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    Here is a set of logic riddles that are to easy for people with 150 IQ ;) Let's see how smart you are! Share in the comments how many answers you got right! These brain teasers and IQ exercises will boost your brain and give you a huge boost of energy! So, if you are ready to start, push the "Play" button!
    00:14 - Who killed the teacher?! A blood-freezing criminal case for professional Detectives! Can you solve this crime before you run out of?
    01:48 - Which house belongs to a pregnant woman? A tricky brain game to wake up your brain and increase your logical thinking :)
    03:04 - A portion of fun puzzles for all the emoji game lovers! Guess the food by the emojis!
    04:56 - Who is a man? Test your vision and try to find all the answers to these visual puzzles before the time is up!
    06:56 - Hey, Detective, here is a new case for you! A blood-freezing crime riddle to test your attentiveness and logic. Try to see the smallest details to solve this case.
    08:26 - This story won't shock anyone who goes or used to go to school😜 You will have to find the young criminal who has blown up the toilet in the school so be attentive and don't get tricked by his innocent look! A fun logic riddle for kids and adults!
    10:02 - This short logic riddle will make you rack your brain hard because only a person with IQ 100+ will be able to solve it! To be honest, I had no idea of what the answer can be when was trying to solve it🤔
    10:57 - This tricky picture puzzle will test your common sense and boost your logic. Even a person with an average IQ level can crack this visual puzzle if think logically. If you feel it too tricky, just pause the video and take your time. I won't tell anyone😉
    12:00 - Who was a man? A visual puzzle to test your IQ! Share your answer in the comments below!
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last riddle :)
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    1. 7-Second Riddles

      12:00 - Who was a man? A or B? Share your answers in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️

      1. äłphå čhăň


      2. Soccer4Life


      3. Guadalupe Rodriguez

        A its hair

      4. Zongrun HAN

        Left side

      5. Laila Meikle

        Hi 7 second riddles I always watch your vids I find them so entertaining I have subscribed and turned on post notifications . I think A is a man as “she” has facial hair

    2. La Pocha

      the 15'th riddle the girl who came out of the girls was a man because I saw a beard and hair on her arms

    3. Sania Khan


    4. Anthony Lalmuankima

      Green face

    5. Alugoyemanju Manju

      Yeah I won 2nd riddle😃

    6. Fatimah Alsadah

      The pink lady

    7. Fatimah Alsadah


    8. Fatimah Alsadah

      The man 👨 whith goace

    9. Fatimah Alsadah


    10. Ricky Lerma

      The question who is a man letterA

    11. Kendra Beauplan


    12. Laura Balsley

      What if a girl wore those

    13. Maya Karim

      It is very confusing But nice to watch

    14. Tayla Evans

      The boy who is getting his face mask

    15. Mayelin Sainz


    16. Gabija Gabija

      When you say comment taht means thta you dont know

    17. Marwa Ibrahim

      The man is b

    18. ela 2342

      The girl a she haves a beard

    19. ela 2342

      Why ai always say no sens this is always hapaning🎗

    20. ela 2342

      The last 1 was a eazy 1 fiest girl have a beard and uder girl is noy a man.🧘‍♀️

    21. Diyana Hussain

      The boy on the right !!!!!!!!!!

    22. jonathan monroe


    23. Jenna Papalardo

      The man is the girl who has the pink dress on because she has a beard and arm hair

      1. gisele- Fernandes


    24. rene singcay


    25. Salvador Prudencio

      The first one

    26. Salvador Prudencio

      The first one

    27. alon mantel

      in the bathroom one a woman had a beard

    28. alon mantel

      who is a man the one all the way to the left had shoes for a man in the doctor one

    29. Dilly Picks


    30. The REAPER

      I hate comments not tell de antser

    31. porn star


    32. aikta yadav

      I hate it when it says comments

    33. Erynn Trompeter

      oh A is a man he has hair on his arms and a beard on his chin comment hat you think?

    34. Erynn Trompeter

      the last who in is the man one it was the one closest he had boy shoes I know that sounds sexists

    35. hzhuk

      left client or middle person

    36. hzhuk

      peking duck

    37. Derek Esmurria


    38. gacha lol

      No. 4

    39. greshan mirth

      Comment in the last riddle A

    40. greshan mirth

      A . He had shoe

    41. XxsarahxX the Gachatuber

      Peking duck

    42. Super unicorn

      the 1st one because there was man shoes

      1. Super unicorn

        its so tripy

    43. Yusuf Dadkhah

      i got 10 of 15 right. how smart would you say i am based of that information alone?

    44. Starry Sky Nath Nath

      Peking duck

    45. Sanda Rohan


    46. [HinakaXMikasa]

      The girl who wear pink dress

    47. Charis Chan

      pecking duck yum!!

    48. Maricel Gonzales

      Letter a

    49. 『ᏖᏝᏝ』ᴚリʄイ

      Lmao Peking duck

    50. KwanC1112

      A is a man because of the srabel thing

    51. leilah kaddu

      5:29 look at her tho!! i would report if my teacher was like that!!

    52. leilah kaddu

      The salsa one was hard. BTW what did you get for the P E king emoji and duck emoji??? I HATE IT WHEN THEY SAY COMMENTS AT LEAST PUT THE ANSWER IN THE DESC. JUST SAYING LIKE OR REPLY IF U THINK THAT SHOULD HAPPEN!!! -+

    53. Abigail H

      What the heck is a milk cookie😔😔😉😉😦😧

    54. manjunadh Bhavaraju

      4:55- peking duck

    55. Alicia Frazier

      Person who came out of the woods it woman bathroom

    56. Hasina Bassal


    57. Kaitlyn Rasmussen

      You should stop doing comments

    58. Sarah Widmer-Lee


    59. Grace Oakman

      i hate when at the end of a riddle they say comments

    60. Mathi Mukil