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  1. mikey j

    Why can't we get any of these affordable EVs in the USA. We are stuck with used leafs and i3s. Nothing with range in the 150+.

  2. Kia e-Niro Diaries

    All good stuff from the Bobby Llew public information service. Just need to be a bit realistic on the difference between quoted maximum and in practice DC charging rates. My e-Niro is rated at 100 kW and in 14 months I’ve only ever used 50 kW chargers on long runs. Best I’ve ever seen is 44 kW charging speed in the summer, in winter it drops a bit. I did use an Ionity charger in December last year which was my chance to see it what it could do at its highest rated capacity. Result was 54 kW top, though it was cold. Other e-Niro owners in the UK (I’m in France) have said their maximum was 77 kW in summer..I’ve never found it a problem though as with the range of cars like the e-NIro, Zoe 50 and the e-208 the range of the car is longer than I can drive before needing a break.

  3. A Hughes

    Very smooth Jonny. Roger Moore award for keeping the British end up! 😜👍🏽

  4. Killgroup

    I'm still finding that electric cars are comparatively very expensive to lease through the PCH route. I can get a BMW 3 series 320d M-Sport (Circa £38k) for less monthly than a Nissan Leaf long range (Circa £31k), why is this? A basic Tesla Model 3 which is similar to an Msport 3 series is £200 a month more on PCH. Can't fathom it, considering Tesla's depreciation is much lower than BMW.

    1. zenbudhism

      The Tesla is quicker than a BMW m3😀 . Have you tried leasing

  5. Anast Av

    I guess if you are addicted to tasting burgers you can go ahead and eat it, but if you really wanna get your health on track you should probably go for a mediterranean vegan approach, lots of veggies legumes beans nuts fruts etc. I mean for me, there's not even a comparison between a burger and a greek traditional chickpea lemon soup. Thats what gives me optimal health results :)

  6. zenbudhism

    Vw/seat/Skoda are the same car with different trim!. I think you'd struggle getting four people in any of those except the mg zs. The Nissan leaf is next size up and built in the UK.😀

  7. Frank Galpin

    I want a Zoe in the States, dag-gummit! If I was an outlaw, I'd buy one in France, ship it over, and just not register it.

  8. David acosta

    holy shit!! i saw this video when it came out, now is 2020 and 18 months to go.. fuck yeah!!!

  9. Gaurang N

    lovely editing...love from India

  10. A Gentleman

    Hm, no Corsa-E? Isn't it cheaper than the e-208? It would be my top pick...

  11. Telhmaaa

    yea, yea, the Peugeot can charge at 98KW until 16%. then it drops already to 75KW. do not trust the stats when buying a car!

    1. zenbudhism

      75kwh will get you ,150miles in half an hour, fast enough

  12. S. M.

    Tired of searching for a parking space? My ebike can be parked in front of wherever I’m going.

  13. Philip Payne

    What an utterly brilliant unbiased informative channel this is. Well done Kryton 😁 should be on the telly

  14. Martin

    Was in an old village outside of Amsterdam, they had chargers in the street. Don't need to be rapid, as car has all night to charge so the charger was unobtrusive. This is what is needed for all those living in flats or terraced houses.

  15. Daniel Giles

    This is exactly the video I was looking for! Thanks for your great content.

  16. Damian Scott

    Hi Bobby, I hope that you and your family are keeping well during lock down. I've been subscriber to your channel since 2010 and just ordered my first electric vehicle. Your shows have always been fantastically interesting and have proven to be hugely influencial in my choice to move away from the ICE. Genuine thanks for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do in the name of clean energy, solar power and electric vehicles. Today, I ordered a new Tesla and was wondering who I could ask for a referral code.... Then, yesterday evening, whilst watching this very video, it occured to me that you, more than anybody deserve the benefit of whatever the referral scheme brings (free miles?) I'd buy you a pint, but social distancing doesn't allow that currently. Oh, I've just joined your channel as a green member (coincidentally my nickname at school) too. So, I'm definitely NOT trying to be a creepy fanboy. BUT, I thought I'd ask you first. All the best and keep up the sterling work. Damian

  17. mark totton

    Why can't they make a standard range AWD? Here in Norway you have to have AWD, but you don't need long range!

  18. Iuliu Păltinean

    I have a Škoda Citigo e iV and I will buy an Fiat 500 electric :)))

  19. Ciaran Diamond

    There are still no thicker tyres than the ones on my x5 hybrid

  20. Bhavin brahmbhatt

    If. Fully charged its how much hours running speed how much One time charge given 300 minimum mile

  21. 1Energine1

    Just to be clear the plasma thruster isn't an "electric" thruster the electricity/plasma is just a really hot sparkplug so you can light the atmoshpere itself on fire (same as an ICU does that why it has an air intake!!) Its also why we have an air intake as a matter of fact as we use oxygen as a fuel ;)

  22. 1Energine1

    Lol I remember the junior bird men! They were basically Boyscouts for the Airforce ;)

  23. iscadean

    Not cheaper because of C-19 causing most companies to fail financially.

  24. Jeremy Morse

    Don’t forget the current government backed salary sacrifice lease scheme. I’m driving a Tesla Model 3 Performance which after tax deductions is costing me just over £300 per month. Considering in my previous BMW 1 Series Diesel my fuel bill was £250 per month which has now dropped to approx £50 per month I’m essentially driving the best car in the world for £100 per month! I will never go back to ICE, they totally suck. Go Robert : Stop Burning Stuff! 😀👍

  25. Allan

    I hope it doesn't require a license or permit. Its good for transport and exercise the legs at the same time. The manufacturers should make a shopping case for it. That would be good to take for shopping groceries.


    oon on my video channel volkswagen bus year 1973, all original for sale in Brazil.

  27. Allan

    Thats nice.

  28. john samson-snell

    The prices shown are recommended retail but is not representative of what they actually cost. I would love to be able to buy any of the cars shown for the RRP but experience has shown that because electric cars are in high demand, the actual price payable is often some £10k higher than the RRP. OK that might be because they are for the first editions with added bling but I am not looking for that. My wife did put down a deposit on the Mini Electric but cancelled it when the actual price after grant came in at over £40k. Then she put a deposit down on the Fiat 500e but again, the actual price was going to be in excess of £36k so that was order was also cancelled. Most of the manufacturers for the cars shown just ask you (one) the "express and interest". I/we don't want to "express and interest", we want to buy an electric car!

  29. mj .twardy

    The charging speed explanation is a bit messy. Do you imply that hooking up a 100 kW charging car to a 50 kW charger will charge faster than a 50 kW charging car? Well the charger is still only pumping 50kW, so both cars should charge the same. The only benefit is when you plug a 100kW car to a 100kW charger. Believe me, I am a fan of electromobility, but you're somewhat of a snake oil peddler here. You shrugg off all the inconvenience of an electric car and present it's shortcomming as virtues. Thats being a bit dishonest. EVs are grate city slickers/commuters and good as a secondary means of transport. There are plenty of times wher one just cant afford to waste an hour to charge up an EV. I know this is changing, and the cars in the future will be better, unfortunately only the high end, expensive ones are good. Buying a slow, low range, small car for 17000-24000 $ is not a great deal, because you get a comfortable petrol car for that. Thats why people say they cant afford an electric.

  30. David's World

    ok I CANT AFFORD A TESLA AND I CANT AFFORD TO INS GROUP 50 INSURANCE £1000. you missed off miles per kwh same as mpg range. the mg is the worst in that it is not worthy to be in the list i can see this car needing more repairs over time than any other car

  31. Anton Juul-Naber

    I'm so happy to see the market slowly saturating. This is how we get rid of petrol and diesel.

  32. Carey Thring

    What would be really useful is some advice on second hand cars because that’s what most people buy. I’m just about to get a 2 year old leaf and my partner is thinking about a 2nd hand i3... because both of our price ranges are the circa £15k mark... I was quite surprised to see that a tiny little car like a Zoe is £30k new!

    1. zenbudhism

      My leaf is the best car I've ever driven.😀

  33. Roberto T.

    Is it possible to wiew Italian subtitles? THANKS

  34. 1Energine1

    This is how you can tell Americans arent as free as they'd like you to believe. They arent ALLOWED to buy pretty much any of these... maybe the mini? What a bunch of tools!

  35. Kevin McGuinness

    I love the fact that Robert's hair becomes a bit more crazy every week! Great content though man!

  36. Jeroen Trappers

    If these cells can still hold charge, why are they recycled? Could they not be integrated into other solutions? Why destroy still good cells?

  37. Chris Tattersall

    Loving the work! Quick question: given what you're saying about prices, is now the right time for me to be buying a Kia e-Niro '4' or should I wait?

  38. Sp_ 0rK

    France looks like another version of London 😂😂

  39. Steven Sulley

    With lock down on and only driving to the shop to get food and back, I last charged my 2018 LEAF on Easter Monday and it's still 85% charged and cost around 28p to run. Such fun! I still have a number of people saying to me that they're interested in EVs, but cars in these price ranges are too expensive still...

  40. Macbury18

    Can you please do a similar video about second hand EV’s? I’m currently saving and trying to decide between the Zoe or a bmw i3 but I’m waiting for lockdown to pass before I go to showrooms

  41. Eclectic Cyclist

    I can't justify one, I only did 6,000 ml a year in a car. A £2000 bike or public transport when I have lots to carry for me.

  42. Vic Z

    They all cost £10k more than they are worth...

    1. zenbudhism

      I save £1000 every year driving mine 😀 think I'll keep it a long time for some reason

  43. Switched On Network

    Love the graphics and the depth in them - very nicely done indeed, pass that on to whoever did them :)

  44. Nathan N

    When you “push open your big flap”.

  45. Dalton Goh

    Do a electric motorcycle too

  46. dirt

    One third the parts for three times the money!

    1. zenbudhism

      Mg zs electric about the same price as a Nissan quashqui

  47. Chris Bury

    A simple no nonsense guide to affordable EV’s with the all important Mr Llewelyn for added lol’s 😎👍🏼

  48. Janne Väätäinen

    I just recently drove a Renault Zoe ZE50 R135, and was surprised how nippy and nice it was to drive. Renault have really made a progress in recent years. It's still too expensive for the average consumer though, in Finland at least. I drive a gasoline VW up, and can confirm, and that is a nice car as well.

  49. ygg drasil

    That MG EV should do well in Australia because SUV sized cars are big here, like they are in the US where the Tesla Model Y is doing very well, but still, here it's $48k before govt. charges, and then we are back over $50k again. Still waiting for a $31k EV. The Toyota Camry hybrid is $31k. When an EV of about the same specs matches one of the most popular cars here, then we will see a seismic shift in purchases.

    1. ygg drasil

      @vidznstuff1 Interesting. So who actually owns MG now I wonder. Well if Australia made EVs I'd buy Australian EVs. But we don't - the car industry here was gutted by the most backward looking policies. I recall Rudd just giving money away for gas guzzlers right before the GFC hit, what a big waste of money that was, and then successive govts just let the industry die. Well we've always been encouraged at least indirectly anyway, and as if we have a choice, to buy Chinese, and now... how things change.

    2. ygg drasil

      @vidznstuff1 No I didn't realise that, but it doesn't surprise me.

    3. vidznstuff1

      That "MG" is made in China - I doubt you realize that

  50. ygg drasil

    In Australia range no longer really an issue, charging network is getting there, but still price is the main stumbling block.

  51. Mac Jim

    The Zoe is, and has been, my favourite electric car. It’s a good looker and, with the revamp, a really nice looking car, inside and outside.

  52. Mac Jim

    PC: nice large rear end = does my bum look big?

  53. Paul Leigh

    Lost a bit of credibility on car recommendations there with the Twingo ecclesiastics, its a "car" for people who don't need a car!

  54. Gianfranco Selvaggi

    We wish to enquire, if we can purchase two, three vehicles, to use for excursion activities. Can I please know who we can contact? thank you

  55. Alexjkz

    Fully charged is getting worse and every day less precise

    1. fullychargedshow

      Tell us how... thanks, Dan

  56. BurtonLTD

    I get the point of showing the best affordable electric cars. sadly I am not one who can afford even these. I drive around in a £2000 diesel skoda superb which is top spec. To drive around an electric car would cost me a fortune. The cheapest electric car on autotrader is £4.5k and is a peugeot iOn, its not comparable at all and will take another 15 years before these cars will be affordable to most.

  57. Vlad Mihai

    Electric cars are starting to get really attractive for me and frankly, only cost+range is putting me off at the moment. The only cars that fits into my 10ish k euro budget with the govnment grant (Romania has 10k euro grant) is the e-Up and Citigo iV. Both of them are very similar, but range is still a tad too low, plus they are a bit spartan. I currently own a 2001 Jetta Mk4 TDI ALH which trumps all of these in range, but I think I will make the move with the next generation of electric cars, so keep my TDI 2-3-4 more years. Next gen should bring 200+ miles with the citigo style cars, which should be sufficient for most of the trips.

  58. nmeister67

    Would love to get a new EV (e208 if my favourite here) but as someone who's pretty much always driven 10 year old + ice cars, the jump up to leasing still seems expensive what with the imposed mileage limits/charges offsetting energy savings somewhat surely? What do people think of getting a personal loan to buy a used 3-4 years old EV outright? Surly with the lower repayments along with no mileage limitations, its a very inexpensive form of motering and might even give an old ice eco box a run for its money.

  59. Rudy Van De Walle

    Interesting that many sites do omit to talk about the PSA EV brother (or sister) called the DS Crossback E-Tense. We ordered it for my wife but just wanted to make the comment because it is always forgotten. True, the base is the same as the Peugeot e-208.

  60. FairySox

    Boat builder, "What's a Coracle? "...

  61. Rtfa Zeberdee

    When talking about price, shouldn't the comparison be done with equivalent ICE vehicles? I would think not many people would know the real world price of an ICE either

    1. vidznstuff1


  62. Alex Wheeler

    I love electric cars, but 'affordability' still has such a huge way to go. I agree the Zoe is probably one of the best 'budget' EVs out at the moment, but looking brand new in that size segment (small family/B class sized cars) you can pick up similar specced petrol vehicles for <£15k (Suzuki Swift £11.8k, Nissan Micra £14k etc.) which when you consider the Zoe base price including grant is over £26k - that is an awful lot of petrol and servicing. It just won't make sense to most car buyers doing avg 6,000 in this segment. At 6k miles, 50mpg + an annual £200 service, that is 19 years before a Zoe is cheaper than a petrol Suzuki Swift :(

    1. zenbudhism

      Leasing costs are more favourable as EVs don't depreciate much. And Every 1000 miles you save £100 not buying fuel.

  63. Philip Tite

    My issue with some of these cheaper cars, is that they are quite small and cramped. As I am 2m tall it is a challenge to find a comfortable car to drive in general, so why make it worse by offering cramped vehicles?!

    1. vidznstuff1

      Because cars are designed for the 97th percentile of the market and a taller roof is more metal and glass for the midgets to haul around and wreck their cars' efficiency.

  64. Marko Djukic

    For list, time 0:58

  65. egxxx

    Honda E

  66. Mike Davies

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record.... £20K for a VW UP! city car is extortionate, when the petrol version is £6K cheaper. Same for Peugeot 208, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio (for the Zoe), etc. EVs are not affordable, they still command a massive premium over ICE models and it is only enthusiasts who will buy. You claim to want to see EVs as mainstream vehicles, so come down from you ivory tower and realise price is the #1 consideration for almost anyone buying a car.

  67. Anurag Kaushik

    I like your channel intro video and the logo too.

  68. mick rawcliffe

    Hi Robert, When are you going to cover caravanners who want to go electric? Some of us are only ICE addicts because of no alternatives.

    1. zenbudhism

      Drive to a caravan

    2. vidznstuff1

      Tesla Model X

  69. Steve Sharkey

    VW should sell well in Yorkshire with that name!

  70. Mr Mawson

    Still expensive

  71. C Bromley

    We thought the Zoe was a seriously fine car when we drove it. If you only did one or two long trips a year, the slower charging would be ok...as long as a reliable network is in place. The E-Up was impressive in your review. But (for fear of agreeing with everything you said), the Twingo would be really ideal for our towns and cities. If you’re a Mini ‘nut’, that’s obviously the one. Piddling range, but cool.

  72. antonio zerkhfaoui

    These cars are MICKEY MOUSE cars we want Model 3 or Model Y for 30 K PERIOD also the charging infrastructure in the U.K. is a joke when you want to go far I want to travel to france 🇫🇷 with ease and only TESLA super chargers will do that the rest is shit really and you know it

    1. vidznstuff1

      You aren't going to get what you want because you don't call the shots - this is a seller's market. As long as Tesla keeps selling every car they can possibly make at current price levels, you will NEVER see a $30K M3 or MY from them. Why should they sell you a cat for 30k when they can sell the same car to someone else for 45k?

    2. fullychargedshow

      Did 2,000 miles across UK and France last summer in a Hyundai Kona using Ionity chargers and it was as simple as using a Tesla, but whatever. Thanks, Fully Charged Dan

  73. Amrish M B

    Tesla Fan Boy !! :D

  74. Tony Cairncross

    Thought Skoda stopped doing the CitiGo which is absolutely nuts IMHO. I know the VW E up! is basically the same car but even so.

  75. Martin Roberts

    I have had an LEAF for the last 6 years and travelled over 101,000 miles in it. EV's are less complicated than the ICE therefore much less to fail. Previous ICE cars I have owned have been nothing but trouble after the first three years, not the case in an EV. Now looking forward to the delivery of my Kia e-Niro, only reason for swapping is the KWH that comes with newer EV's.

  76. cantfindanamefree

    From the videos I've seen, 100kw doesn't seem to equate to double the charge rate. The maximum amps that the charger can put out and the voltage and temperature of the battery pack seems to matter a lot. Seems some 50kw capable cars manage this better than some cars that state to be 100kw capable depending on the charger and temperature.

    1. zenbudhism

      If the battery is very full it won't charge very quickly. Unlikely to need 100% full

  77. Nimin Suresh

    Tata Nexon should be a good buy here, if they can introduce it here, will be way cheeper and tick most of the boxes

  78. Machiavelli VIP

    Robert, it is going to be interesting to see what effect the THING has on new EV car sales ! I am sure many have been saving up to buy one and now, due to the lockdown, many will have had to eat into those savings and therefore not be able to purchase a new car at the moment. What I find very strange is some manufacturers would sooner hand over large amounts of cash to Tesla, than discount their cars in order to meet the emissions requirement set by the EU. Something else to take into account is how much the manufacturers are going to discount all the ICE vehicles, just to get rid of them and also considering how cheap fuel is at the moment !

  79. Tim Taylor

    ok robert...ive already asked you nicely to stop everything and go make more red dwarf

  80. Twoplank Alex

    Yep, the Zoë is by far the best car : good electric spirit with recycled materials for the seats, the efficiency 12/15 kWh/100km , is one of the best amongst electric vehicles, one on the cheapest (below 30k€)and some self driving features (lvl2 if so remember well)

  81. Trevor Bradshaw

    Good video. However, I believe the MG ZS ev boot space is 470L, up from 448L of the ICE version.

  82. Martyn Laverick

    Really useful vid and would love to change over to an electric vehicle very soon at a reasonable price.

  83. David Cripps

    I think I live in a different dimension! As a minimum wage earner, affordable to me means way less than these prices. I have a Honda Jazz which cost me £2000 3 years ago. Servicing/tyres/MOT etc has been around £500 a year and I spend about £20-£25 a week on fuel. A friend of mine bought a Zoe EV for £5000ish but it's an older model with about 70 miles real world range, plus he can charge in his drive. I live in a flat. I suspect it's going to be quite a few years before I can afford a fast charging EV that makes it practical enough to use a car park charger. There are a lot of people that live in the same dimension as me. I am really excited about the EV future but I'm going to be excluded from it for a long time.

    1. zenbudhism

      You save £100 every 1000miles not buying fuel

    2. Martin

      Your heart is in the right place, best wishes for the future.

  84. Ronald Yeoh Seng Choy

    WAIT A MINUTE, HERE! I thought that robert was going to make an electric limo from the preview/thumbnail, NOT "Top 10 Affordable Electric Vehicles 2020"!!!!

  85. tangerinestorm

    Not sure leasing is the best considering we are entering the biggest recession for a hundred years.

  86. icemanrunning777

    Holy cow! I still can't believe that this is possible! So exciting!

  87. MortenB0

    Got a MG in February and I will surely love it even more when announced software update have removed the unneeded "bongs"

  88. Z'xass

    Excelent video! About the 22kw ac charging on the Zoe, Why don’t more auto-makers have this? Im from Romania, were DC chargers are a bit harder to find, so fast AC is a big plus. Not only that but from what I understand, isn’t AC charging better for the battery?

    1. vidznstuff1

      All batteries charge DC.

  89. COLIBRI mecatronic

    In Romania you can get a renault zoe with 20000 euros with government grants. The thing is...the cheapest car you can get in Romania (new) is the Dacia Logan which starts at 8000 euros. So by romanian standards, electric cars are still too expensive. Plug in hybrids, on the other hand, are a very good option.

  90. Kevin Tucker

    Can't charge the Zoe on a granny charger! Can you do something on charging? because I find I have to have a bunch off swipe cards or apps, why not just your bank or credit card!!!!

    1. zenbudhism

      Why not?🤣

  91. Andrzej

    Wooow 4:43 I had this in my Skoda Octavia since 2005, real rocket science :D

  92. Michel Clasquin-Johnson

    Go used. For the same money, you can have a BMW i3 with very few miles.

  93. Benny Baggins

    Why do you think leasing is "really good" Robert?

    1. zenbudhism

      Rapid inprovements in choice and range

  94. HangAroundGuy

    NOTHING is going to be affordable after they arrive to Finland. Thanks to EU and Finnish government.

    1. zenbudhism

      More than 50% of new cars in Finland are electric

  95. Muppet Keeper

    The Skoda has been sold out for months, the website now says no longer available. 😩

  96. Aashik v.prakash

    TATA nexon EV

  97. Christopher Sherrington

    MG Zs EV is now £25,000 after the gov grant. Are you talking new or second hand? If second hand the Hyundai Ioniq 28kWh is about £20,000 and can do over 150miles real world.

  98. Bo McGillacutty

    S is too big for me in America too but Americans seem to like oversized everything. Granted our roads are mostly wider but still.

  99. bengthu

    The Renault zoe still comes with useless viper fluid system. Over 30 mph the just make the lower edge wet. If you live in an area where they are normally needed I would look elsewhere. Visibility is important.

  100. Pedrosa Resarces

    Its so unsettling the people who look in during the ID.3 presentation