Adam Savage's Spot Robot Rickshaw Carriage!

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    Adam's first project with Boston Dynamics' Spot robot gives it a novel purpose: pulling a custom-built carriage with Adam as its passenger! Watch Adam give Spot some Victorian flair and the interesting problems that arise in marrying cutting-edge robot technology with vintage transport.
    Thanks to Zach Radding for his help with this project! Find his work at
    Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
    Set design by Danica Johnson saysdanica
    Set build by Asa Hillis
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    1. Adam Savage’s Tested

      In case you missed it, here's our first video with Spot. SO MANY MORE TO COME:

      1. Isaac o

        The poopless horse cart!

      2. Fringe Wizard

        Make the Rickshaw have wheels with motors in them like an eBike has and give it power. Then spot can gallop ahead with plenty of assistance from the electric powered wheels on the Rickshaw.

      3. KEITH KUHN

        I can see why you were so excited. Wow

      4. Aura Glasswerks

        Adam Savage’s Tested is a fucktard🖕🏾💩🖕🏾

      5. travelcedric

        Adam, that is totally like Blade Runner!

    2. John Clary

      This reminds me of a dog cart used to haul a toddler powered by a Rottweiler from an old text book I saw.

    3. Savi

      Adam Savage: Robot Rickshaw!!! Horses: **sweats nervously**

    4. Badusha shaik

      Wow really amazing very funny..

    5. The Crusher

      That’s so cool

    6. MANDO

      Damn. I didn’t know I was in this video. (My name is Seth)

    7. Diamond Empire


    8. WingedBull1

      @Adam Savage's Tested Thank you so much is guys like you who makes me love life and keep me going.

    9. Tineyi Chapisa

      If they redo the Animatrix for The Matrix 4, this should be part of the uprising origin montage! Nice start to the series Tested, looking forward to the rest!

    10. Man vs Plastic

      The test starts at 23:00

    11. Ricardo Sandoval

      Let me guess this was on your recommendation a year later? See you in 9 months.

    12. Murad Sheshani

      Robots: exist Humans: use them as a workhorse.

    13. Ryan Toms

      Literally genuinely reinventing the wheel🤘🏻

    14. Travis Staggs

      Any reason a standard receiver hitch and ball wouldn't have sufficed? Like 20 mins top to attach it

    15. Kyle Brozek

      I was wandering why spot didn't have the ball fixed to him and the ricksaw have the socket part.

    16. Isaac o

      Spot would look amazing with a steampunk body/chassis!

    17. NSA

      I want one Boston dynamics should send a spot to Matt at the demo ranch Not to destroy but to put a gun on it

    18. beatmetodeath

      13:10 I felt that when he said "oh, I love it when things work out".

    19. godsavegrunge

      2030 cripples be like...

    20. Arthiem

      9:21 r/oddlysatisfying

    21. Mohith Kanagavel

      Try adding more spots?

    22. Fishing Freaks

      Almost 30 minutes of bullshit!

    23. Y Y

      Do your shoulders get tired?

    24. Y Y

      Thank you for you inventions and failures to get to where you are today and bringing us along!

    25. ArmorAir

      Ok Adam, you we’re having an exciting moment and ride of a life time... Boston engineers let you ride their robot. But did you let the Boston engineers ride your rickshaw??? I think not..!

    26. Y Y

      You learn to think ahead of the airplane! Same with the suit! Yes, going back to non flying sucks!

    27. Vannic Wolf

      Maybe the best form of transportation invented yet!

    28. PJ Pritchett

      So I think I found out what I like about the building process.. that there's no backround music, it's just the tools and him talking. It's kinda calming

    29. Hester Henrietta

      When I have to replace my electric wheelchair in the future, by god do I want to be pulled by adorable yellow robots in a rickshaw draped with silk

    30. Danny Schneible

      I suspect that a human driving the Rickshaw will raise and lower th handle in order to make it possible for them to use the natural weight of the load to speed up or slow down. If Spot could have a motor to raise or lower the rickshaw based on what it's trying to do, that might make it more awesome. Perhaps the Rickshaw handles should even be able to go below Spot's center of gravity for certain maneuvers -maybe even below it's leg joints, so maybe a wider handle is in order.

    31. Philip McCorkle

      Great commercial for Boston Dynamics. LOL

    32. James O

      Very fricking cool

    33. Big H

      Boston Dynamic's Robot used by Adam.

    34. Betaros13

      how the question is, is he a boomer he is above 50 or something else he knows more about technologie and he doesn't complain about it??? Edit: If he would add some other material that is lightweight he could go up the hill easily (no matter what)

    35. Aries92491

      Did anybody else notice the "joystick" that was plugged into the PC was a Xbox One controller. Lol

    36. Slobershelf

      Hi Adam Savage I’m actually Apart of a robotics middle school team called Locke monster robotics I’m the captain of 8025B and at one of our competition we got to meet spot and drive it which was really cool too see and do. so seeing it developing more it is really cool for me to see that. Our website is

    37. Jeff Burnham

      Reminds me of that scene from Star Wars Ep 2, where a robot is pulling Anakin and Padme around in a rickshaw lol.

    38. Justin Davis

      Why did you stop yourself and say "he" instead of "it". It's an it, no genitalia.

    39. Caribbean Man

      Man, those fingernails are savage. But seriously, you should make these rickshaws and sell them as a Spot accessory. Maybe they can be a limited line.

    40. Daniel Torres

      que mal.

    41. Valeera

      23:00 is what we here for

    42. Colby Shepard

      Something about Seth calling Spot “it” made me uncomfortable Nothing against Seth though

    43. Robert Mayer

      Today the park, next year the Iditarod.

    44. Cringe Clown

      The time is now

    45. Bugdriver49

      It's wonderful you want to hand start screws to prevent stripping threads with a power about reducing the torque output so the power driver will not have enough torque to damage threads?? SMH

    46. futsk01

      Gotta say, this would only get better if there was a deeper look into the software part of things.

    47. SniperSnake2000

      I don't care that its literally faster to walk but this is incredible just the sight alone

    48. Erin W. Hood

      That was awesome! Why not spring load the ball hitch?

    49. Ghost Of Zyklon

      Watching this makes me wonder how long until things like this become weaponized and run by A.I. I know it's not really that likely but the game Generation Zero has robots kind of like this. They are called runners and it's basically this thing with a weapon system and A.I.

    50. Cosmo Djinn

      I feel like this is Adam beta testing the un-envisioned functionality of BDs Spot. I also feel there is no better person for the job.

    51. franswiggidy

      I don't like how Adam keeps anthropomorphizing Spot. This is to get us comfortable with machines running about.

    52. johntcc1

      OMG! Adam hurt Spot! Bad Adam! 😱😆

    53. William 1221

      I'd buy one of those carriages

    54. oldcowbb

      this is the most punk thing i have seen in my life

    55. Douglas Thompson

      Have you thought about putting 4 Spots together like a team of horses or sled dogs??

    56. Ronny Thörnvall

      The Steampunk within approves of this. Also likes robots. Wow!

    57. GrrArg

      The crash at the end was priceless....WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA.....ok buddy :)

    58. thanksfernuthin

      Reverse the power drill first and then go forward. You'll never strip out a screw.

    59. Digital Gorilla

      Well of course one must wear a Stove-pipe Hat in this scenario

    60. Alex Jenkins

      I wonder what it’d be like to have a couple of spots pulling a tram behind them, just like horse or mule-drawn trams, like this one from London ( or this one from Sheffield (