2020 iPad Pro Review: It's... A Computer?!

5 mill ganger949

    The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?
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    1. Maximo Ortiz

      Hi. I wonder if you have a favorite ANDROID tablet; IOS is not for me (personal preference). Thanks.

    2. Noobisnotbad

      Worst thing is, everything is sold separately. So just buy a PC smh.

    3. ERROR 404

      why dont they just make macbook with touch screen ;/

    4. Rakesh Raja

      You can get a better spec computer at this tablet price.

    5. 1littlelee

      HE's gotta say good things abnout it or he wont get the next model

    6. Francis Desiderio II

      Hello! I couldn’t reach for any apple support so im hoping that anyone from you guys could help me with my problem. Im currently having problem charging my iPhone 11 pro max and when i charge it, it stays on 80% and it doesn’t go through until 100% unless i restart it. Can anyone help me please?

      1. Ian Treat

        Maybe turn off optimize battery charging and check for an update .

    7. sethu6600

      Simply put. It's the modern day fools gold. Good for nothing piece of shit. Don't go around saying it's powerful .

    8. Raja Kurcaci

      Can i make a video pro with this ipad pro 2020?

    9. Ka Tech

      New iPad Pro is a Ferrari stuck in first gear. No doubt the new ipad is an incredible piece of kit, but unless you do video editing or audio what’s the point if iOS are so limited in what you can run? You may as well stick to the older iPad Pros to do your browsing/emails or if you are a power user and need a tablet go with the surface. Although I prefer macOS at least with windows on surface you are not limited to what you can run. I hope Apple realises this but sigh I don’t think they will ever want to eat into their MacBook market.

    10. Andrew Sadono

      Kid: “What’s a computer?” Alyssa Edwards: “...Gurl...” *tongue pop* Marques: *Speechless* iJustine: *Speechless*

    11. jeff chen

      When a iPad mic is better then the mic u record with

    12. Paulo Servin

      So I have a Mac book pro, but I’ve been considering selling it to my sibling to get the new iPad. I was wondering if you think I should. I still have the large Mac Computer which I use while at home. So the iPad would mostly be for school and note taking lmk what you think

    13. L X

      We should be getting the best camera front and back in 2020 👎. Guess I’ll wait for next years if it gets better

    14. fatalfacial

      Hey Marquees, I have a question. I only have money for one, MacBook or iPad Pro for college? Undergraduate.

    15. Idris

      Who needs a camera on a gigantic device like the iPad? IPad for me was already a dust collector 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    16. Rosa Atkinson

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    17. mommadawns advice

      I wanted this exact one so badly. My iPad is 2014. Lol I was saving up for this one and the keyboard, but life got in the way. Doctors co-pay, medications, etc. now lost waitressing job thanks to virus. On the bright side, when I can afford it in a year or two, it will be cheaper than it is now! Haha

    18. Savon media Motion Graphics

      Dope But Price

    19. problem42 solver

      Even abacus is a computer! 😐👨🏻‍💻

    20. LaMillion !

      Theres ppl out here talking selfies with ipads literally lol

    21. Manmeet Singh

      Can you please give a new one?

    22. Talip SK

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a> gmail +NOsel ipad is useless without 2 apps

    23. Voz do Google

      Top top top

    24. MLKKK

      iPads are useless only rich ppl like Marques can afford them but everyone else should avoid this scam device we have iPhones and computers/laptops Wake up dummies! iPads are useless!

      1. Rusty Shackleford

        Uhh, procreate.

    25. Kashif Nawaz

      I Love the first part of this review.

    26. ŘąŗìŧêĐ

      300 bucks..

    27. Nebez

      I wont iPad pro😍❤️

    28. MUHAMMED Gazi


    29. Christopher Chan

      Why do I watch these after I buy.

    30. I am a space man

      Same shit as the last

    31. Azman Ahmad

      Hey marques. Je glad to stumble upon your review. Good one

    32. Nimish Singh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="508">8:28</a> what is it?

      1. Name Unidentified

        Nimish Singh Magnet paper.

    33. Benjeey Arts

      Procreate is the only reason that makes me want to buy this😆

    34. The Legendary Z

      Damn, someone should really jailbreak this...

    35. Gerry Scully

      iPad Pro user .... simply brilliant .... it’s what you would like you’re old iPad to be .... incredible machine

    36. techZoNe

      Be careful it may contain corona virus on the box and Malwares inside

    37. jeNOJAEMin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="499">8:19</a> omg what are those omhomgomg

    38. Joseph Hii

      Your next computer is not a computer, but its top specs... is a computer money. 🤦‍♂️😂


      Please why the hell will anyone need an ipad

    40. Nat Nonthanasin

      Now with LIDAR feature, more Australian smokers will buy this iPad now.

    41. diego pope

      Perfect review, saludos desde Perú.

    42. Mark Davis

      You tech guys really dont understand the possibilities of AR. Many new ideas where spring from the accessibility of this Technology🤦🏾‍♂️

    43. Kill Me

      No mac os no buy

    44. Jashawa Francis

      Whhhhaatttttt??? 😂😂

    45. Lynn Norris

      Can I have your old iPad? 🤣 Anything to get an iPad! 🤣 hahaha I’m a teacher and desperately need any iPad that can use the current apps on the app store. If you would happen to have any lying around, that would be great! I lose nothing by asking... 😂

    46. Frank Walder

      I plan to buy the iPad Mini 6 when it comes out in September 2022 because it will still support a pencil, have USB C and 5G, and still fit in my cargo pants pocket.

    47. Mocker TJ

      What’s that paper he used to check magnets 🧲 ?

    48. Tally

      I think you need to look/ask yourself: for what do i use a computer. If you only do stuff like browsing, reading/making documents etc. it could replace a computer. But if you use a computer for gaming or Photoshop, Video editing, 3D modeling etc. a iPad can definitly replace a computer. And the thing is you can do all this stuff on copmuter and on a iPad you're limited. But there also things that speak for the iPad like the mobility. (sorry for spelling mistakes and maby choppy english)

    49. VaIbHaV YaDaV

      Why dont they just make macbook touchscreen compatible?

    50. Bob James

      So no one gonna talk about what he used <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="508">8:28</a>

    51. Prathamesh Joshi

      "An Apple product a year Makes your money disappear"

    52. Brytan Mendes

      The mics were incredible. I barely noticed a difference.

    53. Jong Aquino

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a> Auto Focus Episode 5: Tesla Model Y coming out soon?

    54. Vikram Soni

      Its cringy to see someone using a trackpad with ipad. Why is the scrren touch sensitive if all you want is a trackpad?

    55. Recovering_Californian

      Yup. I'm "that guy". Don't hate on me bro!

    56. Hΐsͥ†oͣrͫψ♛

      Plz gift for me love from india

    57. Selina Ngobeni

      I love the intro @MKBHD

    58. Gambeeeno

      Dear Apple please release an iPad that supports MacOs.


      Microsoft Surface devices like: I'm cheaper and did this years ago

      1. Krishna Adettiwar

        Yeah no not really

    60. Satinder Pal Singh

      What's the exact use of an iPad,? Why not get a macbook air instead?

    61. Bhimesh chowdhary

      Does it bend?

    62. Shashidhar R

      Can please gift me that ipad...... please....

    63. Árpád Juhász

      "Not ganna say, people will find out." Apple cares about their customers. Aye, sure. Not so much, just pay. Terrible. I like Apple products, but they are jerks.

    64. aishwary verma

      my Nokia N8 had bluetooth mouse connectivity. Just putting it out there.

    65. MonsterKat

      Apple really lost their way when Jobs passed.. I feel like the new CEO is running the company into the ground.

    66. evin dibrugarh

      Most people buy an iPad to show other people that they can buy an iPad for real

    67. George Roshan Thomas

      It's an iPhone 11 pro that took steroids ngl.

    68. nowew owkelw

      QQ: why can't I copy files to my iPad from windows explorer? TRASH! THIS TRASH IS GOING BACK. SOMETHING THAT FUCKING SIMPLE CAN'T BE DONE. It's my device and I don't need apple's permission to use it.

    69. 泓豪

      It can't even run Minecraft on 120 fps

    70. mosie danno

      Marques Brownlee is it..... human?

    71. Life Wonderer

      99.99% of people don't need this new ipad

    72. KWAN POPO

      What’s the difference tof vs LIDAR?

    73. Gregor Kluth

      This upgrade is just a joke. The processor is the same just with a few more compute units activated, the software still can't replace a desktop by any means and the new sensor is only being used by an app for taking mesurments Wich barely improved by it if at all. If they do a refresh than there should be something new that changes the perspective on what the iPad can be used for.

    74. Jacob Curtis

      If your locked into the AppStore and can’t sideload apps then it’s not a computer

    75. KAT

      When he opened Dark Sky at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="241">4:01</a> he was telling us something

    76. SgtSeth

      Apple: “What’s a computer?” Apple: “Let me show you the new MacBook Air.” Microsoft: "Welcome to 2013" Samsung: "Easy, Apple is kinda special and alittle behind on trends these days"

    77. Michael Gordon

      Which is better for video editing, Ipad Pro or i7 Macbook Air? Discuss!!!

    78. Dave Saunders

      It's just a tablet...A very expensive one. Buy a laptop. True story.

    79. Marc B

      11 or 12.9? Any opinion? I can’t decide. I’m worried 12.9 will be too big for one handed reading, streaming etc. while commuting

    80. tankriley27

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="583">9:43</a> DOUG DEMURO???