Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!

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  1. Christi Ford

    I'm a big fan gloom!!!

  2. Mayumi Kobayashi

    Mia Khalifa

  3. Sydney Gueye

    Im5 and I know how to spell and name quadrilaterals

  4. Sydney Gueye

    It's a TRAPAZOID azzy

  5. Niel Reddy

    I lost 😅

  6. aashna Sharma

    6:54 you can instead of water put cushions and that would be great

  7. Life of Krystal

    I can literally c the phone light inside of the McDonald's bag I was it thru the glasses

  8. weird Avacados

    Azzy ur beautiful and ur parents (probably) don’t think ur a disappointment or anything like that and ur not a cringe channel u make my day a lot and I know it can take a lot to just forget about mean comments but many people think ur amazing including me but if u keep u stay nice and positive it will hopefully stop I love ur bods thank u for being u

  9. cynthia galvan

    Yo soy mexicano y estadounidense se mas español que ingles por el momento/im mexican and american but i know more spanish than inglish for the moment

  10. Jay Nichols

    I won

  11. Veta Fuller

    Azzy On steroids is Snow white

  12. Poké Cats Animation

    Teal and gray

  13. Mimi 33

    12:23 HEY HEY HEY

  14. Lacey Olsen

    Hahahahaha!!! So funny!!!🤣🤣🤣

  15. Lila Littlehawk

    Me: me like fox azzy

  16. Erick Pais

    4:58 *Wrong hole* No? I'm sorry.


    Roses are red Potatoes are purple Azzy is awsome and so is a skiing ostrich

  18. IrisWorld_ Playz

    As anyone noticed that azzys ear is chipped, but that’s ok it makes her unique 😁🌻

  19. sir meows alot

    sorry i know you can do this but please try to find my cat and take him to me please


    With the balloon hack the real question is .... How do you sit without popping it

  21. Theboonoonoowhomakes GACHAS!

    Face to face it still might go either way for me

  22. Ozis Loptein

    I laughed

  23. LunarStarEclipse Moon

    4:09 Thats why its called 'Dont look down'

  24. Sheila Mckenzie

    Can you find the o in this picture

  25. Mimi 33

    9:58 it taste like chicken ~Azzy

  26. 69sinead


  27. Elizabeth Gunn

    So these things for underground streams and oceans and what he did as he did a backflip and landed on a cliff on the bottom of it and he’s running on the ceiling on it so when he jumps up he jumps to the surface

  28. Pyper Metcalf

    My sister had this

  29. Kayleigh Murray

    ik u posted this like forever-ago, but imma comment anyways. at 11:03- i have heard that 1,000 times, i swear! i even made a tiktok out if it once.

  30. Alyson Does Youtube


  31. Alivia Capurro

    Fartyosa smellytruniph

  32. XXShadowlLife

    Mine would be "I love you Jill" -Said nobody ever

  33. Kaifa Pastel

    5:55 I'm eating a banana right now..

  34. Raghav sharma

    Foreign k jacqueline aur varun acting k naam p tatti😂

  35. Unicorn Niya

    3 year late squad 2020 where you at?

  36. Jazelle Benitez

    It 5

  37. Lori Duffey

    Mango we have two trees and the mangos are ripeing

  38. Darknight Gacha life

    The one about the coyote made me laugh till I cried

  39. Ashplayzgacha Gacha life

    9:54 who else is getting snow white vibes?

  40. Ismerai Miranda

    My music teachers Hall pass is a music note

  41. brianna wilcox

    I have 5 hearts. You have -8 Azzy

  42. Dwight Montfort

    I saw teal and grey and a bit of blue

  43. Luis Cruz

    A 🦊 fox me love foxxxxxx!!!!

  44. Elizabeth Gunn

    Your photo editing

  45. Piyali Paul

    Over acting 😐

  46. DogeBreadForLife -Every slice matters


  47. Satish Kumar

    3:06 the eraser is clean do

  48. Ugandan Galaxy

    Is that her boyfriend

  49. James Esper

    It’s called the grace of God ( Jesus)

  50. Splintzzy

    4:47 Azzy never made another video

  51. Itz galaxy pawz

    I see gold and white

  52. Jan Gelombang petir

    Don t worry if you want another macdonald

  53. Star!!!!

    I like how azzy got the hard ones and gloom got easy ones

  54. Queenette Geron

    Dang I could of met Azzy (I live in Canada)I was to late

  55. DoN't ToUcH mAh OrEoS

    *No, no, she's got a point.*

  56. MOCS Manager

    i know chinise

  57. A D

    Yah i Don like mc.Donalds and I'm single

  58. Miteta Taomati

    How did he even balance those bottles and bike

  59. Satish Kumar


  60. GoldenEgg 711


  61. ForeverFoxes

    You almost got 'scrued' I love you so much Azzy, you are TOO hilarious!

  62. Jenna Rhodes

    What if the earth is flare then why can’t we dig a 10 foot hole and be on the other side of the earth

  63. Pusheen Lover

    Ok so I sent my friend that I was going to get hot wings I think I spelled it wrong so it autocorrected to hot guys

  64. Kenneth Chriz

    The part when Jordey gets the McDonolds when he is single, that could be an ad

  65. Aisha Games

    The dragon is the blue dragon because they said the dragon kept stealing people so that means the people wouldbe ded so that means theblue dragon is the mom dragon

  66. RandomWolf

    I dont have these problems cause my teacher lets us eat in class if we are hungry

  67. SeahorseCreationsYT

    The mic DOES NOT look appropriate.

  68. Nevaeh Davis

    It’s a fox 120 like if it is

  69. Flame_i

    7:23 I can do that who else

  70. Rachel Baras


  71. XxGacha_ KidxX

    I like ice!

  72. it's me melanie :3 :3 :3 :3


  73. fro217281

    My friend read on her juice bottle it said real juice but in small print it says with a touch of it

  74. Elizabeth Ayala


  75. Julio Hernandez

    👑 this is azzy hater 🥵 🤛👗🤜 🦶 🦶

  76. Harlo Teierle

    Azzy: "screams" Jordy: what do have do?? Me: azzy!!

  77. Arvind Sharma

    You are just like rainbow dash 💖💖💖🆔🧸🧸

  78. iiOmq_UNHAPPY DUDE

    I'm clearly offended. (10 and a half years old)

  79. Lauren Tisdale

    I'm a boy and you are sexy

  80. Brooke Jolette

    Hit him

  81. Amanda Palosaari


  82. Nyasia Bradbury

    It is a Fox

  83. Amelia Sabocohan

    Omg i laughed so hard😂

  84. Andreas Bilen

    il go down in the watter hole with you Azzy

  85. Tugga’s World

    In the sentence said the dog was a girl

  86. Minty Gacha

    I would text my ex. I’m friends with my ex sooo xD

  87. Shaiya Pelletier

    3:55 she sounded like Godzilla XD

  88. Gohar Aghlamazyan

    A fox

  89. Sia Magoon

    Did any one notice that at 10:25, Sitch was surfing?

  90. Laced Royalty

    When I was younger I got kicked out of ballet class bc I hung upside down and played with hobby pins

  91. Shameka Payne

    The girl who was crying at the Justin Bieber concert most liked it too much

  92. 笑あ〜ハーダーダディ!

    Wasp cookie looks good :>

  93. Sandra Guaman

    Who else like there chips in guacamole?

  94. jaime ramos

    I wish I could meet you azzy and you are the best

  95. Jackson LeBaron

    R.I.P. Snowwy 🐇🥺

  96. Yeung wingChiu

    two 11

  97. kaedyn bowes

    When she said the bird was a mockingjay from the hunger gamesi was wearing a necklacethat had the hunger games symbol on it

  98. Caysea Pharo

    The um...put the cow on it bc um... slaughter homes like making cows into glue 😐🙃

  99. Christopher Petroff

    She is a 1,000,000,000

  100. Rome Martinez

    Azzy is so funny 😂