$1000 if You Can Break This Ball in 1 Minute



1,5 mill ganger342

    We put money on the line and challenged our team to break a few of our favorite products in one minute. With a spoon*. Let's see what happens.
    *a spoon is not even the most ridiculous tool we gave them
    Buy here: www.vat19.com/item/giant-brain-ball-stress-reliever?adid=youtube
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    1. Frog

      Does anybody know why vat19 comes up with the most creative stuff

    2. Zalidia

      I can't express how cringy this in my opinion

    3. Eyeball Person

      Man Vat19 content kinda went downhill.

    4. RTD Universe

      “It looks like a brain and it feels like a brain” Wait, how to you know that...

    5. Moon lxight

      My question is isnt there corona? And we have to do social distancing???

    6. Toaster having a bath


    7. Mr.GoodMan

      so what you do is with the spoon bend it till it breaks so it becomes sharp and then the glass of *BIG* you break the glass and glass *SHANK* the ball of *NO STRESS*

    8. Kemala Hayati

      girl=both got 240 boy=120 sometime luck cant be eazy to found but 120?that so many for me

    9. Carson 629

      Kyle: feels kind of like a brain Me: how did you know

    10. Svftie._ On Instagram

      i hope you payed them to be so stupid

    11. Joanna Smith

      Anyone else see young John Hamm in the announcer?

    12. Friday Roblox

      I cant break that ball but I can break REAL balls! 🙂

    13. Vhincent Caringal

      He can break the stress ball with a magnifying glass just break the glass and if it sharp just pop the stress ball

    14. honeyhamster

      Dont watch the brain one when your dirty minded

    15. Ik ben aardbei

      Good job ladies...

    16. Michael Jordan

      *I'd grab my pocket knife and stabs it*

    17. Virus 24

      Man: hands it to me Me: *bites it*

    18. Minion Green


    19. Bro. Client Calledo

      *Laughs in Infuriation as fuel anf flammenwerfer*

    20. Zaheer Md

      Uh.. Why did Kyle say 'this feel like a brain'?!?!?

    21. SupremePlays -Roblox And More

      Um...... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="344">5:44</a>

    22. GuiTar Man

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> when u pick a character with *BruteStrength* but lack of *Intelligence*

    23. Ian Chu

      “Feels like a brain” HOLD THE F UP

    24. Yologames123

      "feels like a brain" how do you know what a brain feels like

    25. Collin

      how does he know what a brain feels like

    26. KRiSTiAN

      Kyle's way too serious for this channel

    27. Kons37 Flyingreapper

      If they'd let em destroy the the objects too wich they need to break the ball i'd straight up smash the magnifying glass and cut it open smh

    28. Jaime Dalton-Allen

      How do you know what a brain fells like

    29. Collin

      me: *G U N*

    30. Winter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> Parental guidance advised.

    31. Peter Parker

      Kyle: looks like a brain, feels like a brain w a i t w h a t

    32. 1332 a


    33. BlueLoliZ

      if you could be able to break the tools i would just make a shank

    34. Ola Sayed

      Vat19You’re the best you’re the only channel I can imagine makes good

    35. Oscar Lopez

      with the magnifing glass id smasu the thing on the table and use the glass to break the ball

    36. Imbopam

      Vat19? more like.... COVID19!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH SORRY

    37. Stuff With Leena

      Maddie could have broke the magnifying glass and used the sharpened glass to break it

    38. Flying Donut45

      Shoot it by shotgun

    39. -Georgia Greek girl-

      For the last hard ball, i would use a hammer

    40. Alexa Hoskins

      Me as soon as I see the title without watching TV actual video: just bite it open

    41. Wildflower Toocay

      I can, just give me a pair of scissors and its done. Actually i think i could break all of those with my bare hands.....and nails i guess ✋ 💅 🔵

    42. TheSovietUnion SocialistRepublic

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> *It’s like a shape of something on male peoples...like totally A thingy on you (If you are a male,you will know)*

    43. Farhan Iftakhar

      I havent watched this channel in 4 months

    44. Galaxy Unicorn

      I was mesmerized by the balls spinning 😍

    45. Samantha Mayger

      Who is dissapointing that kyle did not get it the first time

    46. Galaxy Unicorn

      I can't touch sand paper without getting hurt

    47. Galaxy Unicorn

      They didn't day we coikd take apart the objects.

    48. Raif willis

      Smash the magnifying glass get some of the glass and cut it open

    49. PANDA

      This channel has changed a lot in the last 5 years . This channel is getting faker.

    50. ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ

      How can you not know how to use sand paper what she doin

    51. BeamNG Crashes

      240+240+120+120=720 So what happened to "$1000"?

    52. Tan Sioe Luan

      You know what to say when Kyle breaks the brain stressball ? *Hey dont think wierd, its just a normal slimy thing*

    53. trolly pro

      It looks like a brain *"feels like a brain"* *Wait, Hol' up*

    54. XxsenpaichanxX

      🥺 🧸🖐

    55. Mikey Suarez

      ''I have steel of balls" Can you break it?

    56. Warrior Spiritt

      Such a Kyle

    57. Molly And Friends

      The next Mr beast

    58. Piper Shellhunter

      When you find her spot: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="552">9:12</a>

    59. Maksil Lorenzo

      I would’ve placed the ball underneath the 2x4 on the ground, then jumped onto the 2x4, breaking it (hopefully). Using a sharp shard from the 2x4, pierce the ball.

    60. Maksil Lorenzo

      I would’ve broken the magnifying glass on the table corner, and then use the glass to cut the stress ball

    61. Allicia Marshall

      Kyle's head looks so small

    62. Ysabel Pamintuan

      The least that i expected always wins

    63. hi

      Wow Kyle ur a nerd

    64. Ysabel Pamintuan

      I didn't expect that maddie could do it with the sandpaper And its the least that i expected

    65. Jawa Gang

      This is the equivalent of those as seen on tv ads with the white people spilling shit in the stupidest way possible.

    66. Ghyll Hamilton Cooper


    67. Bik Te

      ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)

    68. Am Ant

      Dang y’all Simpin for Karen

    69. Mya Caraballo

      I automatically thought of biting into it to break it.

    70. Santiago Villafuerte

      anyone else have that same headset hyperX

    71. Ttdig


    72. Razer Wave

      Is it just me or could you just bite that

    73. JoelRivera

      I could easily rip those with my bare hands

    74. username g

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> nice

    75. Super Mario Plush Harry

      I would’ve smashed the magnifying glass and use the shards to cut the ball

    76. ramon castro

      i can break it


      Who else misses confection profection

    78. -RandomBoi- -Hoi-

      I loved kyles first reaction, I laughed so hard lol

    79. b0n3mast3r

      Don’t like stress ball BREAK THEM 🙂

    80. soinhu foitu

      "I dont think he has ever baked a brain"