10 Mighty Vape Tips & Tricks (after 4 years of daily use)


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    1. Chris Temple

      Would you consider this an upgrade from the Pax 3?

      1. Chris Temple

        420vapezone what about the davinci IQ2 vs the mighty? That's where I'm stuck lol

      2. 420vapezone

        Yes. Massive upgrade. Mighty is my daily use vape. Pax 3 collects dust

    2. Vic Rey

      What kind of small spoon tool, do you use to scoop your weed out of the container ? And were van I get one ?

      1. 420vapezone

        Delta3dstudios.com or RogueWaxWorks on etsy

    3. the LT station

      What you said about charging the battery not letting it get fully charged, and not letting it die out dot-dot. Does that apply to all devices? Meaning, would it be the same for the solo Arizer, just cell phone, all devices like that?

    4. the LT station

      I also have the solo Arizer, the first one. It produces a much thicker vaping Cloud then my new Mighty vaporizer. I want to get a thicker Cloud out of my mighty vaporizer

      1. the LT station

        @420vapezone nothing wrong with my mighty. I just disassembled it, it was feeling, difficult at first to move the one piece over that says Mighty on it, and I wanted to make sure I didn't break it, the dog wouldn't on enforced it open and everything is good. I realize that it was hella dirty inside. With it being as new as it is I didn't think it would be so gunky inside already. Now I know. And I going to continue to follow your tips. Thanks

      2. 420vapezone

        Sounds like something is wrong with your Mighty

    5. the LT station

      Seems like yours is producing a thicker Cloud than mine. I don't know why

    6. Linus Bach

      A technical trick is dobble push the botton for power mode, its goes 10°C in its blinkin

      1. Linus Bach

        10°C up and its blinkin

    7. mrdidovets

      I have been using mine for 4 years too, here are my tips: I use capsules, always creates less mess and that means less cleaning. by using capsules you never have to replace the bottom screen. mine is still original and its clean. for the main top screen, i use popular pipe screens you can buy a pack of 100 size: 0.625 for cheap you squeeze it a little on all sides so it forms like a curve, and it will fit in perfectly. all my capsules are pushed down in the middle of the caps so that the curve on the screen matches the capsule curve. I can tell if it needs cleaning once the mouthpiece part starts to be sticky and hard to move. I soak the main top piece every 4-5 months in alcohol. Yes it is the best device out there still to this day.

    8. George Gates

      420vapezone Will the flakes of shake wreck the unit because they are so fine? Do they make small capsules for micro-dosing, or did I make a mistake buying this unit?? What are the penalties for not filling the capsules all the way up?

    9. Appleloucious


      1. Appleloucious

        @NotAPie Or something like this: www.reddit.com/r/craftymighty/comments/f024j1/how_to_clean_mightycrafty_cooling_unit/ Credit goes to u/FearAndLawyering

      2. Appleloucious

        @NotAPie hm still seems like a waste of product tho :> Basically what I read is the following: Just drop the CU in some (at least!) 91 % isopropyl alcohol. Let it sit for a bit and then you can use the alcohol-product-mix for further things like tinctures, drinks and much more (be sure to read up on how to evaporate to alcohol if needed!). I'd advise anybody to not waste anything! (:

      3. NotAPie

        Appleloucious I figured it’s best to simply scrape as usual as much as I can then clean and wipe with a qtip. Very efficient!

      4. Appleloucious

        @NotAPie Also after using my crafty it was more of a hashlike substance than sweet honey goo Im seeing in most vodeos/pictures : o

      5. Appleloucious

        @NotAPie Check the crafty/mighty or fuck compustion reddits for info on how to extract (: Also only read about it and have not done it myself so better to read the whole instructions over there ; D

    10. Anthony Sizemore

      Thanks for sacrificing yourself with that second bowl

    11. Philadelphia Eagles Podcast Station

      nosel.info/video/video/vGSpd4DNqp6Xlp4.html You are hilarious dude. I love your videos

    12. FranSqB

      Hello, I'm Brazilian, and I don't speak English very well, but I need help. I have a mighty for 2 years, and even showing the maximum temperature on the screen does not heat up as before. I believe it is something with the battery. already been through something like (franciele_souza2004@hotmail.com)

    13. DefacedReality

      Holy crap I never heard or had the idea of turning the tool around as a temporary stand! This is amazing

    14. True2022

      Gave up smoking as such I0 days ago .Had my first whitey in I0 yrs tonight with the Mighty .Had 2 bowls in a row because first one seemed week lolz .Been on the weed for nearly 40 yrs and nothing like the Mighty once you adapt to the whole deal

    15. Matthew Ryan

      I'm only 20 seconds in but I hope you explain that stand you've got for it.

      1. Matthew Ryan

        @420vapezone Dang, it didn't come with mine. Also didn't see it as an option from the store I bought it. Seems like a major design flaw on an otherwise highly functional product.

      2. 420vapezone

        Came free with the vape, link in description

    16. Tom Stacey

      Would people say the mighty is the best portable vape for getting monged with just the default kit?

    17. john metrac

      Don’t buy one of these they constantly switch there selves off after 60 seconds really fucking annoying!! I want to decide how long my battery lasts😡

      1. 420vapezone

        RTFM. The mighty vibrates to let you know its going to turn off. You can hit ANY BUTTON to keep the mighty on, or you can simply inhale through the device hard enough to drop the temperature 5 degrees.

    18. Knightcommander

      Holy shit, your cleaning tip is the best thing i've learnt for the Mighty! I've literally bought 10+ new coils because I found cleaning so hard. Will just q tip from now on. Thanks dude.

    19. Matthew O Connor

      Hey bud just watched your video here in Ireland. Your video has opened my eyes to the mighty.. Thanks Matthew Eddie lisa&Tina🍆

      1. Jr Alaniz

        What's with that emoji

      2. 420vapezone

        I don’t do whatsapp, but hit up the vape church sesh every Sunday!!

      3. Matthew O Connor

        Send me your whattapp bro Let's vape together 🥑 Your loyal fans in Ireland

    20. Charles Hayden

      On the top of the cooling unit near the locking slide, that little football looking thing (when disassembled it has the little blue oring on it). That is a button. if you press it the cooling unit will open much easier. Love your vids man keep em coming.

    21. SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS

      Do you own this company or are you sponsored by this company ?

      1. SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS


      2. 420vapezone

        nope, 100% independent

    22. Redcrown703

      PG Louis CK

      1. Redcrown703

        @420vapezone hahah

      2. 420vapezone

        maybe PG compared to Louie, hah

    23. Danny Nawar

      I wouldn't recommend using the device while charging

      1. 6496chase

        And Like Why Not???????????

      2. 420vapezone

        based on..................................?

    24. Arkanlaw

      The honey reclaim from the cooling lid, instead of cleaning it away would it be possible to scrape it out and vape a dab of it?

      1. B Rex

        if you can scrape out enough you could dab it straight.

      2. B Rex

        I have the starry max, ordered this one. I keep a little mason jar with evervclear in it. Whe n it gets hard to draw, I soak the lid in there for an hour. Rinse off really well. Keep saving that everclear and you can make a great edible or leave the lid off, somewhere safe and let the alcohol evaporate complete. Couple weeks. The oil will stay in the bottomof the jar. You can dab this. It wont taste quite as good, but it still hits hard.

    25. Paul G

      hey man, don't know if you still answer questions on this video but while doing the cleaning method, do you ever clean the path from the screen air path? idk if i'm putting the CU screen in wrong but the path gets filthy fast

    26. Charlie Chief

      How much better is the mighty vs the Arizer air 2? I already own the Arizer air (1st gen) like what makes it so much better? I’m very happy with my vape it’s seems like it’s easier to maintain and I don’t have to buy as much accessories...I just wana know what justifies the price difference between the two...how much better is the vapor quality? On a scale of 1-10 rate them and why...also whenever I’m at home I always vape through a bong....is it safe to use the mighty at home plugged in all day as my main session piece for the day if I leave it in it won’t ruin the batteries...i just like how I can swap batteries on the Arizer in case it goes dead or what it I can replace it myself the mighty just seems like a lot of extra work , money, accessories also shouldn’t the Arizer taste better cause of its glass mouthpiece?

    27. Sushi Camejo

      I like how you do your "Like and subscribe" spiel via voiceover during your hit. Efficient.

    28. Max Paine

      Hi. Just recieved one of these. Regarding tip 2. You said to replace the finer screen in the cooling unit? Can you please elberate what to do please

      1. 420vapezone

        Sure! use a poker or the stir tool to remove the screen from the cooling unit. Your mighty came with extra screens, find one of the fine mesh screens and shape it around the tip of your finger so its like a contact lens. Now install that finer screen where the original cooling unit screen was by first placing the edges of the screen into the little grooves and then flattening the screen so it stays installed.

    29. Lucky Mann

      Pieces of crap, had two, both died within two years, pretty crap vaporizer, VERY EXPENSIVE.

    30. Eamon O'Donoghue

      Thanks so much man. After your wisdom I purchased one yesterday. Tried it last night during movie and was quite happy. Early days yet though of course.

    31. adam

      im so annoyed i brought the crafty before watching this video...refund

      1. DonMarteng

        Crafty is top notch too! Keep it and get a Mighty with it ;)

    32. tom ryan

      I definitely want to buy this vaporizer now. Never had one

      1. Khaled Rapp

        It's amazing if you're a massive stoner.

      2. Mate_VK_03

        Any vaporizer is capable of vaporize hash

      3. Rafael Zayas

        tom ryan I got it with a random 20% discount. Best purchase ever. It really is as good as he says

    33. Eleyino Shen

      Hi Troy. Great videos! Could you also make a video with tips & tricks for Boundless Tera? I remember you pointed few tips for Tera in some other videos, but it would be nice to get them all in one video. Im a new user of Tera and generally i vape for a short period of time, so it would be great to see a video like this about Tera.

    34. Ramm Vamper

      Like the vids ..

    35. Rene Lüchinger

      Omfg. This was not only very useful but hilarious as heck! Thanks so much my man!

      1. 420vapezone

        Happy to help! Thanks for the comment Rene!

    36. Unknown Origins

      Do you cure the O-rings to reduce the smell of the silicone? I’m trying to figure out how to reduce the smell of the silicone as the air passes through the cooling unit less. It’s most noticeable on the second bowl but I’m new and I’m trying to figure out if I just have a really sensitive taste buds / nose. It’s extremely faint, doesn’t bother be but I can’t find a tip regarding the rings anywhere.

      1. Mitchell Garcia

        I just got the mighty, after having the Solo II for years. And yes, I can taste a kind of "siliconey" taste. I have heard that it's because the Mighty is made out of plastic, and that it goes away after using it for a little while. I'm hoping this is the case because I have heard great things about it so far and this is the one thing I don't like about it

      2. 420vapezone

        I don't, I've never had any issues or detected any taste from the silicone. I think you're one of the first honestly! Wash them with iso and then rinse with water and see if that helps

    37. Ryan Ruggles

      Wait...was that the robot from Short Circuit at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a>?

      1. 420vapezone

        LMAO, yep! Johnny #5

    38. Daniel S

      how do you not mention that you can revape the oil inside the cap? it's very efficient and great for emergency just take the cotton off the qtip and put it in a capsule

    39. Patrick McLean

      So how is the vapor quality on this compared to a desk top unit like the volcano or extreme q? I know they’re different, but I want a unit for home and I think I’m leaning towards the mighty

      1. Patrick McLean

        420vapezone awesome thanks for the reply! I think I’m pretty set on the mighty.. my only issue is coming up with the money lol! Love your channel btw!! Best videos on NOsel!

      2. 420vapezone

        The Mighty has some of the best vapor quality around, very similar to the Volcano Hybrid

    40. haramsa pig

      Den Honig vapen

    41. Thejean Alfonse

      ils ne méritent pas leur nom dans le monde du vaporisateur, l'appareil sent le plastique a la premiere utilisation, des pièce "fondent" avec le temps laissant les batteries apparentes, ce qui n'est pas rassurant, avec de la matière de qualité la dose de vapeur est là et le gout est bon, RIEN de comparable au petit Dynavap qui rend mieux les saveurs et les effets. j'ai pu tester le firefly et le boundless tera et je peux affirmer être déçu par la "qualité" du mighty par rapport à son prix exorbitant, pareil pour le volcano qui au passage est le pire vaporisateur de Bureau que j'ai eu à tester dans ma vie.

    42. Shaad1337

      What do you think of storz & bickel's desktop vaporizer, like the volcano? I have the mighty already but never tried a desktop vaporizer. Wondering if I'm missing out on much.

      1. 420vapezone

        The Volcano Hybrid is AMAZING. It hits like the Mighty on steroids

    43. Jason Dolan

      How easy to send Cannabis from USA to UK in the mail? Looking for a supplier.

    44. Jason Dolan

      What is all that honey looking stuff. My cheap little airis vape doesn't get that. You just clean the vape with a pipe cleaner. Are you using damp weed?

    45. Vic victor

      Got the mighty with $40.00 accessories and $52.00 troys discount and more! Saved me about $115.00 total. Thanks Troy.

      1. Vic victor

        @420vapezone thanks Bud, keep up the good work,

      2. 420vapezone

        Sweet deal Vic!!! Congrats on the Mighty!


      thank you for making this video! I am a about to start vaping and give vaping a chance again with dry herbs, i had negative experience in the past because i bought the davinci ascent back than like 4 years ago. but now i ordered a mighty, and i really have big hopings that it will serve me well and i will like vaping you convienced me, and i watched another videos too and read forums, but your honest talk convienced me

      1. FlashYourMother hh

        And like it?

    47. Joe Ortiz

      Hey man, can you make a video on a vape I recently picked up? It's called SkyBlue vaporizer. Could you tell me how it compares to the mighty? Also, some of the sites say to vape at lower temperatures. Could you also address that?

    48. SSGCJWILLY82

      Im digging the new cooling unit, stainless steel???? And NO video about this yet??? Where can i get 1?

      1. 420vapezone


      2. SSGCJWILLY82

        Name of vid sir? Not finding it.....

      3. 420vapezone

        video is on my website

    49. Nick Cetera

      Why u clean the inside of the cooling units with q tips this is the stupidest thing ever

      1. Nick Cetera

        @420vapezone do not clean it with anything because you are just wasting pure "gold" the oil which is coming out of the cooling unit is pure haschoil which can contain up to 70% of thc and some other rest cannabiods just put the cooling unit into a glass full with isopropanol, stir it every 5 minutes vor 20 -30 minutes max - then remove the cooling unit and clean it with some water now the glass has to evaporate ( the isopropanol in it ) when its done you have some pure haschoil at the ground of your glass or whatever then you can scrap it of and smoke or vape it again

      2. 420vapezone

        Try using your finger and you will quickly realize why the q-tip is a better choice

    50. Jabba Jay

      lmao ;-{}

    51. Guy Hovav

      11. Vape the wax inside the CU using the liquid pad (included with your Mighty)

      1. dysbomb

        100% that stuffs the best especially when you run out of green

    52. HippoCrit

      Common tip but not mentioned, use the Liquid Pad when microdosing gets much better effects than keeping it loose (it is partly conduction after all)

    53. Martyn van Halm

      Two other tips - to clean the bowl, take a soft cotton swab (like for makeup removal), soak it in alcohol, push it into the bowl and put the Mighty on the highest temperature. The hot alcohol will bind with the resin and it will all stick to the swab, that you can turn a few times before pulling out. Also, for a really mellow vape, get a tiny bubbler bong (I use the EasyFlow Little Rippa), get the Delta 3D adaptor and connect your Mighty to the pipe stem. Grind up a peppermint lozenge and dissolve that in the bong water for polar vapes.

    54. Anastasiya Blue

      Woah can you explain more about the tip #2 o:

    55. Super Bud

      HELP ME .... my mighty down/fall 30c and return 30 aleatory this is right?

    56. Krish Gopal

      I have brown residue around the outside of my mighty at the bottom of the coil where there is a little gap. Any idea on how to clean that area or is that being too picky?

    57. Shawn

      Can you dab the honey reclaim that comes out of it? I don't know if you even check these comments on old videos lol

      1. Shawn

        @Gargamelius isn't that sort of the point? Anyways, thanks for the confirmation man!

      2. Gargamelius

        Yes you can. But be aware that stuff is very strong.

    58. Tylor Rainey

      And dam yo that's the biggest vape I ever saw I got a yocan loaded and URS is still bouble maybe triple the size

      1. 420vapezone

        yeah this one is a big one. massive power and super amazing vapor

      2. Star Gazer

        Tylor Rainey It also does doubles the performance easily of the yocan...

    59. Tylor Rainey

      O u us flower Vapes I us concentrate Vapes but I don't really smoke tree I love growing it but not smoking it inless it's my tree but I like oils

    60. Marco

      I use it for home vaping, whats your best mobile vaper, which is handy and a bit more stealthy?

      1. 420vapezone

        @Marco Absolutely! Thank you for thinking of me! 420vapezone.com/go/healthy-rips-featured-page/

      2. Marco

        @420vapezone do y got a link to it so y earn something, too?

      3. 420vapezone

        I carry this one out and about... but if you need something smaller check out the Fury 2 or Fury Edge.

      4. Star Gazer

        Marco the best for stealth in my opinion is the dynavaps!!!

    61. Terry Pippy

      Most of these also work for the Crafty thanks!

    62. Brian O'Sullivan

      Can you make a video for smoking hash in a Mighty ?

      1. Brian O'Sullivan

        @Star Gazer Thanks man ! So you didn't use the insert pad ? Does it mess up the inside of your vaporizer ? The sift hash looked very crumbly after you ground it - almost like weed. Any suggestions for soft/gooey black hash ? The temperature suggestion was most helpful.

      2. Star Gazer


      3. Star Gazer

        Brian O'Sullivan I ended making that video your speaking of...

    63. Sammy Wendt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">00:24</a> - #1 Turn on before loading <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">00:35</a> - Bonus tip <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">00:59</a> - #2 CU Screen <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">01:15</a> - #3 Wobbly toddlers <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">01:30</a> - #4 Don't wait <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="117">01:57</a> - #5 Temp Stepping <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">02:25</a> - #6 Plug that shit in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">03:03</a> - #7 Battery life tips <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">03:50</a> - #8 Avoid stains <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">04:00</a> - #9 Easy, tiger <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="285">04:45</a> - #10 New cleaning method

    64. mydemon

      Receiving my mighty tomorrow based on your reviews. Can't wait!

      1. mydemon

        @Star Gazer amazing. It's my first vape so not much to compare to, but so much better than joints!

      2. Star Gazer

        How do you like it?I got one after seeing this guys videos on it 3 months ago and it’s my new daily driver!!!

    65. mrdidovets

      I use the capsules, and I use pipe screen for top replacement. I soak the top piece in ISO for about 2 hours every 2 months. Been using this for 3 years never had to replace the bottom screen bcuz capsules are the way to go and less mess and more convenient

    66. Midnight

      Glorifying drug-taking, how intelligent, must be good shit right!

    67. Jeff Smith

      PRO TIP: Adjust airflow with the holographic piece.

      1. Jeff Smith

        @Optics406 you can pull harder but it might just be diluting the vapor

      2. Jeff Smith

        @Optics406 the mouth piece has a holographic logo on it. If you pull it on the track it will click in and out of a carb. This adjusts how much total airflow you have.

      3. Optics406


    68. Jar Balt

      just got a volcano hybrid,now I ordered a mighty to use outside.

      1. Jar Balt

        @jeat hybrid is bananas, i used to smoke a lot of joints per day, now i only vape on hybrid when im in my house, mighty i bought it in their US store as well as the hybrid

      2. jeat

        Jar Balt And how is the hybrid? Where do you bought the mighty?

    69. Bhavin Patel

      Don't wipe it off, vape it!

    70. Bhavin Patel

      Tip 11# I use a sharp object to scrape off all the excess, (no cue tips), and vape all that good stuff

    71. Mack Plymale

      My Crafty does not give a good hit anymore.

      1. 420vapezone

        Bummer Mack, mine has gone to crap too, with only 50 hours on it

    72. Dave Gouda

      Dude starts speaking in tongues at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="373">6:13</a> lmaoooo. I want some of what you're smoking man.

      1. Outlet


      2. 420vapezone

        @Ryan Ruggles my older sister had that cassette tape

      3. Ryan Ruggles

        @420vapezone it’s also an amazing album by Talking Heads!

      4. 420vapezone

        hahaha, 'speaking in tongues' - that's funny

    73. J Fun

      I was weighing my options on a new vape and your video tipped the scale on the Mighty. Just got it yesterday and will be travelling to Mars soon. Thanks for the video!

      1. King .Indigo

        What are your thoughts?

    74. hollernathan

      Any tips on reducing the harshness and coughing and tinder lungs during and after a session? Tried the mighty for first time and experienced these effects. Would like your help on this matter on reducing these issues. Thank you

    75. TheManKnownAsJR

      I use two cooling units, each last a week and get cleaned throughout the week, as time permits and is ready for next switch. It is time consuming to clean that thing either way you slice it. The way you do it right now, causes wear and tear on the rubber o-rings for nothing. I only use it for concentrates, so I do not recommend cleaning the cooling unit with a Q-Tip as you are missing out on sweet, sweet reclaim. I'm a huge fan of reclaim... trash to stash!

      1. TheManKnownAsJR

        @420vapezone I like to take the time, I book a day off every Monday to do a thorough cleaning of my toking tools. I'm a heavy hitter, so I don't have the choice.

      2. 420vapezone

        I hear ya on the reclaim. There's enough reclaim after a week to get high at least once, but I still end up scrapping it. There's no additional wear and tear on the o-rings and it still works out to weekly cleaning. I used to use 4 cooling units and clean them all at once to save time, but this method is so much less work.

    76. Trap MoH

      Tip for the mighty: Get a glass mouthpiece! It’s a gamechanger for me the taste ist soo much better

      1. Ryan Piner

        I have both, I feel the performance is much better with the standard mouth piece, easier to clean also. I also have the whip which i hardly use anymore

    77. Brian Mcgilp

      I too love my Mighty. I bought 6 months ago after watching several of your comparison vids..cheers for the good advise. Using mainly with concentrate caps since clubbing in with a couple pals to buy a Roisinbomb desktop press after your review of that!..Mighty good for Roisin too..such a great alround high use vape. Now waiting for my Rio Dab rig to arrive after watching your pre release review of that..that should take the pressure off my new German friend. Thanks Troy, you've cost me around 700 quid to date but i think your good work is priceless. U.K. love and lungs ✌

    78. Riley Miller

      Holy shit your time guide at the beginning is incredible, I love this video quality. Thank you for not wasting time!

      1. 420vapezone

        Thank you so much!! Time is precious, thank you for the comment :)

    79. maecknyc

      I have the medical version and i used the small containers, however i recognize the vape inhaled heats up way too strong i tend to cough. feels similar to a Pax vape which feels harsh after some vapes. i assume the extra metal distracts the true temperature. i now dont use the capsules anymore and the vape is smoother recognizably longer and when it starts getting bad, its still better than with the capsules.

      1. Arthur Curry

        you mean you used the dosing capsules and it made it more harsh? what temperature were you vaping at and did you try lowering it?

    80. TheThermofor

      Just got this bastard, but now no money for weed :/ Any tips for that?

      1. TheThermofor

        @420vapezone is capsule filling in 1/2 safe?

      2. TheThermofor

        @420vapezone Im so curious how does it taste like without smokd

      3. 420vapezone

        the struggle is real :(