2 Strangers Swap Lives Across the World for 72hrs!!

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Yes Theory

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    1. Yes Theory

      Hey everyone, this is Thomas, I just want to say that the morning I walked out with TD to meet Staffan was so strange. I've been a skeptical of "energy" and how much influence manifesting something can have. But that morning, I decided to approach looking for a stranger differently. I took my time. I wanted to create the most optimal headspace for myself. I went for a run, meditated, felt grateful about the opportunities we have and everyone around us and decided that I was going to walk out the door and change someone's life. Changing someone's life might sound hyperbolic to some of you, but I knew that whatever would happen that day, it would forever alter their perception of the world. Then TD landed that morning and arrived with equally good vibes. But we weren't in a rush. We didn't stress about "finding someone" for the episode, or just filming for the sake of filming. Instead, we went for coffee to catch up before going out, we took our time prepping the gear and making sure we were both in the right headspace. We made a dozen small decisions that morning that pushed us back by 5 minutes each time, then walked out and immediately met Staffan. You might call this luck. But for me, this just showed how our perspective, intention and the energy we bring to everything we do is important beyond measure. You just can't fake it. It's real and fires inside of you. TD was for the longest time one of the most skeptical people I've ever met but through experiences like this, he now fully believes anything is possible. Believing and positive energy can truly go a long way. Much love

      1. Ruth O'Hare

        You all should visit Ireland its such a small country but the people are so welcoming and outgoing ps we're not all leprechauns !!!!!

      2. Gnosis Cleopas

        Uhmm what is TD?

      3. Silenced_72

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        Whenever I come home from work I immediately check out the awesome videos Yes Theory puts out and I relax and enjoy the beauty of each person you all meet😁 I will always be cheering Yes Theory on🥳

      5. viru singh

        great job guys..you truly are the most admiring persons of my life. love you guys, !!!!!!!! a lot. keep changing lifes of people who couldn't change theirs, because of some barriers. i also had a dream in my life. now i cannot achieve it in my life being here in India. that's the emptiness i have in life.

    2. Honey

      Who else realised really late that they went to Austin because of Austin (the guy Ammar initially swapped lives with)? LOL

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      Man stuff like this that makes me feel what I'm doing w/ life. So much to see so much to do so many people to friend in this world. I would give up my whole routine for a day to do something like this

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      I love the patriotism Staffan has!

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    20. noman ahmed

      Pinned by name Yes Theory 100 months ago Hey everyone, this is noman from liverpool, I just want to say that the morning I walked out with TD to meet Staffan was so strange. I've been a skeptical of "energy" and how much influence manifesting something can have. But that morning, I decided to approach looking for a stranger differently. I took my time. I wanted to create the most optimal headspace for myself. I went for a run, meditated, felt grateful about the opportunities we have and everyone around us and decided that I was going to walk out the door and change someone's life. Changing someone's life might sound

    21. gamerboi88

      I was watching this on a Google Pixel. Anyone else?

    22. wandering alone

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="606">10:06</a> Can I have that blonde dude's phone number. This Swedish guy is so hot! ^^

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      I was born in Austin, Texas but now I'm living around the world in Israel. It was cool to see Steffan go to places I went to growing up. Thank you Yes Theory for showing off Texas!

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      Thank you! This was literally one of the most amazing videos I have even seen. So inspiring and heartwarming. You guys spread so much positivity and this is exactly what I need in these rough times of isolation. I can't wait the pandemic is over and I finally get to spend time with friends and strangers. Stay healthy and positive. Much love from Germany :)

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      I am from the US but I live in Brazil. It is absolutely 100% true, there is nothing like surrounding yourself in another country. I came here, alone, without knowing anyone, 5 years ago and I have found the most amazing people here. Currently trying to live here permanently! Thanks for sharing your dreams and lives with others like us, the hopeless dreamer!

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