1st place science fair ideas- 10 ideas and tricks to WIN!

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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    10 ideas and some power tips to make you the king of your science fair!
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    Studio C collab video! nosel.info/video/video/s3qJr5vNfGpdk7c.html
    Credit to my sister Lisa for being my professional consultant on a lot of these ideas and tips.
    My 10 ideas:
    1. Number of card shuffles
    1.5 Do Carrots improve night vision?
    2. 5 second rule
    3. Dirtiest surfaces in your house
    4. Helium soccer balls
    5. Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy- www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/03/rock-paper-scissors_n_5255288.html
    6. Does Practice make Perfect?
    7. Best paper airplane
    8. Best microwave strategy. Measure the speed of light- nosel.info/video/video/qX9pjWnce5mJmLs.html
    9. Rubber animal reactions
    10. “He looks just like you”

    Additional awesome ideas from the comments:
    1. How often do people actually stop at stop signs? See if there are patterns for age, car model, etc.
    2. ???

    4 power tips:
    1. Make it relatable
    2. Measure 1 thing. Change 1 thing.
    3. Make a prediction
    4. Practice the interview

    Haircut tips raw data- www.dropbox.com/s/hctsaf86pvste2l/Haircut%20Tip%20Amounts.xlsx?dl=0

    0:08- Almost Original- Joakim Karud- soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
    2:01- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- andrewapplepie.com/

    Summary: I'm a big fan of science fairs because for a lot of kids it's their first exposure to science! But I think a lot of times it's not a good first impression. I tried to come with 10 ideas and general tips that will make it way more awesome for the student.

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    1. drewzilla

      i never got to do a science fair

    2. Alana Page

      For my 5th grade science fair I did a bunch of different fruit and veggie batteries and only changed the fruit and measured the watts it generated I didn't win, but I got to eat the experiment afterwards xD

    3. Bianca Dionisio

      okay bet

    4. Fabian Castellanos

      Thx for the free A

    5. AG VlOGZ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="568">9:28</a> the ninth one tho

    6. Lil Oldman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:01</a> But remember kids, green is not a creative color

    7. NoMercy745

      Very good ideas... IF your school does do science fairs. I started high school in the 08-09 school year and the last science fair they held was in the 07-08 school year. To say I was pi***d is an understatement.

    8. Prestige Blox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="399">6:39</a> does practice make perfect? playing JToH ToM, JToH ToH, JTOH ToS, JToH TT, and JToH CoLS (look up if you don’t know people who play would understand best)

    9. Willo Deakin

      Let’s get this the most unliked comment

    10. Charlie Clarke

      that one kid crying because he did the light on a flower project and watched this video

    11. Brando

      I tried to submit 5 of these and only one was approved. Oh, and I don't know what yall did but we had to submit ideas and get them approved by our teacher, and one of my ideas was not approved because SOMEONE A YEAR BEFORE DID IT POORLY!

    12. Leo Evans

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> I lost an egg drop competition because of this. The goal in the competition was to make your egg drop the fastest and mine did 0.84 secs while to tied 1st place winners had 0.82 mine was faster and theirs was slower.

    13. Christian Coertze

      Which is faster, the speed of light or the speed of electricity?

    14. Vimi Maliakel

      Man, you are great

    15. кяож

      Still don't know why volcanoes still get as much recognition, surely these people get tired of seeing those things.

    16. Cole Mrowka

      Americans: *sOccEr balls are filled with helium* Europeans: FoOtbALls are filled with air

    17. Eric Brann

      are you seriously telling me that einstein was only as useful as a microwave and some cheese?

    18. Pinkstarclan

      man, this would've been great for me as a kid. I've been deep into genetics and evolution since I was little; I could do research and write about those topics with ease, but they were far too big to do a practical experiment on. I had no access to gel electrophoresis or big spreadsheets of population data so I never knew what to do at science fairs. and then when I asked adults for help, they'd suggest a specific "experiment" (I'm pretty sure i did that volcano thing every single time, which...isn't an experiment) instead of helping me come up with something relevant to my interests. There's so many TYPES of experiments, and so many different ways to experiment, but my experience had been reading a lot of papers and data from professional labs. it would've been nice if I'd had someone to show me that science can be done at home too...instead of just telling me to give up and make another volcano.

    19. pyro the dragon

      i dont think he knows most states/ countries dont even have science fairs

    20. Baby Yoda

      How to win every science fair 1: be born Asian 2: go to school that does science fairs 3: grow up to a grade that does science fairs 4: copy someone else’s topic but better 5: winner winner chicken dinner

    21. Matt da Ratt Vlogs

      If I had would have discovered Mark Rober a long time ago I would have loved to doing science but now I just kind of don't enjoy it but after he showed me how to do some stuff I'm really interested

    22. Dark Fun

      Actually Asian babies have a distinct look too them so you can almost tell who's whose baby it is from but the distinct look only comes out if the baby is 2 weeks old or more

    23. Eva _Kit-Sune

      LMAO, these comments! Anyways, here are a few ideas: 1) Does music actually help you study/what type of music is best for study? 2) How does a cat always land on its feet? 3) Something using a pendulum. that's all I can think of for now.

    24. Hui Zhang

      The science of flight. And bring a visible smoke tunnel and putting different paper airplanes in it.

    25. The Old Time Gamer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="370">6:10</a> ok sorry but I have to Well either we tip WAY TO MUCH or WAYYYYY TO LITTLE because we don’t know what’s the “lagom” (Swedish for just enough) amount to tip because here in Europe, the owners of the restaurants afford to pay their employees

    26. YaBoiChief 14

      I did which electronic device has the most bacteria on it for mine and I didn’t even get 3rd to someone who did the light with plants

    27. CaliforniaWalnut

      2020 anyone?

    28. BlobFishGaming

      how much bloody wood does he have!?

    29. SPESS

      Bribe em

    30. Cowta Playz

      *laughs in not being doing the science fair*

    31. edgewordwise

      I don't remember my first project but I actually have pictures of the time I grew rock candy. It was fun and what kid doesn't like candy. The other time I remember was when I made a volcano. Boring but the funny thing was I didn't win the first time I entered it but I did the next year. With the same volcano. Lol.

    32. Rishi Raj Upadhyay

      This guy looks like seth mcfarlen

    33. Animals and other Stuff

      Mark rober: we will being talking about science fair. (Theodd1sout has left the chat)

    34. Kevin Shen

      Uses wood as paper

    35. Joyce Mecha

      my sience fair got canceld because of crona

    36. I drink Water

      I just do, do video games cause violence so when I play video games I’m doing my science fair project

    37. Olivia Simon

      Apparently doing a plant project wins you 1st place in 4th grade

    38. merp merpetii

      rip science fair meta.

    39. gamer.mp4

      How long does it take for someone to honk at you on average when you dont move at a green light

    40. Joshua Cozzie

      Jason! Yes!

    41. C.S. Djanthuil

      I wonder if TheOdd1sOut has seen this...

    42. it's perfection

      Most interesting thing I made was a tower made of water bottles

    43. Randolph Rosales

      Make ph paper? Nope. Make a boomerang plane? Yep!

    44. Randolph Rosales

      The best paper airplane is suzanne.


      I think i know how to do number 7

    46. Nilufer Kuburovic

      brooo wth!! i did the 5 second rule project in fifth grade and no one was impressed and i had come up with on my own

    47. Stormageddon, Banhammer of Justice

      Babies don’t even count as people. You count as a person when you turn, like, 13 or something.

    48. Joel Oliver

      I was disqualified at my 1st fair because I wanted to see why light bulbs went out Reason: I started a fire, probably wasn’t a good idea to put the wires on cardboard when testing

    49. Kid-A-Mite Videos

      What about testing what PH level water is better for you. I have no clue how you would test this but i think it would be a first place idea

    50. Wyatt Murray

      the baby 4 from the right in the bottem row looks a lot more like mr. bean than any of the others

    51. Cringy boi

      “I love science fairs” Dafuq

    52. Dabi Corn

      You should try doing if you drop a pencil will the led brake more often

    53. Rishi L

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="188">3:08</a> Karen is furious and wants to talk to the manager.

    54. Derpy Purple

      *laughs in British (We don’t have science fairs here)

    55. Pet Place

      In theory science fairs are great, but in practice they suck

    56. gacha life

      step 1: go to a school that dose science fairs step 2: at home science fair because non of my schools do that

    57. PUBG PLAYZ

      In my country we dont have science pair

    58. Summer Helm

      People who don’t have science fairs at their schools are so lucky

    59. 1996 Toyota Camry

      The egg drop thing you did could be a fair project if it’s own

    60. Abdulmalik Alashban

      How to win at science fair: make ur school forget it even exist

    61. Alli Vlogs

      my 7 th grade project was which soda with pop rocks can inflate a balloon the best

    62. Kimhong Un

      How to get 1st place 1. How to build a nuclear bomb

    63. HetGameJoch

      ah yes, watching this video knowing we don't do these in Europe

    64. Matilda DG

      Mark: ‘tipping isn’t really a thing over there’ Me: how dare you. Waiters ask us for tips all the time! ❤️ your videos, just thought this was funny. Like if you are from the UK and comment if you are from the US

    65. Xanimae Squirlle

      step 1: Be in a science fair

    66. Graham Skinner

      Un fortuneately ideas 2 and 3 cant be done at my Massachuesettes school. The reason is that you could actually be growing pathogens inside of the petri dishes.

    67. Grayson Carlyle

      Once did a science project where I extracted real iron from cereal, comparing brands, etc. Totally thought I wss going to place because I literally extracted metal from food. Didn`t get anything. Instead someone who tested different brands of chewing gum won.

    68. yash the bot

      Idea: do shoe brands affect the way we play sports

    69. Domination Doom

      I won my science fair but it was online

    70. Goodballa

      Soccer ball kick test, wouldn't a better test be to measure the time between the balls first and second bounce be more accurate? The balls would hit the ground at the same time first bounce, but the ground would represent the kick.

    71. Queen Lover

      Thanks for an A on science fair

    72. Owen Armstrong

      watching this during quarintine

    73. Max Philpott

      How has this vid escaped me for so long

    74. MaryNuky_ 9018

      therapist:mark with no stickers on his door doesnt exist he cant hurt you mark with no sticker on his wall:

    75. Aka ColorBlind

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">3:55</a> captions “What surfaces are the most German Festive”

    76. Poopie Hed

      I used one of these and lost to a baking powder volcano and I was in 6th place 😭😭😭

    77. Mohniish

      If anyone lives in India you know that the judges come and look at your project and go:useuseuseuseuseuseuseuseuse like the seagulls from finding nemo(they only ask for the use of the project)

    78. Starvin Marvin

      Coming from mark rober I can’t believe all these sucked

    79. lolabug67

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> i actually did this one. I forgot the results

    80. kookie_ to_cooky

      The likes... Are... "69K likes"