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    Time for round 2 of another epic airsoft battle!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Y’all like this series? 🤙🏼 Thumbs up if we should run it back... ► Watch last year’s Airsoft 1:

      1. GoldenJack Hammer

        This is one of my favorite types of battles!


        You guys should do teams of 2

      3. Santiago Brizuela


      4. Kaleem Mohammed


      5. DophinCraft Games RBLX

        yeah we want something like this


      Nooooo not cody !!!

    3. GamerTechGuy

      who else thinks sparky is panda. like if u agree

    4. Amelia Coomber

      Game and I like the video real life I am so they have to 10 and 10.

    5. Kevin Ramage

      No fair Cody has 5 balloons

    6. Anas Hakim


    7. Tasin Azad

      Can you make an Airsoft tarkov battle

    8. The Emerald Creeper

      I think you should make more of these airsoft battles because they are intense but fun. Also, the weird pillow was funny from Overtime!!!

    9. Kyler Mendoza

      blue team is better when Ty threw the gernade

    10. Daniel Smolka

      Coby fail

    11. Ferdinan Ardiansyah


    12. jas time

      Gold apex pack nice


      Who needs another one. Hit like

    14. vynical

      Ty is literally just blackbeard from r6

    15. Muhammad Atalla

      this is what i like. war.

    16. FluffyBumpkins


    17. antal attila gecse

      Its acually the worst game ever

    18. antal attila gecse

      I dont like this video just becouse it is sponwored by apex legends

    19. Reynald Domingo

      That so fvcking cool

    20. Riza Barbar

      🤣🤣 prefeck


      legal da hora

    22. jeson homi

      where do you got background score

    23. AmzokaDaMagic

      What's the name of the song they used?

    24. GD Racing

      do more!!!

    25. Kingston Lambert

      I love your vids

    26. J S

      Lol, I can't get a visual, otherwise my balloons are exposed. So wrong lol. 😂

    27. Toby Klassen

      Make more air soft battle royal

    28. divya sudhakar

      Can you take me in your team

    29. The One's that Stand Out

      Can you make a unboxing video of u opening your 50 mill play button

    30. Bradford Clyde Aguila

      So you're telling me none of them is in the military

    31. Ryan Lin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> the camera man gave it away

    32. Nathan Wasielewski

      Like for airsoft 3

    33. Weston Baugh

      Do more air soft videos

    34. Oliver Hibyan

      you should do air soft battle 3

    35. Pavle Surlan

      Hi! Im new

    36. Angel Lobo

      Number 3

    37. retreat789 Gamer

      Wow red team cool hahaha

    38. retreat789 Gamer


    39. Josh Mortensen


    40. usama abbasi

      next part 3 mw warzone battle royale

    41. Martin Dao

      Cody is such a camper

    42. Jay fish's florida

      When he found the pirate pistole i was like. "Mozambique here" 😂😂🖕

    43. Abbas Housseiny

      Cheating is a fake win.

    44. Mike Damen

      Yes more you guys are awesome

    45. Thegam3rk1d15

      *Fortnite has added the silent minigun*

    46. 26clayjay

      That was some John Wick Stuff

    47. Sensei QUE

      this is sick af

    48. ravi kumar

      Please can you post another Airlift war

    49. Amy Loerzel

      Is sparky Banda

    50. Uzair Safi

      You must do call of duty next

    51. Yas impulse


    52. Yas impulse

      めっちゃおもろいわ 第二グループの上位互換やな

    53. Wan rohana Wan yusoff

      Wow!50M subcribe wowowowow

    54. Aimi Murphy

      this video was amazing

    55. Brock Carr

      Cody. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever been a part of Finds new room. This is sick

    56. Roz Alegre

      We should call Sparky Captain Clutch.

    57. Srimaatha RK

      Swag lords

    58. Dead Shot

      Can someone tell me that song,s name

    59. Sajana Appaiah

      You people have to do another edition on this is soft battle royale because it's awesome to watch and very entertaining please do another edition and keep on doing please

    60. Arcadia

      Title of the songs??

    61. Farjid Arfe

      Dude I laughed Soo much when the red teams balloon blou up by itself

    62. Smith Headmen

      Didn't say script for Alex legends!

    63. Adam Torres

      I love pubg

    64. Kevin James


    65. Paul Caltacci

      u guys make another battle, this thing is so fun to watch

    66. Jackson B

      I’ve played a lot of airsoft, but man this place looks nice

    67. Michael Fenech

      So sick🔫🔫🔫🔫

    68. Patrick Star

      Hey! Coby won a battle!

    69. Andrew King

      Still waitin on numero 3.

    70. Hexum944

      Could’ve they had panda in the battle

    71. leda marrassa

      AirSoft Battle 3 with some of your subscribers??? That would be awesome.

    72. Jerry Zhao

      now i want to apex but i just uninstalled it last night!

    73. Captain Alex

      is sparky panda

    74. Patrick Star

      Me: My favorite website! Website: Snipers are supposed to camp. Me: **Angry FPS noises**

    75. Isaac Olson

      What's the song namr

    76. Rolando Estrada

      Part 3??

    77. Jim Dillin

      you guys should do a 3 one

    78. Brent Johnson

      You should do a battle royal 3

    79. Gabriel Winter

      "Let's go." Airsoft Battle royal 3.

    80. Tyler Stanley

      Lmgs in real life r like 8 pounds tf you mean 80😂😂