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    Thanks to Acura for sponsoring this episode!
    The Acura Legend lived up to its name and proved that Acura knew how to build a great car. They challenged luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes, showing everyone that you don’t need to spend a ton, to get a ton. From turbos, all wheel drive, to crazy hybrid systems, the Acura Legend crossed the pond and became an actual Legend.
    A big thanks to Jack @d4blx for our thumbnail image, and Rob Pia @87prf, for providing us images for this episode! Go check them out on Instagram!
    ►We FOUND The LOST Fast and Furious Integra!
    ►The History of Acura Integra
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    Publisert 15 dager siden


    1. Donny Wahlberg

      first car i ever stole, good times

    2. Noah Beck

      Anybody else catching the “fun fact” throwback to the first episode of up to speed?

    3. Amber Vehige

      Driving one of these babies now, it was my dads baby and now it’s mine. 95 black legend ls coupe. Just hit 266,000 miles about a month ago and still going strong. Love driving it!

    4. RobJaskula

      My gray '89 five speed was one of my first cars and remains one of my favorites. What a solid piece of engineering, and fun to run through the gears. That thing had plenty of life in it at 13-14 years old, but when the clutch went on me, it was time to move on. Still have a ton of fond memories of that car.

    5. Reginald Muir

      LMAO 8:12

    6. Psychlops 924

      I’m guessing that there’s only one video in the world of a Legend doing a burnout, because you guys used the same one three times.

    7. Psychlops 924

      Acura in two words: Fancy Honda.

    8. Jayden Quach

      Do the Audi R8

    9. B- Speedy

      Acura TL & tsx?

    10. Lance Hondrade

      *Up to Speed on the Type R family.*

    11. Michael and Michael Productions

      Do the Acura TL

    12. Kevin Vieira

      It's weird they would go through all that effort to mount the engine longitudinally and not just make it rear wheel drive like a proper luxury car

    13. OM

      My GS 6 speed will be restored.

    14. JIGA BACHI

      Too bad their in house automatic transmissions are made out of PlayDoh and Bee's Wax . . . at least from the mid 1990's up until now. 😞😒👎🏻💩

    15. thunder wolf

      Do a up to speed on the Acura vigor

    16. Astro ThyOvrLrd

      Acura ad on an Acura up to speed? let it play. also i love acura!

    17. Redshadow PG

      Up to speed on the Subaru Legacy

    18. Eye need food


    19. The Dungeon Studio

      I had his car once, it was so awesome. I was too young to own it and it got towed because my car was under a guardian's name instead of my own. They owed tickets. I paid mine off. :( It was like a brown/copper color with cloth seats. I could turn up and down the volume from my steering wheel (and watch the knob turn, too!). Nothing would make me forget the way that thing handled. It was a '92, it had tight handling, super smooth cornering and most of all - SUPER reliable. I miss that car so much....good times.

    20. Brian Chang

      I had a 1991 Coupe L with a 5-speed manual transmission. What a classic! It's still to this day the most comfortable car I have ever owned.

    21. Shaun D

      I'm on my 7th one. 91 5speed 4dr. I've driven many a car but none feel the way a Legend does. 6 days a week I am 190lbs of flesh and bone, today I am 3400lbs of aluminum and steel, not only do I drive a Legend, I AM A LEGEND.

    22. Emmanuel Monge

      Eric The Car Guy liked this video 24,000 times.

    23. Mattan Shamailov

      1:09 James is a blood

    24. Brayden Courtney

      Up to speed on kei cars!

    25. Neil J

    26. Mark Conde

      I owned an Acura TL. First time I saw a straight 6 in a foreign car. It was a nice car for how old it was.

    27. Natsu Dragneel

      You cant talk about the legend without talking about ludacris

    28. xSubFighter14x

      What about the Acura Vigor ?

    29. blas blas

      We need to know what car james drives

    30. admiraliggz

      The Legend gave birth to the CL then CL-Type S which IIRC opened the way for Type S and R Integras (someone check that for me ;)

    31. reggie furlow

      Son the hustlers that was getting money back in the day in my day has the 2door joint preferably in red

    32. Rias Aono

      This was my first car I had the 4 door L

    33. Anton Matthews

      I love the Legend

    34. P5EUDO

      It’s still Front wheel drive doe

    35. Kandel Gibson

      That video was funny, am still lmao. Yh the legend was legend. No doubt! These older cars making some them new cars look like shit!

    36. Swordz Man

      Acura is NOT A MANUFACTURER. It is nothing more than a badge on a *HONDA*

    37. Maniac

      Person in the world ! We Indian don't even have this sedan 😣

    38. Fabio Ovalles

      The Legend had a little brother, called The Vigor....

    39. Bob Cilia

      They haven't done RWD yet.. Le Sigh.

    40. Clone Tv

      That was my first car . I’m just sad u guys didn’t get the sound of the motor well inside the car well punching it . I miss my type 2

    41. Nurrahman Dwi Haryoso

      The second gen Legend had the C32A engine? Wasn't it the same engine the NSX had back then? Wow

    42. Stephen Murphy

      A friend of mine in high school a 88 coupe Legend 5MT, he kept that car for almost 10 years. It was a good car.

    43. gothic pagan

      The 2.7Ltr coupè was THE first saloon car to lap the legendary Isle of Man TT course at an average of 100 miles in 60 mins

    44. Fundropto Gaming

      There was actually one person who didnt like this car.... Satan... HE FUCKING LOVED IT!!! ( maybe a bit too much... )

    45. FSgt Cross

      Day 1 of requesting an up to speed on the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Corolla Matrix

    46. Dominick Dominguez

      You should talk more about Honda and acura

    47. Jordan Hooper

      This was definitely forced

    48. Brandon Izzarelli

      Don’t you dare blame America for this. The taxes on American vehicles were 10 times what we put on foreign cars. Don’t start getting on Americas back just because they sponsor you. I’m highly disappointed, now I got to kick Nolan in the vagina

    49. James Vasser

      James got me wanting a 2nd gen coupe now. Damn.

    50. st3r

      Peugeot 205 T16?

    51. Minh Nguyen

      Please please please make an episode on Alfa Romeo

    52. H3RY21

      next toyota altezza please

    53. Xiomara Mendoza

      You should do an episode on the 1998 Lincoln mark Vlll LSC, mine is black on black.

    54. diego martinez

      For the next episode you should do Willy T Ribbs. Also an homage to black history month

    55. Brock Thorsen

      James," Acuras precision engineering" Me,"Acura is Honda"

    56. Alex Gulewich

      The 90s legend is hard to sell though (but this one's a four door)

    57. Carl Johnson


    58. Hudson Smith

      Everything You Need To Know! Get up To Speed on the Isuzu Rodeo!!!

    59. Hudson Smith

      Everything You Need To Know! Get up To Speed on the Isuzu Rodeo!!!

    60. Hudson Smith

      Everything You Need To Know! Get up To Speed on the Isuzu Rodeo!!!