5 Detective Riddles Taken From Real Life!

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    Get ready to improve your detective skills with these cool crime riddles taken from real life! These tricky brain teasers will improve your detective skills and logical thinking. If you want to know how to increase your IQ then you should definitely try out these challenging riddles on crime. Also, I'll be waiting for your thoughts on these brain games in the comments ;)

    00:14 - Warm up your brain with this logic riddle: The police received a tip about a dangerous criminal. She was working in the city hospital. The police couldn’t go...seeing cops would frighten her off. They sent Brian to keep an eye out. All the clues led him to the neonatal unit. There were three nurses there. After a while, Brian realized which one was the criminal. Who is it?
    01:29 - Boost your logical thinking with this difficult riddle on crime: Suddenly a man burst into Brian’s office. He grabbed some case folders and ran. Brian immediately ran after him. He couldn’t catch up with him though. That guy was fast. Brian saw him disappear into an art studio. Big mistake. He was trapped. Now Brian had to spot the thief. Who’s the thief?
    02:18 - Test your logic and improve your critical thinking with this hard riddle on crime: Maggie was afraid of robberies. One day she had to go to the hospital. Her husband was at work. So no one was home. When her husband came home... he noticed that the lock was smashed in. He called the police. Brian questioned the neighbors. After all, the house had only been empty for half an hour. Tom: “I was painting the roof. I just got down.” Helen: “I was sewing a new quilt.” Pete: “I was polishing out a scratch on my car. I scraped against another car in the mall parking lot. ” Who’s lying to the detective?
    03:50 - Another brainy puzzle that will make you do some hard thinking: Someone snatched a bag from a woman in the street. Fortunately, Brian was passing by. He saw it happen and chased the criminal. She ran into a bank. The detective followed her in. Victim: “I don’t know who stole my bag. I didn’t get a good look.” Brian: “We’ll question them both. But I think your bag was stolen by... ” Who did the detective accuse?
    04:50 - Check this tricky brain teaser out to test your intelligence and boost your IQ: Johnny had an important work project today. He left the house early. But suddenly a heavy box crashed onto his head. He was rushed to the hospital. The neighbors called the detective...to find out who threw the box. Brian questioned all the residents of the building. He started from the 9th floor. The detective asked them all one question. “What have you been doing for the last hour?” Mark was up first. Mark: “I just came from the store. I bought parrot food.” Susan: “I’ve been sleeping all day. It’s my day off.” Peter: “I was working from home. Why would I throw a box out the window? I have better things to do.” One of the residents was guilty. Who?
    06:22 - Increase your logic with this last riddle: Those were tough cases. But the last one would be his hardest challenge yet! A maid found Mr. Smith unconscious in the garden. She immediately ran to Mrs. Smith. They called the police. Brian listened carefully to both women. Mrs Smith: “My husband was staying with his friend in the village. He went there 3 days ago. There was no cellphone reception. I couldn’t reach him. I didn’t know what time he’d be back. I’m a light sleeper, but I didn’t hear anything.” Maid: “I didn’t know how long Mr. Smith would stay at his friend’s house. It was morning. I was mowing the lawn as usual. I saw him lying there unconscious...with his suitcase. So he hadn’t been in the house. That’s when I ran to Mrs. Smith.” Just at that moment a phone alarm went off... in Mrs. Smith’s bedroom. Maid: “Oh, that’s Mr. Smith’s alarm. He usually gets up at 8.” Brian knew at once that Mrs. Smith had lied. How?
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles is your favorite!

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