6IX9INE- GOOBA (Official Music Video)

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi 6ix9ine

234 mill ganger246 267

    Director- CanonF8, David Wept & 6ix9ine
    EP/Producer- Omar Reynoso & David Wept
    DP- Franklin Ricart
    Editor- 6ix9ine, CanonF8, Omar
    Art Director- Omar Reynoso ,
    G&E - Rec Squad TV
    AC-Karleigh Del Moral
    Colorist- Bryan Smaller
    Creative Director(VFX)- Zane Comer
    CG Generalist- Brennan Brinkley
    Animator- Nicole Low
    GOOBA - Tekashi 6ix9ine (Official Music Video)
    Produced by: Jah
    Mix and Mastered by: Wizard Lee
    Cover by: Alex Solis

    Production Co- AT.LAS , FatKing Films
    #6ix9ine #GOOBA #musicvideo
    Distributed by Create Music Group

    Publisert 17 dager siden


    1. John Smith

      So...he was used by his “friends” , they bullied him, someone slept with girl, he tattletold one everyone , they released him because of asthma.. then Makes a video of how tough and cool he is?! Definitely different times I’m living in.

    2. Lukus sukul

      Mom is that u ??

    3. ovg Garcia

      Give me a girl

    4. Lisa Dorchhuon

      he gives me clinical depression

    5. Joshua Dykes

      They just mad that he rated and got less time and he back hatters out here

    6. Kevin Pérez Valdez


    7. spoiceten UwU

      This guy thinks he's so cool YOU'RE STILL A FUCKING SNITCH 69

    8. Nathaniel Aedan Lubo

      The Nickname Of 6ix9ine should be skittle

    9. haylie vallieres

      And hes mad cause arianna and justins song beat THIS........

    10. IceDragon978

      I thought this gibbering moron was supposed to be in prison for like 80 years?

    11. Sander Gil


    12. Bacrdi Vevo

      He got A Unreleased song Wit Polo G And Waka flaka nosel.info/video/video/2amji53eeqZzlbs.html

    13. Sacred Ender

      I have A question ARE U DUMB STOOPID OR DUMB

    14. Santa Man TV


    15. Elijah Matthews

      The only reason he got over 100m Views cause of the girls

    16. Santa Man TV


    17. One Directioner

      Stream Stuck with U 😂

    18. Ocob7

      Dope Shit!!!

    19. Yenny Ramirez

      Wow what a relieve

    20. Elijah Matthews

      He song go lit

    21. Tempest shock YT

      Who else was looking at his teeth this whole time

    22. Clone FF

      I'm here watching this clip again in this quarantine.😎🙂

    23. Lemon Birch

      All the comments have 500 replies

    24. tyler Dioguardi

      Can we even call this music?

    25. tyler Dioguardi

      This song is so bad

    26. JUCEAVMA

      Instagram of the Red model?

    27. AJ Hickman

      Flexing in 2019 " hey look I got some airpods" flexing in 2020" look at my watch on my leg" like wtf🍦🍨🍧🍨🍦🍧🍭🍬🍫🍭🍰🍬🍫

    28. Steven Prush


    29. What thehell

      Babi ape lgu bangang ni

    30. Tio Taylor

      Nobody: a 69ine: Stupid or Dumb

    31. Clone FF

      Hey guys, I also have a channel here, on NOsel if you write there it helps to hit my goal.👽🤙


      Como Frisaste NOsel Tekasi Jjjaja

    33. UNDOllamas YT

      Did this boy say the N word

      1. captain phasma

        What does it look like?

    34. JUCEAVMA

      Instagram de la modelo de Rojo ?

    35. Denisse Cruz

      Sooo we’re big mad 🤔😂

    36. Remington Minecraft

      I think he’s telling us he’s gay or bi am I right?

    37. AJ Hickman

      How long did this take and I just thought it was going to be a music video but no it was girls shaking their [ASS]

    38. Lua U-u

      we does he say the n-word multiple times like- he is white-

      1. Elizabeth Hernandez

        He is NOT white!

    39. Bro pro Ass

      Hey bro u soooo cool 😎 69🦄🌈

    40. Rapidsongs clean

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> why is orange so much thiccer

    41. •타니아•

      Wtf is this

    42. LilFriiza

      He should have went with the clown and had a rat at the end

    43. GAMING Dude


      1. Lefty The Bear

        He aint no king dumbass

    44. Alesha 246

      Том 2. Скителс-возвращение

    45. Mathieu Caron

      220 million views to a dude singing are dumb stupid huh huh this the most stupid fucking song ever. WTF happened to hip hop

      1. Mathieu Caron

        @araebus man im losing my brain cells

      2. Lefty The Bear

        araebus this song sucks ass

    46. Well Yes

      My goodness...props to 6ix9ine for such a comeback with 233 MILLION plus views! Glad to see a Mexican/Latino/Hispanic (however you see it) succeed like this. Nothing ill being said towards my other different race brothers and sis, good vibes to all.

      1. Elizabeth Hernandez


    47. Lexi Mijje

      Why does he look like Larry the vegetarian shark from fish tails

    48. Aiden Cito

      If this was you would you say am I bumb stupid or bumb huh

    49. ExExpres

      i dont understand 200,000,000 in 2 weeks??

    50. ye boi max

      the skittles tropical comertals are fire

    51. Nikolas Widuliński

      My rat boi

    52. Rapidsongs clean

      idk if i should like it or dislike it?

    53. Martha Laura

      Yuo love

    54. Rapidsongs clean

      why is no one talking about the rat face

    55. jd and king

      U bitch

    56. Shafiq Kanbar

      Wenn man Regenbogen auf wish bestellt 🌈

    57. Luisa Pineda

      Se nota que no sabe la manera de mostrar la belleza de las mujeres Y lo peor de todo es que mucha gente lo apoya Cero humildad tiene este hombre

    58. Stärke

      My favorite part is when she almost busted them ass implants at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> lmfaooo

    59. yash belkhode

      Math teacher: you can ask for help anytime if your stuck on a problem. Me 5 minutes later: I need help. Teacher: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>

    60. overlordBalloon

      If Nadal and Beiber had a baby

    61. Raziya Shivaza

      Я один русский который смотрит это?

    62. Rapidsongs clean

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> when you read this comment thinking it'll be funny

    63. Edvin 1234

      2019 dumb dumb dumb stoopid 2020 ru dumb or stoopit or dumb

    64. K3rzal

      Like los que hablan en español aqui

    65. Abdul Mezil

      Is this the power puff girls commercial or sumthing

    66. NLG Savage

      i hate that i like it

    67. Billy Hudtwalcker

      I just don't see myself riding down the block in my car, jamming this shit in my radio, everybody would look at me I'm crazier then the rainbow man making this song

    68. Ismail Rahim

      Nice bro

    69. Sharnie Pozzo

      I love your songs 🤙

    70. Its Mebo

      The rat hut different tho❗️

    71. Darkerito 15

      Trash video Only black Girls and screams.

      1. Darkerito 15

        @RIVER FOX No bitch, those things are not of Christ.

      2. RIVER FOX

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    72. Don’t Read My Profile Picture

      he was almost sentenced life to prison, is on house arrest and released a song before PlayBoiCarti

      1. RIVER FOX

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    73. Slowpuffs ENT.

      @seth Taylor get off his nuts bruh ....look at the numbers hahahahah

      1. RIVER FOX

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    75. Camapicho

      Vete a la cárcel otra vez

      1. RIVER FOX

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    76. Adonay Pimentel

      Brazil ♥️

      1. RIVER FOX

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      Ah shit are go again

      1. RIVER FOX

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    78. Carlos Oved

      La cancion con mas puntaje que hay.... El tiburon: Que me gana dice

      1. RIVER FOX

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    79. Alyssa Wakefield

      69 is gay cuz rainbow means gay

    80. A Nightmare

      *inhanels* dont kill me but this is low key kinda fire

      1. RIVER FOX

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