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    New year, new us! We’re having an 80s workout party and getting in shape with Ring Fit Adventure where only the swole will survive.
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    Publisert 4 måneder siden


    1. Damien Haas

      We’re the strongest nerds I know. But to be fair, I also don’t know many people.

      1. Joseph Smythe

        Shayne cheated! It was supposed to be BEHIND his empty head not over it!

      2. It’s Zap!

        This is sadly relatable...

      3. Serena Wensley

        The power of anime!!!!!!! ❤️ your fellow anime fan!!!!!! I ❤️ you guys!!!!

      4. Jaeji75 65

        Damien Haas Mood

      5. peaceful Fury

        Good Job Damien.

    2. Emma C

      I haven't laughed at a smosh video in a while. This broke the streak.

    3. MME

      Damien trying to impress Courtney

    4. Robert Luby

      They just didn’t know😞

    5. Îvy wølf

      We all new Shayne wasn’t trying and he let Damian win ( that’s one good sport)

    6. Îvy wølf

      Shayne should have worn the Courtney freakin miller wig ( I mean what wig 😐😑)

    7. MANIAKT

      The only thing that I took away from this video is Sarah being a (and I quote), "Weak little b*tch," and that Damien is strong AF and knows The Typewriter by Leroy Anderson.

    8. Sophi

      when Damien flexes he IS SWOLE DOOD

    9. Ucup Ucup

      i bet Shayne is a pro at hugging

    10. El Joelo

      All that fapping was good for something. Look at Lasercorn's right arm on the second exercise, so much stronger than the left. LMAO

    11. Kori Emmendorfer

      No one Literally no one Not even Star Wars Shayne very quietly: use the force Luke

    12. ThatWolfGuy

      Damien and Shayne are just so motherf**king hot

    13. Annabelle Greschuk

      I look at Sarah. I think: Tanjiro pants..

    14. Ashlyn Elkins


    15. Edna Adarlo

      Shane should be the new Richard Simmons

    16. Brooke Lookabaugh

      This video just made me like 10x more attracted to Damien HALP MY FEELZZZZZ

    17. Yeet_Slippers 44

      This entire vid looks MAD sus

    18. VoXoR

      no one: courtney this whole video: YEYEYEYEYYEYEYEYEYYE

    19. Jaquelyn Mitchell


    20. Gila Gal

      At the start of the video I was like, "I want damien to win, but he's an anime nerd (like me)..." but I very quickly realized that HE HAS THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME ON HIS SIDE--

    21. miya dyson

      Why does Shayne look like Stacey Jax from rock of ages 😂

    22. Mary

      Damien and Shayne are gonna go to Olive garden on a bro date together

    23. WolfBandit89

      So not dating shayne. I would rather date Damien

    24. Jetta Mendoza

      Shayne “Use the force Luck”

    25. dengamleidiot

      ... the pink top looks fucking hot on her!

    26. I'm officially TRIGGERED

      Shaune looks like He's Glitchin so hard dude

    27. Sthepanie C.

      Doing this now would get you killed.

    28. Very Loki

      Sky's Out Thigh's Out

    29. Katherin Paiva

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="673">11:13</a> the song maniac xD

    30. Brianna Bahlmann

      Why does laser look like Drew Barrymores brother in 50 first dates?

    31. Kart Mario

      Courtney is super cute

    32. Alyeexa Myeed

      Damien’s so happy he won omg I love him

    33. Lily Black

      The biggest mystery of this new decade is: Will Courtney ever reach 69???

    34. Hannah Ferrell

      I thought Matt was XD Ian idk why

    35. ChannelTheRatKing Imlonely

      “The power of jiggle arms!” “Powerful jiggle arms!” “The power of the 80’s!” “Why are you leaning back so much?” “Woahhhh-oahhh!” “I screwed up, shaynes gonna beat me!” *slapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslap*(shoe noises) -Damien Haas, 2020

    36. Paul Kreisler

      Damien’s unfit, but it’s a game so he wins regardless.

    37. Nikkita Drake

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="198">3:18</a> Jiggle arms are powerful.

    38. Jocelynn House

      Little did we all know that 2020 wasn’t gonna be anyone’s year...😕😕

    39. Happy Murphy

      Is this the new season of American horror story??

    40. Matthew Johnson

      It's hard not to look at courtney. She makes 80s look stupid hot.

    41. Gen Gen Rojas

      Did I just watch a bunch of nerds exercise rather than exercise myself? Yes, I did. And I loved every minute of it.

    42. King500able

      Next smosh summer you guys should do 80's

    43. King500able

      Courtney, Matt, sarah and shane looks perfect for the 80's

    44. elly cherry

      I'm sorry, but Matt Raub drinking a Coke while everybody is working out is my new favorite thing.

    45. Addi

      When Mat says "a million kobe's slam dunking on the world" it killed me.

    46. Mark Connolly

      I never thought that Shane was going to be beat🤯

      1. Mark Connolly

        This game would also be great over covid-19 break

    47. Ultima Werewolf

      make it a series

    48. I like Gacha and R. Riordan

      The power of the weeb

    49. GamerKat'71

      Yeah, Matt has to work off that Pineapple Pizza somehow. lol

    50. Garnetkeepers 21

      courtney turned in to CouRtNy FReaKin MaLeR lol btw i probably miss spelled her last name my bad if i did lol

    51. Hermione Granger

      Olivia should be there in her track suit

    52. William Northup

      Legend has it, Damien is still doing reps on the pectoral workout...

    53. Sarah D

      They just wanna see Shayne flex

    54. Tieryn Oehrlein

      It’s like you’re milking an angel- Damien Haas 2020


      Promote my channel plz

    56. Ethlinn van Kollenburg

      𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙩𝙣𝙚𝙮 𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙨𝙣𝙩 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙞𝙩𝙨 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙗𝙚𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙞𝙩 (ง'̀-'́)ง| (• ◡•)|♥︎♡︎☻︎☺︎︎☻︎

    57. Abby Smith

      who will win: shane’s swoleness or damien’s competitiveness

    58. Angry

      me when i do anything on my own <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="753">12:33</a>

    59. britters220

      Damien is senpai.

    60. PurplePaca

      Damien's got "HATATATTATATATATATATATA" power

    61. Camilla Reimer Nielsen

      Damien is a strong boi! 💪 And, I feel like some of these muscle groups are incorrect. 🤔

    62. Nova Draws

      *O h*

    63. Yesenia Ramirez

      "Like running from my angry uncle Glenn"

    64. Samantha Vaske

      Ledgend has it shayne is still there pushing that ring to this day

    65. FreakingOutFangirl

      Get you someone that looks at you like Shane looks at Damien when he works out

    66. El Jefe

      Do fountain pens need a separate bottle of ink to dio the pen in?

    67. Lisa -

      Damien didn't even have to try at this one

    68. Tuff's Snuff stuff

      I have the strangest boner rn! lol

    69. Gary Zimmerman

      ...I ate cake off my stomach while watching this

    70. SLUSS98

      Ok...but what was the final score?😐

    71. The Best There Is Threads

      I like how only shayne did the quadriceps challenge right

    72. Spec O Dust

      This is the internet. Watching a bunch of people pull and shake a circle for 16 minutes.

    73. Anthony Pedrosa

      You killed Kobe with that joke.

    74. J


    75. Mr. T

      Legend has it, Shayne is still ring pressing and on a hot summer day if you listen real closely you can almost here 80s music

    76. Calvin Zhang

      "use the force luke"

    77. Lil Bish

      Damien really does have the power of god and anime on his side 💪🏻💪🏻

    78. Elfin Dreamer

      Deem's a strong boy. Look at them arms, baybe.

    79. Cpach27

      I like how Damien and Shayne are evenly matched on this. Im pretty sure they are compatible to do the fusion dance

    80. Please no

      So hes a lot stronger then I thought