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  1. P. Ricardo

    Jani, your accent is unattractive. And it makes us watchers stop watching the vlog right away when you use “bitch” and “fuck”. Just don’t speak, girl. Please. Thx

  2. Mia Jones

    you should make a slide from the balcony to the pool !!!!

  3. alhamy hana

    I hop you are good and sab good i hop are you ok

  4. P. Ricardo


  5. Consti TK

    How can you add the VLOG^3??

  6. Bruno Lage

    i was a fan of clothes but now a discover that you make it in my country , awesome

  7. Dean Cowley

    He can’t be, I am 😂😂😂

  8. Gabri&Ele’s Travels

    Wow.... I think that this is an incredible experience to do at least once in a lifetime 😍😍😍😍


    quarantine day :D

  10. MeRk SHocK

    I legit almost got lost, there was a snow storm and lots of could, i took a black trail down to the lake the snow was tick as fuck then i got to the top taking the last lift up to the very very top to get back down and i couldn't see the fucking track at all i went off it like 9 times even though i was following the piste markers. and i was like the only one up there and i had my black ski goggles on so i could not see shit with or without them. seriously don't go up when there is a snow storm and lots of coulds. you will loose all sense of direction just saying take care and enjoy. dont ski in - zero vis, take care

  11. Лена д

    God Bless you my dears <3 Thanks you my dears <3 <3

  12. Pule Ne,ih


  13. Joshua Hühnerfuss

    Wow .. I know im late on the comments, and i am actually living in sweden.. Shame i could not be there.. But i love the energy from the swedish peeps and i have missed warner in the vlogs! He is kind of olsson family as Benjam right? Hoppas att få träffa dig nån gång Jon. Best regards Josh the pilot from Jönköping ;)

  14. BeastNissen

    Areyou from sweaden? I love your videos plis coment

  15. Frio Dunkers

    what actually happened to the red camera? haven't seen shots with it lately...

  16. Danny Wheelz


  17. Danny Wheelz

    Leica quality is awesome :)

  18. rnydzn

    Who's rewatching this amazing video in 2020?

  19. se bas

    Bonus benny.... RS7....oooh no thats wat i want. Old vlog's, re enjoying them in the (globaal??) lockdown... 🇧🇪

  20. Kkvelvane

    "video blog" hahaaha love it

  21. ziad benmerad

    Is Richared acullay your wife's father

  22. Rachael Mallard

    Hanging by their neck really? Did anyone get anxiety watching that....

  23. Alyssa Waite

    Me waiting for video to load: REEEEEEEEEEEEE DIS GIRL AINT HAVE ALL DAY

  24. Lê Quốc Bảo

    Beautiful!! I have a wooden model of this boat in green and black.

  25. Matthew Becker

    I actually like the high five and once this corona thing is over in going back to that

  26. Albin Lundin

    Nu har jag längtat tillräckligt länge vart är vloggen???? Senaste var 6 veckor sedan jag ska vara hemma och plugga så kommer det inga roliga videor, snälla lägg ut mer nu🙏

  27. Romar Villon

    Im already a subscriber since early this year because I could feel the love chills between the couple. Keep up with the content.

  28. Jack Pattinson

    It’s extremely beautiful, god bless ya, but something about it looks uncomfortable.It’s sharp I dunno something is missing maybe they should add more colors. It looks empty. But honestly the exterior is GOALS 😍😍

  29. the peoples

    Jesper and candide!

  30. Old school channel

    That a real VLOGS !! Millions of views from the big boys. !!

  31. Joris Kranenburg

    New Audi rs6 new gymball 3000 !!

  32. Vy Nguyễn Hà

    Chúa ơi chiếc xe quá tuyệt vời

  33. doncarlo5

    Red Bull sponsored this guy for smart ass talking ... he's a shit talker , and red bullshit walker ... ah ah ah

  34. Ben Bootmamm

    I hear yanni

  35. Kiki Aerial


  36. Timmy Schnitzel

    Jon shat the bed and has turned his back on us.

    1. Kai Storhagen

      Lol. Is someone not taking their time to entertain you for free? Bigger problems in the world right now.

  37. Michele Erriquez


  38. Tech Help Portal

    Starts at 5:27

  39. Kamil Biernatowski


  40. Great Guy

    His marketing channel is of no use to him now! Now it's about protecting the money and assets! And believe me, this is a full time job!

  41. Driss Akka

    Hi i have some thing to you .. teespring.com/stores/atlanticoceanshop .. have fun :)

  42. Cupcake87234

    Oh my god, what a finesse.

  43. Victor’s Wonderful world

    That is the worlds biggest sail yacht

  44. Danny Wheelz


  45. Cem Köseoğlu

    Turkish Airlines

  46. Guillaume

    6:20 "c'est le tien ?" " is it yours ? " ( he maybe found something on the floor) You could continue to vlog jon :)

  47. Noah Cartwright

    I miss all of the ski videos. Hope you come back

  48. rob sniggers

    how about some content, dude? we all locked down and in dire need. hope nobody is sick!!

    1. rob sniggers

      but, but, but.....I cant make it on my own!!

    2. Timmy Schnitzel

      He only did the vlogs to get money out of people through Cest Normal, now that that screwed with the economic depression, he couldn't be fucked. you're on your own.

  49. joseph joseph

    I need one for my g35

  50. MEN 101

    Tattoos are mainstream and lame now.

  51. am gm

    Hey Jon! are you still out there? Hope you guys are doing fine.

  52. therese nirs

    Fyfan vad jävla bra ni är. De enda värdiga vloggarna/influencers som på riktigt gör skillnad i världen!

  53. Amund Ringereide

    Love the video

  54. zeefunk

    were you using the fusion 360 cameras mic, or were you wired up?

  55. Le Baconneur

    6:23 lol

  56. Sasha Ming Live

    Hans is the best!)

  57. Kubey Hatun

    wonderful ✌️

  58. Katha Rina

    OMG he's exactly like my boyfriend! Me: "first we get married and then we have kids" my boyfriend:"my plan is to do what I'm doing until she's ready to have kids, and then... we'll figure it out." I WAS LIKE WTF?! But seeing Jon I'm more sympathetic to my boyfriend🤣🤣🤣 He wants me to not use birthcontrol... and like Jon is spontaneous and takes things as they come...

  59. lucian tomi


  60. Soul Music

    всегда смотрю все позитивные видео Джона Олсона... что-то давно нет новостей... как дела Джонни?

  61. Johanna Ja

    How the fuck did you guys find Benny? Hes a machine!!! Love him

  62. Ignacio Álvarez Luque

    did he stop daily vlogs?

    1. Santosh Subedi

      looks like he isn't even doing monthly vlogs now.

  63. Michael Sterling

    Video starts at 6:20

  64. Best of Cars


  65. Joshua Haile

    Minute 4.00 no braw

  66. TrueVision LS

    one of your best vlogs // a camera nerd

  67. ziad benmerad

    Nice videos my guy

  68. Johan Grey

    This vlog is dead...

  69. Jan van den Bos

    Hello Jon, searcing for a fast boat, what do you think of this : Statement marine 50 on you tube

  70. steve1311

    Speedos feel better and look good as well.

  71. Maja Hultquist

    Jag visste inte att du var svesnk.

  72. Jimmy Lee

    What is the Backpack you have in the video?

  73. Vasiliy Kirpichnikov

    На московских номерах😁

  74. SticcWiccii Billy


  75. Edward Chang

    COVID-19 is dangerous, take care and watch out yourself

  76. Rully Ahmad

    6:23 name song ?

  77. Jules Mpc

    Jon's mom is in super great shape!! super pretty! congrats!!!

  78. Dom Daetenyo

    It's my dream to have such camera but I can't afford it. Hope, I have that someday.

  79. Nguyễn Văn Tuấn

    Đã quá .....

  80. Nguyễn Văn Tuấn

    Đẹp trai quá anh trai hihi....

  81. Elek Romero

    Jon, Benjamin, Janni... How are all of you doing? Things are crazy this days. Hope you, the baby, Rickardo.. all are well. looking forward for news from you all.

  82. Jens Pape

    Are you broke already?

  83. Patrick Assis

    which LUT does he uses?

  84. BTS Dance Studio

    Just move to Beverly Hills 10X Size and 1/3 the price!

  85. B

    the good ole vlogs...

  86. kolkata 97

    Now they are parents. Congratulations

  87. Thomas

    Jon, can you do a video about your ski box? It so hard to get a 56 Nord box!

  88. Chris G

    Where does the money come from?

  89. Sven Reissmann

    Since 5 month no updates? Is the Lombok dream more or less only a bubble.....?

  90. William Pearson

    2020 and I am here, your awesome Jon!

  91. caycug1

    “And he (Jesus) said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.” (Luke 12:15)

  92. Dimitri gugavinho

    Richard is so cool guy !!!


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:12 💯🧡💜 👇 👇❣


    🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁the amazig race🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:44 💘💜💝 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥

  95. Nellie Rutten

    Narcissist central.

  96. JRL

    Måste vara härligt att vara mångmiljonär och bara kunna skita i sina följare som Jon gör...

    1. Kai Storhagen

      La mannen få ha litt fritid da, nybakt far og greier. Slapp av, ta deg en Corona

  97. {OR}Sacha Sterckx

    How do I get sponsored by redbull??

  98. o F s

    8:10 i can feel