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  1. 2FingerTuesday

    What I wouldn't give for a Bill Burr cream pie...

  2. Erbears 78

    I needed to hear this today♥️

  3. Ananta Shrestha

    My life is pretty good till now and I enjoy it because I am mortal. If I became immortal none of this matters. There is no life to enjoy if we live for eternity.

  4. Chewy V

    It’s hard to listen to Artie Lange because he’s such a compulsive liar

  5. Unknown User

    " some quote he said during the podcast we all heard but I found it interesting so I posted is as a comment " - Comment Section

  6. Fed Up

    The far left and far right are equally deplorable.

  7. Yuon Flemming

    The idea behind medicare was to continue bring the age down until every american was covered

  8. Tony Thomas

    is Mike talking UBI? YANG 2024

  9. Mr. Mike TAYLOR

    You lost me at I voted for Hillary

  10. John Correia

    Atlantis sunk in the Atlantic Ocean and Sumeria sunk in the Pacific Ocean .

  11. Allen Monroe

    I’m a little guy with no concept of size and no filter on my brain.😂

  12. networkdeath1

    Joe, you're simply making this far too complex. Yes, our election process is terribly corrupt. Yes, the professional politicians rotting out our Federal government from the inside are corrupt to the core. But the fucking answer isn't socialism, which is what the Democrat voters are turning to in order to bring, umm, "justice" to the system. The answer is to make that government a *LIMITED* government once again by dismantling the administrative state that currently runs our lives from DC. But here's the rub: As America becomes more and more feminized, that task becomes less and less possible. Socialism is basically feminism ramped up to the nines. The USA is about to enter its darkest period as the electorate dances with the devil, which is socialism. We will suffer greatly for this mistake, and what comes after will be a far less impressive people. But it is a virtual inevitability when you have a republic - this is the life span of such a government grinding to its slow death.

  13. Arcadio Medina

    “Thou shall not kill” covers the territory of doing anything hazardous Brett like enriching uranium. If you weren’t so evolutionarily based your mind would be open enough to see the truth in the ancient wisdoms. It bothers me that an evolutionist thinks they are philosophical when by the very nature of your work your trained not to.

  14. NeoFunk

    If you turn up the volume you can hear porn in the background.

  15. K

    Institutional & systemic racism exists... it’s called affirmative action hiring, employment based on skin color instead of merit.

  16. Alexander Åsebring

    Eddie smirking at the fact he could tell a CNN reporter that there is pink flying elephants and Bryan would believe it

  17. B V

    This guy is about as dum as me tying to spell dum 💯

  18. Don Cholio

    Wow so many disgusting antisemitic bricks !!! FUCK ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES

  19. robbie g

    when kyle says the government rationalizes this by saying we're a benevolent superpower that just wants to keep world order, not only is that the lie they sell it is the lye most heads in the sand Americans are stupid enough to espouse as well.

  20. Digger Didit

    Obviously veganism makes a person aggressive, rude and quite possibly deluded.

  21. TheAnanaki

    With a current as strong as it is I find it likely that the "rubble" would be swept away. The average person has no idea that ocean currents can easily move rocks larger than you would believe. So sweeping away erosion is no problem. While there are legitimate ancient underwater structures Yanaguni isn't one of them.

  22. lilchopcone

    This is my favourite period of JRE, when we could watch stuff with them

  23. W and S

    As I commented when Fran Lebowitz pointed out the problem with journalism today , when I studied journalism ages ago, the first sentence must include the 4 "Ws"; who, what, when where. then why, as opposed to a description of the terrain. When was this discarded? I thought it was a cardinal rule. But as Fran and Bill did not mention this either, it becomes even more curious.

  24. Lambo Mercer Mercer

    “Jordan went to NC state where he had Dean Smith” I almost cut the podcast off

  25. Editing reality

    Fred Bear is a legend in archery.

  26. Cosmic Boom

    He still needs to get RZA back on and I would like to see the GZA on here too

  27. omenworks

    It's refreshing to see Joe not letting Gary to interrupt all the time xD

  28. Stevie Boy

    Who is this mouth breather

  29. K Watkins

    Don't be terrified about AI reading your mind, because it falls into the area of quantum principles. If you know your thoughts are being spied upon, you change the way you think, and so they still have no idea what you are thinking when they aren't paying attention

  30. Random Elvis

    One pocast Joe....just one podcast you don’t mention the word “fight!”😆

  31. Guy Cruls

    what about the disruptive factor of the climate emergency in relation to capitalism?

  32. Kreature Sensei

    It'd be dope if they got Matt Dilahunty on the show. I wonder what a psychedelic discussion would be like with those 2.

  33. Austin Crump

    Joe “Malaria killed half the people who ever died” Rogan

  34. dorotheainmiddle

    Joe can be a real jerk sometimes

  35. Carlos Fernandez

    Galvatron: This is bad comedy.

  36. Kreature Sensei

    It'd be super interesting to see Joe Rogan and Matt Dilahunty talk about religion.

  37. 41493bradley

    I was watching some stuff on Larry bird and he may not have scored quite as many points as Micheal Jordan but he did beat him in rebounds, 3 pointers, free throws and assists. They were both as good as it gets, just in different areas. Larry bird couldn’t jump as high and didn’t have the speed but he made up for it in other ways. I’m surprised more people don’t know about him. I had no idea he was that good Micheal Jordan ~ “People ask me all the time who my all-time five top players are, and when I start saying Larry, they interrupt me. They say, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. He can’t play with LeBron James!’ I tell them, 'You guys don’t get it. Larry is far better than any small forward who played the game.” Larry Bird ~ “It’s just god disguised as Micheal Jordan”

  38. Rob Hash

    What’s funny is Bernie Sanders has said good things about Castro and Joe Rogan wants him to be president?

  39. Oli brooke-bailey

    Sorry guys, Joe and Jim I love you both for what you do but when you're saying a 34 year old man should be able to do whatever he wants with a 16yo girl? You've got it wrong. That's why there are laws. Jim put it succinctly with "what do you talk about after sex". It's more than that though. What did you talk about before? How does the power dynamic work? If someone is a minor and you are twice thier age just fuck off. Don't do it. It's wrong on so many levels.

    1. Oli brooke-bailey

      I can't listen to this circle jerk bromance anymore. I had to stop the video. Not like I expect better, I know what you are like but you are kind of heroes to me the both of you and you are sitting there justifying what is essentially paedophilia. I know you both take your humour out to the boundaries and both look at life in a way you don't feel constrained by conventionalism but seriously, fucking kids is not a joke.

  40. HC Craig

    This is the start of things like Nazi Germany. Sad that people are not seeing that. I'm not calling them Nazis, but this is shutting down your logical and critical faculties to fit into a group, who are willing to harass and discriminate against a group or groups.

  41. Jack Hutchinson

    1 hour 9 mins take out ya headphones

  42. NorthernPanzer666

    My respect to Jesse, has just increased 100%.. And the so-called "Hero", would have got his ass beaten so badly, that I got even more respect, cause he dont comment about the fact, he had made a paper-hat out of the rest of the sorry ass liar, who needed to claim, he punched Jesse in the face. U can hear how quick the Biker-relation, is turned down. Cause in that world, U tell NOTHING.. Only between the lines he talks in general. But I lost total respect to "The US Patriot". Jesse dont talks bad about a dead man, though he has done a big time fxck up, against Jesse, an honest man, indeed...

  43. Kreature Sensei

    Please have Matt Dillahunty on the show!

  44. Jakob Hyer

    Idk if you’ll see this but I had an extremely rough couple years of my life and I’m only 20 and I didn’t grow up with a real mom as a kid so those words of motivation joe I really needed to hear that through all the physical and mental hell I still go through every day that drive is something I feel like I lost until I heard that. Thank you so much

  45. AlertedCoyote

    1:06:47 - starts talking about strongman 1:16:15 - more

  46. Brandon Wert

    Yea dustin was definitely the toughest guy in school and he kicked everyone’s ass. He told this other guy that thought he was tough he would give him the first 10 punches. Leaned his head foreword and counted the 10 punches before proceeding to whip his ass.

  47. Chris

    I love Rogan 99% of his guess but give up on Eddie bravo what a douchebag and he can't even pick a cool fake name if that is his real name then no wonder he's a retard

  48. Cole Dennison

    Howen Smithson

  49. Paul Jenkins

    I don't hate Bernie. I hate his ideology. The path to hell is paved in good intentions and I won't be getting off on his exit ramp.

  50. John Correia

    Great job Joe. SEARCH David Icke or Titan Blooded. PEACE

  51. Brian Finn

    For a gay guy in LA & self professed "progressive" - heard a lot of bigoted & prejudiced stuff, "people in the south" "people in Idaho" "dirty, tattered homeless people" - and "normies get out" - meaning normal people, yeah cuz you're so much better than everyone else.

  52. Cole Dennison

    You can tell Owen is totally uninterested when Joe talks about UFC and fighting. I feel the same way. I love Joe and I love his podcast. I listen to JRE almost 9 hours a day 6 days a week at work. BUT, whenever he starts going on about UFC it takes alot away from the podcast. Especially when his guests don't care to talk about that. I always fast forward through those parts. I know that is what most people know him for, but he should keep the fight talk to his fight companion shows and his MMA shows. Just my opinion.

  53. john beaver

    i wish i had brothers and friends i can argue like this and not fist fight

  54. Mystery D

    15:15 "What's a mile, 35,000?" - Joe Rogan

  55. El Camote

    If everyone who watched this donated a dollar it would have been a 1.2 million dollar donation. Click the link in the description.

  56. Kaz Ford

    Feel terrible this great man has been robbed and is now broke

  57. 10albertw

    I believe Joe Rogan will have Alex on his show soon to talk about the Chinese Flu. Followed by Joe moving himself out of the city., I would be shocked if he has not already moved his family out to some country side hide away

  58. Braeden Carter

    CEO of dinosaurs

  59. Robert CoLa

    1:54:00 Hard to study data science and then have people say some shit like "all white men are X,Y,Z" It's like " oh yeah can you please show me this empirical dataset you are drawing information from...oh oh its all in your head *I see* "

  60. Dillon Cobb

    20:00 uhmm Dec. 7 1941??

  61. Balázs Nagy

    From a blue bird in Ancient China to Pablo Escobar and Disneyland in 50 seconds. Only Uncle Joey could do it😂😂😂

  62. Creative Learning NYC

    Angela is actually a very good analyst! Respect.

  63. Jaie Dormi

    Im a white laborer. But i live in NY and thats not rare.

  64. Uncle Kyle

    4:00 That Lyoto Machida line is the first/only funny thing Eddie Bravo has ever said 😂

  65. Jeremy Mnemonic

    I play Red Dead Redemption Online. I pull up my Collector maps and collect my fortunes all while listening to these podcast uploads.

  66. Caleb Prenger

    I would love to have guests that people actually heard of once in a while.

  67. Nothing Noone

    This was a really great conversation, thanks Joe.

  68. Yered Marroquin

    I’ve watched this podcast three times and every time I watch I learn something new

  69. JET JET


  70. Souvik Chatterjee

    I really appreciate the guest's perspective on ancient Hindu philosophies as long as it is viewed as his own understanding on the matter and not taken as absolute. To develop a real grasp on the matter, there are a lot of people knowledgeable in the Vedas and the many thought processs, philosophies and counter philosophies that have originated from the Indian subcontinent over thousands of years of history.

  71. JoshAndMurph

    The way Joe just asks him " I just announced a tour, wanna do some gigs? Arenas?" What a good guy. Paying it forward every chance he gets.

  72. Adnan Khan

    Joe: You need to bring Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, he has done a lot of work with Daniel Goleman among others in the landscape of Western science and Buddhism. Also if you haven't you should read Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra.

  73. 285runt

    Outshining for in the forehead Dept.

  74. John Falrmer

    Gary tlking about sex, weard. He was trying to avoid it.

  75. Nick Starks

    You look like the taller funnier version of Martin Lawrence!

  76. tremer 2009

    Thanks PowerfulJRE.😊 Thanks Brian Greene.😊

  77. John Driver

    I like these discussions because it talks about both sides of an idea or truth if you will. However, I see this all the time that a belief of a person on either side conservative or liberal will keep them from being totally objective. Like this segment 1:08:11

  78. Ligma Balls

    Would be cool if we could see the fight too 😂

  79. Lev

    They should have set up a HoverCam for Bob to draw the reactor and the "tower" within so we could get a visual!

  80. Rob Zombie

    Still amazes me that people think chiropractors are doctors or its a legitimate thing. A sports massage is a better option and you dont risk snapping bones or causing deaths.

  81. Doug Mattushek

    Steve-O has about five front teeth

  82. Fares Alkorbi

    17:54 Till this day.....

  83. Monkey

    "How do you deal with the impermanence of your own life? You create something that will last, that will stick around for a long, long time." It's called 'children' and all subsequent descendants. It's ingrained into the fundamentals of our biology. That's where ultimate meaning lies, not in physics equations.

  84. Efrain Negron

    Notebooks needs to be on NOsel would be the next hot wings blowup

  85. MRO

    I can tell you after nearly 20 years of law enforcement- person on weed= hello sir / person on alcohol= fuck you asshole. And weed is still illegal in some states.........

  86. Bogdan Anea

    Who cares about his ego. Just take the knowledge and move on. He's a genius with a big ego just get over it.

  87. sparten6

    Elon musk is kinda like hideo kojima, they both have insane ideas and they have pretty much the same reputation

  88. James Millward

    My dumb ass goes and text him thinking it’s gonna work

  89. joe paratore paratore

    Joe if you like the outsider watch the safe or the five on Netflix by Harlan coven

    1. joe paratore paratore


  90. Mitchell

    Have David Paulides on

  91. poodle man

    23:00 lol how times have changed

  92. Gavin Norris

    Ah. Crowder seems to be a man of elevated and dignified tastes. Pipe tobacco and 101 Wild Turkey.

  93. TrundleTheGreat

    As usual the SJW are wrong. The first female captain Marvel was Carol Danvers a white woman. The first ever incarnation was Mar-Vell a white Male.

  94. mc1dash1b

    When Joey Diaz coughs I expect to see a lung come out, jeezus! He should have been in every Mafia movie and GTA’s. WTF?

  95. amygdala

    Kyle Dunnigan isn't funny. There, I said it. Fight me.

  96. Jimmy Joseph

    Yeah gun control is looked at threw eyes that think criminals buy there guns legally lol idiots so brainwashed by msm I’m surprised, proud joe played that clip the elites want joe spreading the falsification that criminals follow the rules and buy guns from a store all gun control does is make law abiding citizens targets for criminals who can’t buy guns legally anyways they have a record! you can’t buy any firearms with a criminal record so.. they know it’s for disarming the population so they don’t have anything to worry about if they cause mass civil unrest and want to arrest everyone. Look at history every time they took the guns just like Stalin. Mao. Hitler all took the guns fucking idiots want that??

  97. David Chyzinski

    The movie Mid sommar has the beverage Soma. Watch it

  98. Tris Sloan

    Artie took care of a lot of people and financially helped them out when he was on top and never sought publicity for it. Has a heart 2,000 times bigger than all his addiction problems.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🐠🐠🐠🐠💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  99. Focus Support pls

    wow godamn it I just realized how Bernie supporters themselves don't do Bernie justice, it's like most of them are just explaining how great he is and how medicare will change everything for all and the rest are just Trump deranged syndrome whatever. Good to hear from the man himself, think more politicians should do this kind of podcast.

  100. Jason Colie

    Joe is siding with his left wing friends to save his ass.