4 Hours of Ambient Study Music To Concentrate - Improve your Focus and Concentration

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    Keep your focus and concentration with this ambient study music to concentrate from Quiet Quest - Study Music.
    This music for studying, concentration and memory will help you improve your focus and concentration while you study, read or work.
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    You can use this ambient music to study as concentration music and focus music.
    Listening to study music to concentrate and remember can help you with memory recall and the future, while getting rid of background noises and distractions.
    Add this ambient study music to concentrate to your study music playlist and enjoy it whenever you want.
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    1. Kigali Jamz

      I love this video so much.

    2. A Google+ Page

      please just imagine....nosel.info/video/video/u5-lqoS-q4mdtNE.html

    3. A Google+ Page

      peaceful, soothing, relaxing music.......thanks a lott,,,,,,inspiring ambience! Sounds good n soft, beautiful lovely music tune is melodious..Thank you so much.

    4. Ami Marshmello

      This helps a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have an exam tomorrow, pray for me😊

    5. Ian Taylor

      Thank u It made my day !

    6. Kage !

      Thanks for this.... really soothing...

    7. resham1996

      Someone please tell me what location is that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>:00!! I would like to build my home there one day. PLEASE .

    8. Storyteller Addie

      This is so touching and deep that you start getting lost and some people starts crying without a reason !! Couldn't thank you enough for this.

    9. Ralph

      What are the locations of the aerial footage?

    10. Charles Gan

      Just imagine all this beautiful amazing places all over the world & it's kinda sad that not being able to visit all of it. The aerial view somehow made me feels that myself, all my troubles and difficulties look pretty tiny small. Think there's a need to reassess my life, touching video. Thanks :)

    11. Sandy Rarivoson

      Many thanks, very nice and relaxing

    12. Miejsce Akcji


    13. Randy VanArsdale

      looping the same tracks over and over again on your channel. Lame.

    14. Jeanne Decool

      I'm litteraly watching the video instead of studying, the earth is so beautiful

    15. Santa Dragon

      "2 minute" track repeating endless ... really annoying if someone is listening well.

    16. luiz carlos

      sou o primeiro brasileiro aqui, eu e meu filho amamos essa musica ...

    17. gurjas bhatia

      it is just awesome

    18. Anita Gupta

      Hi..that's amazing video and audio too...thank you so much for this ..

    19. tony232cool

      it is just as distracting as any type of music, when studying.

    20. Andrija Drobnjakovic

      Hey quiet quest, this melody is amazing, gives you such a calming ambient, really glad i found it!

    21. ZeoNyph

      how long did it take to create the video

    22. Happy Theory Tv

      Love this

    23. Aayush Amrute

      Had came here to concentrate on books, but got lost in the beauty of nature... wish I could spend some time each day in such places.

    24. Kasia

      I guess the fault is mine to not be focused on reading enough to prevent myself from noticing that it's just the same simple short melody on constant loop. Oh well, I guess it's worth its price (0) Also, I don't see a point of bothering to actually include ANY photos whatsoever, if somebody's supposed to get one's eyes on a textbook. The images in the video defeat its purpose by distracting the student and making them watch the clip instead.

    25. strawberry_shortcake4life

      This is sooo beautiful. So beautiful that it almost brings tears to my eyes. I have never traveled outside of my country. It has always frustrate me to the point it led to depression. It is not because I have no money then or no time. But because my parents don't allow me to even I'm an adult already. I came from an Asian home and they are the typical conservative and somewhat narrow-minded people. They think that travelling is just a luxurious activity for rich people. That's why we never had a summer outing even tho my country is famous for its pristine beaches and breathtaking sceneries. They just like to stay home and spend money on things at home like appliances or renovating the house, food. I love my parents, they aren't that bad but how I wish they are more open minded and adventurous. Even if they aren't that adventurous I guess I won't mind as long as they let their kids be... One day I'll be able to explore the world and collect as many memories as I could.

    26. Fuko Nagi

      Im about to make 1233 comments 1234 comments lol

    27. Chris Prev

      Excellent channel, soothing tunes !

    28. Daniella Hanna

      This is one of the best studying music ever it helps me focus

    29. RD Tubers


    30. RD Tubers


    31. 27th

      For me there is way to many high pitch sounds for this music to be relaxing or in any way improve concentration and focus. I find it actually somehow irritating. I can't find anything with consistent low pitch. I'm convinced that such recording doesn't exist yet, maybe you will create it ??? :)))

    32. Suvalaxmi Mohanta

      Loved every second of the music😌 it is really soothing and helped me overcome my procastinations no to study. Hoping for more such music☺️ Every drop of this music brings me the tip of calmness

    33. Lillian Njiribeako

      Thanks for this. I think it's starts off as a more relaxing kind of music. Then it begins to build up.... Really build up... then you find yourself soaring....🦅.... Awesome!!

    34. Chilly

      Mother earth is so beautiful.

    35. Indian girl


    36. bianchi1885

      Listen to Blade Runner ambient music with rain falling in the background, that is good stuff.


      Best way to study


      It's really amazing 😍😍

    39. SW Chan

      o wow this music helps me concentrate really well i concentrated and studied for a while and got 100 percent for my dictation tysm

    40. ricky lyngdoh mawphlang

      nature at its best !!!

    41. Isabella J

      i love this music it all most made me fall asleep

    42. Mark Mathews

      Beautiful scenery even though it repeats itself. Plus it plays the same 5 notes for four hours. Boring. Keep it fresh at least, i say.

    43. Discover Your Power

      this music makes me complete my work in no time. I use it every time I have a tough work deliverable. thanks much :)


      is it just me or is this sad music?


      Studying made easy when this on only trouble I keep falling to sleep also 👌

    46. Moichino

      This just gives me deep thoughts... so it's hard to concentrate xD

    47. antoinette louis


    48. antun objasni

      This is work of art

    49. Suyash_6148 Mech3

      i slept lol..yea but it was one hella sleep

    50. Andrei Englert

      Someone knows where is this place at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="796">13:16</a>. I will be forever grateful

    51. Locky Ost


    52. Abraham TULIA

      I’m not really a person who study because I always get sidetracked but this really helped

    53. Brennenburg

      I want to be a bird in my next life

    54. Lakad Matatag

      All these scenery makes me miss the outside world during this quarantine. Stay safe people!


        thank you

    55. Amrapali dixit

      Soothing yet non distracting

    56. Sumi T.

      This is beautiful - the music & the visuals. Thank you for this. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is my kind. Listening to this while working and studying make me feel myself, connect with my inner voice, focus, tune in, and express myself in my work. Thank you for this. I can't thank enough. With love, Sumi.

    57. Pranay Dora

      Mesmerising! and Inspiring!

    58. Charli Kemp

      I love it

    59. Jamie B. Wolcott

      I get SO MUCH done with headphones and this track playing :) I'm a very easily distracted person, so I need to block out any extra noise to stay focused, this really helps!

    60. Lara M

      This is great! is the music in this video on Apple Music? Do you have a playlist on Apple Music?

    61. Rocio Fritzsche

      Beautiful places! Thank you so much your ARE the best!

    62. Ertuğrul Gazi

      Oh hell yeah this is the kind of music that I am looking for! You are The best ;).

    63. Eli Ames

      Quiet quest thank you for this music My teacher emailed me that i was going to get an f so i tyred and tryed with this music and i got an A!! thank you thank you!!

    64. Adi Kurniawan

      Thank you for helping me a lot in concentrating every night.

    65. mattcla1

      Awesome footage, did you shoot this yourself?:)

    66. Sofi

      Siempre es la misma canción, pero esta genial AJAJJA

    67. Alex Doyle

      It was nice at first but I can't believe this is just the same thing lopped over nearly 4 hours. Incredibly jarring

    68. 802 Gaming

      this is 3 hours 44 minuets and 55 seconds, not four hours.. I'm disappointed

    69. clubspanner9

      I'm sorry, four hours of the same tune, would d rive me round the twist.

    70. All Natural

      Best relaxation natural sounds: nosel.info/video/video/0I-WmaSRe66Y3Ls.html

    71. shannon Meek

      I listened to this while running and I have to say it was my longest run for a while I forgot I was running I felt so free

    72. Yee Xin Liew

      Thanks @Quiet Quest for helping me concentrate!

    73. Yee Xin Liew

      Really.... good for studying.

      1. Yee Xin Liew

        It's like very calming.

    74. Brent Rothchild

      Beautiful video, found ourselves paying attention to the beautiful images. Is there a list of the locations used, other than Norway? My wife now wants a bucket list trip of most of the places 😄. Glen canyon I think was one🤔

    75. Cloverdale Chiropractic

      This is super helpful for working

    76. Gabby LeV


    77. Coffee Time With Leadership

      This is a marvelous piece, the best relaxing music for concentration , with breathtaking landscapes ! wow.

    78. Sam Antha

      this is the saddest jesus ugh

    79. Artem Klymovych

      Footage deserves to be at least 60 fps. Otherwise good job!

    80. Stuti Sharma

      nosel.info/video/video/kqaHfXzFpKKklpo.html this one is also so good