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  1. guardianigor

    Ovo je sranje na kvadrat !

  2. Jaihoon Rahimi

    Lots of movie have been made on Afghanistan war but this one was mind-blowing, worth to watch many times !

  3. Nate Jones

    alien propaganda smh.. i once thought alien shit was cool.. untill i realised we're inside a snow globe under the watchful eye of The Creator and there are no aliens from outer space! only dorks believe in aliens well at least that's what i think nowdays.. those who seek the truth will find it and the truth is they are fallen angels.. and no it's not old fashioned to think so.. this whole notion that we are getting closer to contacting a vastly intelligent alien species because we have evolved technologically is laughable.. those who believe these lies are under a spell and they will be deceived when the alien invasion hoax arrives

  4. Danish Aiman

    1:16 bila ko penat² dah tulis article 700 perkataan kat phone pastu ko lupa nk save as draft

  5. Psych 000

    We need just a solid one minute scene of hux and Rey aka cotton tail aka daisy ridley

  6. Psych 000

    Make Adam driver a talking dog and bam you got 3 Star Wars characters

  7. Eric Armendariz

    It honestly wasn't that bad

  8. I know you better


  9. Demogorgon

    Ok so he’s wolverine

  10. Krystal Blackwell

    I actually like it . Why everyone hating on it💀everyone saying because of their hair and everything 😗 like hello the show had all three blonds and the other had blonde and black hair and red headed , and this one blonde hair and brown hair and medium dark brown hair . Like who cares 😭

  11. Johnny Goode


  12. Cuba G

    Bruh what in the actual fuq was that scene near the end. Seen nothing more legendary than that

  13. MexicanPanda31

    10 years later and this still holds up :)

  14. Richard Burke

    I remember I bought on dvd Sarah Michelle gellars version of the grudge, and it's the first film to ever freak me out big time, over the years I have watched lots of films that are meant to be scary, but Sarah's the grudge really got to me.

  15. Dorian Grey

    Did everyone with an original idea in hollyweird die ten years ago?

  16. MoralesEditz

    Who’s R4 card is called Alex rider!😂

  17. eternalhalloween1

    Oh...I am so going to forget that the 2016 film existed. Then I am going to watch the first two movies again. And then I am going to make a list of all the best animated episodes to watch again. And I am SO going to love this new film!

  18. Azad Alam

    Whats your fantasy? Me: Khabib Tony.

  19. Pufa

    I like this movie.

  20. Bill Beam

    Woody is starting to look like Freddy Krueger, lol?

  21. Runisa

    8 years ago man

  22. Manuel Semente


  23. Mohamed Biko - محمد بيكو




  25. MasterFace222

    It's funny how we're still commenting here.

  26. raiden stark

    One question is the 2009 videogame canon to this too?

  27. robert mann

    Look how they phucked a perfectly good show up. Fantasy Island used to be good and not satanic smh.

  28. Kinetic Crypto

    oh cool it's the Coronavirus origin story

  29. Nolan LaValley

    Went and saw this movie this weekend. Absolutely loved it.

  30. car service


  31. Andrew Lebowski

    If you pause at 2:10 Did you see the Toby McGuire Spiderman with murderer written over it

  32. viscountalpha

    2/10 Pretty much saw all I wanted to see from the trailer. No deep thoughts or introspection. More tripe and drivel written by someone with ZERO. ZERO ZERO inspiration. YOU HAVE ZERO INSPIRATION YOU WORTHLESS PILES OF TRASH. This is why I quit watching movies. This is why I see our civilization as doomed. May god have mercy on your souls when this horrible culture is put down like the barely evolved, Barely conscious pond scum that it is.

  33. Major woody

    All of us X'er's had an emotional response to this trailer. You know here we have been all these year's thinking nothing we said mattered and nobody really cared about us. Boy wasn't we wrong......

  34. dz gaming Chanel


  35. Joe Luis

    smoking while on set, quite a common thing for television in 69’.

  36. Paul Garcia

    Terrible movie ! But Maggie q is so beautiful , sexy , hot that she almost makes it worth watching. The only sense the director showed was putting Maggie in a tiny black bikini at the start, it was all down hill after that , and some good shots of Maggie in bed, almost naked. Still , film was unsalvageable.

  37. Joe Luis

    now time to wait 30 years so the National Film Registry to preserve this for being culturally aesthetic.

  38. Waqas Ali

    Vary nice good movie Wow super 🙋‍♂💁‍♂👏👏👈

  39. Lessie bradshaw

    I watched it good movie

  40. Vendy

    It’s sad that over 4000 people dislike him

  41. Mohamed Ahmed

    My word Kate what do you eat ?

  42. Whizzer is A homosexual


  43. burns83

    I liked the twist and the ending but most of all Paola Nuñez's everything

  44. Boehm

    I LOVE Vin Diesel and how he played in Riddick, but I think Jon Bernthal would of been better for this, imo.

  45. Madiorz Exploits

    Her fantasty: revenge on a bully My fantasy: unlimited v-bucks

  46. Void_Shots16

    Hannah wells from designated survivor anyone???

  47. Snarfsnarfff

    Let me show u da wey me brudda

  48. Snarfsnarfff

    Let me show u da wey me brudda

  49. Rad ongtawco

    if there is jumanji 2 then where is zathura 2

  50. Cleuzivane Silva

    Como faço

  51. Cleuzivane Silva

    Quero este filme dubaldo jumanji 3 próxima fase alugo ou compro

  52. Organgrinder1010

    THIS IS A BIT OF A SPOILER! Don't watch it if you want the full effect of the movie!

  53. Organgrinder1010

    THIS IS such a moving movie! No pun intended! It's worth a watch, even for those who have had good parental relationships. For those of us who haven't - well - have some tissues to soak up the tears!

  54. Peter Scott

    The trailer looked better than the film turned out to be

  55. Jaiden Marie27

    is that persons dad Dwane Johnson?

  56. clearview aquariums


  57. Catherine Jacobs

    That would be me as MJ

  58. Gdashfan13 GD

    I watched this movie 👋👋👋👋 I love it! Totally watch it. (not spoiling btw)

  59. Aruna Lall


  60. Michael Meaney

    Nessie is a show of🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐉🐉🐉🐲🐉🐉🐉

  61. svrv.

    worst spiderman movie ever ...

  62. Scott K

    Vampire hero becomes Batman. Batman villain becomes vampire.

  63. Scott K


  64. ORGONEkillsEVIL

    Another Movie that looks really good, Great stuff guys, I'm excited for these movies 2020 is on a great start as far as entertainment goes!!!

  65. falabella vreugde

    What is the age limit

  66. soft hearts, electric souls

    best part is ari doe

  67. Tomislav Peša

    Is there a way to find a version of the song that starts from when they get out of the car...aprox 10 secs in to the trailer

  68. Icy Hott

    50 is taking over the wave ain't he. I'm tuned in wit ya Fif, keep em coming

  69. Sean Wilks

    Winnie the bish!

  70. Chappie1030 Chappie1030

    Me: My revenge is having a threesome with ivanka and Malenia trump while trump watches in awe! Fantasy island : sir , would you like Mexico to pay for that fantasy?

  71. SuperDog Playz !

    2012 ok 2019 ok 2014 good 2017no

  72. Demantha Perera

    I like this movie so much

  73. big mo

    It’s weird. Michael Keaton player Batman and Jared Leto played the joker. Now they are in the same team in Marvel.

  74. James Brown Jr VA II

    Sometimes It's easy to tell just from the trailer that something is gonna be good. Sometimes it's easy to tell just from the trailer that somehing is gonna be bad. Take what you will from this :)

  75. SuperCyberGangsta

    Plot twist: The twist has a twist that has a twist to it... 😬

  76. Head To Soles

    Apparently people are just now seeing this movie. I loved it. Would've loved it even more had it been from Aurora's POV.

  77. Tejofi

    Say what you want but this movie was brilliant. I am saying that as a non Tarantino fan.

  78. Sourabh Hirau

    the movie was bad, story was so bad and animation was made to look like moving pages of comics which was new but still bad



  80. viralshield

    1 on IMDB, again the black guy and the white girl is presented by the hollywood miserable propaganda. I am sorry that I have to do that as the hawaiian actor is everybody's favorite including mine.

  81. Trevor Alder

    10 years still nothing

  82. t5haw

    Pile of s**t.

  83. KillJoy Jams

    Wow the movie was great

  84. Pranjit Saikia Gaming


  85. Hermit

    Well the trailer kind of gave away half of the plot twist...

  86. Ilvenom 09

    Well I thing venom to far from home than morbius to carnage idk

  87. every thing

    Turkey is the most beautiful Arab country I have ever seen ❤❤

  88. Aidan

    I think i saw a doctor from doctor who in there at about 2:13

  89. Prince Aryan

    2:09 Tobey Maguire's spiderman is marked murderer

  90. King Bob

    That you, *advanced warfare* ?

  91. Bb Blackmore

    Please come back. It’s been 5 years. It’s not funny. Please.

  92. Andreas Hämäläinen

    The Monkey's Paw is a good story that can be remixed in many different ways. Be careful what you wish for...

  93. lotee

    Men are mad in the comments Lmao

  94. Jed_22 Tongol

    0:51 Sounds like the pufferfish meme

  95. deeksha bajpai

    This is one trailer soo beautifully made, it does justice to an equally well told story

  96. Robert Ochoa964-R


  97. nayan kumar soni

    Worst movie ever seen....

  98. Steve Pringle

    First, Higgins on Magnum PI. Second, Bosley in Charlie's Angels. What's going to be third? 🤯

  99. Forgot My name

    Watched it 100% recommend

  100. Pxsion X

    This movie is fucking bommmmbbbbb