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    Gus Johnson is BACK so Shayne busted out the squirt guns for some 2 Truths 1 Lie action!
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    Publisert 2 år siden


    1. carson

      The fact that shayne was almost in "we need to talk about kevin" is fucking iNSANE

    2. Chris Kojios

      Is noone confused on the lie not being that his cousin died but came back to life?! wtf?!

    3. shrek_2_on_DVD 69

      Why didnt shayne say what his lies are?

    4. Caedmon Uhren

      I love how he's not wearing a wedding ring but Shayne still got it wrong 😂

    5. Stubbskii

      Back here two years later idkw

    6. Natalie Warner

      My aunt and uncle are Bryan and Christina 😂😂 great vid guys

    7. Davey C

      NOsel: uploaded on year ago Me: checks date NOT TOMORROW

    8. TrendyAnubis

      Kumon is in Australia too

    9. Connor Steier

      Imagine if Shayne would’ve been in We Need To Talk About Kevin. That would’ve been interesting I think

      1. Kathleen Mansure

        I think he would have done a good job but there is just something about Ezra Miller that just fits disturbing roles

    10. liam hess


    11. Taryn Resseger

      Gus sounds like wes

    12. Jidybla 22

      I take KUMON

    13. AnnaDahmer

      Wait, if Shayne looking puma in the eye was true...then which was the lie? Lol

    14. James Irby

      If the 2003 Hulk came out on Gus' birthday, Shayne should know he's 15 and it's a lie 😂

    15. James Irby

      Gus literally made Shayne confess that he did stare a Mountain Lion is the eyes by asking Shayne questions about it, and him answering, same thing with Tilda Swinton

    16. James Irby

      My question is why does Gus remember the last time he puked 😂

    17. Tieryn Oehrlein

      Props to whoever edited this

    18. George Doty-Williams

      I once hugged Tilda Swinton I once pet T i l d a S w i n t o n I played a demonic version of T I L D A S W I N T O N on the Disney Channel

    19. Opha The Awesome


    20. reece Mavros

      Rewatching this i would have loved to see shane in we need to talk about kevin, its a disturbing movie about raising a psychopath who ends up killing his sister and dad then his school then his mom has to live with the guilt. Imagine shane in that shit

    21. Willie Sellers

      There’s kumon in the east coast

    22. Mcloyi1928

      Gus said "girlfriend" wouldn't that give it away because he would've said wife

    23. Jana Eloff

      I love their relationship🤣

    24. Jana Eloff

      Kumon is also in South Africa🤣

    25. Fabeha Z.

      I taking Kumon right now and I'm like 2 months behind lol. Edit: Quaratines make everything sooooooo productive.


      Kumon made me suicidal

    27. Blackmail567

      Dude I've got the same key West shirt but navy blue 😂😂 key West is awesome gotta agree with shayne

    28. Chris Fazio

      I’m surprised that Shayne and Gus didn’t read the bible

    29. 주무세요안녕히


    30. Winter Diamond

      "Stared a wild mountain lion in the eyes" I don't know.....it's something like courtney freakin miller would also say.

    31. Marsh W

      Okay his cousin tho, is he Jesus like I need an explanation

    32. Lucy Green

      .....is it bad that i knew all of Shayne's

    33. matt dwyer

      I'm glad Gus didn't doubt for a second Captain Jack Sparrow

    34. Petfama

      BUT... Dinosaurs is a disney animated movie though!?

    35. 111 111

      It's not a west coast thing. There are tons of Kumons here in New Jersey.

    36. Cody Courson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="663">11:03</a> Shayne becomes an inny 🤣🤣🤣

    37. Sean Partridge

      Dude no way I also went to kumon

    38. Lizzie Wilson

      My brother did Kumon and I just remember the specific smell of that place... sweet but bland

    39. GoldBird

      Gus :)

    40. Ryan Swenson

      dude, I watched the shit outta dinosaur when i was a kid too

    41. Tyler Joseph Schommer

      Dinosaur better have been his only Disney movie or else he lied

    42. James Gibbs-G

      Hulk 2003 directed by Ang Lee came out June 17th not June 20th

      1. James Gibbs-G

        Shayne should have won

    43. IAmLukeman

      kumon is a nightmare.

    44. Troy Berg

      Ok Michael Bradley

    45. Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen

      Dinosauers is a Disney movie and animated tecnikly a disney animated movie

    46. Zoe Maeve

      Rewatching this I just realized that Gus has seen more than one Disney movie (Oliver and Company) cause he just admitted to watching a movie called Dinosaurs which is an underrated Disney movie oooof this calls for a rematch boiz✊🏻

    47. Lincoln Exists

      I love shayne and gus’ dynamic.

    48. belatedbday69

      kumon gang

    49. ̶R̶E̶D̶A̶C̶T̶E̶D̶


    50. Star Atlas

      Perchance was a bisexual in charge of the background colors?

    51. joel quinn

      Superhero movies and beef stroganoff are amazing and so is bud light lime

    52. Matthew Swinton

      Tilda Swinton is my 7th removed cousin

    53. TovaRune

      Loving the bi pride decor

    54. Isaiah Watts

      I like how Shayne is all dressed up and Gus is just like "whatever"

    55. Tharshana Aribin

      Who else took Kumon?

      1. Lise Magic

        Tharshana Aribin my mom bought me all their math books to do over the summer

    56. Spite Abyss

      kumon isn't fake

    57. Crazy Ninja 302

      I can’t believe I came back to smash after all these years because one of my favorite youtubers is in a video

    58. True Leggott


    59. Casey Graves

      Dinosaurs is an animated Disney movie....

    60. Joshua Hale

      You can’t say you wet every pair of pants you owned at one time and not explain

    61. Peter Trimboli

      The only time you actually died is if someone kept oxygen moving to your brain with CPR and then someone had an aed and restarted your heart with electric current. That's the only way to bring a dead person back he could of been not breathing and passed out but his heart did not stop if he was resuscitated without an aed.

    62. Mckenna

      undead squad:Shane and GUs Cousin

    63. KingT

      Wait but Gus lied Hulk (2003) came out on the 17th, not the 20th (actually his birthday)

    64. Daily Logic

      I love how dinosaurs is a Disney movie

    65. Sarah Ray

      Wow I have the same birthday as Gus Johnson

    66. L R

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> Gus: "The only thing that I broke was the 6 pack of Bud Light Lime that I was carrying." Shayne: "....Is that why the guy hit ya?" XD XD XD

    67. Emalee Stone

      Bruh I was a vegetarian in middle school and a vegan in high school by choice

    68. Francisco Alejandre

      I actually remember that episode where Shayne was a literal sparrow as jack Sparrow. On that's so random, it was pretty weird and it was just to make puns

    69. Bustedcool


    70. Rufus Goehl

      I hope he spit a fat wad of potatoes on that douchebag Scott walker tho ngl lmao

    71. Strafoam

      Shayne and Gus is the best collaboration. I love it!

    72. erica fukawa

      I actually went to Kumon too. They're all around the world, we have them here in Australia 😂

    73. An actual Moose

      There are tons of Kumon places in New York too

    74. Patrick142099

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="695">11:35</a> I thought that before he said it

    75. Doct Joe

      Oh come on Gus I see Kumon locations everywhere in Michigan

    76. Anthony Handzel

      I went to kumon too :( it’s so stupid because you had to do a packet each day even when I went on vacation I spent so much time doing it while everyone was on the beach :((((

    77. NievesSixX

      I went to Kumon and they are both on the east and west coast

    78. Aurora Scerri

      I went to kumon too!

    79. Robert Mirr

      I did Kumon in Denver for a year and absolutely hated it. Glad I’m not alone

    80. Mr Red Cheese

      I went to Kumon