse to let you see your grand kids, put you in a home and never ever contact you again, spit on your grave, etc. Your prerogative, just don't be surprised by the bed you've made.

  12. Swapnil

    Melania :felling happy coz I got doland trump

  13. Fauler Perfektionist

    "Too black too fast. I'm sorry." Whoa! How the hell did this _saxophone_ end up in my hands?!

  14. William Keys

    The Daily Show hires Trevor Noah out of South Africa, why? Noah has a chip on his shoulder the size of his head.

  15. Mimi Do

    My wish for the future: I want a strong wise bisexual woman of color to run America

    1. Kai McKenzie

      Why should the person's colour, sexual orientation or gender matter? What matters is what they stand for. That's why Pete isn't getting my gay vote. #Bernie2020

  16. Alexlaza

    Feel the Bern!

  17. Prashanth B

    Modi did all this to impress Trump. All of it was FAKE.

  18. James Asper

    #Bernie2020 #MedicareForAll #NotMeUs ❤️ ❤️

  19. BAYOU Amine

    when you're a nobody in Hollywood, make a movie/show about sex ...

  20. Xavier G

    4:36 is the reason why he can't get black and Latino voters. Where is the seasoning?

  21. alejandro rodriguez

    Bernie's hilarious 😂

  22. Lawrence Gant

    Grassroots organization is the lifeblood of my campaign BUT I NEED A FUCKING TRANSFUSION STAT 😂😂

  23. Sharon Martinez

    I thought that it was really great when he first introduced himself and WOW! we had our first openly gay presidential candidate. TOO BAD that he turned out to be such a loathsome twat. Ugh. I cannot stand him.

  24. ritaperdue

    These are the same BLM people that keep complaining

  25. Monette Moradi

    This was was your best segment so far Jaboukie!

  26. EyesOfByes

    Mike Pence is in the closet.

  27. shid reign

    You were too good🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Drew Taylor

    Bernie looked rattled when he got Boo'd... And to be honest, IMO I don't think he recovered well.

  29. Kaizaro123

    I've always liked him but his stock just went up.

  30. trebone Jones

    Bernie 2020

  31. Garrison Andrew

    Warren 2020 or whoever, dont care.

  32. Super Tramp

    There’s no democratic socialism verses capitalism in this election. It’s a bullshit premise. Having a strong social program doesn’t make a country a socialism. If it did then it’s already too late by about 70+ years and nearly none of us will have ever even lived in a capitalism. Capitalism will thrive through out the Sanders administration and the upcoming generations will have unprecedented opportunities to venture out into to knew business opportunities as much of our talented youth will not be beholding to dead end jobs wasting their potential because of student debts or the golden handcuffs of employer entangled healthcare. These programs bolster capitalism. That’s the point.

  33. Wodnil Hedivad

    Comrade Sanders will win it.

  34. Sao Pooh

    Love watching the clip - Too funny how he ties this guy up with his own words. But what's even better is Trump looking at the guy praying for him with his hand on Trump's shoulder (4:44) like some poor moron. Trump knows that his base refuses to look behind the curtain, even when a "Toto" the size of an elephant has completely ripped it down exposing Trump as the con-man he really is!

  35. Arun Singh

    Guys i don't know about Trump but if someone insult Modi ji thats not tolerable guys.Modiji is pride of our contry,he work 18 hours everyday

  36. शिवलाल चौधरी

    हरामखोर भारत के बारे मे अनाप-शनाप कहा तो मुह तोड़ दूंगा ।

  37. Ravi Shekhar


  38. Random Rangoon

    The first season was great and I'm positive he will be just as great in the second season.

  39. Osmosis Jones

    Bill Cosby never Admited to druging any . The dictionary definition of druging is to either slip some drugs with their knowledge or force some drugs. The deposition page 135 clearly states did you give these quaaludes to women with out their knowledge that is the question you have been instructed to answer . To he answered no. You could he RPed them after women knowingly took quaaludes. But he didn't admit to you added in yourself. If your gonna base your entire case on the number of Accusers how many should it legally take to logically conclude they all are false 70%80%90% Isn't there suposed to be a separation between Belief and state

  40. Fauler Perfektionist

    Let's not lose sight of _this_ detail, _either._ Of _course_ Buttigieg isn't exactly entertaining. He's a _Washington_ type, not a _Hollywood_ type. Washington is a place where, when everything is working well, it's dull. You don't want a country with an _entertaining_ government; you want a country with a _functional_ government, and _that_ tends to be a _boring_ country.

  41. GPBC squad

    OMG Itni Bejati ..shame shame. But the Show was just amazing awesome you bro

  42. blue_pearl_22

    Fun fact: Warren's jacket was originally white.

  43. Emily S

    Trevor's correspondents are way more entertaining than Trevor.

  44. heyJIMMY i'mJIMIN! 👌

  45. Yusuf Jackson

    He is fronting . That man pretending to pander trying to seem like perfect candidate. He full of shit.

  46. Kamal Solanki

    Intially i dislkd ur video.. but latr realised.. ur awsome...

  47. Damian Taylor

    Is Pete really gay? That kiss was suuuper awkward

  48. Abhishek Sharma

    Clever!!! You are getting subscribers👏👏 by talking about Trump's visit to India

  49. Sarosh Anwer

    Swami vivek ka mundan 🤣🤣🤣

  50. parsa jamilian

    The only true winner here is Donald Trump

  51. Adebagbo joshua

    Trump became a magician in India casting spells, I so much love it for its comic content.

    1. Adebagbo joshua

      merlin version of trump is so interesting

  52. Young Sandwich

    we're not fond of trump

  53. Larry Schonberg

    Well, this got stupid

  54. startide

    I think he employment history tells a lot more about him than who he smash with at home...

  55. 0xCG

    I think all gay people should be comedians because they all just make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. mensabs

    Movie star speaks of 60s marxist. Who watches these late night entertainers? People who work go to bed 9-10 pm.

  57. Sofia Rumich

    Pathetic. The attacks on Bernie pathetic. Time for these losers to bend the knee to the next president Bernie Sanders 😘

  58. Jessica Raven

    That debate was shameful. The opening question was literally dunk on Bernie everyone. Bernie should've been allowed to respond after each attack but they didn't do that. And large parts of the audience aplause were likeley bought by bloomberg.

  59. God is for all Never give up

    Bernie Sanders is on top of the game ,and now other Dems begin to attack him ,he is winning

  60. Haze Haberdasher

    That first question hit and Bernie was like "I smell blood in the water"

  61. Abhinav Kumar

    Trevor speaking hindi just made my day a whole lot better

  62. Aditya Rathod

    6:24 he sounds like chatur from 3 idiots

  63. Ka-Sha-ra

    That police officer not only committed a murder but endangered the welfare of a child in the process....and got away with it. Welcome to AmeriKKKa people!!

  64. Nick Holmes

    Pete won't beat Trump. There are a lot of 'democrats' that are homophobic enough to vote Trump or stay home.

  65. Armon Dadkhah

    Thank you for completly embarrasing her...too bad her and her followers will not get it...low IQ people.

  66. Dragon boy

    While Trump was in Delhi , Delhi was burning in riots (Don't trust me only search Delhi riots)

  67. Anu Ambati

    Why do i feel that in this whole thing somehow india is literally getting mocked in a very sarcastic way.

  68. austin addision

    Berny just stoped and frisked Bloomberg

  69. Superman Returns

    Noah you speak Hindi quit good.

  70. Nuthin But JiJi

    This TV show is like the video game Soma!

  71. whatiwasgoingtosay

    This makes my head hurt.

  72. Nushin Malek

    sorry Noah i dont know why i alawys ur videos cometo me as suggestion , i never laugh once at ur generic , boring and wannabe smart jokes .

  73. usha vns

    Nah trump was better than you guys , atleast he didn't stereotype us

  74. Santosh kumar

    Dude this guy is killing it man ! Awesome man

  75. Sanchit

    Hilarious I'm dying of laughing 😂😂😂😂 even though he didn't correctly spell any single word of Hindi

  76. Majid Khan

    Hilarious 😂 2:40-2:50

  77. Subhash Kaimal Photography

    2:50 ഇവിടെ ഇങ്ങനാണ് ഭായ്.....

  78. Deon Dimicks

    Lesson of the day everything that is civil and moral black people made it happen

  79. Darryl Jack

    I think the woman with the tattoos don't have her priorities in the right place.

  80. Tito Tim Travels

    Gay or not, who cares... he does not support Medicare for all, so I cannot vote for him.

  81. SinusPrimus

    I like him. He‘s a good actor. 🤘🏻😎 Greetz from Switzerland Second 🇨🇭

  82. nidaliti

    Building walls to hide the poor .Dumping millions of gallons of water to hide the stench of your rivers hoody moody

  83. Nailah Orr

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Tikka Masala Trump🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. tahir ahmad munir

    If anyone made this video in my Great Country he must be declared An Anti-national.. people are going to announce rewards for his Head... Indians are mad for American technology, American movies, American Fashion, American Dollars but they didn't follow American Freedom for speech, Freedom for believe, Freedom for living , Americans social responsibility, equal justice, responsible government officials

  85. Ka-Sha-ra

    This is 10 million more times painful to watch as that child leaves the car . Wow. This was so heartbreaking.

  86. Danetto

    america is so pathetic

  87. a lex

    Mayo Peter is gay but not queer.

  88. Dale Hauk


  89. Subhash Kaimal Photography

    Trevor Noah മുത്താണ്......😂😂😂😂

  90. shubham srivastava

    Mr. Trump would be happy. He must. After all Modi spent more than 1 billion Rupees for preparation of his visit, especially at the time, when Indian Economy is sloping downward drastically. But who cares..


    *When you elect a riot accused expecting economic growth & then justify the riot accused for letting riots happen, The Joke is on you...*

  92. sparshith ps

    Seems like Trevor's knowledge about India is from stereotypical Hollywood movies . Wouldn't do him much harm if he got his facts right .

  93. prakash roy

    Love you Trevor 🇳🇪

  94. Zenmo

    Can we just very simply say voting based on identity is stupid and what's far more important is voting based on policy and specifically for policies that help marginalised identities. It's much better to vote for a straight white male who has a lot of LGBTQ friendly policies than a trans woman who isn't as capable of qualified

  95. andrew Martinez

    Disappointed in the lack of talk about India’s new racist laws and support of it

  96. Bryan Miller

    We need a trans-hispanic-gay-atheist-who is deaf and blind and in a wheel chair for representation. ideas matter, integrity matters, your identity does not matter.

    1. Kai McKenzie

      Pete has no integrity and that's the part that most LGBTQ people dislike. He has flipflopped on everything and sacrificed his integrity on the altar of saying anything he can to try and get elected

  97. Surinam Elephant

    The cuba thing is kinda like saying, "i didnt mean hitler did all good, but the amount of jobs he created was great for the economy" ...

  98. Lennyy15

    Jabokie can't say you better work bitch. Cancelled. Give me your gay card, sir

  99. Mohammad Bani Yaseen

    This guy's an Avenger ? His real name is Clarence 😂

  100. Shreyans Sethia

    You guys outlined India incorrect, well what else could we even expect from you.