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    Expert chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education and home cook Emily are swapping materials and hoping for the best! We gave ketchup ambassador Emily $101 worth of ingredients and Frank's recipe notebook, then asked her to recreate his omelet as best she could. To lend a helping hand, food scientist Rose dialed in for a brief tutorial and pep talk. On the other side, Frank received a meager $8 worth of supplies and tried to improvise his way up to gourmet. Who’s got the huevos to succeed under these mixed up circumstances?

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    $101 vs $8 Omelet: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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    1. Ares

      Yeah only a white guy could ever be with Emily, coming home to the food she cooks must be so demoralising

    2. Juan Artiaga

      This is fake frank would get Jesus to make the wine and weight for the egg to become kitchen and then lay an egg and then use that one

    3. kamburoff_fit

      who tf make 100$ omlet

    4. Rico Rodriguez

      Never been stuck at home. Sucks to be you guys.

    5. Karl August Vahur

      "It tastes like money" HOW DO YOU KNOW??

    6. Jonathan Bell

      When Frank was bringing his wife the omelet I thought he was bringing it to the camera and I legitimately opened my mouth for a virtual omelet bite 🥺

    7. Atakan Akın

      Frank is so humble. You just wanna hug him for cooking delicious food #respect

    8. TREM_27 Plays

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1055">17:35</a> looks like question mark :D...

    9. shit lista

      Those mushrooms didn't look at all nice or caramelized or brown, is it just me?

    10. Honestly Marie

      So is it really $8 if he is adding other things to it? 🤔 This was fun.

    11. Nat W

      Where tf is she that bacon cost $2.79 at ShopRite?!

    12. anime clips and moments

      it's all about timing, different spices from different world and a perfect taste with prfect flavours

    13. Nathan Watson

      I’d still happily pay $101 for Frank’s omelette. That has good juju in it!

    14. Lexi & gEmEs

      Okay but emily sings nice

    15. bilias hour

      He is cheating, his leftover coffee must be some fancy 200$ coffee, which he cooked in advance using some other fancy ingredients, like truffles, smoked salmon, etc.

    16. Geeth Piumal

      lol i can make a omelette with a single egg(XD)

    17. Unforgettable Dreams


    18. Kiry T

      Isnt omelete supposed to be 0.2 dollars😐

      1. bilias hour

        Lorenzo’s cameo would’ve been great though

    19. Ellie S

      *Emily flexing with the iPhone 11*

    20. DanielDonut -ダンちゃん-

      White people: “two types of salt?!? Now that I call experimental”

    21. Ish

      Frank has been the pro chef in these episodes for so long, yet every time that box of expensive ingredients get pulled away from him he manages to look so surprised and sad. also Emily is now upgraded to a home cook, so that's great!

    22. Hannah Meyer

      Wait...omelette can be more than 1 dollar???

    23. SoccerSquid Bot

      My name is frank lol

    24. Extellexi -w-

      Ingridients to my Omelet: Eggs Onions Tomato Salt *_That's so Easy, why make it complicated?_*

    25. Sethios1

      As a home cook I love this series. The techniques Frank uses to chefy up the regular every day ingredients is super useful and also to see other home cooks struggle with these complex recipes makes me more confidant to experiment with food more often, it's OK to mess up, try again and you'll do better next time. Also...everything is better with butter :D

    26. Tabitha Schultz


    27. Noth Ing

      They should've been in the same kitchen, then after the cook they eat eachothers

    28. hidanone

      That woman is so boring and lame. The way she talks is not interesting at all.

    29. OJS Kakashi

      They are all home cooks now 😁

    30. xtph

      If I were her, I would had been mortified. Over $100 for an omelette? 😬

    31. Ivan Minchev

      "Just between us, you can boil it" The 1.8 million people that saw the video: 🤫🤫🤫

    32. GravityHacker321

      "Into the unknown"

    33. Revanth Annabathini

      Lorenzo’s cameo would’ve been great though

    34. james biadora

      my eggs: whisked my salmon: chopped corona: virus

    35. bharath bhansali

      Lol they it just looks like they picked a random girl from the street to do this lol she never doesn’t anything right.....

    36. Ncojay

      Why does "adding salt" require a euphemism, "seasoning". Trying to dress up the fact that we put tons of salt on everything is absurd. Either own it or don't eat it.

    37. Scott Kelly

      Wow, I'm really disappointed with this one. He's supposed to just use her ingredients, nut supplement them with his own coffee, brown sugar and organic apple cider vinegar. Bummer :(

    38. Angelic Ezra

      The fact that Frank bought so much things during lockdown just makes me cry.


      Coffee & brown sugar weren't on her ingredients list. He cheated.

    40. MstrdonmyShrt

      The way Frank looked at the box of ingredients slowly slide away.

    41. Gaara of the FUNk!

      Frank busted his behind in the past, advanced in life, and is now living the good life 😎🥳😝

    42. whatareulookingat

      I missed the happy noises guy

    43. J R

      I don't think Emily can cook an egg...

    44. KH

      Emily is Canadian, that explains the ketchup obesssion.

    45. Julia Datu

      who even has leftover coffee wth?

    46. at20

      Why are eggs in America white in Australia they are tan

    47. Gaming With Lumpy

      where are you getting bacon for 2.79?

    48. Adam Labab

      "I don't have a steamer I'm just a normal cook," she says with a bloody INCUBATOR in the background Edit: It a tabletop dishwasher I guess that's still fancy.

      1. Rannon

        Dunno about fancy, I prefer my regular size one.

    49. Big Bird

      If I cooked I would’ve ended up burning down the entire building...

    50. nate Martinez

      Where do you even find eggs that cheap😵 this cant be in California

    51. Jonathan Evans

      Am I just new or what does Emily have to do with Canada? Is she a Canadian? That flag has me curious!

    52. William Lee

      So....what was the mushroom technique Frank said he'd shade. Did I miss it when he washed the mushrooms? I meticulously use a toothbrush to get dirt off before cooking the mushrooms dry. So it's be great to know what techniques there are as to not get the moisture and liquids off mushrooms which tend to act as sponges.

    53. rayya441

      Every time Frank says”ingredients that u find in ur normal kitchen” I say: what’s wrong with the ingredients in my normal kitchen ?

    54. Eliza Knight

      My omelet contains only egg and salt. I think even the best chef can't do much with mine ...

    55. Haider saad

      I think that is a great idea 💡 to cook in your own kitchen! It makes me fell like it's more rell?! And also makes me feel like I can do all this dishes in real life on my own! Idk if u guys fell the same? Let me know 🤷🏼‍♂️

    56. Liam Mcgee

      Hahaha it looks like they had so much fun with it. Great video

    57. emsyssa

      we have garlic, butter, eggs, kosher salt and bacon... yeah lol :D the salt must be kosher to cancel out the bacon i guess :D

    58. Salomon Henry

      These series are perfect to binge during quarintine.

    59. monika laosi

      Frank: I‘m just a normal person! Me: Bro you are the salt god!

    60. Sil danjel

      Our learning experience from this vid: never underestamate the salt master himself

    61. Лиза Астахова

      Wait, Emily is level 2 now? Awesome! You go girl!

    62. Mario Chan

      How can one make the egg shells get into the bowl with cracking it on the side? Are they smashing the eggs?

      1. monika laosi

        Frank: I am the master of salt Leagueplayers: Teach me how to be this powerfull

    63. yash jadhav

      only one of these ingrediants go in my omlelet

    64. A d r i e n

      Frank needs to make a cooking show, id watch that all day 😫

    65. yash jadhav

      WAITT!!!!!!!!!!! there is meat in a type of omelet where has this been my whole life!

    66. Kazeral

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> Wait...is that a Steel Ball Run reference?

    67. the LightBringer

      the looks, the smile, such nice facial features, and so thicc, Frank's wife is such a lucky woman

    68. Theodoros Toumbas

      Even before i see the video i hope that Emily will not use ketchup with the omelet

    69. Shibu Inu

      Nobody gunna talk about the chicken decoration in the home cook's kitchen, looking like Frank's notebook.

    70. Subnuka

      Lord Frank, Jarl of Mushrooms and Master of Salt

    71. Mai Balanay

      Clicked the video so fast as soon as I saw emily

    72. Christopher Krulewicz

      I already say the professional loses because he used ingredients not in Emily's basket. Sorry but that's not the challenge.

    73. Moncef

      Pro chef: $101 Omelet ingredients Home cook: $8 Omelet ingredients Me: $0.5 Omelet ingredients

      1. Rannon

        @Moncef I think that's about what a serving would cost me as well (well, between $0.30-1) but that's not how they count in this video. Here it's the total cost of buying all the ingredients new, make the omelet and then throw everything away. That'd make the total cost (for me) around the $4-6 for just eggs and salt (probably another $5-13 if a wanted cheese etc.).

      2. Moncef

        @Rannon yes, but for 1 serving only 3 eggs enough for me, which is 0.3$

      3. Rannon

        @Moncef Still more than 50 cents! ;) Also, man that's cheap (a tiny bit jealous)!

      4. Moncef

        @Rannon in Morocco, we buy 10 eggs for 1$

      5. Rannon

        How do you buy salt and an egg box for less than $1? :p

    74. Janis HD

      What the frick is swiss cheese? I’m from switzerland and we have hundreds of different cheeses... Now I understand why there are jokes about the US “culture”...

    75. Igit Igit

      It someone put coffee or vinegarette on my omelette, I would fight them.

    76. Cesar Trujillo

      More Frank videos! (Everyone in the mix adds something amazing of course...but no one beats Frank)

    77. neppaL

      Frank: I am the master of salt Leagueplayers: Teach me how to be this powerfull

    78. Joe Barkley

      we are not all in this together

    79. Italiana 626

      Emily is the best!! She is us. More Emily content!

    80. A_n_d_r_ R_o_o_t

      $8 за омлет это уже дофига, а $100 это ваще-ваще. посмотри видео и почувствуй себя нищим бомжом