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    Here is a portion of 14 brainy riddles for high-intensity brain training! A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective ways to train your brain. With these crime riddles and fun brain games, you can improve your logical skills and attentiveness. Try to crack all of these tricky puzzle games and share your answers in the comments below:
    00:14 - Is Jessica cheating? Why? Check this logic riddle out and test your IQ!
    02:02 - Who is the robber? Boost your intelligence and logical skills with this brain teaser!
    03:07 - Whose husband is richer? A portion of visual puzzles that will boost your brain power and test your logic!
    04:28 - Here is a super tricky brain teaser to test your logic! How to get the key from the bottle without removing the cork or breaking the bottle?
    05:34 - This cool trivia brain game will test your general knowledge and increase your brain power! Guess which country is the richest!
    07:23 - A mind-blowing riddle with answer that will rack your brain! Test your logical skills and try to solve this riddle on time!
    08:41 - If you want to boost your brain to the max and test your logic check out this hard brain teaser! Let's see if you can solve it right!
    10:28 - Who is poor? Whose husband is a millionaire? Share your answers to this visual quiz in the comments!
    11:23 - A tricky riddle on logic and common sense that will make you rack your brain hard! Actually, the answer is so simple that people just don't believe it. If you can solve this one without pausing the video, then you have a practical mind and a sharp logic!
    12:43 - Who is rich? Boost your logic with this short visual puzzle!
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!
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    Publisert 7 måneder siden


    1. 7-Second Riddles

      12:43 - Who is rich? Boost your logic with this short visual puzzle!

      1. gaming entertainment

        c is rich beacause if you want ciggarette in jail you have to pay much money

      2. celestine grace Alcairo

        Why is there no Philippines

      3. blaze

        A seven second riddles

      4. Andrew Antolis

        7-Second Riddles it is b cause it was denied on the computer

      5. Allen Salita

        C. Cause look at his arms have wine

    2. Sahadev Saha

      Because there is a another glass of juice

    3. Nicole Morrison

      mrs Appleby was lonley her friend said... WHAT????!!!

    4. Kyra Raihl-Partridge

      The one that had a key

    5. Shobha Rani


    6. Gilbert Janik

      11:21 : cash does not make you poor. you can have a credit card, and not enough money to pay for anything. denial from a system is usually from money, and rarley from messing with the card scan a bit. the credit card could even be fake!

    7. maxiwell nyarwaba

      the one with the credit card.

    8. Please Pick Me JustWant2PlayAGame's GF

      Which husband is rich the baby in the left because ferrari is expensive

    9. Joy Bells

      11:18 The girl had the card but it was denied, so it's the girl on the left.

    10. McKenzie Brown

      i love buying guchi

    11. Julien Newborg

      The CID with the car

    12. xiaofang zhang

      The second one because a Ferrari is way more expensive than a Gucci . . .

    13. Jay Ramkissoon


    14. Kennedy Ragosta

      second baby

    15. Caleb Uriel

      Orange woman

    16. Midnight FIGHTER

      10:44 you should add her bra

    17. alex

      5:47 i do be vibin tho

    18. Simon Alabi

      So good

    19. RoyalGhost

      It’s the one with the car key


      Gucci kid is riccher boiiiii

    21. Melvin Colindres

      do husbands is richer.A

    22. Kezze playz


    23. meg123 123

      the second ones husband is richer

    24. VapoRub GD

      Right Baby

    25. Pooja Deshpande

      You spelled Gucci wrong

    26. Ayesha siraj


    27. Kyle Kyle

      The one how cash

    28. Kyle Kyle

      The key who have lambo

    29. Jade Nicholas

      Can’t tell one has farrairi or however you say it but other one has Gucci

    30. Meepa1819

      3:58 for whose husband is richer, I'd say it's A because it's spelt Gucci, not Guchi!!! 😁

    31. janet williams


    32. janet williams


      1. janet williams


    33. Amanda Culbertson

      That's not how you spell GUCCI

    34. Yuhnalyn kylie Abril

      Gucci i gues

    35. Natalie Cloran

      The first one because that is not how you spell Gucci this is how they spelt Gucci like this Gucci

    36. Pika Sneeze

      8:30 is 2 not 1???????????????

    37. Zohaib Irfan

      The one in the red stroller has a Lamborghini

    38. ULTIMATE TECH -in telugu

      Right side

    39. Ihsan Ahmed

      Duuuuuuuude! Why

    40. yezaw win

      wait i thought guchi was spelled gucci

    41. Richard Brown

      Absolute garbage.

    42. Jurassic Smart

      12:30 That's the best solution of riddle in this video.

    43. Haile Kawalya

      Like if you hate when it says coments

    44. Samuel Thiede

      11:20 the answer is the girl on the left because she gave a bag and maybe all of her money and the one on the right has a credit card H

    45. Remi Balogun

      quit saying comments

    46. Lizbeth Aguilar

      The blue bube Bady he has Gucci and She has matching clouthing and only Rich girls do that and I hate riddles With coments

    47. Feng Yie

      3:41 what is that ghost hand doing there?

    48. jayvincent gonzales


    49. Chelsea Thompson

      One of there kids had gucci so i pick them

    50. Kamari Ross

      There both rich

    51. Doctor Surgeon

      The ferrai

    52. Fruit Labs

      4:26 i think it the right one becuase card are more expansive

    53. M.J. Annamalai


    54. reese dm


    55. Muhammed Gai

      The one with the Ferrari car key

    56. Jayden Vladimir Ellorando

      Right side girl

    57. Sherri Kids White

      The lady on the right the cashier says denied

    58. Ladhurshan Selvaraj

      The child who has Ferrari key

      1. Ladhurshan Selvaraj

        The woman who has credit card is rich