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    The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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    13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
    As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.


    1. marie p

      why doesn’t alex jus like admit it😭

    2. RPV

      I know people don't really like this show, but I always look forward to it anyway. The acting is usually spot on, especially with Clay. I'll miss Bryce, only because his actor was awesome in that role.

    3. mcg okoro

      One of the best trailers I’ve ever seen

    4. snow white

      They should’ve stopped in season 2

    5. Amber 27

      I can’t believe that in this season Winston is going to try to get revenge on them.

    6. StraingerThingz


    7. chloe


    8. Ismail khann

      Best thing about this series was Hannah Baket ♥️, doesn't seem interesting without her.

    9. Kyler Miles

      At least they’re done pretending this is some kind of awareness show for suicide and mental illness

    10. Alyssa Singh

      Ik there is a lot of mix feelings for this show but I actually like it. The acting is great and the story is interesting. Ik it was touchy with the first season but at least it’s not like riverdale 😂

    11. Madi Rumsey

      wait what happened to monty again ??

    12. Xtreme soy Sauce

      Like riverdale but not as bad

    13. Fliss GF

      First 2 seasons: we all have to take responsibility for our actions!! Final 2 seasons: let's frame someone else for a crime and refuse responsibility This show has no consistency 🤷‍♀️

    14. Marre Loarca

      Why Dylan Minnette keeps acting on this shit he should dedidate himself to be this beautiful indie boy who sings that he really is

    15. sou sou

      final season - this is the best thing to ever happen

    16. ÀNgééll Çry SéMìx

      Date ???

    17. Violet Anaya•


    18. Bishop Bullwinkle

      lmao i swear these people would not let it go

    19. Zoe Branson

      This literally hurts me that it’s the end. After everything I will miss this ❤️

    20. nieooj gotoy

      Him: Don’t freak out Clay: trying not to freak out the whole seasons

    21. Bread Burrito

      its high school the good old days

    22. ツHazal


    23. Karen Tevatrosyan


      1. Karen Tevatrosyan

        nieooj gotoy for what?

      2. nieooj gotoy

        Who asked for this?

    24. Leslie Rodriguez

      Monty was killed in the jail cell right? I dont remember

    25. oof


    26. Deshna Pursnani

      Is this season really needed? 🤔🤔

    27. CalvinIsATrashCan

      how did this show get all the way from being a really good show about mental health and thinking about your actions....to not even mentioning Hannah...at all

    28. Шахтиёр Джураев

      Что за фильм?

    29. Trisha biswas

      This trailer is giving me notice that I have to watch season 3 😑😑😑😑

    30. Akash Sharma

      thats original title suit is - 13 reasons why, 'The Final Reason'.

    31. Jane Francis

      ELITE or 13 reasons why? What's your fave? 👇🏽👇🏽

    32. Karlie McMullen

      I wouldn't be opposed to watch the show, however, the creators went through an extensive research process for it and found out many triggers and things that make mental illnesses worse and better. And what disappoints me most about this is that the show had amazing potential but instead they put some very bad pressures and triggering things into the show, going as far as to show a suicide caused by these kinds of mental disorders. So, as someone who tried to watch it but couldnt because of the triggering things in it: if you are at a low point in your life, if you are or have recently considered suicide, do not watch this show. They all but glorified suicide as a solution, sending the message "if you are bullied in your life, if you have mental disorders, you can comit suicide as a way to guilt trip people into liking you and feeling bad for what they did to you." This is a very very dangerous show and please, if anyone who is or has recently considered suicide is reading: dont do what I did. Please dont watch unless you are mentally in a good place.

    33. Obradović Veljko

      Oh wow, the shittiest popular show on Netflix is getting another season... who would’ve guessed... On the bright side, it is the last one, so we won’t have to endure this piece of dogshit anymore.

    34. Queen shadaie

      this season gonna be epic...can't wait😊😊

    35. Quenajonay Frazier

      I couldnt bring myself to finish season 2 but now....after seeing this imma have to suck it up and watch it so i can understand season 3 lol

    36. Alexandra

      i am excited for this season!

    37. Jordan Trapido

      So excited. This show is so awful at everything it tries and honestly can't wait to see how badly this is handled

    38. Sushmita Boruah

      Like seriously 😑😑😑

    39. Choco Banana Chips

      Who asked for this?

    40. Skyler Drenth


    41. McLovin

      This show is going nowhere, going nowhere.......

    42. Stevie Dane

      Let monty rot in jail!! He might not have killed bryce, but just for that broomstick situation he should stay where he is!!

    43. Sneha Mishra

      Shut up

    44. O.C. Cosplayer

      This show started with Hannah Baker and its grow more out of the box, away from what the plot was at the beginning. WTH😐

    45. mayank verma

      Hannah is lob

    46. Pushpasingh Singh

      Everyone said they like season 1 which is so dark and horrible we are talking about bullying and harassment in This season but still everyone loves it . People not understand if the things are going on their personal life so everyone hate this .and it's 2nd season and 3rd season is not so dark we can see this teenage are getting stronger to handle this situation but season 4 I think clay mental health is disturbed.

    47. McKenzie Gaiters

      Didn’t this series start about a girl that killed herself..? Or am I tripping.


      Imagine how tired we are

    49. AeroAngel

      They thought they would get away with framing an innocent man lol 😂. Justice for Monty! Lol

    50. Shubham Kumarr Roy

      Behen ke lawdo ko padhna nahi hai. Chutiyap kara lo inse bas.

    51. allison anonymous

      istg clay looks fineee this season, i’m kinda hoping he’ll get together with literally ANY OTHER GIRL than ani

    52. Spill the TeA

      Clay gets increasingly attractive every season

    53. Dominant Shark Squad


    54. Lucie Malikova

      When we can see the final season?

    55. tylerg1020

      This show should’ve been 1 season, went so far downhill after that

    56. Galxzy Shifted

      These seems more like a Riverdale trailer than a 13 Reasons Why Trailer

    57. Travis Wallace

      If you wrote this, how would you change Bryce - Montgomery’s death?

    58. Batboy

      So was Monty homosexual or was he bisexual?

    59. Travis Wallace

      Where’s Tyler 🤔

    60. TheHamburman _

      Who else is wondering how the hell they're going to graduate, the must've failed at least 3/4 of their classes.

    61. Travis Wallace

      I don’t get this: this guy got beaten up by Monty then “slept” with him and suddenly wants to go through hell for justice? Bruh, you barely knew the guy, chill.

    62. Crisfilms


    63. azalea

      i dont get the show no more

    64. Angela Novakov

      In the first seasons clay always wanted the truth to come out and now he is desperate to keep all these secrets. Thats probably why he is the most stressed, the truth always mattered so much to him. „And sooner or later, the truth will come out.“ but now he is the one hiding something..

    65. Carolyn Silhan


    66. greendrill12

      Remember when this show was about a girl who ended her life and the 13 reasons she made that decision? Yea, I can’t either.

    67. Edward luong

      the scene where clay is at the dead body if you look closely it looks like its a mannequin like turn the brightness up, everyone saying its a dead body but prob a trap to get clay

    68. Judson Hopwood

      Show is utter garbage that uses shock value to retain viewership

    69. Vanshika Luthra

      I love clay's voice Its so deep n intense

    70. Jane Bono

      Oh nooooo

    71. Priya Shrestha

      Gave me goosebumps!

    72. bighead !

      is it me or did everyone get fine this season wtf

    73. Mani H

      These niggas still ain’t graduated

    74. Max

      as if 2020 wasn't already bad enough

    75. SAGAtoday

      They could have had a good season 2 if they didn't sensor out the finale, whch ruined the whole premise of the show. Now it's just a joke

    76. Travis Wallace

      Damn, y’all had all of lockdown to release this...

    77. Sterling P

      All I want this season is more Sheri and less Ani...a whole lot less Ani

    78. Sterling P

      Hannah did it

    79. Nicole Vieira

      I thought season 3 was the final season

    80. WAHPABO

      This shoulda already been over after season 1