Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!

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    These are wasteful and useless

  2. Clara Nica

    1:48 nightcore num num

  3. Sesilia Elabdallah

    Think it’s a fox

  4. Behar Spahiu

    Wat you do this azzy

  5. Katy Dickson

    😍 I love you video

  6. Markita Shrubb

    Nunpmber 4 obviously

  7. Pink_imdeaf_ Wolf

    I have a Mac book pro 13 and the bottom is hot so I use a blanket or pillow but it make me sweat but I still my Mac book pro13

  8. Amina Usman

    Such a thick cat

  9. Josephine Madere

    I would bance in my mom stumik

  10. • C a s s i e •

    Yooo... They look so similar!! :o

  11. Carl Germann

    I love you azzy❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦

  12. Adriana Denise

    I have the haircut and I like it

  13. Behar Spahiu

    Stay more buatyful in thi in said not on the aute sude

  14. Pinal Singh, CPA

    I swear to god I am pretty sure that the little girl in the bookstore is me and my mom

  15. Myracle Gibbons

    3 or more

  16. BlueLegendDragon

    It was avatar

  17. Berlin Amerson

    🐈 cat

  18. Timika Fleury


  19. Melody Taylor

    to be rell I didn’t said at all

  20. Mallow Bird

    Haha you funny lol haha. 😂😂

  21. Behar Spahiu

    Azzy if ani one sed that too my i wat cry . Your strang girl

  22. blazin boi

    Azzaro is kweblkop consernd

  23. Charl W

    I’m glad u had fun!

  24. Karis Martin

    Lol my worst fear is mold 🦄

  25. Dimitris Sam

    I had a dream this morning that Azzy died of the coronavirus. I cried so much . When I woke up I was still crying, I went on NOsel and watched Azzy all morning . It was one of the worst dreams that I dreamed of ! 😮😔

  26. Cristel Mhaey

    Food is my crush

  27. Jordan Popole

    Erm why you say bs

  28. DE I MIND

    Yes you can open a apple with your hands my sister old boyfriend he could open apple's with his hands :3

  29. LeoGamerKid 0103

    Good point

  30. jcoop

    so your saying we'll get the cases for free 😻 .

  31. Albert Wonn

    It is a fox👍❤💕😜😃🐺:-):-)

  32. Fanniza Repollo

    Pressela azzy

  33. unicorn Aditi

    Who else likes azzy land video.very much ⬇️ Hit like

  34. Nyah Slaughter

    Hi Azzy I am your biggest fan and I hop you say my comment and happy April fools. And I love all your videos

  35. CC-Rose and Fam

    May I ask someone a question... Is Wallmart like Woolworths okay only Australians will know what Woolworths is wait is Wallmart like Aldi yes I think it is hmmmmmmmm someone comment tell meh please🥺

  36. Monte Ter-Aleksanyan

    I hope the girl got ALL THE DONUTS as compensation .

  37. Aldijana Gralik

    A fox

  38. Nightcore foπ Soul

    5:41 my school teachers wouldn't have given even a half marks on this type of answer.

  39. Mikel Francis

    Azzy: Stay awesome stay sweet and dohehwhwbdnfj to each other. Me: NANI?

  40. trent Braden

    U pretty azzy and fire make more songs girl

  41. ROS STAR

    i have elf ears ...and im proud of it

  42. Danielle Pinales

    Omg yes I want to see you do art!!

  43. Ava C

    The guy: the water would just fall off... Me: GRAYITYYYYYYY

  44. Gita Zappey

    Kissing your phone 😂😂😂😂😂😂💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  45. Lps_diamondcristal

    Azzy: do u wanna play floor is lava?! Grandpa: no

  46. Veronica Serrano

    I got a lunch a bowl but it didn't have bread

  47. Rigoberto Duenas

    This girl really crying form sadness

  48. my world be popin

    Pan cakes Strawberry milk shake Crazy on love Dragon ball z Power rangers that it I cant

  49. RNGmrfresh gaming

    Woooooooo I love you and think your amazing

  50. Venson Cosio

    Azzy:i was expecting a little cute mouse meh:i was expecting arianna grande and lady gaga

  51. Bella selfe

    your matching your cat LOL

  52. elaizarosesoriano

    I love them both

  53. Mystique Fuentes

    I do

  54. GamerFan3485

    It's normal for birds to eat there own kind same for pandas and other animals

  55. Girl Dog

    4 min in and only has 3 lives left

  56. Thelifeofatatertot Taylor Nichols

    I love ur videos Azzy! Ur amazing and always brighten up my day! I love your channel so much and I think everyone should subscribe to you!

  57. Arrowsverse /gaming

    Azy:kisses phone Azy:gets corona

  58. Mohamed Hasan

    Just saying 8 people in my family and it's really hard

  59. baconlandarmy backup yes

    If it was free I will go everything must be free And this is the worst vid And all of this is legit

  60. kids rivas


  61. Sophia Daege

    Guess the movie 🍯🔬👦🏽🧒🏼👧👧 *can u figure it o u t*

  62. steven tan


  63. Darren Liang


  64. DedSec Has given you the truth. Do what you will.

    355k years.... N I C E

  65. Kynleigh Parrish

    If it was a twins both brother and sister would be happy

  66. Pamela Le Blanc

    The monkey was hit by a train and the other monkey tried to save it

  67. rushann mcpherson

    Yea is. Better

  68. Caitlyn Smith

    Could not relate to 4:25 because I absolutely love vegetables P.S. My favorite is Brussel Sprouts...... do you agree?

  69. Anna Bella

    I'm from indonesian

  70. Kami Code

    You dead wow 13 times.and yes I did count

  71. Heng Meng Hak

    I want to see azures grave cute like her😇😇😇😇🕊🕊🕊🕊

  72. Sophia Grace Balido


  73. Linnea TM

    No hands are for washing hands.

  74. Viyada Khongngam

    Your sister looks just like you

  75. RNGmrfresh gaming

    I love you

  76. Valeria Ceballos

    Someone in Walmart asked my mom to come to bible study and it was almost 12:00 AM😑😑 So I had to tell her no

  77. Tanner Sheets

    She forgot to level the cakes that is why it is going to fall over

  78. Shirley Peter

    I like the underwater restaurant

  79. RNGmrfresh gaming

    A wow

  80. Stu&Leoni Smith

    Snowy is so cute

  81. Pamela Le Blanc

    The Iittle thing saved by the cat is a kitten

  82. Hollie Burton

    azzy the end one says 98 years old not 89

  83. Choco mousey _YT

    If you find haters just ignore them don't let anyone say different

  84. felixchick04

    I'm a big fan

  85. Tyler's Toys and more

    I have 2 brothers and there older then me

  86. April Erickson

    The anie with turtle mountain is called "Simbad and the 7seas"

  87. Harper Wayman

    I can do the thumb behind your hand thing

  88. Josue Mazur

    My stepmom got her 2 snow globes taken away and they were both 100 they made her throw them out

  89. Marisela Baker

    Ask Azzy tuuyrfgji

  90. BTS Army#2013

    Love BTS ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ARMY FOREVER ❤️❤️❤️

  91. Chummy Chum

    oh i mean at 0:33 sorry

  92. Molly Pattison

    the waterproof book is the best. I've always wanted something like that

  93. Shifa Arif

    u called j-hope a girl he's a boy

  94. Hossain murad

    azzy; why is this so satisfying me;cauase food is satisfying;3

  95. Farrah Railey


  96. Dania Maria Radulescu

    My dream jobs 6 y. o. Ballerina 7-Dancer 8-President 9-Mayor 10-Just alive(I was depressed) 11-Singer 12-Psichologyst 13-Teacher 14-NOselR

  97. ido dolev

    2 zeros or a donut

  98. Philip Allen

    I need no sleep

    1. Philip Allen

      I stay up all night And not be sleepie

  99. TimTam Therese

    Once I saw a maths question that’s asked, Q: what day is after the 11th of February And I had to write: my birthday!

  100. Alexis Burke

    You forgot mermaid one