Am I Introverted or Extroverted?!



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    we try and find who the introvert vs extrovert is
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    1. Zart

      TikTok girl; I'm very confident about myself. Also TikTok girl: I get anxious and can't talk.

    2. Rachel Herring

      And when that girl was talking about dating another introvert - studies have shown that intro-intro relationships are very rare and not usually successful. That's when I knew that she was lying!!!

    3. BAEkhyunBae

      What Introvert can be confident and call ppl who they want to talk to Wtf

    4. Liddy Olivia

      go back to speaking school

    5. Not An Alien

      I knew it!! Her get up gave it away!! From inception I said "No sis. I know when you do leave home, you don go out looking like that." Introvert does NOT mean modest lmao. GG tho.

    6. Not An Alien

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="949">15:49</a> Starship White Noise is nice too.

    7. Not An Alien

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="699">11:39</a> Yes! People in the Caribbean do that. If you leave home, a stranger will talk to you.

    8. Not An Alien

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="665">11:05</a> Correct.

    9. Not An Alien

      I'm INFJ-T.

    10. Mallika Glam

      Michael Scott loves public speaking

    11. The Killer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a> i completely agree with him ❤

    12. Vanguard Lover

      Bro not all introvert are shy and unsociable they make introvert looks like pussys

    13. хардкор

      they act like an introvert person is like a mental disease, like anxiety, depression, bruh it is just like not being a social/silent person lol , not that special

    14. the name's becky

      when the dude turned red I thought my night shift turned on or something hahah

    15. Cheez The Artist

      Next challenge: 6 zombie pigmen vs 1 pig

    16. xoobo vola

      They are all extroverts. An introvert would never agree to this.

    17. Cornflakes HD

      So you are a *vert*

    18. Afrah

      Pewds should take an MBTI Test and find out if he's introverted or extroverted.

    19. Nirajan Bista

      I am both though

      1. xoobo vola

        Why did you pauze on the silent round. Its not like anything was gonna happen in the next 20 seconds.

    20. Star Banner

      The girl with glasses reminds me summertime saga

    21. onefourthcanadian

      I love how his final conclusion was basically “maybe idfk”

    22. anandita

      I just realised, these games by jubilee are basiclaly spyfall for people without friends.

    23. Arianna Sherwood

      The fact that he’s wearing an ABU Fleece jacket is so distracting to me 😂 I’ve always wondered where civilians get them at and also like...why? They’re really not that great

    24. Particle

      an ambivert is both an introvert and an extrovert. hope that helps

    25. Connor Chicoyne

      Talking to strangers in Canada sometimes it’s like you just met your best friend. Everyone keeps talking

    26. Jessica Rector

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="668">11:08</a> That is so true about me I cant shut the fuck up around people I just met

    27. Kai Kai

      Beth... Is SO CUTE

    28. Aleena Roy

      Learn to speak Maya, go back to speaking school

    29. Lauren Elizabeth

      This was the most annoying thing I’ve ever watched. I’m extrovert (ENFP) and I have anxiety and insomnia...None of their “introvert” arguments made sense. So DUMB.

    30. useless Info

      I'm an introvert and I'm confident about myself

    31. Daniel

      This video should be titled: Spot the straight white introvert

    32. Zac Ac

      Or next should be 7 people who play tuber simulator and 1 who isnt and we ll see what happens to him/her

    33. Zac Ac

      Next should be 7 gamers and 1 fake gamer

    34. juicy boi

      Why did you pauze on the silent round. Its not like anything was gonna happen in the next 20 seconds.

    35. Mary Beckstead

      Me: I’m an introvert My grandma: what? You’re not antisocial

    36. Charlie Wells

      Maya from the start

    37. Blaine Fiasco

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1121">18:41</a> Pewds hatin' on representation

    38. Blaine Fiasco

      Introvert doesn't mean shy, but it's very hard not to see it that way.

    39. Shayna Starr

      Since Pewds was watching at times 2 speed I also watched at times 2 speed. BIG BRAIN! 🧠

    40. Blaine Fiasco

      I'm pretty sure being good on stage has nothing to do with being intro/extraverted. I could've sworn pewds was an introvert.

    41. CleanestFour

      hes an Introvert

    42. Duszności

      these people were just voting for the person who spoke the most

    43. Jay C

      What is up with his stutter at minute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> lmao

    44. JLambz

      These aren’t introverts they seem to all just have massive anxiety 😂

    45. Mustafa Erdogan

      i poop on cat

    46. Sweet Carrot

      Felix, "mosen" is translated to swamp.

    47. diedaboss 21

      Pewds cant be introvert right?

    48. Hezel Bez 123

      Why isn’t he looking at that one rAciSm

    49. Acktronias Parthenoes

      Felix is just awkward around americans

    50. Bart3kk

      Photos in the thumbnail are literally the two most akward things I have ever seen

    51. Potato Man

      Remember pewds introverts are how you make money

    52. Dario Galindes

      Nowadays, talking to a camera could get you paid.. but talking to a person cud get you infected

    53. Elina Esko

      I'm akward around everyone and my mom call's me a vampier because i shut the lights and if someone puts the lights on i start screaming but idk if i'm a introvert i'm just a loner

    54. Ibrahim Mujahed

      Finally a human that doesnt think silence is awkward

    55. super gamers

      Is it just me Or anyone else too plays a 18 hours of silent round a day😕😕

    56. Rien Nadir

      They waited to vote Maya out because if two persons of color were voted one next to another it would be uncomfortable for everyone

    57. BEST psy music BEST

      Jag är inavel

    58. Reza Ali

      Its Antoine from jknews Lmao. I hope jknews and pewdiepie collab....shiet would sell faster than a hooker with 3 legs.

    59. Savannah Boyd

      Since when do owls hide in moss?

    60. TEBO 1

      when i look at someone i laugh

    61. Himalayen Imene

      Do introverted people watch tik tok ? I dont think so lol I knew it the moment she said I watch tiktok

    62. Hunter Beaton

      Conversations are weird in different country’s. Everywhere is different on how people interact socially


      "Everybody's on a spectrum, then sure are" had me crying. 🤣

    64. xɪᴇɴ ʜᴅ

      I'm an introvert and extrovert at the same time.

    65. krystal

      Never trust someone who dresses exactly like cooking mama

    66. Miyankochan

      omg i knew she was playing a role since the first time she opened her mouth. the way she tried to keep her voice down, she even dressed up for some stereotypical role

    67. Caleb Hansberry


    68. Geko Peppers

      I am an introvert in America

    69. Slovenian wot geeker From slovenia

      I was born in 2004 and I hate my generation and I love quaranteene.

    70. bruh michael

      It's not grasshopper, ITS CRICKET BOOMER

      1. yroohj gouy

        i dont undestand why sometimes im the most confident mf on this planet and other times i cant even maintain eye contact lol its weird

    71. Serenity Song

      In America, in the midwest and South at least, it's expected for you to make small talk with people. I feel like I am rude if I don't attempt small talk, even if its so incredibly draining to put of that friendly and bubbly front

      1. yroohj gouy

        auto-correct don't get me started on that shit) I just Call or for the friends that have it we use Discord (cause it's easier to have multiple people in the same Chat that way etc. e

    72. Jeff Karlsson

      The stereotypes are real... I'm introverted but that doesn't mean I sit at home all the time. I just feel more energised after being alone rather than after social interaction

    73. Jasmine Sanni

      felix kjellberg came from sweden,lived in england for years,married his italian wife and moved to japan yet still he describes ripped jeans as “dirty,broken jeans”🧐 MR WORLDWIDDDDDE

    74. Becky Quinn

      Me: *an American that’s an introvert and has social anxiety* Felix: ALL AMERICANS ARE EXTROVERTS!

    75. Anna

      The girl with the broken jeans....broken.jeans. I’m dead 😂

    76. Ljay

      Introvert extrovert or lil uzi vert

    77. FruityRewinds

      Pewds: Everyone knows introverts can’t talk. Also Pewds: *Says both black people are suspicious*

    78. someone

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="638">10:38</a> HAHAHAHA

    79. Ale H

      Ugh for them introvert= not confident, can't have fun, shy, awkward. Soooo untrue!

    80. Kenzie Carrano

      Why does felix look like lil huddy on the thumbnail..